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Armidale Chronicle Newspaper Archives Dec 15 1900, Page 4

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Armidale Chronicle (Newspaper) - December 15, 1900, Armidale, New South Wales Australian Mutual provident society. Special. Notice. Next Isth i ution of Ihei to fits to 31bx december in. All folios i Psid before i Jap of the current year will in the profits to j to thou allotted. Tho amount Hort Esq j. T. Walker a a. Gooral Mim Terr and a to iry Ltd Chat i two . Ass Secretary Hubert b. Cameron. Head Oft Ltd t " riot Street . . Broth Sumeo dentist Ftp Daft s a first armed la fat. St. Hilda hotel. Anti Victal Teeth fitted and and Juvrud to the Mouth of the latest scion Tiftic Fri Siple rendering a misfit in i to it Teeth Rasado by Zibers and not fitting Kemod plod on the Frew system. Gobi Crown and Bridge work Pivot Toedtli Etc. Teeth filled wih Gold amalgam and Cement. Tooth fat Motill he ill Aid of Tho latest ameriam local Anaesthetic Render Imp 1m operation absolutely faintly. Arsi hot o,�?viz., nitrous oxide Adt Nini bored. Am. Chalks Mode jute. Sepo Pinon of work unav in Eron on application and Evora information afforded Fer of charge sir. W. R. Groth s Long and varied experience with or la Mcphall of san Frari cipro i s. America As Well As with or. Burne. Lyons ten Ace. Sydney and other leading Arntt Ftp in the colonies. Ought to be sufficient guarantee for the superiority of his workmanship. Or. Grub will visit Unilla on Friday. 7 in december. K3 no j j. Wilson surgeon dentist Rusden Street ar5iidale, a Shesto Anno Diroe tint he has secured. The services of or. 6. 6. Sowerby Suft Beon dentist Lale of los Don England. S Elia cities american Bridge liar end Crown work rivet Twilli my amalgam fillings extracting and scaling tooth children to in. Regulated painless extractions by nitrous oxide. All Trebat ions of the most approved bag us and amen exit principle. Hours of attendance s . To 5 . Appointment amay be made by letter. Jimr Wilson visits Toner read Hill tvo. Walcha. And Glen Innee per Jodi caller. See local papers. "1622 Church of England services. " sunday december 16. Of. Peter s Cathedral 11 and holy communion. Preacher a Ven. Are Deacon Roea a. 7.si .�?evensong. Preacher Rev. A. G. Perkins. A St. Marts West exd 11 . Matins and Litany. Preacher Rev. A. G. Perkins St. Paul s presbyterian Church. Sunday december 16. Armidale. A ism. And 7.30 Uralla 3 . I Ever. Jo1 Stone. A Civ it . Njoo Inbi s . And i Grove 7.50 .�?mr. Malcom Eon Wesley an Church. Sunday. December it. Anaid sle 11 am. And 7.3 . A Calvert. Uralla 11 ., or. E. Lonsdale 7 so ., r. J. D Leece. Hiu Grove. Liam. And 7.30 or. It. Gentle. Special announcement a Public service will . Be held. _ 5j the olympic Hall to Morrow night sunday. At a Gier pastor G. Morse. All we loom. San Cey s ily Nui. Death. Satz Rerp Jet Annida. On the Atli Point Elored wife of tvs Luzier a Rcd j6 Roar. Deerr regretted. Fame in will irate her late Ren Deuce Brown a treat. To by saturday. It 10 o clock for the Church of England cemetery. V " at the Superior Public sch lot yesterday morning or. Hobbs att stat Nyji Stein mis. Presented with a flyer Halter. Dish sni ably inscribed by feb Bote of fhe school As a wedding Gin. Jar o. H. Seid speaking at the Sydney town tall on Mon Dir night declared the Federal by or. Bar Tun and or wire to be an Imp Reihle one or. Kid quoted Flag Cut Hoying that the factories in this Colony at be Sutof 893 a a plated 7000 More Vale Iii Fidi . He Adro Caes an expanding Etenne producing Liny j f to . To Csc a a exist in i Kew South Wuwei. A v j Here shall the Prett the people # right maintain uha teed he influence and unmoved he Oain. Rim Dale shr Nicu with a Boob is the " Ami d4lb 01, established 1872. Saturday december 16 municipal eccentricity. Refer Axce to the news columns of the current Issue of the Chi Oricle trill show that the Lorenl municipal Council at its last meeting refused to receive a letter from the Board of directors of the Armidale school. Thi6 refusal merits investigation and it docs not require the Aid of the Bontgen Bat s to reveal that the Council acted in an arrogant and High handed manner in unceremoniously tossing the letter to the waste paper Basket. To place the matter clearly and fairly before the ratepayers it should he pointed out that the school Board sent a letter to the Rouneil in reference to the recent Transfer of �300 from the Gas account to the general account and asked in View of the healthy condition of the Gas works finances that a reduction be made in the Price of Gas. There was nothing dictatorial or disrespect Ful in the composition of the epistle nothing to which sensible minded men could take 6erious exception. One Alderman had the courage to refer to the Terras of the letter Aspe this expression is of very in definite impost but in the municipal mind it evidently carries considerable weight. To grounds were advanced for rejecting the letter further than that it was the Alder men seem to Overlook or treat with lofty disdain the fact that they Aie merely the automatons of the rate payers. If a ratepayer one of their masters scuds to them a request couched in reasonable language surely it is their Manifest duty to treat that request with an Ordinary modicum of respect. The think other Wise. As indicated by their action in transporting the letter in question to the obscurity of the aforementioned. Waste paper Basket. To glance beneath i the surface Aud locate a reason for this Aldermani arrogance does not tax the i Chi Oricle s j Lowers of discernment. Tote simple suggestion that the Price of Gas should he reduced aroused the i ire of the civic convocation. To these August personages the Gas reduction question invariably acts with the same effect As the proverbial red. Rag to the Bellicose Bovine. And it did so on this occasion hence the display of Dis Courtesy not to say audacity in Pur suing the course already referred to. Bishop Green at a Ballarat. I b leading article dealing with the up ointment of Bishop Green to the diocese of Ballarat the a courier Trieste balls rat a incise to Day obtains its second Bishop in the person of or. Green and the members of the anglican Church and the Community be come the Richer by the incoming of an Able scholar an kudu sri us worker a sound thinker and an am Tat be and likable personality the members of the chores of England Are in the fortunate position of obtaining As the successor of or. Thornton a Prela a of whose talents and qualities they had already had too eatable experience. Or. Green of Bowsa tireless and Able predecessor but there is no Dubi Ety As to Bis Power to take tip with credit to himself the work or. Thornton Laid Down. The Bishopric of Grafton and Armidale bean in the More numerous places of worship the larger and More numerous sunday schools and the augmentation in All the organisations associated with Church work the impress of the Well directed real of the Bishop who has left it to come to Ballarat. Or Green is certain of a most Cardial Roep Tion. The memory of his sender As Arch Deacon and the knowledge of his Enos Esalee in Grafton and Armidale Hare weighed with the leaders of die Hurt in Here to cause them to declare that be in of the Foremost Church men in Australia the Man most suited for the diocese of Ballarat. Local and general news Ore Cut sinus Stople Jieke. A arrange ments for the publication of our special Christmas supplement Are progressing sue. In addition to the panoramic View of annl Dale mention of which was made in a previous Issue the Sheet will contain numerous other illustrations and an extensive stray of season Able articles. Photographs of the governor or Raul lord Hopetoun and the bake end Duchess Al York who contemplate a visit to the colonies in March will also be printed together i h descriptive Ietter Presa thereon. A special article in reference to Armidale and its sure. Coding will be included and taken altogether the supplement Shook prove Bih attractive and interesting to people at Home and abroad As Only a limited number of extra of opine will be printed orders should be b Elrad with rite local agents Early to prevent disappointment. Hox O.S.Fob a Middle a tie Armidale j by shedding their rays on the gloomy sur rounding the cause of this a Onomy of Light is difficult to understand probably the Council is endeavouring to save a with which to take part in the local Federal celebrations. Ibish National assofciaitox�?4ta meet ing of the Irish National association s spurts bub committee held on wednesday it was decided to award the prize of a 2 2�. For the Best programme to or a. J. Pollack of this j City. The committee compiled a programme of events for 8t. Patrick s Day a Heriot for Lii ctr it is proposed to apportion �90 in ire Money. This programme will be submitted to a meeting of members next week when All members Are invited to attend and express their opinions. Xmas out for the Christmas Issue of the Cabo Niclo on 22nd a aether containing a panoramic View of Armidale. Book your orders with the local agents Early As Only a limited number of extra copies will he printed. Unclaimed St bar . Con. Fitzgerald has received from or j. Charies promoter of . Tetters ill s sweeps a Cheque for �4, for distribution amongst Long Cheri ies. Being share of unclaimed Money no Tosh Jane Lse to year it appears that or Charles some time ago riot tied his iut nation of Dmitri Liting Allun claimed Money among to the charitable institutions of the various colonies and he a Mclahlan under Secretary. Revision of tub Juby lift a a meeting of Yng Istrate for the revision of the jury list ret held at the court House Armidale. Yes erday morning when the following gentlemen attended a or. W. F. Parker ., and Ham. P. J. Snape j. S. Marks j. D. Leece t. E. Bardsley o. Carter. W. Morgan j. P. My Kelsy a. W. Lute j. P. Kirk Wood a. Oro Stan a f. C. Roger son. A w. Simpson r w. Nicholas. W. H. Allingham. We. Miller. C. Wilson a. Glass 3. B. Fitzgerald j. H. Head g. W. Dight g. P. Hone g w. J. Hip rare c a. J Sokes Jos. Ebolee Donald Stewart a John Bliss w j. Hurray Rel Richardson i Geo Wigan g. F Braund 3, h. Quirar j. A. Is Horn we. Drew f. J. Itu Ham Williams e. B. Purser. R. Pearson b. I la fund. W. C. Higinbothom. A number of apologies for non attendance and the absentees wer excused. The list was read Over by or. C. Sri -h,j,p., o.s., and alter two been add a and one omitted the magistrates attached their Nunes to the document and the meeting terminated. Lavs you triad spent for a Tyllor Ebert he Husth Claici. Isst7k.�?-ii old out for the Christina a of the on. 22rvd december Vonu Snong a Jan Rainfo View of Armidale. Book your orders of tit the local agents Early As Only a limited number of extra copies will be printed. Ooh Fife a the fire brigade gave an Embi Bivion in Beardy fit Reet 011 Edo Efey Njg Frt in the preteen of of a crowded gathering of spectators. The men went through various exercises height and in ?1,r Jed favourable impression by the Marine which flier Oon tinae to a Vida a aside Ouger fold has fit Confidence that her tire fighters will of Atixhe goal Bora och Imfidon Dir Fig a Weeke for which place they leave Armidale at the end of next wreck. Ostain Webb and lieutenants Day and a bluer were present at the display on wednesday night and the full strength of the brigade was engaged in the to Anourine. We Biko a an interesting ceremony was performed at holy Trinity Birchf Jen junes on monday lat win m s. Wal Ter White daughter or. A Lyne of Harran and Niece of sir Lyne. Premier was us Ifni in the Bonds of july West Fife 6ijf to Lac. Liperr f. T. C \ Bey Nomso to and. Fort Terry Gram officer on the Queens land Border. The Fuoco on was of a quiet nature and by Eide a a mrs j. B Wisdom titter or the Bride. Jet sees Abbott Burne putts Bon mud Todge. Of were amongst the guess in Ritt do a,j,isii6 is mfr delusion of the Incret non Brand a tra particular Aroma bind w4tfi Riff Rem d tothe owe o8fr for tit knowing to to when Fibey. -. A knew his weaknesses ,he_0ohm assure them that he would not epee himself in the matter of work. As for he had Kef he wont always , Foj and Christmas Soitz for �1 is and $ t 2s. Thrower Bents of Jeh at Only proc table at Masda a next Toff s hotel Are much Superior in to Many so called tailor made garments and Are made to fit All sizes of Busya and a special line of key zealand Rous very end err mtg he. A or presents Abs. New hate. Shirts ties and umbrellas and a Tison. a on Satot Arlart. Or. 3. A Hobbs Arai slant Toa Hber of Flie Armidale Superior Fablio school was made the recipient of a very Ohoro present in Odhe shape of a Maite Dock. Twenty two teachers at a guests a sem bled at the residence of or dennl., head master. Who amino unwed the jul entice of the f-8. A.4�?aasoqiation to a Knowles a the Tery Aldahla services. Of the he eulogized tha Energy. Seal and dignity with which a. Hobbs had conducted the immense amount of work falling to Bis share and the Feasa Eulogia in letter fro the a Patriot inspector or j Bradly apologising for his at Enoe. Mrs by Rau a town end the Dock. " Whir bore the inscription t into Fri so. Hobba Hon . Soc nation from the members Asi a manager Gitt-rjteo., 19j0." . In Shibko Atheme 1 Bere earthy for their handsome present and toe Many expressions if Iraneus e and f maternity Wath which if was offered. Or Kwh try referred to the exo Ellet work Hochbe. And wished him and a very a tial afternoon spent. We up Tony told fit Likely to be removed from amongst us at pres re a. Xiii a h /. I 1 Armidale 1 it�b8totol�tojlt a it h. Wiott Baa just finished two big contract a at Bandarra a additions a a and. Eltera Ffora to Larton s Lotel coating Nat on -�1009. And a new or. B a. a Tvr Senin highly Oraeed Wito % Way is twice was built. Or. Hott lefttnver0r saturday be was overtaken by toe Joffri Bonroe null train. He Lutap a from the Tri Ejde just in time to eave Bis life christinas at the schools the ursuline convert. The animal breaking of ceremonies at the local Scholastic establishments were initiated on wednesday afternoon when the exhibition of work at St. Ursula s College attracted a numerous gathering of townspeople As is O.S.Puary. The exhibition proved of exception at interest and excited much favourable com ment from those whose privilege and pleasure it was to be present. The Quality of the work displayed was quite up to the High Standard of former years in fact in one or two departments the scholars surpassed All previous efforts. In painting was this improvement distinctly noticeable and from present indications it is reasonable to predict that the College will Send one if not two prominent Figarie into the world of Art be fore the Progress of time adds very Many Yean to the age of the Cathedral City of Armidale in the drawing Section Mies Jean m Clor can and miss Alice Ball contribute Exten sively and Hiss a Bessie Kent Alice Landers n. Kenny and h. Kenya also figured credit ably. A. New departure a paintings from Atill life was very extensively represented hisses Jean m Clurman and Alice Ball being most prominent. The Best work of the exhibition was mis Jean h cd groan s Oil painting of opa Unoki fahd Satin a couple of Centre i docs betraying both Harmony of colouring and exquisite taste. Miss allow Ball showed Othot Ile did work Jip to is class and miss Minnie Fitzgrald was also to the pretty i Ottjes. Miss m Shea and miss Violet Maria had seme attractive copies in water colors. Of Points lace there was unlimited variety and Many neat and useful articles were embraced in the Calleb Tion. Miss Innie Fizgerald was re Apo Simc for Thebes display Ahi was Well supported by. Missal Violet Marks b. Kent l. Hamilton e Dawes and Ella trim Mand prot Hera Erie Maun and Ella m Goldrick Yaj. Snoy table cloth. Worked with silk was shown by miss Lizzie he tilt of and a Centre pie of ribbon work with sprays of Lilac by the same Young lady is deserving of special mention. Drawn thread work found votaries in misses Alice Landers Marion Kenn i Irene Marks Adeline Kent Winnie Kenne Mary Donohne Patricia Rvan and Grace Marshall. Hiss Maud Walsh exhibited an attractive Sample of a Pulca work on Orange Bolo red Satin with White velvet. Miss Alios Ball had a Large table Ourer ornamented with insertion of. Points lace. The misses h Dornau s Honiton Lake tray lot he were tastefully done As was also miss Maud Walsh s specimen of venetian embroidery a new pattern. In the Plain sewing mass misses Clarice Callaghan Jean m Clurman. Alice Landers Gladys Griffiths and Kiln Gallagos showed their expert manipulation of the Needle and thread. The annual report. The Early report Ivos read by the Kev. Father o Suu Ivaa As follows my lord a now thai the Scholastic rear is drawing to a close and we Are about to Disper Sefora few weeks Well earned rest it is Gratifying to l Ebble to cast a on the Long series of successes achieved in the course of the last twelve months. Never since the foundation of this institution Hare our labours been crowned with successes so numerous and so varied As it has been burs under Providence to win in this closing year of the nineteenth Century. We Trust it May prove a Happy augury of a Bright and glorious future awaiting the order Ursula in this new land of our adoption and in the new Era feb out to Dawn upon the world. To meet the growing needs of a fast increasing Community , a Wing has been lately added to the already imposing Block of con eventual buildings containing among Many other improvements too numerous to mention a spacious refectory for the health of the. School has left nothing to be desired throughout i the year our 1 children having escaped All the epidemics and other ailments prevailing in thai District and Only in the Case of one child has it i to summon any medical assistance boarded the Blooming fend Happy faces of grouped at Thinn Brent testify tothe a Etidal effects of the new , and to the care bestowed upon the physical Wel fare of the children. Out of six pupils attending the no less than forty Abnee peeved 4q the musical a hous a to Komi Ridging and Theon a held at the local Cen tree with he Royal College of music and associated Board. Out Lof this number three poised with distinction whilst the remainder All obtained a High percentage a Tjarks of per cent on an average. One Young lady obtained a senior cer Ftp Braue few Ingitti and another entirely educated at the Convent from her Early childhood passed ice fun in of flan and tiny Antii an fnrr5 . In Pii Jao aug Harmony so much for music. A in other subjects we also scored successes three candidates having passed the senior All obtaining honors for drawing whilst another passed the Junior University. Eleven candidates Hare been presented for examination in free hand drawing and two in painting but the results which Are pretty certain these academical lion burs our girls Hare had several opportunities of displaying their musical and dramatic Al abilities in comp Centary concerts dramas and Tableaux tendered to various distinguished personages who Here honoured us with visits. Among these we May his excellency Earl beat Champ and suite and theh Cra. E. W. O Sullivan minister for works of priests from All pahs of the secular persons of note assembled in Armadale for the monsignor s Silver Jubilee celebrations. On each of the aforementioned occasions entertain meets of a varied description were Given and 8renounced by competent critics second to none it they had seen staged elsewhere even in the metropolitan educational establishments. It has not been judged advisable to disturb the usual school routine with preparations for another at the breaking up this year consequently we will now with your lordship swill with approval proceed to the. Business of the Day. A namely the distribution of prices without j further delay. 1 the prize distribution. In the presence of Aee Leot Little gathering of parents and friends the annual prize distribution task plane., proceedings were opened by o Brief concert programme in which the Yonng ladies of the schools acquitted the selves with distinction the programme included chorus accompanied on piano by his Fitzgerald pianoforte so of miss Erie Mann German recitation misses Hamilton and Risi Tore from Story land a manager Mies Eileen de upturn he hid tag Ovri Mies Dawes Little Silver hair. Miss Callaghan Jack the giant killer miss Ella i Zutra a Cin Derella miss Elsie Allen to Peep miss Lila Kenny violin diet Lorralia Borgia i Isaeal. recitation of items Kenny. Griffiths Mem a e. Trim and Ken Christmas greeting Junior pupils pianoforte Solo miss Winnie Mackay pianoforte Solo kiss c. Murray dialogue misses Walts e. Hoc Licoan f. Allen tableau chorus and tableau. Baton Boot and Prises were then presented by his lordship the Bishop in too Nolance with the subjoined mat a. Good conduct Mies Maude Wal be Gold medal. Presented by Mons. O Connor Mise Eul Fitzgerald. Christian d of Trine miss Kathleen Watts Gold medal presented by mrs m Lehone Sydney miss Ella a Goldrick prise presented by or. H. G. Malla miss Callaghan and miss Beryl Foley. Junior University pass miss Evelyn Mann Gold medal presented by or. Tor the giant. The following candidates gained the High est passes at the practical examination of the associated Board . And b.c.u.,"local Centre Junior Grade miss Minnie Fitz Gerald. School examination higher div Ision distinction miss Winifred Mackay Gold medal presented by or. Torreggiani. Dower division piano miss Ball violin miss. Inane Hamilton. Elementary Dis Macban miss Griffiths Gold medal presented by or. Torreg univ theory of Home . Elements of music. Max number Sim Evelyn Ann prize presented by mans. O Conno miss Marks. Miss Maude Wilshe. Higher Divis Ion Max. Number miss Winifred Mackay. Primary miss Kenny. " prize for aggregate mail Mica Kent Gold medal Reed need by or. J. A Wilson i miss Adeline Kent brie Gliah a tiffs Eua m of Rairick Evdyn Macl Urcan Lucy Mowle and Marion Kenny. History misses Clare Murray and Adeline Kent. Geography misses Kent Evelyn Mac Lur Cin and Allie Mcarron. English literature miss Lizzie hamilton1 prize presented by Mons o Connor. Orthography misses Kenna Rati erty and Madge Danes. Composition misses Marks and Fanny Allen. Beading misses Eileen de Moulin Eua Fitze Kralj Udby Mona Kenny and a Wilson spelling misses Merle Finley and Hilda love. Writing misses Mary Donohue prize presented by h. G. Malum Esq Adeline Kant Elsie Allen Baker. Arithmetic hisses Eua trim Kenny Patricia Byan and Tobynne. Tables miss Olga Landers. General improvement misses Eva Hiresh Berg prize presented by the bight Bev Honey poor 0 Connor Hays arpe Marshall live m. Fabert and Miller. French misses Griffiths Clare Manny Maude rot Here prize presented by the bight Bev. Monsignor o Conno Eliza Kenny. German Mise Griffiths. Fainting miss Ball Silver medal presented by Mons. O Connor. Drawing misses Kent Dawes and win Nie Kenna. Plain sewing misses Alios Landers prize presented by Mons. O Conno Gallagos and Falla ban. Fanoy work misses Irene Marks and Mary Donohne. Lace work miss Minnie Fitzgerald. His lordship the Bishop paid a High compliment to the girls for their excellent entertainment. It had been very pleasing to him and he congratulated the Young ladies on the Success of their Effort. The Bishop also made reference to the great work being d me by the devoted Sisters of the Convent in imparting instr motion to the girls preparing them to take their place in the world As the years relied on the bight Bev. Monsignor o Connor also delivered a Brief address thanking the scholars for their Vety pleasing Oono Ert Bioh he assured them had been keenly appreciated. The school had every reason to feel proud of the Many successes achieved during the year for it had indeed been triumphant at the various examinations. He had pleasure wishing the girls a Happy Holiday and Felt sure they would always look Book with pleasure and Pride to the school in which they had spent so Many years. The gathering then dispersed. A Montrose school. The fifth annual entertainment in connection with the above school eventuated in the olympic Hall on thursday night when there was a crowded attendance the building being filled to overflowing. A Brite Bily written drama ,4 when Charles was King was staged and the production throughout left nothing to to desired. The children per formed their Parte with great credit and showed that they had been trained for the occasion with scrupulous care by their teach Ere. The staging of the piece was excellent and Many pretty scenes were presented notably a non 6torm. Hiss Dorothy Harris made a capital Hugo Wharncliffe her Duel in defence of 44 Joyce her prison life and s subsequent escape All being watched with much interest miss Lily Richardson made a rollicking Cavalier and miss Linda Nome was Aleo very Good in her character sir Fere line Blake. Guy Harden was full of fun and created Macb merriment. Hiss Ethel Warner s 4 Dame Marjorie a a woman with impaired digestive organs was All that could be desired. Master Walter Huxham contributed a Solo 14 just As the Sun went other part takers were hisses Muriel Harris Ruh Harden Clarice smart Marjorie Raton Marion Newman Janet Chaffey c. Walsh Chaffey. Hyra Smith Queeno Newman and hasten Syd. Pur Isif Sadr. Harden. An orchestra led by or. T. G. M Shane played a pleasing overture selections from format Umoh was greatly appreciated. The annual report which was read by or a. A Cro Setnan stated a a one of the Tuosto pleasing features has been the regular attendance of the scholars during the year thus enabling me to Advance their know ledge to a far greater degree than formerly. Too Little attention is usual la Given to this most important Factor in school life end my thanks Are a to the parents for their Active co operation in ibis respect. It will be seen by the specimens exhibited around the room thai there is a marked improvements on All former efforts. The svs tera of giving Marks for their Dally work has been vet satisfactory creating a rivalry that has resulted Mast beneficially and is a powerful incentive to Good and persevering study. Prizes have Only been Given to pupils who Hare obtained the great est number or Marks both in their daily work Andin their examinations the Honor of obtaining a prize bring an object of ambition to each for throughout the year. To Tuy pupils i take u Opportunity of wishing you All a very Hap Christmas and a pleasant merry Holiday. Sefc. Concluding i to thank those ladies and gentlemen who Hare so kindly Given prices for various subjects. The Vrtis. Archdeacon roes d d., on be half of the Aoh ure presented gifts to hisses m. And a. God Nan As a tuxes of respect and esteem and appreciation of efforts made daring they ear. The Prises were handed to the following successful students by mrs. Ross a upper school Dux prise Dorothy Harris examination prize. Clarice smart Calendar prize Janet chaff car class it is prize it Harden examination prise m. Harris Calendar prize Pearl Chaffey scripture prize Clarice smart sewing prise Dorothy Harris. Lower class Dux prize Annie Smith examination prize Iney Fleming sewing prize Ada Chamberlain scripture prize Mario Newman. General improvement. Ida ii is prize and examination prize. ? class Mist prize Mary Trivison examination prize. Hand Fleming. Class in is prize. Ada Anderson and w. Rivison. Vist prize Hayward Woodward. The ringing of the National Anthem brag to to a close a very enjoyable entertainment. Superior Public school. Hie town Hull contained a densely panted throng of ohm Hood and a Good ladies yesterday afternoon when the Giviner ceremony in connection with the or. W. F. Parker police magistrate presided and expressed the pleasure it gave him to do present at the gathering. Or. Patter in a particularly appropriate speech referred to the numerous advantages of the system of education at present prevailing in1 the of Long. The facilities for the education of the voting people of new sooth Wales surpassed those afforded to the children of the motherland for Wutoh they Dould feel deeply grateful. The Colony owed Tench to the late sir Henry Parker Tor hl6 untiring efforts in the interests of Public instruction. Applause. He would Call on the head master or. Dennis to read the annual report. Or. J. Dennis m.a., then read the following report in numbers the school has maintained a Stead growth the enrolment for the year Hong 409 boys end is Giris total. 764. H is Gratifying to not that to the boys department the highest classes fourth and Firth one now the largest a fact which shows a rapid Advance of pupils from the lower classes. In april the annual inspection was made Byer. Bradley. District inspector with highly satisfactory results. Three bore sat for the t ii Rani Volion end an of to Lien passed very creditable. Woof them in seven subjects and one Jit six to Cadet corps has an enrolment of 46. At Earno foor cadets were very successful in a Drill Competition at Tamworth. In september winning Bot the squad Drol and physical Drill with Anna. Atthe Armidale Dell Competition our cadets warm the shield for the third rear in succession and the shield now becomes the absolute property of this school. During the rear several changes have take place in the Suaz miss Hobby has succeeded mistress of the infants department and miss Blair has Token the place of Mies first assistant in the some department. Xuc flour teachers Missri. Hobbs and Doris oat fori of in. A mistress of needlework has recently been appointed. V altogether the year has been a most successful one in every Way. " the prizes were distributed in accordance with the following list a boys department fifth class i upper division is prize medal for the Dux of the school Spencer Dennis 2nd prize. X Anhony Middle division is prize. A. Lewin 2nd prize a. Dennis. Lower division is prize Cecil Fletcher and prize George Mallaby. Fourth class. 1st prize Harry Paton and prize special prize presented by or. Dovle the teacher of the class Eric Newberry 3rd prize Arthur Roberts 4th prize Eric Lovegrove sch prize Frank Weston 6th prize Herbert Fleming. Third class upper division is prize James Council 2nd, Alick Burnett 3rd, 4th, Claude Ricketts. Lower division is Ray Powell 2nd, 3rd, Cyril Smith 4th. Oswald Dean. Second class is prize Percy Pearson and. Arthur Baker 3rd, John Waterfall 4th Clifford gentle. Infants department. Fourth class boys Reading and Oral work l. Hargrave writing c. Starling dictation a Moffat drawing j. M Keo object lesson a. Callaghan font a Dewberry. Fourth class girls Reading l. Brookes drawing,.x-Hunt writing g. Barber arithmetic k. Baliey Oral work. , r. Callaghan. Third class boy is Oral work Geo. Dewhurst conduct and general improvement Ben North Reading Hany Moore. Third class girls head of class Muriel Stinson Reading l. Moffat senior prof., Ellen Lewis. Second Doss girls dictation Ruth Lovegrove Reading Daisy Solomons arithmetic Myrtle Dennis. Second Doss boy writing f. O Deu Reading Apsley pan ton j arithmetic e. Hardy first class girls arithmetic Lily Callagnan writing Amy Holmes spelling Gertrude Chart ton. First class boys spelling. Bernard Walker. Writing Vivian Barber arithmetic Gordon Brown. 1 fifth class girls Dux Mary Shaw general proficiency Lily de Moulin Sylvia Xoe Roer Alice gentle Alice Moore Edith Fletcher. Rita James Mav Agnew in wide Solomons Stella Hern Yida Foster Elsie Lamb and Grace Ferguson Best sewing Kathleen Allin Ghazi. Fourth class girls Dux Mary Burges general proficiency Maud Pearce Mabel Behrend i Nellie Johnson. Nellie Dale Carrie Genge Inez 1 Harris and Leah a hiker Best Garden Muli Holme writing Flor Mdonald goo conduct Eltie Palmer. Upper third class Good work at examination Flome Saggus Good conduct Elsie icon Arith Metic Mabel Pautonu general proficiency Mary aging Hutiu regularity and punctuality Maud Donald writing. Ethel Taylor Reading Annie co com Best darning Ethel Mason. Lower third class general proficiency Nellie Harris arithmetic Elsie Holmes regularity and punctuality Ethel Pearson Good conduct Ellen Maude writing Ross Rogerson. Fie cond class Good work at examination Edith of Tyniw regularity and punctuality Duld Koer her general proficiency Elsie Godfrey Good conduct St Eufim Douala. The prices were banded to the children by Meem Maklo end Drew. Prizes were presented by Herat. Parker . Hakin Drew and Brand. Thebes. A. Perkins or Braund and or Wil on. H., addressed the company choruses were sweetly rendered by the infants of Hiss Hobbs and has by tar Al classes. During an interval Between the Pricile distribution a pissing presentation was Trade when Hiss Finney was bonded a Goto brooch on behalf of the 8enior girls. Army Dale police court. Wed mesday de a veer 12.�? before or. W. F. Parker . " a drank was fined 2e 6d or 24 hours. An application made by a. J. Francis for a permit to have dancing and music at his miners hotel Rocky River on dec. 14 end 1-5. From 8 ., to 2 am., was printed. The same Licensee applied for a similar permit for Deo 26 Ana 27, from 8 . To 6 . The . Said he would not Grant the permit for the length of time applied for but would Grant a permit for the hours Between 8 . And 2 am. Permits were issued accordingly. Thursday. Do camber 13.- before Miv w. F. Parker . A local resident was ordered act be removed to Glades Rille Asylum for medical treatment on the recommendation of or. Wigan gov eminent medical officer and . Warden s court weds Sydiy Bobi Ebeb 12 before or. Warden Parker w. Davey applied under the jul Nln Oil private lands not. For a suspension of Lautif conditions on raining portion so. 53, tils busier until february 1st, to Alio of thine for a Call being made to enable the company to provide for the sinking of an Aifa Haft Etc.,to get rid of foul air in the mine. " the application was withdrawn applicant finding that the approaching Holiday time would nearly cover the period of suspension asked for. The conic Offham divorce i want s address to the jury Obenni Dethree and three Quarter hours and Petitioner reply extended Over a similar period. Or. Want concluded a powerful Appeal by station that it had been shown that therould not inst one word these people Hart said in order to bring or. O Haran into Rathle disgrace and Pat a few Hundred pounds into his Petitioner s pocket voted by Hie wife upon her own Oon fasion of shame. They would remember what or. O Haran hid at state it he was guilty of tide most abominable charge of copying to position he did he should be flogged to death with scorpions l no grave was so bad that it was bad enough for such a Man to fill it and no punishment to great that it should not in Justice be meted nut to him. But if innocent was there a Man fit the country More worthy of their admiration and respect f he innocent a asked them therefore to let him go out from the court with their verdict Back to the people whom a had served for a lifetime in free teem and with Honor Back among ids own of ree Dionista aide to hold up Ida head before the whole world saying a jury of my fellow Oono Drymen Andi have proved my inn Roenee poo Taf oat hand before my a _ a his Honor comm ended Ramn Jing Uji St 4o clock on thursday. ". A by tttk6rkpk. A a Sydney a Nosy in the Case the Jii Duje eone Hided his spamming up a u o Dock after an address lasting 6 j hours he urge the jury to return Aven Tot Eoo ording to thu evidence irrespective of the Oon sequences. The jury Are now considering their vet Diek Sydney .32 . A great crowd assembled in the i daily of the court this afternoon anxiously awaiting the verdict. The jury have been looked up till eleven to night. The Foreman stated they could give a majority Verdist t which the parties declined to except. Fat Stock sales. H0hxbu8h. By talk but a med atom Ebush on thurs a. Sheep about 35,000 were a .1. Wetty a is shirt a cattle.�?122j Ere Vardar Tir irrow unss�3bsa

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