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Armidale Express And New England General Advertiser Newspaper Archives Sep 13 1954, Page 2

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Armidale Express and New England General Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Armidale, New South Wales Dale president Sones vice presidents or. W. Watson Glen i Nesor. A a. Crapp Oralla or. F. Schrader Walchar. Archibald Secretary treas i i i mrs Wea Callaghan elected. J auditor or. L,.rw. Burgess Armidale re elected. J Pennant and greens a Mittee =2 a. Schrader end Al Whiteford. Selection committee messes. L. W. Burgess Armidale. P. Archibald Guyra Schrader Walcha j w. A wat son Glen ennese. A Crapp Uralla. It was decided that the pen Nant series comprise three sections Viz a fir 1 4 Tiik to j no. 2 3 rinks. No 3 4 the following entries for Pennant play wore rdc Feivou. i sect Ioia aoni4alg�?z Glen Innes. 40rallmr Walcha no. -2 Section Glen 3hnes� Guy rat i i no. 3. Section Armidale no. A Glen inn Sayfa no 2. ,.$r# i i All pen aes Volt where aides Are level in aggregate Ignots each shall fee awarded few Inis i 3 for each Hidi Hal Hub win Jilg in -m?gattid1 an additional 1 Point shall be div dual w Aii tee v Niomi Al Beer maae Tor awarding Points in the event of a torah 4�#. Sec Hobal Phi a f y ? a motion to use three bowls in All paits compete tides in carnivals a Defeated. A by draft Bra Asfe feb the Bill Iii zone finals resulted a follows a a a a go Tydor District Bowling Jas Soliai to England ass Diatlo a i if eras West pm District Bowling Assoc a i ution. J of a 1 Winters of each will we i final on a Neutra Fri v the Armidale Bowling club was granted permission str conduct a carnival Over the new year week end 1954/55. \ the new England District Al Bowling association s annual was Tref carnival 5, will be. Held at Armidale f / to an invitation will be extended to Bie is Dir District Bowling association to play a match against the new England District Bowling As sciatic in it i a Green to fee upon. A. It new Al Giand dist Cal Scia Bori championships allow 3 granted a Missioni to of draw its Rico in the new Sii anal my net Bow Littig Assai Atin it was seeking with the Gwydir District Bowling provisional association with a View Ito mining1 the a full a och tin Viz. In verello Moree Zingara and Warialda a / re a letter from or. N. J Myers of Inverell was read relative to the formation of the proposed new Bowling a so citation covering this area and hat Dir Liari inv View aft abandoned. The idea of further ing the project at Thi juncture. " a a a 1 i k the association expressed its very sincere thanks and appreciation to Junir. Myers forthe Greaf he dust of work and tithe he h ad1 devoted in connection with the Irive. Orders Here pigs Atteo to it file pen Han t and a winners As Follower a a i pennants no. 1 Section Glen nil 2 Section it Trail of Bowling a club. ,., new England bowl ing association s Hampf on ship singles ? dinners 4 g. Jack Armidale % Juji Mner up g. Smith cd Yere i pc pairs Winner w. Stone and t. Or Ayiotis Den nes Vrnon Ershun g Keith and Ken Ghapman a a so Iii i $t3c--x a few the a Alt Dic Iris Flop Ito action against indecent modes of dress. State fall was iss fed in a Tetter by Cardinal Ciriaci publish Acta Apos Alicae Sedis tie Bulle tin carrying Catholic directives throughout the world. Took guns to Church Melbourne w Petit Ridge gaol warders yesterday took their guns to Church services As a precautionary measure following riots at the Gao last week Public concern is expected to Force a debate on penal re form and gaol administration when the state House meets tomorrow for the first time in five a a is we should defend Malaya or r i Torino of is flip it Etc a Shaf skid ia4lfl�3b in of rep t resent gives -3 Dir in the foreign fairs debate Itiat to. Thalia should undertake the defence of she should Cau a Natita in tit e us. A and other seat o nations to assist Herr the defence of Malaya a Storeim port Antto Australia than any other 311v. Al Sewis 27 n. Morrow 31 a. J. Calcott 21 a Davis 31 a. J. Is i i and pairs r. Burgess a 23 vol. Mimir a Bis Colp Lif Roy holds n. Graham 30v. A Butier or Miller 8 patrons pairs j. Lane c. 3pnnoii 30 is niness a a Jyrkes Elf a Urro a l. Buh gels 22 . Wood 19 w. He cd Vest 19 Vii Johnson Giitl Eccli r. Cel Lars j. Barrett 23 v. C. Young w. Callaghan -17 r. Menzies g. Cadden v7 v Berheit Rev Mcrae 19. Social m. Vivian w. Craigie a. Bode i 332 v. Al Motan w whitman7j& burling. 17 p. A Rinard Elm or w. Brown a. Voisey 35 v. E. Tombs l. Porter a. Poster of Ledlie 29 t. Wallace filter 7ji Sheedy a n. Moi Shah 21 of Wightman j. Vii she us Dixon Stra Brook 1i a Lane Onia. Howarth set eur it w ii Lowe of Weston j r. Johnson11 a. Champion r. d. Veale 28 v. So Cie Aryit b. Cuskelly Cdmmiiisi-20 f to. -. Iriv i. T 5 a a guinness a w. I e. Wood 16 to dirt or faint g. Simmons 1r. Burling 22 v. A Tewis Fier w. Hide 21 a Davis Caster g. Jioje 25. Vir or Weston to h$&gi�fef3&. E. Leamoin of a it j 4pc?, Shane i 26 v. We Wilki soit v a Nixon k. Jozies 22. Games for next week ends saturday. M. Miller k. Jones v. T. Legge g. Brawn k. Lancaster a. Howarth v. S. Spratt 3e. Ii show. In sunday w. Hyde d. Veale v r. Sellars j. Barrett n. Mann g. Davidson a. R. Rey nolds a. Graham i Burgess v. Melfert is l. Mason p. Tombs g. Faint v. P Jfe 4 of my tic a Hill re a fitter a. Mcshane v. Winner of Howarth arid Bishop. In s ga1 women s bowls att Armidale resulted a a tuesday l. Robins d. Mclennon o. Druhan i Sirr Moris 24 v l. Hidden re Finch m. Whit Man f. Veale 18.kab o Brien e. Burgess d. Underwood. 25 v. N. Dale. P. Tombs j. Graham 24. G. Wildman g. Watkins a. Armstrong a Sheedy. 22 v. L. Cochranee. Holmes l. Moran a. Patston 19. M. Mclntyre w. Hooper. M. Menzies pm. Kiewitt 36 v. E. Menzies p. Morrow a. Hillard c. Faint 14. Friday k. O Brien p. Morrow my a Voightman m. Hewitt 25 v. D. Mclennon m. Menzies p. Veale j Graham 19. L. Moran o. Druhan a. Patston 26 v. G. Watkins a Hillard. E. Burgess 16. E. Mclenton or Arm Strong i. Simmons 24 v. E. Holmes p. Tombs c. Faint 20. L. Cochrane g. Wildman p. Voisey d. Underwood 24 a e. Menzie a. Mclntyre j. Humphreys a Sheedy 24. A e a banking tradition. Down through the changing years efficient Wise and Friendly service camels replace horses in a Cobb & co. Cock Dur Iii i period of severe drought. Our pioneers were determined and resourceful men. Hardships did. Not prevent them from penetrating the Outback. Those who followed them to build the towns and to establish Industrial and commercial activities were imbued with the same spirit. For Many years discomfort was their lot and certainly the keynote of travel. This Bank has played its part from the Early Days a aiding such men. If provided a Wise Friendly and efficient banking service which has been extended through an Ever growing number of country branches. To Day we of this Bank owned and staffed by australians Are proud to carry on this tradition of helpful service to men of enterprise1 engaged i the further develop Metti of our nation head office or the manager of Armidale Bradfi will gladly give pah Cox Lars of our service. 0 1 Ltd. Extra Beauty in a design. 6q advanced it la be Koiter Petely modern. Years hence. Extra performance in a powerful 15.63 . Engine giving up to 30 a . Chine compare pay. Ltd. The Ford Centre. A Armidale

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