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Armidale Express And New England General Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1930, Page 2

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Armidale Express and New England General Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Armidale, New South Wales Holder wins june Handicap. Eula flare and by boy. Were yield on Satur huf Iole race about 2 mites. Ross Gole $.12 Harris 1 3mb5�dbsb"?. King. Betting 7 to 2 Breedon 4 to 1 Elysian 9 to 2 Ross Gole 5 to 1 Bush 8?#d,0�e dividends �1/12/, 13/, 14/. Won by eight lengths with half a length Between second and third. Time 3.41. My fran ? i a the 1 Tippo Brown 2 Mica Berite 7.3 Parr. 3 other starters Sunder Lee lad great lady Trepac. Engaged agin court. Red Earl silent Bird Bono Ute. " betting 5 to 4 Eul Clarc 7 to 2 Tippo 7 to 1 free Pac Sunder Lee. Id to i Moa Whette. 12 to 38 to i a . 19/, 7/6. 16/6. Won by a length with a length be t Ween second and third. S tone l15. Second division. Bim boy 8.3 Maher 1 la Gloria 8.9 Munro ? country Damsel 8.0 Johnstone g other starters Micky o Bangh Nessy woo Rooma Redditch Amanul j Jah Parte lantern Janzura Observatory. C jetting 3 1 Fia Gloria 7 to 2 c0bfrry.jbu0�el, 4 to 1 join boy 5 to 1 Redditch 7 to 1 Observatory. Dividends �1/15/, 8/�, 8/fi. Won by half a head with four lengths Between second and third. Time 1.15. Three year old Handicap Stycn feb Longs. Celtic. 7.9 Johnstone i reaper 7.z Webb a x dead beat for first. J rebate 8.1 Bartle 3-f other starters Gold inner mintage Tetra a Greenh Wiltse Queen Denis. Gallant Light Chrys Olad. A betting 4 to 1 celtic and gleaner 5 to % Goldmine. Rebate 7 to 1 fir Bolg of keep Matte Jln to 29 to l others. Dividends gel Etc 16/, gleaner a 1/4/ rebate it. Third horse was half a length from my fsr flying welter 7 Furlong. A first division. Magnetic 9.0 Bartle 1 no Lens Volens 8.7 Birmingham 2 8.6, Lillyman 3 other starters Athba Lepear ring j boy. Stor boy j Volpi inter Bonnie j Charles the Lohde Gree Horh Bache Lor girl. Betting 6 to 4 magnetic. 4 to 1 no Lens a Bens blaster. 7 to 1 Shil Jung Shortb to l others. Dividend 19/6/7/1, �1/2/. To won by three lengths with half a head Between second end third. Fiva Uuie a a dry Isopi a a a a a a a a x1 Flinders 6.10 Mcnamara 2 inducement 8.5 bar tie. 3 other starters Murillo prances Cyl i Lehe sp4arfais� oct embed Eden Hall dreamdale.1 " a betting 4 to 1 inducement .6 to 1 Hustler 8 to 1 prances Cyllene dream Dale Flinders 10 to 1 Spear miss oct Ember. W0tt by a Short head with three j quarters of a length Between -second1 and third. A Aflfe 2,21. 1 Wiar i pretty Bett 8.7 Cook 1 Cool Dan 9.9 Minto 2 sort a u a Frt tier 3 j outer Star tet Crown area Brock Ham is vasshsiaker1 Pigeon pie becalmed Shingle Short Ethel Ash rein d or. To-45rpwi area Brock Way 19 to Rywon by a length and a l Alf with a neck Between second and third. Time 1.275. Granville stakes 1m. 1#ur. %5rpwn. Zeeland i Fer i or 1 Stock Typl ketone. 2. Johnstone sargaddn/fl3 Pirrot. 3 other starters Start s pea Roob Ter a tasks buttons what about it Queen Astro Cool a Elfr our Liz de tcftnin4d Tota. Cletto Lhito. Betting 7 ftof2. 7shtss buttons 9 to 2 Sargado 10 to 20 to 1 others. Dividends �1/19/6, 12/, 12/, three Lengs half a length by tween Toton and a hard. 1 a Tara the View Way rest and a soothing penetrating heat will soon relieve Seia Tiea. Ott Sii Pshea just this Nece Eawy heat. I1, Penet Nuhn rihhj1 to Tho sen of the Trodt fac fluid Tchad draws nut All. Pain and soreness fifth Wmk a soothed a act Oto is just As effective for Nea of l is for which the same treatment is necessary. Soldi everywhere. Call in and inspect my tailoring 3tock. A i have suits for la pc if omm my bargains in drapery and footwear re astounding. Def tilt the unfavourable weather conditions hundreds have already called in to inspect hut stayed to buy amazed at thy cheapness heavyweight dress flannel in 29n. Sale Price 2/6 Yard. Extra heavyweight dress flannel in 40ln. All wanted shades. Sale Price 4/3 Yard. Re a a " lashes heavyweight Fleecy bloomers. Sale Price 1/6, 1/9, 1/1x pair. Ladies silk and woo vests. W. And Pis. Sale Price 2/9. A fun e fancy silk ant Wool socks. Sale Price 1/6 pair. Hen s Flannelette pyjamas m. And 0,8. Bile Price 3/11. Boys Flat Omelette pyjamas in at sizes. Sale Price 3/9 pair. Abe Shalhoub ladies and gents. High class tailor and Draper 167 Beardy Street arm1dale. Phone 676. Rifle shooing. Golden wins quarterly Price. P. Veale leads Satur Days Field. The final shoot of the year was held on up taday last at ,300 Yards under pleasant Tondl Lotu. The scores were As follows off Rifle. H up. T l p. Veale 45 10 50 w. Golden 47 5 50 m. H. O Connor. 43 7 50 g. Mason 37 15 50 e. G. Howard 40 10 50 c. Lennon 44 9 50 h. Cavanagh 45 6 50 g. Cochrane 39 10 49 k. Veale 34 15 49 a. E. Howard 44 4 48 the quarterly prize for the Best score a Oft the file was won by w. Golden with c. Lennon As Winner of the trophy for Best score with Handi Cap aft ded during the Quarter. The club championship for the year was won by w. A Biden. A. E. Howard was Winner of the trophy presented by a. H Fletcher for debt aggregate with Handicap added Over similar ranges As . M. H. O con nor was Winner of trophy for Best aggregate off the Rifle at 200. 400. 500 and 600 Yards. H Cavanagh won the trophy presented by f1. A. An till1 for Best 12 shoots with Handicap added three shoots in each Quarter to count. A. E. Howard was also successful in the shot for Best aggregate of 22. Out of 24 shoots during the year. A Worth races. The following weights hav ? been declare fort he a rat Day of the Tom Worth jockey club s races to be held or july 1 and Novice mile. Willie " Pendragon 7 8 Plum. 10 2 olympic the sweep 9 0 Jinks. 7 8 Winslo. 8 l Larson boy 7 7 pc twiet night 8 0 Royalanne .77 Blue. Lady j. .6 12 Cevigne. 7 12 wee Ken. 6 7 mesh Fern .7 9 Moshell 67 master Lingle 78 first flying Handicap trim Hall. 9 0 Montrose 7 0 bowery. 8 12 prognostic 7 0 Eastmore. 8 it wow Oiasie by Mussa 76 lion. 7 0 Worlita 70 first Luttgen Handicap. Fotr furlongs. Nouveau 9 0 miss Guyra 8 a Cinita do vol Ray 82 miss Marite 8 10 yellow Sal. 8 2 general Valensa 82 Gordon 89 Cecrope 82 to ken8 \ Al Odwar 8prmce threescore v 8 0 be Cal fit a a .stenpii1 for aha. 8 2 leu Alejand. 7 12 miss Felicia 8 2 Beryl Jones 7 7 a Botev. 8 2 v a first Wehter Handicap. Six furlongs. Gounod. 10 11 take care. 7 12 lord a Onola 7 Montrose .8 12 Plumah 7 7 Masates 67 Blue Midlothian. 8cevigne 77 Loch Gyle .80 Nouveau. 7 7 Eulah Jack 8 0. Handicap. Bly furlongs. Cha Aldos 94. Peera gag .7 7 Boyal glory 8 1q. Sou Dakeel. 7 2 trim Hall. 2 10 Cre Salonge 7 2 bowery. 8 8. Bed Biog a 7 0 Gounod. 6 it Poneva. 6 12 Baltic pins 6 8. Pjs Bath. S 7 can Verlea. 7 11 to Valanne .6 7 warm us .78 the at Tunga Handicap. Fire and a half furlongs. Stilton. 9 9 Dighton. 7 William. Recur. 77 the lion .9 7 Larion boy 7 2 prognostic 9 7. Southeast. 7 0 Geronna. 811 re Berta. 7 0 Prince Grey 8 9 cervix. 7 0 tie sweep 8 9 lady j7 0 Teri kid .80 Cinita 70 Crank do 6 o Phil Bath 70 Iturry. 110 threescore 7 0 a Frijio. 7 10 miss Marie 7 0 lady Nevada main 7 0 Orford 77 miss feta 7 0 Johnny bpm Black 7 0 the and Cap 9 0 Stilton 78 8 12 Cyllene Laddie. 7 3 8 12 Suliman. 7 1 8 8 Midlothian .7 0 8 & Rock nod 8 1 peer. 6 10 second Day. The july Handicap " ode mile one furing. It Oversea. 9 0 Suliman. 7. 8 12midlothian 7 f Ricc njord. A a8 12 be r.8 Nee Bane. 8 8., master Crean Lough 8 5. A Loffle. I do Oeva. 8 1. Pendragon 6 pore scotch 7 13 Cyllene Laddie 73 . Sydney High victorious. In match with . The speedy bustling tactics pm i played by by Sydney High teem j in their match on saturday with the Armidale school la the series of . Yaa ies. Proved too much for the Anu Dale boys who suffer de defeat by 27 to 3. The Sydney players clapped on to the Pace from the kick off and Haa tip he pressure until the a full whistle was. Sounded. The Armidale school lads seemed All at sea in Toliese Coundi Tijones and did it at Hay ant look Chr win rank. Tic Tennis Weso a Sydney High Pauling Hynes Nich ols Brennan Captain ital Phi White Davis Chapman Brown an Der top Oil Litou Flay Metcalfe Tnp Aroi kale. School 1 Law Cher Croft Boyd a skein Potterf head Sandi lands Willio Way Blomfield an Derson Karle Captai Humphrey Biscoe Wheeler Hill. Sydney High won the toss and de fended the Northern end. . Kicked off and White broke through to gain some ground for High. Boyd re Ball from a . Hack run his Short punt went to Pauling who kicked Well Down Field. Croft obtain ing the Hall made n Strong run along he line but Sra forced a it front the line out a scrum resulted and Boyd receiving the Bab kicked to Pauling who made a fast win before being stopped by Motters Iead. a. Wits making no mistake set this stage with their tackling Aud the High players were throwing the Ball about in splendid fashion. They were however too anxious and were penalised five times in Uniek succession for breaches. Their fast hustling forwards were getting the Host of the rucking . Were prominent in a series of Back movement but fault y handling spoilt their chances and Nichols following a break through by High ran Well to score Well out from the posts. Pauling made a great attempt at goal but was unsuccessful. High 3. . Nil. From the kick Pauling who handled the Ball like a Champion kicked Well Down and High followed up fast i and pressed the opposition. Sandl lands relieved the position for t.a.8. With a Fine kick. High came again and had . Defending strongly Sandilands Nade a mistake with his kick this time and the Ball was sent to Nichols who again showed a Fine turn of Speed and scored Well out. A Alt he a kick Froid the difficult Angle was again unsuccessful. Hi6. . Jonii. A v a. The Sydney play ire were Gfell do s flaying too much eagerness and had Bogn penalised eight times. Pauling wag responsible for the next scoring movement. He took a Long kick and by strongly went Down the line ii supported by his team mates., when tackled be transferred to Ander ton who broke through to score near the Corner. No goal resulted. A we . Nil. , then put in a rup the for wards combining Well and meeting the High players on their own tactics. Bustling Well they carried play to the opposition qua iter where Iiga a rain broke through hut were penalised Al most immediately. The Ball went to Croft who found the line near the Vomer. From the line out . Pressed and compelled High to Force. J from the line out Pirher fumbled the Hall which went out. From the line out. Davis secured and in a Tricky run the Little High half outwitted the opposition to score. His run was from half Way. Brown kicked the goal High is. Tju All. Half time sounded immediately after this score. After the. Resumption t.a.8. Pressed but the opposition quickly transferred . End where the Armidale team was penalised for a breach. Brown missed an easy goal Flay was kept in the Armidale Quarter and approaches the line. Pile her relieved temporarily but Nichols after a Strong Back movement come through to score Brown s kick being unsuccessful. High 18. . Nil give and Lake play followed for some Lime with High for Clug the play. Nich ols again shone in a powerful run to score near the posts. Chapman adding the extras. High 23. . Null play was again quickly transferred to . End and bought of broke through to score in a Handy position Chapman again converting. High 28. F t.a.8 nil. . Carried the play to the opposition inn Ter following the kick off and matter Bead was responsible for a Fine Cut through which enabled Bim to score Well in a Handy position. The kick at goal Wax unsuccessful. High 28. T.a.8. 8. Throughout the game . Showed a Lack of Tea i work and cohesion. It Apko aft runs if they Ould not handle fun Ball or the Man. And it was the worst display they have Glott for some time. An Ini movement was shown in Gill Ngtye Linell away front the serums and tiny a to Jim Uhtof in a Tat by Rifle Hod the Floreet de passes causing the Wicks to Fumble. There is still a Deney to hang on to the Ball. Tim Barnfi Oftie players obtained the Ball from the majority of the serums but Jiey were not to successful in the line outs. Sydney High gave a Good display of fast football nud Han list the halt,.,Well. Their tackling r. 11 through was effective and they kept the local players hard at it Rich from the Start. They showed the critic Lex to be a hard working Woli end of of tied team Nile to set a fast jibes and maintain h. Their defence was very solid. Pauling a i full Back gave a great display kicking Well when occasion demanded it Nadj at other times running strongly to put his Hacks in motion. /42len mines defeats Armidale the recently formed Glon Innes Rugby Union team was successful in a match with a team from the Armidale football club at Glen Innes on saturday winning by 17 to 12. Six Cylinder 30icwt Model sixty available in a 138" and 157" Chassis prices other models a Frog a tons. Parlor. Coaches and buses 121 tol36 passengers. Priced from �895 Complete there is a White for every purpose co ?. V Rugby league. Spell for scoring Board. evenly matched. A feature of last saturday s. League Competition matches a the even play All round there be ing very Little difference Between the in both matches and the scoring Board was not used to and great extent. A drawn game. La the Early contest Dangar Sleigh and South Armidale played a scoreless draw. The Battle was a keen one and interesting Only one Way from the fact that anything was Likely to happen at any the dubs were represented by a Dangar Sleigh pall Back t. Martin three quarters a. Chad v. And m. Menzies d. Edwards five eight h. Morson half m. Faint forwards g. Rowlings l. Harvey j. Fisher a. Thorpe s. Livingstone j. Rowlings. South Armidale full Back. K. Nor i Rie three quarters l. Johnson w. Baler 3. Danker 8. Elliott five eight w. Head half p. Cunningham for wards d. Boler a Chadd p. Turner w. Lowe j. Roach r. Jones. Rapid changes in attack and de Fence was the order and. Although both sides at times got close to the line they ailed to Cross. The nearest approach to a score was from penalty kicks. One by a. Chad fell about a foot Short and a Holer s i kick from near half Way hit the Centre of the bar and fell underneath. During the Progress of the game re Feree w. Hodge gave the players a much needed lesson on league rules especially in reference to the five Yards when off Side a matter about which most footballers appear to be somewhat a win for Black Mountain. The visiting Black Mountain team Sec Vert a Victory Over North Armi Dale by eight Points to two. The win Ning team s play during the first half was rather craggy but. It improved considerably in the second spoil in which Lockyer was the outstand ing player on the Field. He undoubtedly won the match for Black Moun Tain but unfortunately was injured towards the close and had to be taken away by the ambulance the were a Block Mountain pull Back r. Me let three quarters Purkiss pier Dell. And a Mcleod live eight a. Rel half a. Lockyer forwards j. You Mao w. French j. Mclean j. in ton a Mcleod a. Simpson. North Armadale full Back Side ing three quarters. Neeves Ince Pat Ricks Havilah five of get a Bishop half Swinton forwards Booth. Conk. Brent. Flint White Hylard. Referee or. Mcdonnell. Early in the game with North pressing near the line p. Mcleod cleared and the visitors were quickly at the other end where Lockyer from t a penalty tailed at goal trom an easy position. Norths got Back to the opposition Quarter and Stelling opened the scor ing with a penalty goal. 2�?0. Good play by Lockyer took the game past half Way. Later on the same player and j. Mclean got close to the line. Bishop and Hillord cleared. But Purkiss put in a Good line kick when half time sounded. Shortly after resuming Lockyer gained much ground getting to i North s Quarter. Securing a Little latter. He Cut through and passed to Rossington who was stopped near the line. Then f. Mcleod got Possession and crossed near the Corner. R. Moleod failed at goal. .3�?2. S. Lockyer f. Mcleod and Fardel brought play into North Quarter. Bishop sent Back past half Way where Stelling failed with a penalty kick at goal. Black Mountain again attacked. The Ball was kicked Over the line but rebounded and Lockyer who had Fol Lowed up smartly secured and scored near the posts. F. Mcleod added a goal 8�?2. Bishop took play to mid Field. Lock yer dashed through a Bunch of opponents and struck out for the line Side stepping several others on journey. He was stopped almost tween the goal posts and had to re tire owing to injuries. Play see sawed for the remainder of the game without any noteworthy incidents or any alteration to scores. Woods great Peppermint cure for children s rucking dough Orient Una Royal mail steamers to London a via Colombo Suez port said. Naples Toulon Gibraltar Jtb Plymouth. Bailie is from Sydney so Mir to in Oronsaye 1 20,000 j july 19. Oram a 20,000 j Auk. 10 Otranto 20,000 a sept. 1.1 Ormonde i 14,852 j oct. 11 Orvieto s 12,133 oct. 25 orontes j 20,000 j nov. 8 fakes a Sydney to London first Saloon single from Sloo return from �175 third class single from ass return from ass excursions to tickets Are valid for 100 Days and Are interchangeable with the p. O. Coy fare first Saloon �65 return. Local agents Chas. Wilson a co. Arm i Dale. Capitol attractions. The theatre is now comfortably heated. To night monday and until thursday evening next special matinee on wednesday at 2.30 . John Boles and Bebe Daniels " w f f 7" fabulous All dialogue engine super screen spectacle. A of to entertainment. Glorious technicolor sequences. A fhe Home of the North. Tate a sh0iel wy3sl Armidale. The leading . And Nelm. House. Now Replete with g very it modern convenience. Under the personal supervision of the proprietor Harold j. Rom son later Northern Bur hotel Hamilton . . Box 9. Phone 19, Armidale. 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Men s All Wool gabardine Coats usual 95/, now 50/. The peopled butchery. Kiefer bros., proprietors Marsh St. Armadale. I priest ref. Mutton pork ajar at reasonable rate. Try our Gmal Goode. Ouy Ong experience in the business enables be to guarantee satisfaction to our customers. Ring phone 160 and your. Order will re delivered. / do cups Good Quality 3/9 cups and saucers. 5/9 9 our splendid Range of English cups and saucers. All the latest shapes. P. La Ruurd & co. Ltd. Orders Are being booked for All kinds of Fin it treks. Juliai k vines roses. Sipui is. In Rte find Small Leaf Privet. T tin . Sixl a t Waltl a j1kim1e plants. All orders exec ital promptly Jit a 1 Vires plus tit a flit. Aii fit for irn limes Ami leading Sydney a series. Fall or write far Fatalo pne. Treks sent Anya Flere. Floral Itol Al ets and wreaths a speciality. G. Booth next door to a. C. Venn. Body Huml

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