Arrest Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Wed, Feb 6, 1963.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, February 6, 1963

District studies segregation claimOxnard School District trustees have been advised by the state Board of Education to Ret legal opinions before they go ahead with plans to build a junior high school in the Colonia area.“It seems that the proposal would in effect create le facto segregation where it has not previously existed,” the trustees were told in a letter from Thomas W. Braden, president of the state Board of Education.The letter was one ot the focal I (mints la.4* night when two minor-'that this wr*uld (*» contrary to ity groups urged trustees to re- the intent oI the state Board olconsider plans for the junior high on the Culliert site at Colonia and Rose road.Education,” Mrstat ed TwoBraden s lettnrepresentatives of the National Association for the Ad-Trostee* instructed Supt. liar- vancement of Colored Petrie old DePue to seek legal opinions urged the trustees to reconsider from the district attorney along their plans for the Culbert site the lines wggMted by the «»te rMle ^ pe,)rew„(,„R the’ Community Service Organization.If the construction of the confined his remarks to an exschool... would result in an at- pression of satisfaction that tmst tendance area that would in ees are concerned over the con-practical effect tend to establish troversial plan and are taking or maintain segregation on an preliminary steps to study the ethnic basis, it appears to me issue. The NAACP and CSO opposed a $3 2 million district bond fTpl ♦ issue last month theyI ^ ^ felt the projxised school would heJL iliO segregatedOxnardA plan to eliminate de facto segregation in the Colonia aiea was promised the hoard “within a week hy Mrs Althea Sim rnons. field secretary from the bis Angeles office of the NAACP She and John Mink, president of the Ventura County chapter! of the NAACP warned that theproposed school would Ik* a segregated schoolOxnard Rotary did a rare thing yesterday, ft had for its proAnd ©motions or serve as profession-We are not here to arousegram a woman speaker, liked the speech and agitators as we have been re-The woman was Mr*. Dorothy h'rred ,0- Mr. Mack told trustees.Gastello. She hasbeen a member of We want to affirm our comof segregation not only in ourschools, he said.Trustees indicatedm a n vwstill must lie answer-const ruction of thethe staff of the Department of mitment to eliminate all phasesEmployment almost from its beRinnings in 1936, She spoke yes terday of the work of (he de partment which now handles all questions” but farm placement That is the ed beforefunction nowadays of the office school can lie undertakenat OxnardBut in other areas of employ- Mrs. Mary Davis, hoard prcsi-ment if you want a job or if you dent, said slw* intends to ask for seek workers, you go to the V»*n a public discussion on the feasi-tura office The task there, said hility of operating the pitqio.sod Mrs Castello. is to fit the man to school to house children from the the job, or the woman to the tlurH grade through the eighthl»b. or the young person to the gradefob- That plan had been proposed tolast year tlx* office placed eliminate some of the overcrowd-4.531 in work in the county. That ing at Ramona and Juanitaincludes full-time and part-time Schools. Space for the lowerwork. It was an increase of » grades could be available until|xt cent over the previous year, (he junior high school age groupin job placements. This year, she|reaches such a size that the en said, the department expects to,tire school would be needed forplace 6.000 persons. In Decern-1 that purpose. jber. in Ventura county, she said,there were 78.125ployedTrustees had planned the jun-{lersons em- |lt;r }Ugh school in the Coloniaarea to handle students attend-It used to be that the oil in- nig Fremont Junior High Schooldustry was dominant in employ-tfrom that area This wouldment in Ventura county. But not .create space at Fremont, trustees said, to take in some stu-ar(* dents who otherwise would go toanv more.wThe aerospace industriesdominant, with fourteen placesjnaydock Junior-employing persons in this task lieving tin That includes Point Mugu, t h e on that schoolParifir VI ism Ip (enter headouart-High,enrollmentthus repressure