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Arlington Heights Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1970, Page 5

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Daily Herald Suburban Chicago (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Chicago, IllinoisSection i 1970 the Register Philip to get 37th seats there is no contest this year in the race for state representative from Dupage county s 37th District. The three republicans James Philip and Gene l. Both of Elm and Democrat William a. Redmond of Are alone on the ballot and will be elected in november. For it will be a seventh term. The Bensenville attorney was first elected to the House of representatives in 1958. Philip and Hoffman both were elected to their first terms in 1966. Hoffman is an educator and head of the social sciences department at Fenton High school and Philip is a manager for a bakery firm. 6i can t really understand the but this country was born of dissent James Philip William a. Redmond knows what minority problems Are like. He s chairman of the democratic party in solidly Republican Dupage county and has recently seen two of his party s candidates withdraw from the nov. 3 bal lot. He s also the Long democratic state representative from the 37th District and is seeking a return to Springfield in no vember. He does t have anything to worry those who disturb schools should be thrown out.9 the top priority items for Illinois As seen by Republican incumbent rep. James Philip Are High ways and penal institutions. Also chairman of the Dupage county Republican thinks that More state Aid to schools in t the answer to solving the educational dilemma. Is the 37th dist. Representative improved state Aid formulas for a More effective distribution of a 12-month school year was also cited by Philip As being he said leaving a building vacant for three months of the year was simply not sound management. The Highway situation is Philip but it will take time. More has been spent on roads in the last two years of the Richard Ogilvie administration than in the previous eight years under the he said with apparent Pride. State and county authorities Are doing Well to Correct the Highway situation in Dupage and other parts of the he said. The representative from Elmhurst said More rehabilitation is needed for those behind bars. Pen men and women up. For a few years and just turn them out on the streets again to recommit the same crimes is he said adding the state government is working on the re habilitation problem. Philip also discussed other issues. Pollution. Like the Salt Creek problem need immediate Atten Tion. One answer is to get a countywide sewage treatment facility. As the county Republican i could work to get the needed coordination Between municipal and county agencies on this and other anti pollution mass transit. He wants to take the six county area around Chicago and make it into a mass transit District. It is he logical thing to do for the Chicago area where the emphasis is away from the he said. Pollution and transportation problems could be helped by such a District. Aid to non Public schools. He is opposed to this because he says it is clearly in violation of the state Constitution. He proposes the answer to the n o a Public school financial problem might be granting tax deduction for those parents with children in such schools. People oppose giving state Money to Church schools because the Church is doing so much in civil rights. Besides the Church is the second largest land owner in the state and has plenty of its own Low income housing. Will never have it in Dupage because people Don t want their investments devalued by Homes. We have to protect what we worked to get Campus disturbances. Who disturb close schools should be thrown out. No one has the right to deprive someone else of an education. Administrators Are at fault for giving into Radi cals. Teachers who violate the Law should not get on abortion. He is opposed to an open door for abortions but some sort of restrictive Law will be passed in the near future allowing abortions under cases such As rape and incest. On the 18-year-old vote. Kids Aren t responsible enough to vote. If any thing the age should be raised to 25 about this year since there Are Only three names on the ballot. His democratic run Ning Bensenville trustee William was scratched from the bal lot for technical mistakes i filing petitions. Redmond s minority status in Dupage county shows itself when he talks about Illinois and its problems. He was asked what the state s top priority item is and his response was Quick and frightened to death with the racial situation and other minority prob he said. Have to come to grips with the problem. It s been our major problem for some years and it s getting Redmond said he qualify As the world s greatest but he s firm when he says have to embrace the fact that All people Are equal whether we like it or finding a solution is not an easy mat Redmond said. Education is not the Only answer and he thinks there is Little that the state government can do to Fos Ter racial Harmony and Equality. A lot like joining alcoholics he said. Man himself must do it. A solution to this problem is going co have to come from the hearts of the from their Homes and families and Redmond s also shows up when he talks about one of the major controversies facing the state abortion Reform. Think a fetus is a human being and i cannot tolerate the termination of a he said. Don t buy the argument that a Wom an should be Able to do whatever she wants with her body. For one it s not her it s the body of an unborn child. And for another there Al ready Are other Laws regulating the use of our bodies. It s wrong to use narcotics and drunkenness is so that argument in t Redmond s comments on other problems. Came to the conclusion a Long time ago that you can never build enough highways and parking lots. The solution must be Crea Tion of area wide transportation districts which will have to have some kind of Public financial support. You can t run them out of the fare Box Aid to non Public schools. Think it s a valid argument by people who say they Don t want their taxes go ing to support a religion they Don t approve of. But in some particularly the parochial school system is better than the Public school system and by closing Down the parochial i Don t think we re meeting our obligation to provide Quality education. Did support the state Aid Bills but it was a difficult decision. I Don t like to see any kind of government involvement with a religious problems of the 37th District. Sewer and water services Are the biggest but there Are Many others that just happen when there is a Large concentration of people and a growing area. I think it would make bet Ter sense to spread the people rather than go ing to High rises. The people Don t want them it s the developers who Are pushing dissent. Can t say what s x wrong with the universities since i m not there but some of the things kids Are doing Don t reflect common sense. I Don t think the solution lies in More repression. I can t really understand the but this country was born of Don t think anyone is doing enough hut i m not sure it s a problem that the individuals themselves have to dedicate themselves to. We need new technological processes to solve some phases of William a. Redmond 6i Don t favor Aid to the cat. I no one out Here is being subsidized stories by de Dick Barton four years in the Illinois general As Sembly Haven t changed rep. Gene l. Hoffman s ideas on the major needs and problems of Illinois. As head of the social sciences depart ment at Fenton High Hoffman has been deeply committed to education and his service on the Illinois House Edu cation committee has reaffirmed his be Lief that education is the major concern of the state. Think what we have to do now is find a More equitable Way of sharing our he said. Like to see state funding coeducation on a 50-50 basis with local he said the state has the primary responsibility to provide education and the unwillingness of local property taxpayers to support education has forced schools to go on shifts and is jeopardizing the education of future generations. Have to find another Means of supporting particularly in sub Urban communities where the education Al Bills represent More than 70 per cent of the total tax he said. Hoffman s concern with school financing was one of the reasons he voted against state Aid to non Public school Bills during this year s session of the legislature. Operation of two school systems in the state would be much too sex he said. Would rather see us share teachers than try to finance two Hoffman said an important fact to con Sider in evaluating financial needs for future schools is a declining birth rate. Census Bureau has reversed its projections for the future and it is pos sible that our population will be decrease and with that there will be less of a need for More he said. Hoffman also said that Many proponents of state Aid to non Public schools Don t realize that governmental controls would accompany state Aid. The private concept is he said. Schools would be Only quasi at Hoffman s views on other transportation problems. Don t favor state Aid to the Chicago transit Gene l. Hoffman authority As it was proposed this year. The people in this District Are paying their Way and not getting any help. I Don t know what the solution is but it s an injustice to the people Here who Are paying the going rate. No one out Here is being subsidized. Not opposed to considering a regional approach since it is a regional problem but it must be an equitable abortion Reform. Always sup ported abortion. A woman should have that right if she wants it. I would allow it in any cases if a woman and her doctor pollution. Support the governor s million Bond Issue but it s not a Solu it s just a Start on the Campus dissent. Think the Basic cause is the affluence of the students. They re so wealthy now and they Don t know if they can Excel in the classroom so they find other things to do. I also think Many of the universities Are just too big. Another problem is that the col lege administrators have not been trained to handle some of these Situ nor have the for that mat racial problems in Illinois. Think we be come a Long Way in the last five years. The key to Equality is political Power and the Blacks and other minorities Are staring to realize that. I think the concept of is very Nec Essary and i agree that Black history and Black study programs belong in the gov. Ogilvie s first two years. Been extremely successful. He did some thing that should have been done Long ago by increasing the tax Revenue for the state. We up also seen increases in Aid to education a better program for roads

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