Arrest Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Thu, Apr 9, 1868.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, April 9, 1868

ui uits riiiiiiKin uuuse, iu me preneuue ui u number of interested spectators.A young man named Charles McGarigle, who has heretofore borne a good character, was arrested yesterday afternoon by detective Butts, upon the charge of stealing letters from the box of Murray, Eddy Co., at the post-office. This firm has had reason to believe for some time past that letters addressed to tliem were abstracted from the post-office, and recently steps have been taken to ascertain who the guilty party was. Young McGarigle was formerly a clerk in the post-office, and on this account has always been allowed to enter the office when it pleased him to do so, the clerks having the utmost confidence in his honesty. Yesterday, however, a watch was kept upon his movements, and he was seen by two of the clerks to put his hand into a box and take out a number of letters. He then left the office, when it was discovered that four letters out of eighteen, which had been placed in the box of Murray, Eddy Co., a Short time before, were missing. He was followed to the Coy ir.gton and Cincinnati bridge, and brought back to the office, ana searched, hut none of the missing letters were found. The case will be investigated tliis morning by United States Commissioner Blackburn „