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Arlington Heights Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Newspaper Archives May 27 1990, Page 1

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Arlington Heights Daily Herald (Newspaper) - May 27, 1990, Arlington Heights, Illinois Houston sweeps cubs White so Hammer tigers sports Section 3paddock publications sunday May 27, 1990 9 sections 75 cents sunday weather a pleasant weekend becoming partly sunny today with highs around 70 but cooler near the Lake. Memorial Day will be fair with highs near 70 but lower near the Lake and lows in the lower 50s. Inside unfriendly Welcome South african president Frederik de Klerk returned from a politically successful tour saturday to face a huge right Wing protest a Page 3. Son on trial the youngest son of executed romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu insisted saturday he never ordered police to shoot at protesters a Page 3. Business hot Stock by Nascani a technology companies run hot and cold. Take a look at what analysts think of this local Stock a Section 2. Showcase historic albums Sony has released two recordings of special note Vladimir Horowitz a final recordings made a few weeks before he died and an All Beethoven concert conducted by Daniel Barenboim Chicago symphony orchestra music director designate with the Berlin philharmonic just three Days after the opening of the Berlin Wall a Section 4, Page 3. A i i m a it shuns spotlight the University of Illinois is trying to fade into background As the political wrangling intensifies in the legislature Over a proposed High tech University in Dupage county. See the Back Page. Montana madness head Mem up and move Mem out to Montana getaway site for an increasing number of High profile people. What a drawing them they re treated like just Plain folks the fishing is great the land is cheap and there a room to roam without bumping Heads with tourists. Montana residents and or vacation ranch owners include newsman Tom Brokaw actress Model Brooke Shields actor Dennis Quaid and Charles Kuralt. Business 2-1 movies/4-3 classifieds/5-6 obituaries/5-18 discovery/4-1 showcase/4-3 editorials/1-12 sports/3-1 gardening/6-1 travel/4-2 Bart Blitz cartoon smart Aleck giving local school leaders fits having a cow Over Bart Simpson by Jeff Carlson and Jim Allen daily Herald staff writers cartoon Star Bart Simpson might react with a a a done to have a cow but some school administrators locally and around the country Are doing just that a getting upset Over controversial to shirts being used to promote the 10-year-old character portrayed in the hit Fox television network show a the the cartoon and the controversial to shirts feature smart Lecky Bart with his yellow saw tooth topped head and Bug eyes. Two to shirt portraits Are accompanied with the phrases a underachiever and proud of it Many and a a in a Bart Simpson. Who the hell Are you a a Flap Over Bart though has gained attention As principals and other school officials from Kentucky to California a and even Elk Grove Village a have deemed to shirts promoting the character As inappropriate. But meanwhile Bart the subject of the ban is gaining popularity through a merchandising Blitz and butterfingers Candy bar commercials. There also Are plans for Mattel inc. To sell dolls and action figures and for Burger King to introduce a Simpsons based and Campaign this summer. His popularity goes further. With a 25 share in the most recent Nielsen ratings one in four to sets turned on in the Chicago area is tuned into a the Simpsons each week 7 30 . Sunday according to wild to Channel 32. That Means about 465,000 households tune in in spite of the Competition with the successful a a american a funniest Home see Bart on Page 5 source wire reports who is he Bart is the 10-year-old Star of the Simpsons Quot a prime time cartoon show on sunday nights on Fox television. What s the problem shirts bearing barfs likeness and containing slogans such As Quot underachiever and proud of it Man Quot and Quot in a Bart Simpson. Who the hell Are you Quot have been deemed inappropriate by school officials in Ohio California and Kentucky. . Penney co. Inc. Banned both shirts. Bart s response via creator Matt greening and Fox officials Quot i have no comment. My folks taught me to respect elementary school principals even the ones who have nothing better to do than Tell kids what to daily Herald graphic Spring storms Flashback to terror lightning strike can alter course of victims life by Dave Mckinney daily Herald staff writer five year old Steven Landon is fascinated with the Bright streaks of electricity that have flashed across the sky with this Springs thunderstorms. Yet the Woodridge youngster also is deeply disturbed by it All. You can see that when he sits Down with paper and crayons and draws a Bolt of lightning striking Down a family much like his. The violent scene does no to tax Stevens imagination All he has to do is remember. Last july he was in that picture with his mom and Stepfather. On the Way to a grocery Storey they ail were hit so directly by a lightning Bolt that Stevens Tennis shoes were blown Riff his feet. A those pictures he draws help him get his anger out a said his Mother Susan Trudeau who pulled through the Accident despite a 50-50 Chance of survival. And in Schaumburg another Little boy draws a similar picture his shows a House engulfed in flames. A Bolt came into 7-year-old Weston Lancaster a bedroom in the Middle of the night last Gummer and ignited the House. He escaped without injury. A now with much of the Home rebuilt he is afraid to sleep in that room or even by himself. At an age when most boys Are ready to pitch a tent and Camp out overnight in the backyard he sleeps with his parents. Meet the victims of lightning a group of children and adults whose lives May never be the same. Some Are widows some Are survivors. They get nervous at the clap of Thunder and some live in and out of hospitals still not healed from the Force that ripped apart their bodies. A time and distance have helped me Cope with this a said Susan Trudeau Stevens 33-year-old Mother who has been in the lightning facts what causes lightning colliding raindrops and ice Crystal cause positive electrical charges in the upper parts of storm Clouds and negative charges in lower parts. Lightning occurs Between areas with opposite charges or Between the lower part of the Cloud and the positively charged ground below. How to protect yourself go inside a building or car. Don t stand under tall isolated Trees or Telephone poles seek Low areas such As ravines. Avoid open water. Use phones Only in emergencies. On a Golf course get off Golf carts put Down clubs and take off a a a a Golf shoes. Avoid wire fences. Keep people several Yards apart of your hair stands on end lightning May be about to strike. Drop to your Knees Bend Forward and put your hands on your Knees. Don t lie Flat on the ground. Source National weather service a its White Weston Lancaster 7, was sleeping in this room lightning entered and nearly burned Down his grandparents Schaumburg Home. Now he refuses to sleep there. Illustrating his fears is a picture he later Drew in school titled a who fears daily Herald pm Joi Konstantaras Hospital eight times for a nagging heart disorder since she was hit. She her husband and son were walking across their apartment complexes parking lot on a drizzly morning when lightning struck umbrellas they a just opened. A i know what happened was a Freak Accident. Storms Are a part of life. If in a going to spend the rest of my life afraid of rain and Thunder ill need to move from the Midwest to somewhere else a she said. A it does no to do any Good to worry like Trudeau a bout with lightning was highly publicized and marked the beginning of an eerie summer last year in which 22 people were hit and two died. Meteorologists were at a loss to explain the occurrences and Are unsure whether the Chicago area is in for a repeat performance this summer. Typically according to statistics from the National oceanic and atmospheric administration see terror on Page 4 Illinois deaths or injuries from lightning deaths injuries 1981. 1 0 1982. 0 2 19831 17 1984. 0 1 19853 8 1986. 1 5 1987. 3 36 19880 1 19892 22 source National oceanic and atmospheric administration National climatic data Center daily Herald graphic Panicky soviets face mild rationing United press International Moscow a panic buying of Staple foods spread saturday to half the soviet Union and Moscow ordered limited rationing to Stem the Rush of purchases that followed announcement of economic reforms earlier this week officials said. Yel Stii fails to win election but refuses to concede a Page 3. Muscovites awoke saturday to learn that for two weeks beginning monday Only residents of the capital and the Moscow Region will be allowed to shop in Moscow stores and that the amount of Staples they Purchase will be limited. The wave of buying also has spread to the giant russian Republic As Well As the nations breadbasket of the Ukraine and Moldavia bordering Romania. The surge of panic purchases began late thursday with the tripling of prices for bread milk and fish after Premier Nikolai Ryzhkova presented the governments plan for a transition to a modified Market Economy. Ryzhkova told a news conference that a a wave of buying by people stocking up on goods was noticed in half the country and called it a a very negative Ryzhkova who is staking his political career on the government a a economic plan said he would resign if the people show they have no Confidence in his measures. The supreme soviet has put off a vote on the plan until monday and Radical deputies have threatened a vote of no Confidence. The crisis adds to soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev a worries As he prepares for next weeks Summit with president Bush. The superpower meeting is already clouded by the Issue of lithuanian Independence and Sharp disagreements Over whether a unified Germany should be a member of nato. Moscow Deputy mayor Sergei Stankevich said busloads of buyers streamed into the capital. Discovery traveler beware if you done to want your vacation ruined take some extra precautions. That a because there a no easier Way to destroy your Holiday than being ripped off while on the Road. For tips on travelling Safe see Cheryl terhorst a Story a Section 4. Mulroney fails to Sway holdout in Quebec crisis Reuters Ottawa a prime minister Brian Mulroney Only four weeks from a crucial deadline failed saturday to win Over a key opponent in a deepening constitutional crisis Over Quebec a future in Canada. Mulroney is meeting individually with Canadas to provincial premiers to find a Way out of the impasse Over the Meech Lake constitutional Accord before a june 23 deadline. A we still remain apart on some key issues a Manitoba Premier Gary Filmon told reporters outside the prime ministers residence. Filmon one of three a a holdout premiers remained Adamant that Quebec abandon its demand for a veto Over Senate Reform in Exchange for Manitoba a endorsement of the Accord. A if we do not see the changes that we believe Are absolutely essential then we will not proceed with Meech Lake in the Manitoba legislature a he said. Manitoba a Premier however said he believed Mulroney should still Call a conference of All premiers As a last ditch bid to resolve the dispute. Mulroney has favored such a conference Only if he believed there was a Chance of Success. Quebec has refused to sign the 1982 Constitution which broke Canadas last colonial ties with Britain. The Meech Lake Accord signed in 1987 with the aim of making French speaking Quebec a willing partner in the confederation expires june 23 if not passed by All the provinces. Adoption of the Accord would entrench Quebec a right to protect and promote its culture As a a distinct critics fear the Accord gives Quebec too much Power. Sixty percent of Quebe cers in a recent poll suggested they would be prepared to separate. Three contentious issues appear to remain unresolved provincial vetoes on Senate Reform the effect of recognizing Quebec As a distinct society and the Federal governments proposed role in promoting linguistic duality across Canada. 107-102win Bull players celebrate near the end of their 107-102 Victory saturday Over the Detroit Piston. Deny Herald photo Vince Pierre it was the Roar of Celebration that replaced Michael Jordan a sound of silence saturday As the Chicago bulls gagged the Detroit pistons with a 107-102 Victory at Chicago stadium. Jordan scored 47 Points and Scottie Pippen had 29 Points and la rebounds As the bulls rebounded from a 14-Point deficit the third Quarter to win. The Victory sliced Detroit a Lead in Best of seven Eastern conference final to 2-1. Jordan who Cut off Contact with the Media after his team fell behind 2-0 in the series broke his silence after the inspiring and crucial Victory. A we did not lose Faith a Jordan said. A we did everything we had to do Down the stretch to win the Ball full coverage in sports

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