Arrest Clipping from Indianapolis News, Sat, Apr 3, 1920.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, April 3, 1920

BRKGitiARRESfi-sVirt Afth»n »f Mliflf. Altered II a v# Take* DfS «»4 Bowl*,ttwtakta tla talfcaeeoMt * N - •Aifir. a machinist who hM bMi -W police court several times, is under; fattest on « tifw of thea Spurgeon, a Muacie man*£jrWhet* Spurireon * home wm robbed,tiTs Miqmpiyy^^a IvwowM*MiifcfilM nfr toPbehevv the thieee* would ratura. puttaS police' rewarded ; when a mmmMmm upon a wt|*i# acd eutaraj^wMnl^cf whit« they watched him. lien the policemen caUed o Jar to throw up his hands ever. he jumned through th^ and ran* with t he noli come suit. Asher was found tm afterward lyiff at the .embankment IMfltf wMf* river, nearpart ofift, iMIttees,Thomasaoj^Mjl■ (whiteon 1Mbeach lt;men simond I llful Sc younc to her 1The co makehas in* the me to a t« support_ B idol5«cooratnesianlt;mm*mmfeature