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Arlington Heights Daily Herald (Newspaper) - May 31, 1992, Arlington Heights, Illinois 8 books Section 7 sunday May 31,1992 Dally Herald Alice Hoffman a new novel a Turtle Moon focuses on Verity fla., where weird things happen. An engaging Story of intrigue passion by Laurel Vlcek of the Vernon area Public Library Turtle Moon by Alice Hoffman . Putnam a sons $21.95 Verity fla., the setting of Alice Hoffman a newest novel might prove a strange locale to most northerners. It is certainly no Disney world. Gumbo limbo Trees that Are haunted by Angels Small Hawks that scream in the Trees when disturbed and figs that drop onto parked cars and leave dents Are All ingredients of this exotic landscape. Verity a the most humid spot in Eastern Florida a is particularly troubled during the month of May when the sea turtles begin their migration across main Street a mistaking the glow of Street lights for the everything in Verity gets crazy during May. Longtime residents a Wear sunglasses and avoid making any major decisions. They try not to quit their jobs or smack their children or run off with the Serviceman who just fixed their May also brings on the Summers oppressive heat with a Force a so fierce and sudden it can make grown men Verity has another claim to Fame a it is the new Home of More divorced women from new York than any other town in Florida. The Low rent and tropical climate has made Verity attractive to women struggling to forget their disappointments while raising their unhappy children by themselves. One Divorcee Lucy Rosen is the Mother of 12-year-old Keith a the meanest boy in unhappy in Florida he excels in making trouble cutting school smoking drinking and stealing. In the wrong place at the wrong librarian a Corner time Keith discovers a neighbors baby and overhears the neighbor being murdered. His Best instincts surface and he runs away with the baby trying to hide her from the murderer. Lucy immediately connects Keith a disappearance with the murder. She is determined to find the murderer As Well As Keith and Clear any suspicion that might involve her son in the crime. Lucy forms a wary Alliance with Julian Cash the policeman whose dogs Are searching for the missing children. Julian a loner with a troubled past soon a realizes How attracted he is to Lucy. Blood runs hot during May in Verity and the desire growing Between them can no longer be ignored though they both fear a a month of May sort of mistake the kind that can change your life lives Are changed characters grow and Are healed. The mystery is eventually solved the end of May draws near. Lucy Keith and Julian All Bear the effects of their experience and As Lucy observes a the simple facts. Done to even begin to Tell the Story of someone a Alice Hoffman has written a very neat Story. There Are few Loose ends trailing but the characters and events All weave together in a tapestry of magic and suspense. Her use of language creates an intense world where the Reader can feel the stultifying heat and the flare of passion. There Are heart tugging moments As Well and if you Are willing to embrace them you will love a Turtle the weekly read Caldwell finesse love and loss in Naples by John Wright associated press new York a author Joseph Caldwell masterfully blends some incongruous elements in his latest novel a a tragicomic Story about customs and pratfalls in Naples about love and loss aids and opera. In a the Uncle from Rome a an american opera performer becomes entangled in a neapolitan family drama. The author notes that in Naples an a a Uncle from Rome is brought to special events to bestow his blessings and lend prestige. If nature has failed to Supply such an a Uncle a one can be borrowed and assuming the role sets Michael Ruane a life on a bizarre collision course with his adopted family. While Michael becomes embroiled in a familial crisis he begins to accept his lovers death Back in new York from aids and observes the disease in Naples. Aids activist and writer Larry Kramer has complained that american literature has failed to Deal fairly with aids saying ifs largely ignored or exploited. For his part Caldwell responded that honesty is the key to handling explosive subjects. A if you re being honest about something then you re automatically not exploiting it. You re really trying to get at the truth in something a Caldwell said. But while aids plays an important role it certainly is not the novels driving Force. Opera aficionados May focus on All the scenes from others might concentrate on love and obsession cultural collisions religious symbolism or another of the books themes. Caldwell a fourth novel a the Uncle from Rome is incredibly Rich on Many Levels. While spinning a seductive Story Caldwell makes the Reader feel Michael Spain and con fusion smell the doors of this ancient chaotic City at the foot of mount Vesuvius even visualize the hand gestures. This Isnit the first time Caldwell has blended complicated subjects into a masterful whole. In a the Deer at the River a published in 1984, Noah Dubbins strives to help his wife Deal with schizophrenia while keeping his family together. Meanwhile Noah is tempted by other women and begins wearing his wife a nightgowns. A i said to myself he puts on her clothes he puts on her and i did no to know Why a Caldwell said. A was i explored it i finally came to the idea that it really was a yearning for transcendence a he said. A a symbolic death and resurrection in him. This gave him the ability to continue taking care of his it May appear that Caldwell tortures his characters but that a not the Case. Caldwell said of Noah a a he san incredible Man. He a so bewildered and he has such tenacity in trying to work his Way through accepting the things about himself that he can to understand or readers become involved with Caldwell a characters even if their own lives Lack intrigue. A a they re extremes but they re intensification of something in a More muted Way most of us go through in some Way or the other a he said. Caldwell who has written numerous plays said books must be singular to be Worth doing. A i figure that if somebody else could write this it Isnit Worth writing. Nobody else that i know of or heard of could have written any of those books but me a he said. A what do i know that nobody else knows what do i see that nobody else sees and if i can to come up with something like that then Why bother a diction turns subjects into self observations by Jonathan Yardley of Tho Washington Post after Henry by Joan Didion Simon amp schuster $22 it will come As no Surprise to anyone who has read her novels but Joan Didion distrusts and dislikes narrative or at least a a narrative As she chooses to interpret the term. She equates it not with Story or chronicle but with fiction a worse fantasy a and she finds it a sentimental a a Way of mythology zing and falsifying the world that gives Comfort to our illusions and Shields us from reality. How we employ it is the dominant theme of this the latest collection of her occasional journalism. A after Henry takes its title from an essay in tribute to Henry Robbins Didion slate and deservedly beloved editor. It is a Nice enough piece though like so much of Didion a writing it ultimately is far less about its subject than about its author As she implicitly confesses when she praises Robbins As a the person who gave the writer the idea of himself the idea of herself the image of self that enabled the writer to sit Down alone and do whether she is writing fiction or nonfiction Didion a self is always at the Center it is for All the acuity of her perceptions a presence that in time becomes obtrusive and annoying. She has in a after Henry a three Broad subjects politics which she Calls a a Washingto California and new York. She is weakest on the first strongest on the second and mixed a though in a very interesting fashion a on the last. Her difficulty with politics is that she really does no to know it As Well As she imagines and brings to it no especially useful insights. Didion is on far firmer ground in California of which she has a keenly unsentimental understanding that is tempered by a deep Affinity and affection. Of los Angeles she writes a in a City not Only largely conceived As a series of real estate promotions but largely supported by a series of Confidence games a City currently afloat on motion pictures and junk Bonds and the b-2 stealth bomber the conviction that something can be made of nothing May be one of the few narratives in which everyone she is an observer and even a chronicler of this a narrative a but she regards it with More amusement than vexation. Here for example she offers As paradigmatic the chimerical notion put Forward from time to time by the City fathers of los Angeles of an International Airport to be built in the town of Palmdale an hour and a half away a this hypothetical Palmdale International Airport. Had survived As that Ideal civic project the one that just hangs in there sometimes a threat sometimes a Promise in either Case a Money machine. Here was the Way the machine worked with the encouragement of interested investors and an interested City government the City would eventually reach Palmdale and the Palmdale International Airport would reach critical mass at which Point Many possibilities would be realized and Many opportunities generated both for development and for the Access required to facilitate that development. This has been the history of los Here we have Didion at her most pungent. Her unending search for a a subtext has in this instance struck Gold a pungent insight into the civic character of los Angeles that is at once accurate on its face and a logical outgrowth of the evidence she has been mining. Prowling around California generally and los Angeles specifically she repeatedly comes up with discoveries such As this one. They Are invariably revealing and often amusing. In new York where Didion now lives but to which she is not native she is on somewhat shakier ground. The Long essay with which this collection concludes a sentimental journeys a is a meditation on the Case of the Central Park Jogger from which she extrapolates a number of interesting conclusions about new Yorkus bottomless capacity for self delusion self romanticizing and a to borrow a word from the pop psychologists a denial. In All of these she no doubt is Correct but the connection she draws Between them and the business at hand is at Best tenuous. She seems to have approached the Case of the Jogger with a a subtext already firmly in mind and to have constructed her own a a narrative in order to justify it. This probably was unconscious but the effect the essay conveys is of artifice a of a piece written to prove a Point As opposed to a Point emerging naturally and inevitably out of the evidence. Still it is on the whole a Good piece a reminder of just How Sharp Didion can be w Hen she crawls out of herself and into something else. But even Here the Reader is forever aware of the Didion a Persona a which May be attractive to those who find it engaging but is merely irritating to others. It is a a a subtext that diminishes rather than enlarges her work. Curiosity triggers search for family a genealogy from daily Herald news services mornings Gate by Ann Victoria Roberts Morrow $22 there a something for everyone in the 639 pages and 70-year Span of a a morning a to wit the mysterious genealogy of the Elliott family from the end of the 19th Century to the present life on a farm in Australia before world War i graphic descriptions of Battles in that War the harrowing experiences of a Tanker Captain in the persian Gulf during the recent conflict and a modern Romance that provides a satisfactory ending to the Star crossed love stories of two previous generations. Zoe Clifford an Elliott descendant seeks to solve the Puzzle behind a faded picture of two Young men in uniforms of different countries. She starts her search for her forebears in York England where she finds Elliotts one time residence. The Clil she encounters a Distant Cousin Stephen Elliott and together they delve into a trunk in his Possession containing letters photos and a diary written during world War i by Liam Elliott. The Story interweaves past and present but focuses on Liam and his forbidden love affair with Georgina Duncannon. Fleeing the impossible relationship he goes to Australia where he works on a farm. With the Start of War he joins the australian forces and takes part in the legendary world War i Battles of Gallipoli and the Somme. His brother Robin is in the British forces and when the two meet briefly they pose for the picture that intrigues Zoe decades later. Thrown together by their Mutual interest in their tangled family history Stephen a master Mariner and Zoe feel that their growing love and happiness have in some spiritual Way mended the shattered dreams of Liam and Georgina. Ann Victoria Roberts also wrote a Louisa Elliott a about the Mother fiction Ann Victoria Roberts chronicles the history of the fictional Elliott family in a a morning a of Liam room Anim Toleif sister Leti Tia. Black water by Joyce Carol Oates Dutton. $17 a Black water is prominently subtitled a a novel a but the incidents it explores Mirror a tragedy that was All too real the 1969 Accident when sen. Edward m. Kennedy drove off a Bridge at Chappaquiddick mass., and his passenger Mary to Kopechne drowned. No question that those happenings Given sensationally wide news coverage at the time still haunt those who were involved and survived it. A Black water tells of a Young woman a Campaign worker for a famous senator. There is a Campaign workers party on an Island. The senator leaves with the Young woman drives the car off the Road into the water and she drowns. The writer avoids specific links to the original incident in time geography and characters names. The Man is referred to Only As the senator. The Young woman is Given the name Kelly Kelleher. Aspects of Kelly a Short life Are examined in sympathetic detail As the narrative weaves Back and Forth in time. But the Reader is never allowed to get too far away from that dreadful end. The details accumulate. The Nightmare inexorably overtakes the Reader too As always Oates creates characters and conveys their pain with absolute Mastery of her Craft. In this Case the novel is deeply sad Reading for someone who was not close to the original Story a but who probably like most other unrelated people can remember enough about it to acknowledge the plausibility of the writers perceptions the brilliantly convincing psychological probing. One understands that Oates could feel drawn to speculate about the feelings and suffering of the Dro vat ing woman. One wonders Why she had to publish her thoughts As this novel. Perhaps the Only answer is in the dedication of the Book a a for the a a a two lives by William Trevor Viking $21.95 William Trevor s latest Book is really two novels a Reading Turgenev and a my House in a Reading Turgenev is the More interesting of the pair focusing on the growing madness of a Young woman who marries an older Man but is swept up in the fantasy of a life with her beloved late Cousin. Trevor stale unfolds slowly detailing the Loveless courtship and marriage of Mary Louise Dallon and Elmer Quarry a Dull but Well meaning shopkeeper from a neighbouring town. The couple go to a Seaside British town on the wedding night but end up in a Bai a neither is a Drinker a and the marriage never is consummated. Nor does the couple live happily Ever after for the wife is increasingly berated by her husband s live in Maiden Sisters who pick at Mary Louise and take More and More to snooping on her while Elmer seeks Solace in the bar with further abandon. The wife eventually moves out of Elmer a bed Aud upstairs to an attic where she locks herself in and surrounds herself with the books toys and other possessions of her deceased Cousin Robert to the considerable consternation of her family. Mary Louise defend All her eccentricities in her mind telling herself that a Only love matters in the bits and pieces of a person s that Mary Louise ends up in an Asylum is almost incidental. Trevor has written a smart trim Little novel. The second offering a my House in Umbria a Isnit As successful although it has several Well written passages. It also4>egins slowly Wiki the victims of a terrorist bombing on a train assembling afterwards in the italian country Home of one of the survivors mrs. Emily Delahunty. The Host is a Romance writ and 56-year-old former prostitute. A Little girl who survived the bombing but lost her Mother in the blast becomes Central to the plot an american scientist with no discernible sense of humor is coming to Italy to get the Only child of his estranged sister. Thomas River Smith is one uptight american an ant expert who is not quite Able to express himself or understand mrs. Delahunty. He a into his second marriage and seems under the thumb of wife no. 2. Trevor writes of a Telephone conversation she had with Rhc Smith before he left for Italy a i imagined him replacing the receiver in its Cradle and turning to the woman who had shadowed the encounter for him. In the lives of such men there is always such a woman covering their Small unbelievable yes but what else to explain a voice from grave by Tom Irvine special to the daily Herald Teresita the voice from the grave by John of Brien and Edward Baumann Bonus books $19.95 stories of psychic experiences seem to always interest people whether it is at the movies in books or at the grocery store checkout. A Teresita the voice from the grave is the Story of a Middle aged woman who is violently murdered and comes Back from the grave in someone else a body to identify her murderer. It sounds far fetched of course but the Story is based on an actual Case in Chicago. The Book was written by two Veteran newspaper crime writers. The authors present this Story of a senseless murder like a Standard crime Story. Teresita Basa was a filipino medical worker who came to Chicago to make a new life for herself. The daughter of a wealthy lawyer she came to America originally to study music. The authors write Well about Teresita a past tracking it from the Small Island where she grew up. They describe her family and her love of music in detail. Understanding the victim makes this crime even More heinous. Teresita a life ended in february 1977 when she was stabbed stripped of her clothes and set on fire. The police begin their investigation but find Little reason Why anyone would want to kill her. When questioning her friends they Are Able to pinpoint the fact that she and someone she knew were at her apartment to minutes before the fire. Unfortunately they Aren t Able to identify who it was. They believe she let him in herself and was not threatened by him. The police have several leads the Boyfriend who was seen arguing with her occasionally and some co work ers who she entertained often but none of these leads pan out. Next the autopsy reveals that this was not a sex crime As first assumed. It seems the murderer tried to falsely steer the police in that direction. For months the Case goes nowhere until the Evanston police Call with a Lead of someone who says she knows who killed Teresita Basa. Mrs. Chue worked with Teresita at Edgewater Hospital but barely knew her. Her husband or. Chue says that he witnessed his wife take on the identity of the murdered woman on three occasions and the third time she identified the murderer. Or. Chue tells the detective the murderers name is Alan showery. The detective remembers hearing that he was a co worker of Teresita. The police had missed questioning him for some reason. The police have their doubts about the source of the information but think they should Check it out. It turns out that showery was an orderly at the Hospital and had a police record. It takes several Days before the police find showery but when they do he says he was wondering where they have been. Showery proceeds to confess to the murder and the police think they have an Iron Clad Case. That is until the Public defender assigned to the Case claims the police did no to have probable cause for questioning showery and the police forced him to confess. Against their will the police have to admit where the information implicating showery came from. The Book chronicles this Legal wrangling then details the trial. After finishing the Book the Reader is left asking two questions. First How could the Chicago police have missed Alan showery As a suspect Basa worked with him ate lunch and even Rode the bus with him. And second did Teresita Basa really come Back from the dead and Tell who her killer was the authors offer opinions on both but if the answer to the second question is yes it might be because there Isnit a Good answer to the Sellers associated press fiction 1. Jewels a Danielle steel 2. The Pelican Brief a John Grisham 3. All around the town a Mary Higgins Clark 4. Sahara a Clive Cussler 5. A in is for innocent a sue Grafton 6. French silk a Sandra Brown 7. Jazz a Toni Morrison 8 Turtle Moon a Alice Hoffman 9. For love alone a Ivana Trump 10. The living a Annie Dillard non fiction i. A return to love a Marianne Williamson 2. Give War a Chance a p. J. Of Rourke 3. The Way i see it a Patti Davis 4. Revolution from within a Gloria Steinem 5. Who will Tell the people William Greider 6. Two nations a Andrew Hacker 7. The juice Many a Power of juicing a Jay Kordish 8. How to satisfy a woman every time a Naura Hayden 9. Eleanor Roosevelt Blanche Wiesen Cook 10. More wealth without risk a Charles j. Givens rankings Courtesy of publishers weekly. Recap a Busy weekend of sports. Monday in the a

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