Arrest Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Wed, Apr 4, 1866.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, April 4, 1866

whether she will give her name or where she lives. Any one returning her 4tf Everett St., Will be rewardedand thanked by her aunt. Iff*^TOLiEN-llORSE-~Ou Monday, April 2% I860, from O in) stable, on Pilke street, Covington, a bay horse: said horse is 15 hands I inch high; will be six years old this spring; left lore foot and one hind foot and hoof white: had convex shoes on both frontfeet, and is a little latne in the right frontfoot; mane and tail are black and not veryheavy; has a very stylish carriage; racks and trotsvery well. Alao, a black saddle, pretty well worn ; curb bridle (black leather); one side of the headstall hasbeen brlt;»keri\The above were taken by G. C. Ward, of Indianapolis, Indiana; said Ward is about six feet nigh, light hair and eyes, light complexion ; is about 2* ,or 30 veara of age ; had on blue jeans pants, light vest andj black coat imodern), box style. .Any information left with C. BUTTS, Detective Police, Covington, Mill be thankfully received and the person liberally rewarded. It*rvTOliKX — PilOTfXiRA PUS. VASES Ar — Ahnnt\Yty-figralt;andOhifroiasandaddposiadvaiyeaandBid#I nd if 1livilociinflt;Mr