Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, February 16, 1974

Freedom OrderedFor Heroin SellerAn Oxnard man, who had in Los Angeles on federal been recommended for state!convictions of conspiracy to sellprison for drug trafficking, has heroin and possession ancbeen given an early release distribution of heroin.ifrom jail. However, Kitko said, ac-Bias Arza'oal Jr., 20. w a s cording to court records, the ordered released from jail by “facts of the case indicateSuperior Court Judge Robert L. Arzabal was trafficking in large Shaw, who gave Arzabal credit quantities of heroin and his solelor time previously served in motivation was for monetaryconfinement. gain.Shaw had sentenced ArzabalGas Statito state prison, but suspendedthe sentence on Nov. 12, placedArzabal on 10 years’ probation,and ordered him to spend a .. . ,year in county jail. (Continued from Page 1)Jailed 7 Months Conn.However it was brought to the Gasoline retailers in Califorjudge's attention that Arzabal nia threatened shutdowns, andhad served seven months in jail I retailers in Washington andawaiting trial and he had also!()regon threatened to sell gaso served ^ 90 days during a line without any restraints sodiagnostic study. ,their tanks would go dry.Arzabal pleaded guilty to . Similar threats were soundedcharges of selling heroin and ‘n New ^orilt; State, receiving stolen property and on ^acen with the protest, theJune 19, 1973, came up lor issued triday a clarifica-sentencing. Ilis probation of- 11(1,1 •ficer, Joseph D. Kitko, said —Service stations may con-then: “Anything short of a :mu^ 10 preferential servcommitment to the Department commercial customers or of Corrections (state prison) )u : commercial purchasers.would be a miscarriage of un(b’r business arrangements justice.” ;Tiade before Jan. 15, selling toInstead Arzabal u'as given a ?!1lt;m tiom special pumps or 10-day diagnostic study in state i ilt:.sPelt; ia'^nurS-prison and was returned on , Set vice stations may com-Nov. 12, 1973 for final sen- gasoLine d!s‘tencing”’ ' tribution systems, such as theKitko an in rpcnmmpnrtprl °dd'0Ven S(I'vice matching le-cense plate numbers with ca-state prison, saying it narcotics ,endar dates, without being in jading is to be stopped, violation of- tjle FK0 rule.“prompt commitment of in- _And serviCe stations ordiviriuals involved in trafficking iered by states t0 provide f.of this natuie is essential. erentinl service to “hardship Arzaba said in an interview cases’’ will not be in violationcontained in court records that 0f die ru]t, he was merely a “go-between” in the heroin sales and was paid 40 to $50 by Abel Bautista, who lived next door.Busing StayBautista Convicted .Bautista has been described *rnm P»*e I)jy narcotics agents as a major discrimination. In Mav 1971 drug dealer and is awaiting Pregerson, without holding a sentencing in U.S. District Court trial, ruled the school district