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Armidale Express And New England General Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1930, Page 3

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Armidale Express and New England General Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Armidale, New South Wales Distinction r and value. /. -u.7 j u exclamation of everyone Heithe v has hidden int Genevv Essex challengers How a a did you do it i How do you get this greater Power / Andi Aster get away How do you get this Speed it k a new Essex challenger from Drorit end to Tail Light. It is a longer larger car. The super six a. Motor is made smoother and Given a wider per a Jermance Range. The motor retains every Adan. Tage you know in Economy and Songli Fel Tisso distinctly modern in All thing that count Hayou must want to own it. V i. Tests Spiriti Wales distributors. Dalgety company limited. V dealers new1 England motor supplies 9 Marsh Street Armidale. Charles Purkiss Street Armidale official . Garage and Royal australian Automo bile our. Agent for the famous g Abo agent for the Faamotu English Light ear the Triumph a Light car record breaker. All petrol and Oil stocked. Drive in and drive out service. Look to the Leader for Lead Tshoff. When better automobiles Are Offitt always ready to demonstrate these wonderful new models. Trucks ranging from bite to three tons. Hiscox & Robertson 127 Beardy Street Armidale. Phones night 405, Day 156. Local dealers for Vaux hah Pontiac Oakland Marquette Nick and . Trucks. All models warranted for one year. Our service guaranteed. Give us a trial. Wonderful news for motorists and the Trade generally. Famous Advant retreading now greatly reduced in Price which represents the Best Tyre value Ever uttered. Ask for Price list just issued. One Day retreading. Example 30 3 �1 0 0 31 x 5.25 �1 14 6 29 x 4.40 1 5 6 33 x 6.20 2 0 6 30 x 5.00 1 10 6 32 x 4 1 9 6 5000 Miles guaranteed casing and tread. Country clients consigning by rail please pay freight. We pay return freight. Truck will Call and pick up tyres in City and return free of charge. John ,mcav0y, new England rubber works address Corner Beardy and Jessie streets Armidale. Phones works 408, res. 420. . Box 1g0. A v. Or to. S copyright. Published by special arrangement. By Frank Price author of tf5fe love that lasts the wan with �8,000,000," a Harvest of Fohy Etc., Etc. Powerful Story of ambition Jean oily end love. . Ladyjo Largo explained the position few words. He companion listened incredulously. I then everything is hers she exclaimed a last. "j/egal.jy, ,. Is she really actions in saying. She Tiiu hand it All to him it he comes Back-?7. To. A thavenot tha that she heard her yourself. A did t beae Emo Yott to mean every word c . But.Why.? she must have a reason does she expect to a with the Good. Perhaps ?. Is she hop lug he will marry her in return ?". Lady t Margot threw a Puick Digap. Proving glance at her Camph Udoji the j sheer vulgarity of the the suggestion was made jarred her \ nerves. But before she could speak a miss Jevons stopped with a Sharp cry. And clutching a lady mat offs with one hand pointed in. Front of her with the. is that she asked Whis had been crossing the Hall an had stopped in front of a Large painting on one. Of the Walls. It was the portrait of a handsome Strong face Young Man in the dress of the Earty Parto the nineteenth Ait is tithe. Fourth baronet said. Lady Imp got he was sir Marston also a eat Grain father to the present sir mar Stan. What has struck you abut him " did you think something struck me asked miss Jevons with a forced laugh. It was Noth hgr nothing. Only gets sometimes of hiring seen what one is looking at for the first time in some other of know said Ltd Margot placidly.1. Have it myself sometimes. Now,5 if you had Ever seen the present sir Maroon there would have been reason in your feeling for that face a mkt stand for a. Portrait of his own you. Don to Sayi said. von slowly. She took one. More look at v the. Painting and then Drew lady . Och either own Pom she As an excuse for being left alone pull it was time to dress. I sae it out. Into the \ die heard the key sharply Turied. In the lock. Chapter in in the Library. Atef a Jthn Caish a. Long window Opep-1 in Goethe the Glare of Fife june sunlight k the subdued Sha Dow Krot a great Book lined room. 1&. Busnebsaike4��k. Which stood at. Oneside with its Back towards. A Wail an armed office Ukai Nie. Wail. Waste blah. Herzl Aad Raa Redmond % seated himself of Ike opposite Side of the., desk Ute heavy door of. A steel. Sage the above her head. He looked at it curl Woosly. A a a a. \. A a a a a. A Phat Safe Haa always mailed the 1 he said. What a thickness the Walls of this old place mos the for it to he let la thew Aad give to sign of its presence on the Othear �idk-7 Walls were Walls when Roxley butt answered of Llama with a glance v a the housing problem ha4a t Beem invented Ben be commented. By the Way Are the jewels still in it a v " of course Sircus Fard always kept them in the House find As you know i you a might a very Well consider changing that. Even As a caretaker heart id with a Entile you urdu old be justified to sending them to the Bank or tit tag them Safe ?8&rfeiy they can to in no danger Heel a a v. A �?�"0ne-Ibever knows. Burglary has j a toe Flitte Art in the else Daya that it looks like tempting Providence to keep valuables Worth thousands of Vonnda . Private house.". If youth lbs a ought to Send them away will she said but this is what a wanted to consult you about she had faked White pass Book from a desk and now extracted some paid cheques from the pocket in it one of which she Pas cd to hint " do you see anything unusual about that it was an open Cheque drawn on a London Branch of one of the great Banks to the credit of John j cer and signed Clifford a. Roxley. The amount is rather Large for an open Cheque but it is quite in order As far As i can compare the signature with she handed him another Cheque. He put the two slips Side by Side and eyed them intently Lor some minutes j look at the crosses of the is she said and again at the Cross of the capital it. Bos Yon mean that wee. Curl on the second one he asked. It is cer mainly missing of the other. Does it mean anything. I never noticed Tatj a before a often As i had sir Clifford s signature under my it is in All these Lilian handed j i him the the paid cheques so it is on All those which came Buck j from the local Lank do you suspect this to be a forgery Redmond ask led holding up the five Hundred a plunder. It. F Don t know i want your opinion. They difference a is very trivial and. Otherwise the Cheque is quite in or-1 Der As. You say it is. Dated March i 12, the maybe Forestr Clifford s Sefz. Ore which might explain Hel Varia j on if his illness were already threat Mentag. Xet others drawn on the same Day Are just As you did most of sir Clifford s Busi j Neas do you know this name John h. Spencer i never heard it. I was not with j him that Day. He was going Over Geoffrey s accounts and settling them. Theye pent Mostof the morning in Here at. Work tand there Are several cheques bearing that Date drawn on thie local Bank Geoffrey would Bave brought a Shadow flitted across the window through which they had entered and Redmond looked out there is Geoffrey he said Start ing to his feet. Perhaps he can Tell us something about this Spencer. I Geoffrey he called. Lilian had Tisen and went quickly towards the window. I will speak to him she said. "1 Don t want to men tron this to anybody but you and would rather he did not come in Here had turned at Redmond s shout and met Lilian As she leaned the window. I Only wanted to Jask you. A question die said deliberately standing in the open ing so As to prevent his entering. Do you know a John h. Spencer. He had one foot on the step of the window arid was in the act of com ing in hut her sudden placing of herself in his path seemed. To Force him to recoil r he Drew Back hastily. Spencer Spencer he Sdidl As though trying to recall the name. He Pat a hand to his forehead hading his face and seemed to he concentrating on an. Effort of memory. No. I pan t remember anybody of that Thanh you. That was All i wanted to it was plainly a dismissal Bat he stood for a moment unde Cid edly. I am Busy with or. O Halloran she said but i shall be free very soon How if you want to speak to very Well. I will he turned and walked slowly towards the front door. Lilian went Back to her place at the desk. Geoffrey does the name she said to Redmond. I heard him say so. But of course that May mea3a nothing. No doubt sir Clifford Drew Many cheques which he never mentioned to yes but there Iff another thing about this Spencer Cheque Seel she handed him a partly used Cheque Book. It was the last one used from Here and the counter foil has not been fixed Vine a thing sir Clifford never omitted to.do". I think you have made out a Case for inquiry he said thoughtfully As he turned a a the. Counter oils All of which hut the last one had been care fully filled. In by sir Clifford. That is my business As executor of course. 1 will note the particulars and write to the Bank thank you she said. I want to have All things in order when i am called on. To give an account of my Redmond handed her Back the. Cheques and Book. There was an Al most pitying look of his face. He could not help thl King that her feel ing about the inheritance had a touch j of morbidity in it. A Lilian was about to put the articles. She had. Been. Showing Back in tee \ drawer. From which she had taken i item. Suddenly she changed her mind and opening the Safe placed them inside and locked the Deboi. As they moved to leave the. Room red mond saw Geoffrey Roxley strolling ton the Lawn outside looking into the Library. Chapter for \ r restj3r, . A one evening about a week later red mond o Halloran was driving his two seater Road from Coxley Village towards \ the Manor when. Be suddenly Drew to one Side and pulled tip in front of a Square shouldered at a Letic looking Man who was walking briskly along the Footpath. Ind motor Forrester by All that s unexpected he exclaimed. What is. Scotland Yard doing in this Law Abid ing spot 1 who pays it is Here at All or. Oholloran replied the other As he Shook hands. I Don t carry the Yard with me everywhere i go Vooes that mean you re not on duty Lasic Crof Forrester raised his Shoul Der . Slight shrug hut made no reply in. Words. Ohi Well if questions Are. Indis Creet i won t ask any. But my Cun Ning up against you like this is a bit of iuck.". It in t every Man who considers himself in lock when he runs. Up against me said Forrester smiling f i Hope the time who never come wont responded Redmond i lightly but seriously i d like a talk with Yon. I m on my Way to Roxley Manor. Jump in beside me and let me drive you there i d like to Intro Duce you to its mistress and i la Misc she will give you a cup of Tea and that afterwards i you any where you want to i was going to the Village to take the bus to Reading and get a train to town said Forrester hesitatingly. In run you to Reading when we have had a talk and you la find my bus More comfortable than the one that runs from the tillage Redmond persuaded him. Roxley Manor the detective repeated the name thoughtfully. In t that the place a miss Grantham has lately inherited from scr Clifford Roxley it is answered Redmond in some Surprise. Is she a Friend of yours yes i think i can say we Are friends. What s More she is a client and i am one of the executors of the will under which she the inspector.,leaned on the the car and spoke gravely. The inspector leaned on the Side of the car and spoke gravely. Is it True that sir made a practice .of.,keeping a very valuable collection of family jewels in Safe in his Library and that miss Grantham still has them there who in the mischief told you that demanded Redmond in amaze ment i have heard it from three different people in this one was the reply. Seems to. Be common know ledge in the,countryside.".,. That might easily he said red mond. Sir clifford5 never made any secret of the fact. He was a queer mixture very reserved matters but inclined to be talkative about trifles. And rather proud of that Safe he had probably he did t know As much about safes As i do said inspector Forrester grimly have you heard what happened at Curtin Hall last night it was burgled. A very neat Job from All i hear. The thieves got a big haul and got Clear away. There was a Safe but it does t seem to have Given them much trouble Curtin Hall mrs car fact will be Fine Stew i had t heard a word of it said Redmond. Is that Why you Are. Here As i Hare told you l Ata not Here officially at All replied the inspector. The local people have not called us in yet probably they arc wait ing until it is too late and they have kept the news from the press. That is Why you had t heard it of course most of the neighbourhood knows All about it. I ran Down to made some Independent inquiries be cause of a special reason of my own. And i la be glad if you will say no thing to suggest i be been poking my nose where i want be continued. K a a a a a Ford bodies at our showrooms. Frera the new deep Radiator to the curving tip of the rear fender there is an unbroken sweep of line a flow ing Grace of contour heretofore thought possible Only expensive automobile. Now More than Ever the new Ford is Valine far Kove the priced Lim tred Marsh Street Armidale. Dealers for Dumaresq gos Wyck and. Guyra Shires. Phone 87. Box 32. 8 v f a Al Tiv Ali i nth aft . Box 129. Armidale. My u Mittli. Rhone5 29. Local it Aube. And models Iava Dahle on g. . Deferred payments. Use Olin free testing service Sitlie factory retreading Lardy Loa the condition of Ysuf tired Many therhnk1y Trand Titi the disc red by the Motorist through Lack of expert advil Chi 1 of a other pm we reject4 quite a number event in to us for us to a lilt up your Tomfor free testing. judge them unfit to stand. Up to our 8000 Miles retreading guarantee we will Tell you so frankly and return fail a 11? j via Al a. A ill a. 1 them few in City and sol Arfai. We do not retread tires that Are not Worth s sell Viretha entire vice is free and there i no obligation to older. We win .1" maim Jou a Liberal allowance on unwanted casings if fit for retreading. % below. Are our prices for retreading your tires. Both tread Aati casing ate guaranteed 5,000 Miles in writing. " Armidale Mot wrists a Sam e Day service. Local Plant. Size p82ce. Size prk3s. So Zub. Price. 700 r 85 _ 80 17 0 a x _6 a a 88 8 0 31 x 4.40 a a �1 4 0 710 x 90 0 17 0 j?47 a a a a 8 7 8 81x4.96 81x6.00 a a a 1 9 6 760 x 90 a 17 8 780x180 a _ 1 4 0 a a a 1 10 1 12 0 765x105 1 2 6 a 1 7 6 81x6.26 ? 0 815x105 _ 1 8 a 778168 1 is a 81 x 5.77 1 13 6 875x105 1 7 8. 28x80 a a. A 17 f 816.20 a 1 19 0 815 x180 1 10 0 ,27 x 4.40 _ _ a 1 a f 31x4.76 a a 2 5 0 820x120 _ _ 1 10 8 20x4.40 m my. 1 s s 82 4.95 a a 1 11 0 880 x 1201 10 0 29x4.75 _ a a 1 8 0 �?�2 x 5.00 a a a 1 11 9 920x120 1 10 e 29x4.95. My 1 f 8 .82x5.77 1 14 6 896x135 1 15 0 28x4.96 _ jul 82x6.00 _ _ _ 1 17 0 30 x 31 _. 0 17 c 29x6.00 _ _ a 1 7 0 it x8.2q a a a 1 17 0 31 x 41 2 8 28x846 29x6.26 a 1 19 0 2 ys.74 t a a 2 6 6 82 x 4 1 7 01 10 6 88x4.96 _ _ _ 1 12 0 33 x 4 1 8 8 29 x 5.50 _. A 1 16 0 88 6.00 a a 1 12 0 32 x 41 1 10 .0 40x4.50 _ _ 1 5 0 88x6.77 _ _ a 1 16 6 83 x 41 1 10 ,0 20x4.76 _ of -. 1 7 0 88 x 6.20 _ a a a 1 18 0 84 x 41 1 10 8 894.96 80x5.00 _ v. 1 5 8 88x6.76 a a a 2 7 0 39 x 5 1 is 0 1 8 0 84x6.00 _ _ _ 1 13 0 83 x 6 _ 2 0 0 80x6.26 _ _ 1 11 0 34x6.26 _ _ a 1 13 6 34 x 6 _ _ 2 8 0 so x 6.77 _ a a 1 12 a 34x6.77 _ a a 1 16 6 35 x 6 2 7 a 80x9.90 a a a 1 16 0 84x7.80 _ _ 2 11 6 32 x 6 8 0 0 80x6.75 for 2 .4. 0 out of town client5conign your tyres for retreading to As and prepay freight. We will retread and return them to you promptly Aind pay freight by goods i. I �il40. A a a to nearest station. A. The master drive in tire station 109 Dangar st., Armidale open 24 hours. A Day. Phone Armidale 617.tutus a a i a a a a a a 11.-. "-,-4. A a. J. I to it if. & purki55, proprietor. Armidale depot the rink garage Armidale phone s58. Leave Armidale for Kempsey tuesdays and fridays. Return wednesdays and saturdays Winter timetable. Fare �2. 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Walcha to Uralla 12/6 single 20/ return. Walcha to Armadale. Single 12/6,. Return �1. Cooking offices burling s Armadale. Phone 619. Uralla motor garage Uralla. Phone 82. V Fenwicke & Gill Walcha. Phone 3. Sid Humphrey s Armidale Grafton motors mice. Late woos award e. Cars leave for Grafton tuesdays and fridays. Return wednes Days and saturdays via Bot Tyringham and nym Boida. Cars connect with Yamba and cuff a Harbor Caw. Special trips arranged. Booking agent Beehive cafe and Whitby Simpson

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