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Arlington Heights Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Newspaper Archives Nov 21 2005, Page 34

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Arlington Heights Daily Herald (Newspaper) - November 21, 2005, Arlington Heights, Illinois Monday november 21, 2005 Dao Herald Jim Pawlak 2 obituaries 4,5 weather 6 a business tech Section Jim Kendall an advisory team can bring perspective to your Small business a Page 2 a180 for Box 360phone scrolls Walter s. Mossberg personal technology works Well but is costly the Legal music downloading business has taken a big step Forward in recent weeks and in a not referring to Apple computers much touted move to sell videos on its itunes music store. In a talking about something that got much less attention the launch of die first Legal music downloading service you can Access right from a cell phone. Some cell phones already Are Able to play songs copied from computers or streamed from an online radio Type service. And cell phone carriers have Long sold snippets of songs As ringtones which can be Down. Loaded onto phones. But the new sprint music store unveiled by sprint Sextel a couple of weeks ago is the first service that allows Complete songs to be purchased and downloaded directly from a cell phone without a computer. This development is potentially big Deal because Many More people carry cell phones All the time than they do ipod or other portable music players. And they can use their cell phones in places where they j can to easily use a pc. I have been testing the new sprint music store and found it works Well. The user interface is j clean and simple even on a Small screen. The downloads and playing of previews Are very fast Over sprint s new Broad i band class Power vision network which is required to use the music store though its i deployed in Only parts of the country so far. Song playback sounded Good on both phones i tested. Unfortunately sprint and the record labels have decided to spoil their breakthrough service by setting a stratospheric new Price for the Legal download of a single song $2.50. That a 2.5 times the 99 cents that Apple and others charge on their online stores for a better Quality version of the very same song. Right now sprint is offering tile first five downloads free but starting with the sixth song the $2.50-a-song Price kicks in. Sprint says its higher Price is justified by the convenience Factor the ability to buy a song on the go when the impulse strikes. The company compares this to paying More than usual for milk at an All night convenience store or for hot dogs at a Ballpark. I could Swallow a Small convenience surcharge of maybe 25 cents but not a 150 percent markup. The High costs done to Stop there. The new music store can be accessed a so far a on Only two new High end phones from Sanyo and Samsung which Cost More than $200, even after rebates. Even then if you want to store More than about 32 songs on your phone you la have to Spring for a larger memory card which costs anywhere from $25 to $100. You have to pay at least $15 a month for a data plan that allows you just to Access the music store though you also get other services. For that kind of Money you a better really really really want to download that new Kenny Chesney song right now before you can get to a computer. Sprint did a Good Job designing this first Mobile music store. Its a shame that die stores High prices make it impossible for me to recommend it except for those with deep pockets and Little patience. Microsoft no longer distances itself from the game console. In fact its now Central to the company a marketing strategy by Allison Linn associated i Ress Box 360 a $399.99 Model comes with a detachable hard drive and a wireless controller. A $299.99 Model has a plug in controller and comes without the detachable hard drive. A additional wireless controls Cost $49.99. Edmond Wash. A when Microsoft corp. Debuted its first Box in the fall of 2001, the vide game console was like a teenager a decked out in Black eager to fit in with the hip crowd and embarrassed to be seen with its Parent company. The newest version Box 360, has no intention of being a Boring grown up. But Redmond based Microsoft says it has Learned from some of its Youthful mistakes. And after years of distancing the Box from its less hip progenitor a maker of computer operating systems and spreadsheet software a Microsoft is now More blatantly touting the console As integral to a Lon term plan to dominate the connected Home. A a i think the thing people have to realize is that digital technology is changing the Home in a profound Way a said Robbie Bach president of Microsoft a entertainment and devices division and its chief Box officer. When the Box 360 debuts in North America tuesday it will still mainly aim to please so called hardcore gamers a primarily Young men who spend hours each week tethered to a video game console. Analysts say that a smart since the console does no to offer enough other capabilities for those not addicted to gaming. A first and Foremost Box 360 is a game machine and so is anybody going to go out and buy an Box 360 if they re not a gamer because its got multimedia capability no a said Van Baker a research vice president with Gartner inc. But Over time the company is hoping that other features will draw in More family members. These include the ability to listen to music a even tracks from rival Apple computer ipod a look at family photos watch dds and play electronic Puzzle and card games. Analysts also expect Microsoft to improve on features in its paid Box live online gaming service that let users Chat and interact with other subscribers. Advanced users will even be Able to link the Box 360 with a pc running the entertainment Centric windows up Media associated press photos at an Box 360 preview event earlier this month Colin Plamondon 17, got a Chance to try out the new video game console at Microsoft a Campus in Redmond Wash. Center edition As part of Microsoft a grander vision to provide a sophisticated digital entertainment Hub. The push is not new Microsoft has been trying for years to break into the Den one of Many ways it is looking to extend its windows Brand amid a Satu rated Market for regular desktop pcs. Analysts say it remains to be seen whether Microsoft can succeed at getting lots of people to use its products for things like watching movies and recording see Box on Page 2 the Box 360 goes on Sale tuesday. Above the updated console sits on a store shelf next to its boxy Black predecessor. At left Microsoft a chief Box officer Robbie Bach shows off a new wireless controller. Anna Marie Kukec a Buzz programmed a ticker data tired of opening a browser on your Mobile phone Only to Click through several menus to get the Content you want singular wireless has automatically upgraded its Media net service with live ticker. The new application scrolls information along the Bottom of the screen such As weather sport scores or a a news similar to the ticker used on the Stock Market. If you want More details just Click once on an item As it passes and go directly to another Page with information. No menus will pop up. The catch is live ticker is Only available on the Motorola v557 phone. The phone costs $99.99, including a $50 rebate and a 2-year service contract. The service could be available on other phones by Early next year. A we found our customers were getting very frustrated with going from screen to screen to finally get to the Content they wanted a said Sam Hall Xingu Lar s vice president of Mobile browser services. A it just took too Long and we wanted to shorten that singular started looking at such an application about a year ago after the company merged with at amp to wireless. Company officials asked some customers to participate in a Survey by using phones with the test applications. Their usage was tracked and their comments helped to design the application. Singular worked with Motorola inc. To develop the live ticker application. The 17th version was finally approved. In addition singular said it has automatically upgraded its Media net with a Home Page that can be customized. A we also found that customers wanted to do More personalization a said Hall. A a you be seen the phones with the special graphics and ringtones or rhinestones but Many just wanted to customize their surfing Verizon wireless has installed a new cell site in Naperville that expands coverage and increases capacity enabling customers to multitask on their wireless phones. They could make Calls while sending and receiving text and picture messages downloading games and ringtones the company said. It Aims to provide clearer reception and fewer dropped Calls along route 59, South to Ogden Avenue and see Kukec on Page 2 search engines try to make More sense of podcasts voice recognition used to listen in on files by Brian Bergstein associated press be mail Wall Street journal writer Walter s. Mossberg at . A 2005. Dow Jones amp co. Inc. Boston a suddenly the universe of downloadable audio files known As podcasts seems As enormous As the internet. Name a topic a from the weather in Asuncion to the Bigbee wireless technology a and there is a podcast about it. But while the internet a vastness is accessible because of deep probing search engines comparably authoritative services for podcasts and other multimedia Haven to really emerged. That a because search programs Are primed to Catalon internet surfing text. When they encounter an audio or video file generally they determine the contents by Reading the titles and other descriptive tags known As a Metadata a that creators voluntarily add. Its useful but much like examining Only the first few lines of a web site. Reading the whole tiling is a lot better. With that in mind a few companies Are trying to make search engines actually listen to big audio and video files. From there Spee Ltd to text software @ links bookmark our web Page for hyperlinks to More information blink pod scope Potzinger can generate written transcripts which Are searched in addition to Metadata. Perhaps Best known has been blink inc., an information management Startup that gets its speech to text software from autonomy corp. Now comes bin technologies inc., a defense contractor see podcast on Page 2 bin technologies Alex Laats leads the division that created Potzinger a search engine that finds select phrases in podcasts. Nm9hn0whnmbi

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