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Armidale Chronicle Newspaper Archives Mar 15 1911, Page 3

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Armidale Chronicle (Newspaper) - March 15, 1911, Armidale, New South Wales The Armadale school. The annual swimming carnival of the Armidale school sports club was held at the local Baths on monday afternoon last. The Jve Anjier. Was delightful for Nat atonal displays arid a Large and fashionable assemblage were treated to an eur Syable after noon s amusement. Lie efforts of the students t in. The. Various events were decidedly Good and _ More thai one Youthful swimmer gives Promise of developing ii Ito Al Beaurepaire or afternoon Tea provided by mesdames. P. A White and t. L. Docker was served at a suitable interval. The officials responsible for the successful result were president the headmaster judges messes. H. S. A Moss and p. Calow starter or. W. Saunder son timekeeper or. A. N. Tooth committee messes. F. M. Payne k. R. Stretch . Malar thur. Or. N. 3. Browne also Ren dered valuable assistance. At the conclusion of the. Sports mrs. Abl Ott presented the prizes to the successful Potape Titars. The jesuits we secs i two lengths Handicap Over 15 1st beat Hall 1, Carter a. 2 2nd, Remington 1, Osborne 2 3rd, Tyner 1, l Earse a. 2. Final Hall 1, Remington 2. 100yds. Open stretch 1, Macar tour 2 time 78 2-5th sees. Open dive Buchanan 1, stretch 2, Slade 3. Beginners. Race Handicap Fletcher 1, Smith 2. Costume event Hall 1, turion 2, m Dougall 3. " Consolation race Osborne. Form race under 16 form v. 1, form ii. 2. I Rifle shooting. \ triangular Rifle match was fired on the Hillgrove Range on saturday last Between teams of ten men. From the Armidale Woll Mombi and h 1 Udovc Clubland resulted in a win for Armidale. The conditions were ii it shots per Man at 500 and 600 cards ranges. The visiting teams were entertained at. Luncheon by the Hillgrove club members. The re sults were Armidale 500 600 Tel. C v a11 mail. ?. 39 73 a w. Geldard capt 37 35 72 j. Dunkin v. 38 34 /2 a. Allen 36 35 i g. Schmutter 35 32 69 w. B. Taaffe 33 36 69 Jle Lea v i 32 67 Dean. 36 26 62 6. A. Godfrey. 33 26 59 totals 362 -322 684 w Ollo Mombi ? m Carthy. 38 34 /2 c. Richardson 3/ 31 by c. M 37 31 68 t. Davidson 34 32 64 a m Rae " 32 30 is r. M Rae 33 30 63 a. A. Wright Gap. 33 .30 63 g. Dimo Iid ,. 36 2o 61 p b. ? Parsons. 36 4 60 it. Cundy 81. 28 59 totals ?. I �47 297 644 Hillgrove a Taylor of 69 a. Bour id 3o .34 69 m. H. O Connor. -37 31 68 f. J. Crutchett 37 31 68 a. Kissella 34 33.-6/ a Mojgan capt 38 29 6/ c. M Ciuris 85. 81 66 d. Cameron /-34. 31 65 j. Blei Scowe 15 30 45 a. Harvey 11 28 39,. Totals 310 313 623 be following Grill represent Wollo Mombi a team in a match against Conwi Banda. On the Rifle Range Iroil. Inst. M�, u a. M Rae captains. And j. Co Ira v emergencies or. A. Martyn acid Ordiamond i . -.xlife. I,Trikevj-6f. Agricultural implement makers 5at"�liesunshine Harves Ter world a vhf the Brisbane train and the1 time of departure from the proposal it is understood is to alter the time of starting of the express from g. 10 . To about 2.45 . The train would reach Wallan Garra. At the breakfast hour next mor Niffa tie delay Neces sary for aligning trains at the or Der would thus be profitably occupied at breakfast. The train would arrive at Brisbane about 6.45 place of 9.25 ., As at present which in a very inconvenient hour to get Iii after a Long journey. If the pro Josal is Carriea out it will mean that that Ain will pass through Armidale Between two and three o clock in tie morning instead of at 6ix o clock. As at present. The change will not a i e heralded with Delight by local travellers. The present Glen Innes mail starting at 7.1s ., would under this arrangement rim through to matter is now the subject of Cdr esp Trudence Between. The states but if the a ? ran gement is satisfactorily. Settled. It will not be bring Jit into operation before some. Months hence the two men Sadler and Jack charged with the murder of Ethel by Adieu who was found poisoned in i Street in 3w again before the police court Job. Fri Day. Evidence. Was called to show. That Tho movements of the men on tie night of the tragedy differed from the explanation Given by the accused. The Bat worn by deceased iwas produced also a beaten sent was. Iii do that it had fund Alfa Irvile from where the to for was Dis. Covered and in lib direct Yip i ttfi1 a place Wiere accused of Irace lifts been discovered of the Man Han s told the poll Cev knew All about Folie matter inane a Coniti Unicel Toiv to. The Detec Stives before vanishing were committed for trial at tie supreme court bail being refused. Overworked Meir buffering frown Bra Iii fag Jive. A sure remedy in a wiil tonic. ? to be victorian methodist Confer ence has resolved to urge t be Federal parliament to introduce legislation to prevent facilities being Given to Tattersall s to disseminate through the Post offices gambling and lottery correspondence and correspondence and information intended to induce the people to Gamble. Tie Valuer of the Erina Gosford Shire having failed to Complete his valuations within the prescribed time the Council Lias been compelled to adopt last year s valuations the department having refused an Exten Sion of time for new valuations. Uliey have decided to cancel the agreement with the Valuer and Fine him �3 per week from 31st december and to enforce the payment of the �100 Bond signed by him for the satisfactory completion of Liis work. The de Atli occurred at or. A Gill s private Hospital at Moree on Friday of mrs. Ada burling under pathetic circumstances. She was the wife of a settler near pallamallo a with five children the youngest of whom is Only six weeks old she herself being 27 last sunday she had a pimple and scratched off. The head. Next morning her face was terribly swollen Ana Lier relatives advised her to see a doctor. She said she would poultice it if it got worse and on the following Day tuesday she did so. But on wednesday tin swelling Tad Iliffe fled and Lier rein Tives insisted tin her going to the Hospital where she was found to be suffering f rom blood poisoning death supervening Hie following Day. Nemia tonic the Only nerve and blood remedy really Worth the name. Double drowning tragedy. A drowning tragedy occurred at Ararat Vic on Friday evening last the victims being mrs. Matilda Tait aged 39, and iter daughter Dorothy m Edoo aged 11, by her first Marri age. Six weeks ago mrs. Tait then tvs. M Edoo n widow re married and about two weeks ago returned with her husband after their honeymoon to Ararat. On Friday Tait drove his wife and her daughter to Ararat and left them at mrs. Tait s Mother s place. When leaving mrs. Tait told her husband that she would be at m Alpine s hoarding House at 9.30 o clock on saturday morning. Tait went to Liis Mother Iii Law s Bouse and was informed that his wife hid not stopped there the previous night and that she had left at five o clock on Friday afternoon with her Daugh Ter. Search was then made and the bodies of the missing woman and her daughter were Foli Iid in a Quarry Hole. The Mother s arms were tightly clasped around the girl. The de ceased woman s Ratcli had stopped at 5.22 o clock 22 minutes after she had left her Mother s residence. For the last five years mrs. To 1 has Heen at intervals very despond. Ent. Tait in a statement to the police said that his wife suffered from insomnia and had had Only about ten minutes sleep during the past week. It is supposed that in a fit of despondency the Mother took her own life and the life of her daughter As the investigations of the police showed that the footsteps of both victims ceased at the Bank of the. Pit ind that a single track had continued to the water. It is believed that the Mother suddenly seized her daughter in for arms and threw both Lier daughter and herself into the pit. The Bohemian twins. Berlin saturday. One of the Bohemian Sisters Bla zek whose bodies Are joined together As those of the siamese twins were was acc Sal of disregarding a judge met concerning a breach of a Vaude Ville contract and the twins were arrested and conveyed to prison. The manager of tie music Ball at which the twins had been appearing paid the sum demanded and obtained the release of the wills but dam Ages Are now being claimed for the arrest of the innocent Lister. A curious Case regarding the twins recently occurred in England. In january a cablegram announced that on their arrival at King s Cross railway. Station London from Edin Burgh they were met by a demand for two fares instead of one. Decision in the matter was reserved. In april. Of last year the Prague correspondent of the daily mail Tele graphed the twin Sisters Blazetic who Are known to the world As the successors of the famous siamese twins and who like them have the misfortune to be joined together inseparably recently entered a Hospital at. Prague where Rosa one of the twins became the Mother of a Fine boy. Yosefa. Expresses. Great sur prise at the events .j., Glen Innes Nursery. Mai it r rms. Roses. Ornamental shrubs Shade tbee6, Ikea kind. And hedge plants. A trn deeds of thousands of tree to 8eloctfrom, grown and cd Matiee Orfi sent Post free to Ady address. Int Peolio invited. A e. W. Lauf a son nurserymen 3len Innes. I28 in Ioco in prizes jb1000 value r. F1mt i value 500. \ 6reat prize i Foo. Or twelve months trip round the world and �100 in Cash for owe person or eight month for two. committee a Rill up lid full Ivlue forthe work of Art is prepared Job find a up Rohneer for came at the advertised amount if tie Winner to Denim also for the second and third Prises. Second valne�i00. Third of tone �60. And 97 other prizes totalling 1000. 8 hours great Alt Union. 55th year Odeat and Mostporular-65th year. Price cos in of the hospitals Ami piano charities of Australi Aprie i will be de Yered to we Nero free of nil cd urge. Winning combers will be posted to any person sensing an addressed Eure of e to the Tepee sensitive witha tamp Runoff died. your Pickl airent1 on or before 29th apr Tori a Poff Cal nonce p.o.ooratamastt Iolj -2sumabge added direct to the Yfe pre sen tatare/"231 3? and Cutwa Chance nth la Gre fat Art Union 22 for a a ilyrirtos., or la a. W a Ireby rftplioation8 most reach Melbourne. I before the Date of drawing 16th May a lib test you forget buy to Day. Local Pigeot Tiai Tijam & co., chemists i -theo.w. tl2 i tlis4tn-Lu�i Melbourne tie. Get your photographic supplies where you have the largest variety to. Choose from where the men who handle the goods know every Little wrinkle which will enable you to obtain better pictures buy from Hallam and co. Jo557 y a a skin a. Nursehan Vilate of Hillgrove has opened a a Lara and i vat hos Pital for aoo6aphement oub3. Terms on application. Address Corner Ohio & Beardy streets. Your local Tuni a f w Fec jew Leod h. Kelly paddler and Harry a Jeva maker begs to inform his no. Ous customers and the Public Gener of iat he is now installed in premises at the. Ribner of Abardy and Jessie streets known As the flue House opposite Barlow where he intends supplying All descriptions of saddlery and harness connected with the Trade. " harness & speciality. / repairs neatly executed. & h. Or titty 1 bs20 for a Light tasty luncheon Call at Egan co i refreshment rooms fruit pies Are the order of the Day provide fresh daily All kinds of. Al de drinks ice Cream foul salad bananas & Cream Etc. At. Egan & co s Tea rooms Beardy-st., nerf Tattera ail a hotel. Phone-146. A Jar via not on catered for at Shortesnotice. C48l new England bakery. Stands for ? b , who make Tho upend the great staff of life on Wholl nation s Are fed. Sutherand s bread is the Best i cd Pfizer to Ady part of the town trial solicited. Note address i Marsh str but Armidale. I Telephone-95. Look we have never been beaten i spa Ial Primbs Casino 8how1902 3 4 first and special prizes. I ii More show Jooi. In the manna Turt i of oar bread we have always aimed Al i obtaining the highest Standard for Excel i Lenoe and we Point with Pride to the Faoiz i that we Challenge tombums0n. It will i Altaj b be our aim to maintain the Reata i Tion we have gained. Only competent i workmen employed and the the very Best is set the. Manufacture of our i Tiki sad which him a Beautiful flavour and i keeps fresh for Days. A trial solicited. Arts deliver daily in i s2"rn aunt i wedding cakes a speciality. John Fay Enterprise bakery Beardy end Markham streets abm Dalk. E542 the Federal bakery is still booming along it supplies Best Quality bread i Only i the carte deliver daily to any part of he town. The cakes and pastry Are the purest therefore the Best for a a i freshing cup of Tea. Trial order solicited. Fenton Bros. Late mrs. Biddle Beardy at. O ten Gina jockey club. Caster race meeting begin Ste saturday and monday a file 15 ban 17 i9jj i first Day to Start at 1 . Opening Handicap of 25 eos 2nd horse a sons from Prim c Furlong. Nom. 10s, accept 2s 6d. Trial stakes of 25 sons for All horses that fen8 Foj rec a orae Tosaw d0scription, 2nd horse 3 sons from prise 6fnr ones. Nom 10s, easter gift of 45 sons 2nd horse to receive 6 boys from prize 8 furlongs. Nom _ 10s, accept is. ? flying welter Handicap of 25 sons 2nd hone 5 sons from prize 7 furlongs. Minimum weight 7.7. Noel Nom Tingha Jock to club Handicap of 60 sons ? the plate added value �10 10s, pre sent Edby or. John Borthwick. 2nd wein.s0t8 if a prize 9 furlongs. Nom 10s, accept 103.". The Grove Handicap of Sis 80ve, 2nd horse 3 sons from prise 7 furlongs. Nom 10?. Accept 2s 6d. Farewell Handicap of 25 sons 2nd horse 3 te8/� 6furi0ds no a is c. And. North and North West Rac. _ uie rules strictly adhered to. Dominations for opening and Tingha to ?8 a Ter 8i� close on on Prus apr 4 tit 8 �th6r6v�qt8 cl06e 011 nominations must be accompanied with w ssi ,?llailce8 of hor8b. Own. Keep otherwise w Wco Itria Are made by Telegram any foes due must be wired. �,?""1" of Handicap after the Weistt to carry a penalty of is 10 lbs. A of watered horses trainers jockeys Aoa bookmakers allowed at the Muune bookmakers fees paddock�22s, per Day. ? the commit be Reserve the right to refuse any nomination and All entries Are received conditionally that All disputes claims and Otje Otems arising out of the races shall be decided by the committee or whom Thev May appoint. 1 y. G. H. Parker a Hospital rce Leatine we Behe in tuesday april 16th, i m

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