Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, April 26, 1973

Heroin Suspect(ContinuedBautista and Nunez homes.Agents of the Ventura County Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement, Sheriff’s Department Narcotics Division, and the jOxnerd Police Department were 'the investigating officers.Agents said Bautista allegedly supplied heroin to street dealers throughout Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties. Agents of the Interna! Revenue Service seized in excess of $5,000 incash that was reportedly found in the possession of Bautista. Heallegedly had earned the money through illicit sales of heroin. ! according to agents.The grand jury also returned indictments against two other men, Lyndorfe Duarte. 33. oi San Ruis, Mexico and Rigo Berto Duarte, 24, of Los Angeles.The two men were in custody at county jail since their arrest Friday when they v,ere found possessing some’ 300.000 am-front Page 1) jphetamines, valued at over $30,000. ‘ IThe indictment charged both with three counts of sales, possession for sale and trails-: pollution of amphetamines. j• II !■! ———I—W^ I————James Alton Solitaire Jr., ‘23. of Oxnard, got a first look at his new baby son before beginning a sentencepronounced today in the Sept. 10 Port Hueneme robbery-murder of Dorothy Bledsoe.Oxnard Superior Court Judge Marvin Lewis piorounced the “sentence prescribed by law”