Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, February 1, 1899

Tli# Wife Ear* B« t# Cat' - liar Heart Oat. . . , {Special «# The Indianapolis News |:vi I-ogan#port. Ind, / February l.—MrsAmo# Studebaker ha# filed a complaint before a justice of the peace, aafclng that her hush#ml be put under bond. alleging that he threatened to kill her. Studebaker Is u farmer of some prominence, and possesses conelderable property. He comes of a family in which Insanity I# hereditary. HI# father. John Studebaker, is now under the care of a guardian; a brother »a in a Kansas mad-house to avoid serving a sentence for murder, and his son committed suicide last week. Two brothers and one sister of Amos killed themselves In recent years, and, a cousin, John Studebaker, was electrocuted at Columbus several months ago for the murder of Bessie Little. Amor, himself, at one time attempted self-destruction. -v ■ ■ 'f The present difficulty grows out of a visa of Charles and Dt. J, B. Wills to the Studebaker home. They are brothers of Mrs. Studebaker, and In attempting to smooth down domestic * troubles Amos grew violent and the two Wills gave him a