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Armidale Chronicle Newspaper Archives Mar 15 1911, Page 2

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Armidale Chronicle (Newspaper) - March 15, 1911, Armidale, New South Wales Item of interest or. Scarf 4 a resin on x.z-. He a. Cade Steral san est Fol it i so of his a no Juven to tic. A Tatad us con Zivra of a ukr a a. The he de re so a a the Iii Titica of the Britt i Sriri Sesit. A a no Brebt a at in the iwo Dow " o Brira. It in a. To Frisio night. 1st a it acis m a saw. It if Esi Iai i a a do Sage 15 Orcas losses to Fiji banana oops Hare no re Wrol feb the devastating Frt to to car Sckise of 12 sex techs Taro. To Stea Eser sen 24.952 is tips is jf�72 cases of to Fri this wok for be Sydny a scat. The Marc Crai Wir ests the Rrapi co Sossy i. Staed m writ Puki the " Rake use ship Oak Otey i Zahs. Arey no Tai to teas used of to car �.? i it Buh a Iff Xis a in fee of wet id in gtd a Isth cts of is Mittagong at Elf Vii Rikk a Lencs of cujo work -5t .0 repps Feal a to Edif As 1 Ream in the Paris pc of Gulnesa or gered for a in 4 4? septet priv a of per if. Removal inv a Irsai is iras Foar years a. A tote is Tats last a a at tire Meduse Ividor stasis in Ces Metoi wife the is if by edit a lesion. Tace Tomc is for tace Avant Kaffl Ike to Sefc Craft 1s5 a sins 66. Isic Iobst -5 Esa Jorier in Faroe -49. It is Onee stows that a Pew Ioe b to be a nested Ai dec that change Rii Buffi be rafted until aft to Tae Mph 1�et bae Ril be w up Iofi Alioe ass to Ali Kaffl by those " Ori Liz the age at flee Wimam Teik court. A Tab Wawi i jo3x Samar at Harc eds ius Ali Tiffi _ Dom the sum dam sad v act and Rev Teks. A ?.?1 t pc Feitoza a Ain w Gairtha a. I Jefe a Rene find of in 6f cams a Ozion. Bop Tvr Oinui Ned. .3 per cent of proof spa defend ant5 concoct Bernest an us rail a line. A Sij veer 4d rum died on a Kofu Der in Wlms has be it to the go Perment Pat Lioto Fet to one Date. At agent a a a of bar death be baffling. The Chiw s Naone was a Vena Sarah for a a Colier. And sibe erred Lruth her at Byde Toad. Pena he. Of to a do a afternoon she Acme spam de few grandmother to the beehives which stand in or Haid at he Hoove. Suddenly she complained tint Ribe had bus bitten try some thing. When a faed what it is she Sud its a Corby thing it ran or " her grandmother called few Ker air ii the Leteir Tnie a int torn to be a Wyrsta la Ter of the child a taken to a chemist at Gordon. He examined her. Aid found a part Are on the Lep. Bot did not think it was Cas by a Esack write. He a ave her Medicine lie child became deep and slept off and on until thursday to nun Irh Ezi she liked. Ice body ask cd Kec to the do Hae Bere an autopsy will he performed. An important Point under the Lionar act was Ian i. In the Glebis @tdnc7 police court on thurs Lay to a r"8 in Wii Icli a Din was no Igod with Bellins Iki Oor m thou a a task. The Defew tent Joseph Heyt was the Licensee n vote. A Tor of the in ctr by which was i headed a i the Leichhardt electorate i 190�. The Date of the Chen e bang fixed for feb Oarr 33th, 1911 when the local option Rote was taken m 1910. The rate was Jurai in Faram a of the Cunti coition of a a tug houses. At tint time defendant lad in his a in Wrai a License which did not expose until Jem 30th. 1911. When the Date 6ied for the hosing of the Hosse came Losby. Defendant duct not cease to sell in Root and h As for stat alleged offence he is Prosenc Ted. On hit behalf it was contended that the local cation vote of 1910 meant that All licences should he continued. Eyes those of the hotels or dered to be closed by the a Phil court constituted after the Ufa is 1997. Or. Barnett s.m-, Faid that in ins opinion Benses dealt with by the special court were not subject to tie wed option Vista taken to exr. He found defendant culty and inserted a Fine a 30. Miv if Appeal was Jii Veri. To Case will. He it aide a test one. By the fit or Trade Jit is said 168 hotels Are effected. Koi de notes Are again being circulated in Sydney aim on of eursly morning the general manager of the Union Hank of Australia so opt the Aid of the detectives in an Endeavor to catch the Fabrao. The notes Are so cleverly forced that they have a Cegred the Bank s own foe to. The injector general of police a therefore Saud a wanting to the Pamic to beware of the finds. I Taeed notes Are of a face value of 10. This is Mere the for Srery is worked. The mite it really a Genu Ine 1 Union Bank of Australia note. The "1" is. Taken out with acid and "10" neatly inserted. The word Jai is Aki written arms the note in Green Ink As appears on the original. So Good is the fraud and him alteration made so of Fahy t1 a Branch of the Hank in Rossett. Sydney took the note and it vow it by the number 2 Over f w 787, that the head office detected it. .3ke detectives Are into t baiter. Faint of 010 7, despondency and to Dhesse a cored by Exoa Fusic. A part cd Young err South Wales from both to ref not on tier Way re Jaracz. _ refer Tbs. . Decentralise j Goa com Tison Hii sir. T w. Of Etc tar of Tise Harbour Trust j fire name coi Eim thy Widran is re Facan to the opiate of Jerrit bar. The port of j the Federal Pilai. And the expected Lase of the Mancini Iii feet. Root pc Ltd admiralty Saong director. 5r. Keek said it is Superior to port a ids Nair Nooft As. A Fleet of the largest j pro Coati in by enter any con dry know of pit or. And Clarose an an 1 Ebo Zee in Iron fire to six fathoms Dsa in dare nine ten or eleven Tilhou one rink from the South can 1 plod pull y us not Cru Why. As Well. Roar worship no the pit Liing que Ilkin pot try Heeter Clark 1 son St infield. A Pajl. A mitc Soi Man to the Mas Strate 3t the Syd Ney Fassea. And the Tam Airth Lodge Are forming a medical. Board. The medical Board t11 get to voile at once and make some arrangements so that the Lodge members Taay re Eire medical attention. The. Lodge that Are up in Anas represent nearly 990 members so it be Aai tha the question is. A % we Iii Ite tray. Judged from All Points of View the rainfall in sew sooth Wales daring the it flit has Heel. A Reaty in excess. Julip average., la deed. Taking the state by a whole the avenge summer precipitation Coss states. 4t per event. Of the animal Kare Sebat die recent experience is much above that value Beans 52 per cent of the annual. Oreo in those where the to Turner Rains predominate Orer those of the other Tea Aas a Togiak for last dumber january and Fiji Nav approach the uen Naul. The great est of. All excesses Over a average quantities occurred in the Case of the South o astt1oi Tolj to Daad Korth-\te3. Lain Biver Ioa. And Western Fin sons in the metre paean a kid for instant the Are age Sumner rainfall is 36 per Carton the Manoal whilst that of the 1910-11 summer amounts to. 75 per cent. One of the satisfactory features of the recent wet months and there Are of Eli is the Ali firn Wirob of the rain. The Cen trial of to kor to Lar do denoted to wheat and More depend ent than a a on Good Rains had a Rentt Ikue Fehr Touy Lor Alt ant there were no floods nary fix inches fell in Many localities _ the to launderer. Tube nicest Battle Dup in the world was launched on the thames this Wea in the pres me of ?000 sect atoms in hiding unite c Onodi Ianurr Amer of says the London enc Spandet m the Mer mme a Ajai. One of the most remarkable facts in so Menec Tley i with this event is the Short time from april to january in which Tufe Leviathan has been Ink. Dut big those ice months the homing of the ship of band for 3000 men and has brought them 7 Kkt a wet a wasps. Another striking act in cos Eduim Wius the function a 4e Malang of speech by the chairman Content to be Dei the exec Tor of other people s ideas. He k As injector. He Bald the Nadiene sneaking from the am Alance it which he Lay that Tho Ocul he was pop re a to to Teri Yetf the Bir i chips would Pire the greatest Power be nos Jena list the Bow to Day Era to Anstie far too last. R toe is and dangerous. Dudd Bey Taf pm to go am. The. Thim Aru was per nut. More Power fal Tbs Tif Dreada ought. From i a rfcs rec a Sam Abji. 33j a wit. More i pm fal is it to Taa mtr. 3 per ass. Nore ram tins tip a Yew. I sip m Gunsur or fit be. In is Wpm w had the Deass of c. I a or 6�s4es&j 10 per a St. Greater i am to Fco uss Bjes 38 pet i yes. Less . 3 per cent. 5 Bis r _ Richard hurts i seem Eis Rosey Host nine. A Wjk i Rek 1? ctn Dame a i is is at Cus Rifaie estate. At i of Rakoc. It Fri a. Lie Yoong Jicy it up pets in pinyin or the Timbl Rem Abni and while fish jag k the its one cd them feel into test St. Of nor. The other lads wet to in assistance. And a rat or died. A Bay med a Liberia. 4k in the company of the in tras a in tribe info rinsed Lis rests of ibo fatality and the indies we recovered. Or. T. Horta. Aug of the Ben Hortas. A away be the my merits fes Biag at the time of she Accident. Wha the Polk urn Nen Anberson we fee did cot a stat the ism be said be foam it. The Sam Ait of Waida f. And s. Soc Al a writer at Tolion to the land the opinion Peak air it Dut it is uhf Issue to limit tace Hoai of a Bose to 4� per. Net n burst time. On account of the Wea ther conditions. In regard to threshing Roach me. Oor Branch pro poses u per hour for May hour worked Only. Go in to and from Mill not to be considered. Binds and brei Drivers 41b per week and found for practical men Only. Gen eral Harrest hunk 35e per Creek of 54 hours and found. Permanent farm bands 25t her Cuci Ait found.1 4s hours per Nea time occupied feeding in has not Rand Etta. In regard to fruit growing Maize pick ing. Gardening Etc. M Are not con Wersant with these is Stiie Ana therefore cannot offer an up ski. The followup is 3 Complete is of Sling cts and members who be represent Australia socially in res Ponse to Inch atias labor. The prime minister or. Tidi Eratt Oid de by sir. M. T. Allen Secretary to the Treasury or. M. L. Shepherd Secretary to the prime minister and a messenger sir. George Hor to the minister for external affaire. Or. Batchelor. Attended by the Secretary for external affairs or. Ailee Hunt the minister for de 1 Fence. Senator Pearce attended by the Secretary for defence comr an Der f. A. Lethbridge senator Guth 1 Ries a i. Senator Gardiner . F Wales or. Archibalt a for. Bamford . Or. Broun , or. Biggs for. Malone tie. Or. Spence . Liberals senators Sayers it senator Yar Don 5.a.or. Fuller . Or. Elliott Johnson a or. Livingstone John mrk Vic. Or. Horns .w. In dependent sir win. Lyne x5-ff.i. A shocking Domestic tragedy of card in North Melbourne on thurs Day night when a child named Ellie Smith four years of Ace. Was killed through Bra Throat being eat. And Ber father William Thomas Smith aged 63, is now in custody on _ a charge of murder. Smith bred wit ii Bis wife ah3 Only daughter. It is stated that for some time the domes tic relations Between Man and wife Hare been strained when. Be re turned Home on tse night stated above be was informed that Hie wife had gone oat with another Man. This so upset Smith that he att into Bis room and seizing a razor he caught his child and wished her Throat with it inflicting a deep wound reaching from ear to ear. Mrs. Hansen who heed in the same House was attracted by the child 5 cries and. She saw Smith with a blood stained razor in fats hand and the child bring on the floor in front of him with the blood streaming from a wound. _ she Abed the child and rushed out into the Street where she met a Constable and informed him what bad occurred. The con stable hastened to a medical Man with the child Bat. After a Yammine. Her tile doctor said she was dead. Constables Nolan and Fogarty proceeded to Smith s residence and arrested him in the bedroom where he had 1 murdered his child. Of Astabie Nolan asked. Why did Yon kill your child a and Smith s reply was. A did it. For Luif spite against tout Little child said no Lan. " Ivo Spile against Bermo replied Smith who added it is a to to k was not her Homer " or. Hansen then prod need a ran. Which he Eaid he had taken from Smith the latter admitted the a Sor was his. And that be bad ukr the child with it. He was thai Ai rested on a charge of wilful in older. Considerable Naanes and anxiety prevails Anions the miners in the South Mam and coalfields owing to the frequency of. Fatal accidents at the Colliery. Another fatal Acci Dent. Making the fourth in six weeks occurred at the i Daw main Foj Leiy shortly after three o clock on Satur Day Alexander \v3son. A Miner 67 years of age was killed instantly by a my of Coal. Accord ing to the statement made by de ceased s mate a Man named Hen Eie it appears the two men had onry been in the bord a few,.minutes when the no Dait happened. Beanie Dis lodged Limp All Saarie fruit and vege Tabib Market. Notifies that his new Market building in Beardy Street is k6w open for business. Sale Day every thursday. Farmers Are requested to Sand their produce bees. Batter Etc. To the Market before 9 am. On Day of Sale eve re thursday. Sale commences at 2 o clock when my Liling will be sold by action. Fruit vegetables poultry eggs Etc., Etc., on Salb in the rooms. " full Fattic Vilais on application to j. Peti a Fuit and vegetable markets. Hillgrove. Rorr Faw is & Metz Ujj a log taken pm he Sjo a of me ass. 4uxs & . It Boob got Fawess n Tresta Iau Ocon a fur azure of bos Ineas int be gut Fawkes Sterling value and attention. .vehppetoadlsall,�iircb3toaas. Tools to command ? w. Morgan am Coy. Humphrey Oxenham largest commission agent in Australia. F Iriti Ilist til so lib top big Macej Wafai 4ficcdbt. A Weir oxen Zmij Sythey. Cd mfr _ a r. Bj&.x2t, licensed by metropolitan Board of water Supply and sewerage Dangar Street Armidale next Lane s auction Mart. Plumber Gas fitter and Fie aeral ironworker. A flakes. Baths guttering Pomps windmills and acetylene Gas plants a installed. Electric Bells and other appliances fitted tip on the shortest notice. Water service installed in any part of the town o is los attended to with the utmost despatch. T"1 i re Telephone 136. You can t do better Scott Subj i Abr Daisy Ai a Sodette Price. Set nil Ink i in i it fat and Enate a a cd Villa Alt lire Leaf Al a design Tifei Bssie est Sweedia a Effe Titt. Fitted Vick a Rosr a5�r Liuia cedi Lisp is set Goul Tbs Png is is i5d Jarois a. Of these. Do rec the East e5 holidays w mar aed list a or so my to do Pana eat Vore Bose 937 keel str i. Sadi offers is Mes c Scott key ase Are Giejc daring Tkel str season Are Venh facing a Guy la Stit tees. Test. Be Serj ail a trite a sties a nil sad As Riisa to

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