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Armidale Express and New England General Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Armidale, New South Wales It b Jim Kate express the 3foutbpiece of the District monday june 23, 1930. Compulsory education. New South Wales a which boasts one of the finest educational systems in the world is naturally. Intensely interested in the determination of the British government to raise the school leaving age from 14 years to 16 years. To those who have not the time inclination or Opportunity to keep closely to touch with the United kingdom s political life it would seem that the government was actuated wholly and solely by a fervent desire to extend the facilities find privileges for the Sake of education itself that however is not so. Discussions on the measure when it Wab brought Forward in the House of commons prove conclusively that it is part and parcel of the government s scheme to relieve unemployment an acute problem in the British Isles to Day. The increased school age Means the withdrawal from the labour Market of 400,000 boys and girls annually and to attain this objective the government is prepared to find approximately �5,500,000�? and incidentally consider that it is getting out of an awkward position cheaply these facts Are mentioned in View of the suggestion that the school leaving . Raised similarly in this state. The suggestion of course is not org anal or the report of the minister of education for the year 1928 contains the following passage whilst an effective solution of the problem ji.e., decreased enrolments would be the Extension of the compulsory age to1, fifteen years the practical difficulties of such a step can Best be assessed by a Survey of the problems of stats department in keeping abreast of the insistent demand for proper housing equipment and staff for the children already enrolled. Obviously it would be futile to make it compulsory for children to attend school to an age exceeding fourteen years when proper provision in spite of recent heavy expenditure by the state has not yet been made for children of fourteen years and under together with those who voluntarily extend their attendance beyond fourteen that disposes of the originality of the suggestion of these who would have reforms at any old Cost and without considering where the Money is coming to meet the Bills. Theire is much More common sense in the minister s report which continues such voluntary attend Ance should be encouraged and. In the absence of legislation that would be embarrassing at this stage in our development the Only course open to the department is to make the super primary work attractive in order that the parents might be encouraged to allow their children to remain longer at school and Benefit by the valuable and specialist training offered. The More marked tendency for the children to remain. At school beyond 14 years of age is evidence that the appreciation of the parents for the value Oft the super primary education is growing stronger each it is interesting to note so that a surprisingly rapid increase in the state s population has taken place i n _ recent years. For. The years 1914 to 1927 there was a total increase in the population of . Of 29.6 per Cint. The population of England and Wales for the same period increased a Only 6.3 per cent. Obviously the difficulties of grappling with the problem Are infinitely harder in a state with such a rapid increase some idea of the Job confronting the department May be gauged by the know ledge that the enrolment for 1928 showed an increase of 10,446. In 1923 the effective enrolment was 304,287, and by 1928 it had jumped to 334,413, necessitating an increase in the teaching staff of 1535. During that period expenditure increased from �3,813,677 to �4,941,323, exclusive of technical education. Of the latter amount �1,004,241 was absorbed in buildings additions Sites and maintenance. It is evident therefore that any Abate ment of a progressive building policy would have created a state of affairs extremely difficult to remedy. The recent statement of the minister for education that he found himself �1,500,000 Short to meet pressing needs in buildings and equipment is ample evidence of the magnitude of the task of educating the children of the state. This is further emphasised in the knowledge that no minister of education has succeeded in securing a greater allocation of Public funds for the provision of decent accommodation than the present occupant the Hon. D. H. Drummond. While there is Little doubt concerning the desirability of an increase in the school leaving age we must get Down to tin tacks and make the financial arrange ments first of All. There is far greater statesmanship in tailing the people that at present the finances of the country will not stand the Strain than in promising a measure such As been introduced in England and scraping about to get the Money probably by increased taxation to pay maintenance a Lowance to parents for the loss of their children for an additional twelve Mont is As bread winners. No doubt or. Lang would not hesitate to premise such things but fortunately for new South Wales we Are ruled by men who have some political honesty in them. Trout hatchery. Rod fishermen s Enterprise. To be opened on saturday. The liberation of 300,000 Trout Fry in new England streams is to be carried out in september and october by the Armidale and District Rod fishermen s association. This will be made possible As a result of the erection of a local Trout hatchery. The hatchery is to be officially opened of Satur Day next by the chief Secretary or. F. Chaffey. The minister for education or. D. H. Drum Mem and representatives of the municipal and Shire councils will also attend. The hatchery which is now practically completed is situated in North army Dale recreation ground about 200 Yards from the North end of Marsh Street. Materials Hare been supplied and carted to the site by the stale government and the actual task of building the hatchery has been car ried out voluntarily by members of the Bod fishermen s association. The land on which the hatchery has been erected was made available by the trustees of the recreation ground and the City Council Lis supplying the water at a nominal fee of �1 yearly. Up to the present the state fish j eries department of which or. Cost Fey is official head has been put to considerable expense in transporting Fry for liberation in the new eng land streams. As there has been no hatchery Here the fish had to be hatched at Prospect near Sydney and sept up to Armidale by train in five gallon cans filled wac water each i can containing about 200 fish. Now that the hatchery has been built it fwu he possible to Send the eggs to Armidale for Hutching end thus save the Cost of transporting the Bulky of tits. Travel in crates. It is interesting to note that tie eggs Are imported to Australia from new zealand. They Are placed be tween layers of Moss and Mosquito net Ting and the crates Ere packed with1 Lee. Each crate contains tens of thou Sands of eggs. After saturday next these crates pm arrival in Sydney will be despatched direct to Armidale. The hatchery is in an Iron Struc Ture lined and celled with Fibre Cement there will be four hatching hoses with a capacity of 400,000 eggs. On arrival at Armadale the eggs will he placed in the hatchery and the hatching will take place about a fortnight later the exact time will depend upon the degree of incubation when the eggs leave new zealand. Lest year the Bod fishermen s association liberated 130,000 fish in the streams of new England Ami since the association was formed about 341, 000 have been liberated. The percent age of fish hatched from eggs aver aged approximately 02 per cent and it is expected that under the new arrangement it will be possible to lib Erate Welt Over 300,000 fish during september and october next. Weekend programme. A special programme a being map Ped out by the Rod fishermen in connection with the visit of the chief Secretary or. Drummond and party. On saturday night the association will entertain the visitors at dinner at Tattersall s hotel. No reflection. On Aimi Dye cutting cart Secretary of retail butchers association explains. It. G. H. Mcwatters Secretary Al Armidale Branch of she retail Butch ers association writers a letter written by me to the health authorities on behalf of the retail butchers association was discussed at a recent Council meeting and the names of messes. Halloran Bros was mentioned. I beg to state that the association passes no reflection on them whatever As they have constructed their shop and Yards to the satisfaction of the authorities mod arc working under the same conditions a the rest of the registered butchers. We believe that they conduct their cart in a very clean manner. Thinking our letter May have caused them some concern i hasten to assure them that it is the principle of the Cut Ting cart that the association objects to and not their cart in particular As 1 is proved by the fact that the association withdrew All cutting carts from their runs last the governor inspects. State s Wool clips. His excellency sir Phillip game k.c.b., d.s.o., stale Gover nor on the 17th. Instant. Paid an informal visit to the Wool stores of the Farmers and graziers co operative co. At Purmont his object being to gain first hand information in regard to the manner in which the state s Wool clips Are put before the buyers representative of practically every country that make Noake the Sydney Market their head quarters. His excellency was keenly interested and made enquiries As to the Vari Ous types of Wool displayed and the uses they were subsequently put to when manufactured he also witnessed Wool being dumped for shipment to Japan. Germany France America Yorkshire Etc., and did not fall to Avail himself of the Opportunity to Overlook the various lines of bides skins and tallow Etc. In the after noon he witnessed the auction sales at the Loyal Exchange and the operations Here seemed to genuinely amuse him. The Hon. A. K. Trethowan m.e.c., managing director of the company and other directors accompanied the governor. Mem mtg mme Mumm local & Genera news. Inched of rain at puddle Dock. The rainfall at puddle Dock from june 13 to 20 totalled 362 Points. Land application. Land application received at Armi Dale lands office during the past week Stanley James Spicer por. 426, of 2 acres Parish Falconer county Sandon within special area. No. 58, 808, notified 23/4/26. Painting the town Hall. Painting and renovating the Interior of the town Hall commenced on Fri Day. The Hall will be closed for six weeks while the work is being car ried out. The Walls Are to be done in a Shade of Blue and the Hali generally should look Ottery attractive when the Job is completed. War pictures for soldiers club. Miss Mary White has presented to the Armidale Branch of the returned sailors and soldiers Imperial league the companion pictures Meulen Gate at Midnight and the Iiri mortal the gifts have been gratefully accepted and the pictures will be Hung in the soldiers club. Mayor receives letter from Amy j0hn80n. Miss Amy Johnson was written the following letter to the mayor Aid. Watson dear sir a thank you so much for your kind letter of congratulation and for your invitation to visit Armidale. I will be most grate Ful if you will Tell Ell the people of your town How sincerely regret that it was not possible for me to Call sincerely a. Johnson. Pearson a Magazine. When the Airship crashed by Eugene p. Lyle Junr. A tense human drama is enacted in the South ame rican Jungle when a party of Aphis to located pleasure seekers is shipwrecked among Cave dwellers a stirring new adventure of Captain blood entitled a Buccaneer indemnity by one of the world s famous authors Rafael a Bathi together with Many other articles of interest make the May Issue of Pearson s Magazine extremely readable. Barrett shield Challenge. The new England Rugby league s representative thirteen judging by the masterly display they gave in their contest against the rest yesterday Are in splendid form for their Challenge match against Tamworth on saturday next for the coveted bar rett shield. They unwound Brilliant movements and played with such skill and determination that it is considered that they have Only to reproduce them at Tamworth to win the shield. They will receive further practice in a match with another Armidale thir teen on wednesday and the final decision with regard to the team will be made after this match. Local enthusiasts Are confident that the Side will bring Home the trophy and it is to be hoped that their anticipations will be fulfilled. Trafalgar in form. Selections for Rosehill. Trafalgar the express turf writer and tipster had a Field Day. On sat urday. He tipped. Rosa Ole the win Ner of theft la race hurdle and selected or. Grade for second Money. Or. Grace ran third. In the juvenile stakes he favored Eul Clare and Tippo in that order. That was the order in which they finished. Country Damsel selected for the second division was beaten half a head by blk boy which Trafalgar had placed third. La Gloria forecaster to run second. Tan third. In the three year old Handi Cap he selected gleaner and celtic for first and second respectively. They dead heated. Debate tipped for third place ran to form.? Clear flight was1 Given As the Oil for the first Divi Sion of the Joying welter hut he was scratched. Magnetic won the race hut no lefts Bojens selected for second Money Tan into that position dark Isle and Vertory both fancied for the Rosehill Handicap were scratched. The. Event was won by Hustler hut inducement tipped for a place was successful in getting into third position. In the second division of the flying welter Trafalgar placed the horses As follows Aorangi 1, Cool Dan 2, the Quaker or pretty Bett 3. The actual placings were pretty Bett a Cool Dan 2, Aorangi 3. The final event was the Granville stakes. Our writer fancied Stock boy Brash buttons Zeeland or Queen As tre in that order. Zeeland won with Stock boy second. The forecasts were highly Gratifying in View of the fact that scarcely an other sporting paper selected than one Winner. A car and Cycle collide. Boy s leg fractured. As die result of a collision be tween a Eyde and a motor lorry at the intersection of Jessie and Rosden streets on saturday after noon n 14-year-old boy. Slim Hyde sustained a fractured thigh and rather severe injuries to the Itaw it appears that the boy with his Bro ther Ernest aged 12, were double banking of the Cycle when they came into collision with the lorry. The younger brother bad a miraculous escape from injury. He sustained Only abrasions to the hand. 8hns was treated by the ambulance and after medical attention was con i eyed to die Hospital where be was admitted. A the lays live with their parents in Butler Lane off Butler Street Between Eusden and Barney streets. Football casualties. Dangar Sleigh player s misfortune. For the second time in three weeks Mervyn mercies a Dan Garleigh foot Auer has sustained a fractured nose while playing in the new England league competitions. Flu saturday he Rcw ived an injury to the none and after receiving first Stid from the Arnisdale Anil Lahce was advised to see a doctor. Two other ploy Ere at the a Jerta ground Kenneth Norris of Sessing him. He joined the local Rifle Reserve attached to the 4th regiment at Armidale. He had not been Long in the Reserve when the Dru fib of War be Gan to sound and he left for South Africa with the . Mounted rifles and bushmen. He was in Africa until two months after peae Ewas sighed. Returning to Australia he again renewed his association with the Reserve forces and upon the inception of compulsory military training in 1911, he received a commission As . Of the cadets at Hillgrove. He was Transfer red to Armidale in june. 1914, and three months later was on his Way to Egypt As Corporal with the 2nd Bat Talion under the late colonel a h. Braund. Five Days before the Gallipoli land ing or. Gardner was made a Lance sergeant and in that capacity he took part in the historical assault on the turks territory. On the evening of the Landing How Ever t he was severely wounded. He was reported killed was after wards while convalescing in England that he saw himself jux 6ted at the Vic Toria Street pay office in London As having died of Wounder Back to Egypt. In december. 1918. Sergeant Gard Ner returned to Australia on special duty but he had Only Beth Here two months when he was again sent to Egypt. He was appointed a sergeant at Tel i Kebir in May,.�916. In july he left for England where he was appointed staff sergeant with a training battalion. Early in 1917.be was drafted to France and it was in december of that year that he was burled alive during the polygon Wood engagement one of the fourteen who were buried at the a a time and Tost their lives was a Young Man from Armidale. Sergeant Gardner also took part in the Messines Ridge engagement and for the second time during the War had the misfortune to be wounded. He was invalided Home and discharged As medically unfit two months before the armistice. But the War had not cured him of soldiering. In May 3919, he was placed on the Active list As temporary lieutenant with the militia. In 1921 he was made assistant adjutant. He returned to the senior cadets in 1922. And was attached to the 33rd battalion Armidale until the regiment ceased to function in june last year. It is not surprising that Captain Gardner As he now is could fill vol Umes with tales of his War experiences. Ali interesting memento of the South african Campaign is his service Rifle with the name of each engage ment carved on the butt. Commander s tribute. Col. W. S. Forsyth until recently commander of the 33rd Battal. Speaks very highly of Captain Gardner s Energy and loyalty As and office. As did also the divisional and brigade com Manders daring their visits to the Bat Talion when it was in Damp Coo storage. For new England fruit districts. Scheme under consideration. At a meeting of fruit growers held in Uralla Lor the purpose of consider ing the establishment of a Cool store for fruit in new England District there were present messes. H. M. Croft Kentucky. A. Jackes and n. L. Jackes Armidale. D. Goode a. A. Wilkinson g. Wilkinson j. Sorry l. H. Goode Gratian. A. Nell chair or. Goodman of messes. Wild Ridge and Sinclair of Sydney was introduced bythe chairman. Or. Good Man gave an interesting report of the results achieved by the cooperative Cool stores at Barlow and. Orange and described general outline of the plants in those two districts and the methods of administration and finance a committee consisting of messes. H. M. Croft a a. Jackes g. Wilkin son j. Scurry j. H. Yeomans was appointed to investigate the question of Cool storage in new England to Gether with the establishing and financing of the scheme. The information will be placed before a general meeting at a Date to be announced. Or. R. A. Jackes was appointed Secretary to the committee. There in Iio gift that carries the warmth of Friendship As no other can a the gift that no amount of Money can duplicate. Your photograph. Make an appointment to Day. Phone 89. Solomons studios Armisle Golf club. Course improvements. Satisfactory work proceeding. The Armidale Golf climb is in tent on making the course one of the Best in the country districts and with this end in View it has been putting into effect an Exten Sive policy of Green and Fairway improvement. The Green committee has been very Active and has engaged extra labor and the work to Date has been very satisfactory. The committee met on Friday night when there were present messes. C. R. Richardson president. Wright r husband v. T. England d. B. Cam-1 Eron w. C. R. Solomons h. A. Hyams Secretary and or. Harbison. In reply to c question from the i president the Secretary reported that there had been a Little response to the Call for overdue subscriptions but there were still Many outstanding. Consideration was deferred till next meeting. R the action of the convenor of the j greens committee or. W. C. R. Solo Mons in accepting the tender for the Supply and delivery of top dressing and Sand was endorsed. A letter from the new England District Colt association containing a report of a meeting of the association at Inverell on june 8, was received. The association had decided that All preliminary rounds of the . Sailors and soldiers cup should be played before the end of june and the final to be played off in Glen in nes on july 27. The Secretary reported that the Ere-1 Dot balance at Date was �260. Re a seipts for the month had totalled �56, and expenditure �46. Accounts to-1 tailing �26 were passed for pay ment and it was stated that in amount of �18/18/ was due for work j on the course which would leave the j club �214 in credit �60 was also outstanding in subscriptions. The greens committee reported satisfactory Progress in the work of enlarging the greens and top dressing. Nos. 3. 4, 6 and 12 were practically completed and it had been found that temporary improvements on the 11th would be unsatisfactory and the Only method of treating this Green j was to build it up and have it levelled j this work was being carried out Anda further Grant would be necessary to Complete the work. The committee suggested that the improvements to the 9th and 16th greens be deferred until the off season in order not to disorganised the season s Golf to any great extent. The suggested improve ments would doubtless put these greens out of play for some consider Able time. Various grasses had been sown in various portions of the. Course and were coming up Well. This should give some idea of the most suitable grass to use in the future. Much tree planting has yet to be done and gifts of Trees would be appreciated. The president i am averse to spending any More on the coarse unless it is of & permanent nature. Any body can see that the greens become corrugated by the water running Over them after Rains but if they were levelled they would be unaffected unless in very heavy Rains. We have seen that with our level greens. Nos 17, 6 and 3 Are sloping greens and will give trouble and i think they should be made level. Or. Bouter. Who de signed the course impressed upon me not to shift the position of tile greens and to make them All level when pos sible. This would make the maintenance very much easier. I agree that the greens committee has done Excel Lent work and the course has been greatly improved or. England supported. He consid j ered that the Only solution for Sand greens was to have them absolutely 1 level. He said the greens committee had done great work. Or. Solomons defending the policy of the Green s committee said the j main idea was to make the course playable and he considered that the course was now very much better. The Little Money that had been spent had been spent wisely. He thought that line course should be made play Able until it was possible to have per-1 a nent improvements effected. The president i agree that the Green s committee has done excellent work but i would suggest that any future work should be of a permanent nature. Or. Solomons there will be no More temporary work. The Oiler improvements suggested will be per manent. The action of the Green b committee i was confirmed and a further Grant of �25 was made to Complete the suggested work. A vote of thanks was carried to the Shire for the work carried out on the Road to the course. Bowls. A rinks Competition. Jewell wins final. The final of the rinks Competition Tor tile Mallam and Lasher and Lacker trophies was decided on saturday and was won by Jewell s risk. The finalists were Jewell s rink representing the saturday Section an Burgess rink finalists in the wed Nee a Day Section. F the saturday players a. E. Wil Liams Morgan Stephens j. Faint and e. W. Jewell were successful Over $4 b. Stevenson g. Cooper t. Jones Audi l. W. Burgess by 38 to 14. The links had already met. But the game had been postponed after eight Heads had been played with Jewell s rink leading by 19 to 2. -4 on saturday they again quickly got to work and captured the first Sley self Heads played. They scored 6, 1, 1, l j 3, 2, 1, 2, 1 and 1. This brought Chw play to the end of the 18th head where they led by 38 to 2, and Bur Gest rink was left with an almost impossible task before them. They were prominent however in the concluding portion of the game taking the remaining 7 Heads scoring 2. 2, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, to make their total 14. The winners in the four games played to win the final had a splendid record. They scored 131 to their opponents 68. Gold leaves change hands. After having won the Gold leaves from Jackson and Nott by the narrow margin of 2 Points 22-20bracknell and Kelly had to hand them Over to Page and h. S. Jones who Success fully challenged their right to Wear them on saturday. The challengers won Well by 25 to 7. The Goulburn . Polo team won the invitation tournament at Rane Lagh eng after a splendidly contested final against major Rex Benson s Cavaliers by 6 goals to 5. Cricket. Australia v Surrey. Match drawn. The match Between Australia and Surrey ended in a draw. A scores a Surrey first innings 162 Australia.�?1st innings. Fairfax Lbw b Shepherd 36 Bradman c Allom b Shepherd. 6 Woodfull c Wilson b Shepherd 141 Kippax c and b peach 36 Mccabe b Shepherd 42 Jackson not out t 37 a Beckett not out % 67 sundries 24 total 5 for 383 innings declared closed. Bowling Allom 0 for 66, peach 1 for 66, fender 0 for 93, Gregory 0 for 74, Shepherd 4 for 65. Surrey.�?2nd innings. Hobbs not out 146 i Sandham Lbw b Grimmett. 10 Barling c Woodfull b Wall 13 Shepherd not out 65 j sundries 15 total 2 for 249 Bowling Wall 1 for 18, Grimmett 1 for 35. Australia v Lancashire. Jackson and Kippax in form. On saturday Australia commenced a match against Lancashire. Scores Australia.�?1st innings Woodfull St Duckworth b Sibbles 27 Jackson b Hodgson 52 Bradman c Duckworth b Sibbles 28 Kippax not out 56 Mccabe. C Duckworth b Hodgson 34 Richardson c e. Tyldesley \ b Hodgson 13 Fairfax not out. 1 sundries 10 total 5 for 231 Bowling Hodgson 3 for 55, Sibbles 2 for 8l, r. Tyldesley 0 for 56, hop Wood 0 for 32, Watson 0 for 5, iddon 0 for 22. Golf. Urana again. Armidale s defeat in cup match. Last year Raifta overwhelmingly Defeated Arm i Dale in the Rich Ardson cup Niameh. On their Home course yester Day Uralla again secured a win but his time their margin of Vic tory was a very narrow one. They won four matches to Armidale s three. Armidale was seriously handicapped by the absence of Milner and Sargeson two of the Best Golf ers in the club and it appears that if had been available the insult would have been reversed. The first three Armidale players were successful. Bruce Cameron win Ning against the hitherto invincible a Ickrell. England Defeated Mcrae and husband won against Vincent the other members of the team h. Harvey Wilson Solomons and e. Cameron suffered defeat. The scores were Uralla players be ing mentioned first Pickrell 0. B. Cameron 2.up my Rae 0 v. England 3/2 Vincent 0 v. Husband 2 up Bartlett 2 up v. H. Harvey so d. Cooper 5/4 v. Wilson of Coatee 4/3 v. Solomons 0 r. Coop or 1 up. I e. Cameron 0. The return match will be played at Armidale in the coming week end. A second team from Armidale avenged the defeat of the seniors by winning four matches to three Nelson 0 v. Jarrett 1 Lewis 0 v. Kempster 1 costello 1 v. Hawke 0 Jenkinson 1 v. Murray 0 Crapp 0 v. Wright 1 a Lubers 1 v. Tolhurst 0 Wales 0 v. Halsey 1. The associates. The a Grade Competition for associates of the Armidale club on Satur Day a bogey Handicap was won by mrs. Solomons who returned a card of 2 Down. J the 9 holes stroke Handicap for by Grade resulted in a tie Between mrs. Kelk and miss Roulston with 10 net. The successful season. Presentation to pro Duffer. The Aru Pidalo operatic society s production the Quaker girl concluded its three flight season on thursday night before Kun excellent at Tendance. On wednesday night it was Gener ally claimed that the production was not up to the usual Standard but this might be explained by the fact that heavy rain made the performance less enjoyable for both audience and play ens. Than is usual the heavy rain on the roof of the Ball prevented the members of he audience from hearing much of the Bright dialogue Aud also handicapped the performers who were us. Hear their cues. The lug crowd that attended the concluding night s was Gnu ulamous in its Praise of the production. The applause wits generous and insistent and the players were right at their top. The general Opin Ion was that the Quaker girl was up to the High Standard set by the society at the conclusion of the perform Ance gifts were literally showered on the members of the society and the producer. Miss Llin Edmonds was received with great applause when she was called ugh ii by the president of the society i r. 1�. J. Prussia to accept a gift from the Mem Lens of the society As a Token of their esteem. Or. Prussia that miss Edmonds was to in married on Satur Day and conveyed to her the Good wishes of the Soe Iota and the Community. A handsome presentation of cutlery and so Var was made to miss Edmonds who received an enthusiastic Send off from the members. The Hall was illicitly cleared after the or Mormance and the Happy wind up dance was enjoyed. More rain forecast says so. Fine week end. Not Content with last week s deluge resulting in severe flood ing and rail Washa ways on the coast the weather Man to Day promises further rain in the East Ern half of the state. No complaint could he found with the week end weather however. At Armidale saturday was delightfully sunny and yesterday though the sky was overcast conditions were almost equally pleasant. Week end rainfall of any account was limited to 29 Points at Grafton 76 at Yamba and 36 at Casino. Temperatures at Armidale on sat urday were Max. 58, min. 30 sunday Max. 52, min. 40, and to Day Max. 56, min. 42. This afternoon s forecast reads Cloudy and misty with further showers in Eastern half of state. Heavy on parts of coast and with fogs. Generally Fine in Western half but later becoming unsettled. Light South West to South East winds tend ing North East to North in Western areas and freshening later. Rail services. Still disorganised. Hunter River changes its course. Owing to the serious damage to the permanent Way in the Vicinity of Maitland Normal rail services on the Northern line May not be resumed for Over a week. It was Learnt to Day that during last week s severe floods the Hunter River changed its course for about 200 Yards sweeping away a Large por Tion of the railway embankment gangs Are hard at work effecting re pairs but Little Hope is held out of the work being completed before the beginning of next week. It is even possible that the line will not be in order for a fortnight. Meanwhile trains Are running to and from the North via bin away and Dubbo. The Brisbane mail Leav ing Sydney at 3.30 pjn., now reaches Armidale at about 3.31 the following afternoon the Glen Innes mail Leav ing at 9.6, does not arrive until 9.80 the following night. To provide connection Between the North and stations Southof Werls Creek a Spe Cial local train is being run on the Glen Innes mail time table. Postal arrangements. The Brisbane mail which arrived this afternoon did not bring Armidale mails. The mail will arrive at 930 to night and will be sorted and placed in Post office boxes. Delivery will be made first thing to Morrow morning. Personal the death has occurred at Walcha of or. C. D. Hardy Engineer to the Apsley Shire Council. Or. And mrs. A. H. Short of Sydney accompanied by their. Small daughter Joan Are spending a Short Holiday with or. And sirs. D. Stove of the demonstration school. Mrs. Short is a sister of or. Stove. A a a a a a a " the death occurred suddenly on thursday at the residence of or. And mrs. Harry White of Donnelly Street North Armidale of their four year old son James Matthew. The Little

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