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Arlington Heights Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Newspaper Archives Nov 21 2005, Page 31

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Arlington Heights Daily Herald (Newspaper) - November 21, 2005, Arlington Heights, Illinois Sponge Bob special wrings Competition by Tom Shales Washington past writers Imp it was a Story of abandonment loneliness grief and regret but it was also the funniest thing on to the night it aired. Now it turns out that a a where a Gary a the latest sponge Bob Square pants special to air on die Nickelodeon Cable network also clobbered the Competition not Only in Cable but on some of the great big grown up broadcast networks As Well. The animated sponge Bob special attracted 7.9 million total viewers on nov. Lathus beating shows airing opposite it on Abc Fox the we and up. Nickelodeon says the special attracted More viewers Between the Ages of 2 and 11 than anything else on to this year except for the super bowl. A network spokeswoman did no to want to talk about How Many adults watched the special but the daily half hour cartoons regularly attract nearly 13 million viewers age 18 and Over. Yes i admit it i am often one of them. What is it about the thin skinned a actually no skinned a creature that makes him so appealing watch it with some of those children Between 2 and 11, As i have on Many a Happy occasion and you might find yourself laughing More than the kiddies do. The reason be simpler nor could the sponge its funny. Sometimes satirically funny sometimes sur really funny sometimes slapstick ily funny. In addition it is Safe to state that no sponge since the Dawn of time has had More to say about the human condition. Square pants a a sponge for All seasons. A a where a Gary a was filled with the things people love about a sponge bobs shows starting with the characters sponge Bob himself a child like innocent who hates to let any emotion go unexpressed Patrick the easily confused starfish who a his Dopey Best Friend and or. Krabs die Good natured Penny Pincher who runs the restaurant where sponge Bob works. Or. Krabs also holds the top secret recipe for crabby patties the no. I delicacy in Bikini Bottom where the adventures All take place. These and the other characters and the Overall hysterical tone of the series were created by producer Stephen Hillen Burg who has overtaken Mike judge of a Beavis and butt head Fame As the reigning Genius of to animation. The a a Gary of the special is sponge Obj a pampered Snail the most passive pet imaginable. He just sits there occasionally meowing. But in the special sponge Bob became so immersed in the awesome wonder of his new paddle Ball game that he forgot to fill Gary a bowl with food. Hours and then Days went by with nothing in the bowl but a cobweb an old Fly and some lint. So Gary ran away or inched away and ended up in the seemingly benign clutches of a Little old lady who mistook him for one of her own pets and smothered him almost literally with cookies and devised eggs. The woman was voiced by Amy Poehler one of the few talented stars in die current cast of a saturday night when sponge Bob discovered that his negligence led to the disappearance of his Snail he was wracked with guilt. He s usually wracked with something he a sort of wracked with happiness much of the time. Soon the poor sponge was wailing and weeping a Gary i was a fool a he plastered every pole tree and storefront in town with posters pleading for Gary a return. The lesson was painfully obvious and obviously painful treasure your friends and treat them Well and that includes your pets. Also beware of strangers brandishing cookies and devised eggs. Even a show As lovable Wacky As this one has been the target of attack. Earlier this year religious fanatics claimed to find homosexual overtones in the Friendship Between sponge Bob and Patrick. The notion is absurd. Prepubescent children Are not in the least bit interested in that stuff. Sponge Bob is an innocent As much a child As his target demographic to use the coldblooded language of die to Biz. He is in this and Many other ways one Lucky son of a sponge. Monday evening n = new show Masai i 6 30 my 7 30 a Tom i 8 30 i 10 00 i 10 30 hip i 11 30 a wit i 12 30 a Roll 2 news 957 entertainment tonight n 537 the King of Queens n 6353 How i met your Mothe n 421 two and a half men n 2773 out of prac Tice n 1808 Cal Miami gamers bring their game to life n 8044 news 4451841 10 35 late show with David Letterman George Clooney. N 7596605 the late late show with Craig Ferguson 8983044 12 35 or. Phil a blended family struggles to get along. 7005025 5 news 2044 Access Hollywood n 6624 surface Laura and Rich see the creatures Are laying eggs n 12334 Las vegas the Montecito hosts a comic Book convention n 21082 medium Allison sees disturbing images in an artists work. N 18518 news 1524266 10 35 the tonight show with Jay Leno Jimmy Carter u 6412518 11 35 late night with Conan o Brien actor Peter Falk. 3508711 last Call Daly 7591209 1 05 news 4505532 7 news 7112 wheel of Fortune n 1792 wife Swap a regimented Mother swaps with a chaotic Mother. N 13042 nil football Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay packers Lambeau Field hosts this matchup of teams which have amassed surprisingly disappointing records in 2005. Live 703860 news 8316247 11 35 nightlife 6371334 12 05 Oprah Winfrey 11c7071 Jimmy Kim Mel live 1469087 9 friends 1570 everybody Raymond 5150 7th heaven Simon celebrates thanksgiving alone. N 34570 related Ginnie asks mar Jee to teach her to drive n 50518 news 63082 sex and the City 61773 everybody Raymond 70421 will amp Grace 19773 friends 20402 will amp Grace Pilot. 83984 the Drew Carey show 44551 paid programming 57209 ii the news hour with Jim Lehrer n 96957 Chicago tonight 69266 Antiques roadshow Oklahoma City 45686 american experience fatal flood. 58150 Juk breaking the news 68537 business rpt. 81911 Tavis Smiley 15570 Chicago tonight 26280 find Antiques 42377 20 bbl world news 23315 journal editorial report 47995 motor week n17372 great cars Alfa Romeo. 43179 scientific american frontiers adults grow new brain cells 94518 two men in a Trench hidden remains of historic Battle in 1685.19222 bbl world news 92501 Tavis Smiley n 23179 Charlie Rose n 24696 Charlie Rose 864174 Charlie Rose a 2 734629 26 girlfriends 76565 the Bernie Mac show 21995 the insider 79044 family feud 27179 the Jamie Foxx show 88792 Becker Point of Contact. 74599 the King of Queens 21112 Becker Jake s Jaunt. 20518 the King of Queens 56745 the Bernie Mac show 87315 girlfriends just say no. 33957 fresh Prince of Bel air 54624 South Park 602396 eliminate n 1967735 eliminate mystery Date. 686483 32 the Simpsons 61266 Seinfeld the Pilot. 52518 prison break everyone is shocked by Michael s conjugal visitor. 29266 prison break one of the pursuers becomes the pursued. 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Paga do 74377 50 70s show 335605 King of Hill 326957 one on one 687570 All of us in 315841 girlfriends 603518 half amp half 615353 �?T70s show 526763 King of Hill 372119 fear Factor 709266 cheers 871470 Cosby show 668605 a a so 552174 paid Prog. 744613 paid Prog. 456071 62 paid Prog. 8229421 paid Prog. 8210773 gospel aficionado 8483179 4839131 paid Prog. 4858266 apostle 2887334 paid Prog. 1190808 tried Stone 3415860 paid Prog. 3431808 paid Prog. 2899179 paid Prog. 3226773 Coin vault Jip -2 5461071 66 Piel de Otono 1193995 Contra Viento y Marea 8481711 la Esposa i 8467131__ Gen Cristina i r Cesita Mari Nama no i 8487995 Noticia 3420792 Noti Ciero 3406112 la Hora Derbez 2721605 Amiga y Riv 5550919 ales a. 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Will i markdown invade raw 7518624 10 05 movie a Oscar face �?T83 a a Al Pacino Michelle Pfeiffer Steven Bauer 49656228 1 1 Chi j arts most shocking e Lotel heiress Paris Hilton c 41402 to embarrassing moments c celebrities face Humilia on in 2004 498773 celebrity parties 407421 t j i Lolly Wood i fabulous f mappers life of. E 54841 j753247 a freaking i Bonaduce i 178006 2 3est week e Ever a >73614 tut can they sing c 179709 e to celebrity Best friends c examining celebrity f friendships 622532 5 celebrity bellies 2 �?�01735 2 mondays highlights Check out Robert Rio Chard and Kyla Pratt in a one on one at 7 . On a per Channel 50. A a one on one a Breanna Kyla Pratt fears that Arnaz Robert Rio Chard will Start looking elsewhere if she does no to have sex with him so she convinces herself her 19th birthday would be the perfect time to do the deed. Of course her father flex Alexander decides this would be a perfect time to pay a Surprise visit. The series Marks a Milestone of its own its 10qth episode with the new a one on one one of at 7 . On a per Channel 50. A a Cdr. Dolittle 2�?��? in this 2001 sequel Eddie Murphy returns As the fellow who can talk to the animals most of which talk Back. The politically Correct tale finds them asking the doctor to find a mate for a Bear that May become extinct otherwise. That leads Dolittle to a performing animal that must readjust to wilderness conditions. Kevin Poliak Andy Dick and Isaac Hayes lend their voices to the fun. At 7 . On fax. A Tufo files a the new episode a beyond the War of the worlds revisits . Wells Sci i classic and the Many forms its taken on the screen and the airwaves. We be ail heard about Orson Welles 1938 radio play which caused panic in the streets because people thought it was real but it Wasny to the Only such broadcast of the Story to have that effect. The hour has clips from various film versions and never before seen renditions of Wells martians. At 7 . On the history Channel. A How i met your Mother a in this new episode Ted and Robin Josh Radnor Cobie Smulders share their thanksgiving spirit by volunteering at a homeless shelter where they find someone they done to expect Barney Neil Patrick Harris. Marshall Jason Segel takes Lily Alyson Hannigan to a two and a half men a Oscar a Las vegas a Monica Lara Flynn a a Cal Miami a crime hits close to soap opera Var 9 00 so guiding Light Cid As the world turns Cid Days of our lives Cid one life to live j3d passions Cid general Hospital 46537 less 530421 77247 Wiful 18570 46353 68599 86995 72841 14727 Phillip Alder Bridge the teachers have a Magazine too the amen can Bodge teachers association is a beneficial organization for. You guessed it. Bridge teachers. Members receive a quarterly Magazine can take part in monthly online meetings and May attend a convention that runs for three Days before each summer nationals. For full details email Pat Harrington at . The summer 2005 quarterly contains an article the first of a series by Sanda Enciu and Kos Motoyoshi about using computers to improve All aspects of Bridge teaching. I play online with students and find it a great teaching medium. The bidding of this South hand is instructive. You open one heart West overalls one Spade and partner responds three Spades a splinter bid showing four plus hearts at least game going values and a Singleton or void in Spades. Knowing that your Spade Queen is wasted you sign off in four hearts. The Over caller is still there with four Spades and North control bids Cue bids five dubs. After East passes again what would you do now West s annoying a and undisciplined a four Spade bid stopped North from making the same bid to announce his void. North is slamming despite your sign off but you have great Trumps and the dub King. He must have controls on the Side you should control bid six dubs or jump to six hearts. At the time South was worried about the pointed suits and settled for five hearts Bernice Bede Osol Astro graph North a 11-21-05 a a a West j to 6 2 a q j 2 a q 5 3 2 Hast a a a a a k to 9 8 7 5 4 k 7 6 j 4 a a a a j 4 9 7 9 8 5 3 10 7 6 South a q 6 3 a a k q 8 5 a to 4 a k98 dealer South vulnerable both South West North Hast i a i a 3 a pass 4 a 4 a 5 a pass opening Lead a a which North passed out. Dearer played it nicely though collecting All 13 tricks by ruffing two Spades in the Dummy. A 2005, newspaper Enterprise association monday nov. 21, 2005 in the year ahead several important new friends May enter your life Scorpio oct. 24-nov. 22 when it comes to any important career situation today it would be Best to act independently of others. Associates who Don t have a stake in it will slow you Down. Sagittarius nov. 23-dec. 21 recognize your important priorities and keep them in proper order today or else you could end up putting fun pursuits ahead of your responsibilities and land in a Heap of trouble. Capricorn dec. 22-Jan. 19 of you have a Choice today Between spending your hard earned Money on a luxury item you be been wanting or some Basic household needs choose the latter. Aquarius Jan. 20-feb. 19 although you May not want to admit it your partners ideas May be Superior to yours today and you la know it. Ignoring it and placing Pride in authorship will make you look haughty. Pisces feb. 20-March 20 even if you accomplish a great Deal today you May not be satisfied of you did no to create a flood you la consider All that was done a trickle of work be satisfied with your efforts. Aries March 21-april 19 you be got a Good head on your shoulders today and you re willing to work hard for what you get. Taurus april 20-May 20 today will be one of those Days in which you can say and do a lot of Fine things for others yet one moment of stubbornness could Lead others to remember Only that you stepped out of line. Gemini May 21-june 20 forego temptations today to speak unkindly about another who Isnit present. All that you say will be carried Back to this person and repeated verbatim much to your regret and humiliation. Cancer june 21-july 22 financial conditions Are Apt to be a mixed bag for you today if you Are careless in How you handle your funds. Your abilities for acquisition will be negated by your extravagance Leo july 23-aug. 22 take extreme care not to do anything that goes against your better judgment today of you yield to the prodding of others to ignore your inner voice you May jeopardize your reputation. Virgo aug. 23-sept. 22 of you permit negative thoughts or self doubts to monopolize your thinking spoil your Day. All those things about which you re apprehensive will turn out just Fine in the end. Libra sept. 23-oct 23 even though you know others May be right you la still have a tendency to ignore Wise advice that a Given to you today of you proceed against their counsel you la end up making a mistake. Copyright 2005 by Nea inc

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