Arrest Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Sat, Apr 22, 1876.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, April 22, 1876

VU # 1 uau 1U ILIO PUU1 VI ivl UJ3 OryvAluce before the Rrand jury. .John KeeKan, Barney Keenan and M. J. Cannon, three young Irish laborers employed at the Gas Works, were last'evening taken to the Third Btreet Station by officers McCarty, McCann and Bess, on tl^e charge of disorderly conduct, and ■were released on bail. It seems that John Keenan and Cannon have had a grudge against one anothor, and meeting at Martin's saloon, opposite the Globe Boflihg Mills, tho quarrel was renewed, and a prise tight was proposed to settle the point as to the better man of the two, though, judging from personal appearance, Cannon is able to wallop tbe life out of Keenan in a minute. A large crowd of people, about a thousand in number, it is ■aid, was attracted to the vicinity by the disturbance and by the proposition of the pugilists and their respective backers for a prize fight. The polloemen stopped the fun.V PCTPon A r f trn moil onnlio/1 n t thn raaM on no