Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, August 7, 1920

EDGAR SCHMITT, NO. 127.Former Evaiav|||» Chief N»w Worksmt Atlanta Prison Chlrkrn Farm.(Spedel to The Indianapolis Krwo]EIVANSVILLE, Ind.. Aufuat 7.— Convict No. 127, Edgar Schmitt, formerly chief of police of Evans-in the fifth waak of his two-year prison sentence at tha Federal Prison at Atlanta, has been assigned to work on the prison chicken farm, according to word received byhts friends hsre. This is a trusty's Job and practically ths freedom of the grounds is given the former police chief.He goes to work at 1:20 a. m. and works until 5:20 p. m., with an hour off at noon. The prison ralsee 2.000fhickena. which provide enough eggs or the 2,000 convicts thsre. Schmitt goes without guard or shackles to and from the prison farm. Fred Zerbst. the warden, says Schmitt is a mode] prisoner.The prison records show that Schmitt will be released February. 1922, provided his behavior In the meantime 1e good. Four monthe Will be taken off his sentence if he causes the prison officials no worry. The former chief aleepe In a dormitory in which are more than eighty other convicta.Schmitt waa convicted In the federal court at Indianapolis of conspiracy to violate the Reed amend-ment by accepting money from a whisky rlpg at Evansville-