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Arlington Heights Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Newspaper Archives May 2 1980, Page 27

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Arlington Heights Daily Herald (Newspaper) - May 2, 1980, Arlington Heights, Illinois The daily Herald Friday May 2, 1980 Section 3�?5 Diane Mermigas television to int giving whole picture on Iran crisis after spending four dangerous and harried Days in Tehran this week wbb to Anchorman Bill Kurtis is convinced american television news coverage of the iranian crisis is misleading incomplete and a jingoistic Al by leading us Down the line to the 39-year-old newsman made the harsh condemnation thursday Only hours after returning from the kind of Plum assignment that is every journalists dream. Kurtis was in Paris and on his Way to Pakistan to research a Story about drugs a week ago when the world Learned of the United states foiled attempt to Rescue american hostages being held in Iran. With the Aid of an influential iranian . Citizen living in Tehran Kurtis obtained a four Day visa on sunday although iranian authorities Are refusing to renew or Issue visas to american newsmen. The opportune timing allowed Kurtis and a lbs network cameraman to film the desecration of american servicemen killed in the aborted Rescue Effort the bombings that rocked Central Tehran and even More important a Side of iranian life that Kurtis says americans have been a cheated of a i work in the business and i went there with an image of ancient Persia with people chanting and protesting in the streets. Its the image that a been created by television during the five months we be lived with the hostage situation a he said. A i get to Tehran and find a modern City very much like Chicago with skyscrapers and traffic in the streets. I talk to the people and find out that they All done to hate americans and that they All done to agree with the holding of the hostages a Kurtis said. A a in a afraid television has created a War mentality with hostile images of a people and a country that there is another Side Kurtis acknowledges that television journalists largely Are hampered by time constraints. A maybe television has not shown us the whole picture just because there is Only enough time to skim the headlines a he a but we done to need any More pictures of shouting demonstrators and people protesting outside the american embassy. That constant pounding night after night Hasni to allowed for much focus on trying to understand the background of the country its people everything we done to see that is part of the broader picture Kurtis statements Are especially bold considering he is one of the highest paid local Anchorman in the country and the Only one allowed to work for the network. Kurtis who was a West coast based lbs network news correspondent for three years in the Early 1970s, is a substitute Anchor on the lbs a a morning newscast and contributes reports to a sunday morning and the a a lbs evening there is speculation that he May return full time to network news when his Channel 2 contract expires in May 1981. In that sense Kurtis timely Middle East visit was not Only a coup for Channel 2 since he is the Only Chicago to newsman to make it into Ira but an important personal achievement. Kurtis will expound on his mostly Telephone filed reports from Tehran in a special three part report on wbb tvs 6 and to . Newscasts beginning monday. Several of the reports also will air on cd so a sunday morning this weekend or next. The series will focus on a the More human Side of the iranian situation Kurtis said. It will explore the reasons for iranians hatred of the deposed Shah the inseparability of religion and politics and the sources that financed last years revolution. In a completely separate report Kurtis will probe the recent drug death of an iranian student residing in Omaha Nebraska and the reckless use of drugs which Are being filtered into the United states from the Middle East. A what i Hope we can do is expose another layer of the Story Over there to further american understanding a Kurtis said. Kurtis said the iranian government prevented him and other newsmen from speaking with the militants american hostages or iranian officials. Satellite transmitted news reports and tapes were censored. A the government does no to like american journalists because they done to think their Side of the Story is being told a he said. For a moment tuesday in the crowded streets of Tehran Kurtis said he was frightened by the blast of bombs planted by iranian rebels who Are calling for the overthrow of the Ayatollah Khomeini. Later that Day an angry mob shouting a death to american assailed Kurtis and his cameramen while they were filming. A local policeman sheltered the newsmen in a store until the crowd dispersed. Those were the times i came closest to fearing for my life while i was there a said Kurtis who skirted similar danger several months ago in Saigon. It was there reporting on the orphans of american military men and vietnamese women Kurtis arranged to have documented evidence in the form of letters and photographs smuggled out of the country for an american state department investigation. Win to is one of 30 nationwide Independent television stations which will broadcast and contribute to a nightly half hour newscast premiering june 9, produced by the newly formed Independent network news. The National newscast the first noncommercial network broadcast of its kind most Likely will air mondays through fridays from 9 to 9 30 . As part of a special hour Long news show Channel 9 debuted March to. The station will reduce its local evening newscast to a half hour which is expected to air from 9 30 to to . The National newscast will be anchored from Independent station Pix to in York by the stations leading anchors Pat Harper Bill Jorgensen and Steve Bosh. The newscast will be satellite fed to cooperating stations which will serve As bureaus for the news network. The news show will reach an estimated 40 million households. The $6 million a year venture is being financed by the Sale of three minutes of National advertising in the 30 major markets where the member stations Are based. General foods and Bristol Meyers Are two of several major National advertisers who have agreed to Purchase one or More 30-second commercials each night of the newscast for the first year. A this was our original intention when we started the one hour news in March a a win to official said thursday. A we continue to improve our own news operation with electronic gathering equipment and staff because we will be contributing to this newscast As if we were doing it All ourselves. This can Only strengthen our news ability and allow us to devote More time to local events in the second half the commercial networks also Are facing stiff Competition from Ted Turners 24-hour Cable network news which premieres june i and will be broadcast on most of the country a 1,400 Cable systems. A Diane Mermigas invite Lee amp eddies to your Host communion party. A special moment deserves a very special Lee amp Eddie s will make your party an unforgettable event. Bakery fresh hand decorated cakes and one of our Brand Buffet menus will create the party your family St friends will remember. Call us and ask about a party to fit your budget. The party makers Karen Scott 832-8800 visa Ltd master charge accepted today on to a Academy award Winner Sally Field stars As a troubled teen in the 1971 film a a in la come Home in the Spring at 3 30 . On Channel 7. A the animated cartoon character a Cdr. Seuss has a romantic escapade with an arabian Princess at 7 30 . On Channel 7. A Irwin Allens 1974 Oscar winning film a the towering inferno returns to television less than six months after it first aired on Abc. Part one of the thriller starring Paul Newman Robert Vaughn and an All Star cast airs at 8 . On Channel 5. A George Segal Kris Kristofferson and Marsha Mason Star in the 1973 film a Blume in love a about a Beverly Hills lawyer who fights to win Back his sex wife at 8 . On Channel 7. A Abc presents a musical song and dance tribute to saturdays a Kentucky Derby at 10 30 . On Channel 7. Friday May 2, 1980 program listings Channel 2 wb8m to lbs Channel 5 a May to no Channel 7 wis to Abc Channel 9 win to find Channel i1 a Tow pcs Channel 26 Ciu find i Channel 32 Weld and Channel 44 wins find i television notes a Abc claims its late night a saturday night live styled Experiment a fridays a has averaged a 7.4 rating and 24 percent of the National audience since it premiered last month. Ifs doing slightly better than reruns of a a Charlies a Angels did in that same time period before the change. A Russ Ewing a exclusive prison interview with convicted mass murderer John Wayne Gacy will continue to be featured today on a May tvs to . News. One of the conditions of the interview was that Gacy would not appear on camera. A the Tupelo miss., based National federation for decency May have gone a Little too far in its efforts to keep television clean. The group has named . Reynolds inc. The a porno pushing advertisers of the year after completing a Survey of advertisers in selected pornographic magazines including Playboy Hustler and Penthouse. The organization even has published a list of the top 35 a porno advertisers which it is circulating hoping to do the same for the print Media that it has for the tube. The National federation two years ago pressured Sears and Roebuck to remove its sponsorship of such a a jiggle to series As a a Charlies a Angels and a a three a a Mike Leiderman the Fine sports reporter whose a May to Bosses will release when his current contract expires in june is being considered by the Abc network As a possible replacement for Dick Schaap who was presenting sports reports and features on no cd a weekend a nightly news and a today show up until a month ago. Leiderman also is talking with officials from channels 2 and 7 about possible employment. 12 00 g noon break 0 Days of our lives o All my children o bozos circus of Lowell Thomas remembers a local news �,8 underdog cd Wacky races 12 15 63 most Active stocks commodities 12 20 63 ask an expert 12 30 o search for tomorrow cd Over easy a Tennessee Tuxedo cd three stooges 12 50 a earning report 1 00 0 As the world turns g the doctors o one life to live o bewitched cd Dick Cavett 63 local news a the courtship of eddies father cd Dinah amp friends 1 05 a Market Basket 1 30 0 another world o love american style cd movie a above us the Waves by ask an expert a Lucy show 2 00 o guiding Light o general Hospital o love american style by local news a Beverly Hillbillies 2 30 o family affair by ask an expert a Magilla Gorilla cd get smart 3 00 g one Day at a time 0 password plus 0 Edge of night q bugs Bunny amp friends a local news cd Bonanza a Casper 6 30 o $100,000 name that go spectre Man tune 3 15 a most Active stocks o Carol Burnett amp 3 20 a Market wrap up friends 3 30 0 match game a Macneil Lehrer q newlywed game report o movie a information 26 a maybe i ii come Home Fol All in the family in the Spring 7 00 0 incredible Hulk a id mister Rogers 0 Here a Boomer a Ruff House o Benji at work a spider Man o baseball cd Speed racer Chicago cubs at Cincin 4 00 0 Jim Rockford Nati reds private investigator i cd Washington week in 0 Mary Tyler Moore review 0 Gilligan s Island Fol la Criada Bien d sesame Street Criada a Chicago today a joker s wild a Woody Woodpecker cd sports spotlight cd space giants 7 15 cd on deck 4 30 o local news 7 30 o the facts of life 0 i dream of Jeannie o or. Seuss Pont Oftel a Black s View of the pock where Are you news cd Wall Street week Fri Tom amp Jerry a i secrete Ria cd leave it to Beaver Fol play the percentages 4 45 a today a racing cd baseball 5 00 0 o local news 8 00 0 Dukes of hazzard r 0 my three sons 0 movie cd 3-2-1 Contact a towering inferno Quot a los Ricos Tamzien o movie Loran a Blume in love a the Brady Bunch cd Chicago week in cd Gong show review 5 30 too network news a to Mejor Del Cine 0 Good times Espanol cd or. Who a tic tac dough a la Otra Mujer 8 30 cd Japan the a Happy Days again changing tradition cd dating game a Merv Griffin 6 00 too local news 9 00 0 Dallas it no o Welcome Back go Japan the k Otter changing tradition cd Over easy 9 30 cd China the land of a Sanford amp son my father 10 00 too local news o Maude of Dick Cavett �3 information 26 pm a so 10 15 cd baseball report 10 30 o Aba playoffs o tonight show o Friday night live at the Kentucky Derby o prisoner of Ceil Block h cd great performances 63 Yara Fol Benny Hill us 11 of o movie Quot the 11 30� talk cd 700 club 11 40 o Friday night 12 00 0 Midnight special a cd Roger Corman Hollywood a wild Angel 12 40 o movie a what s up Tiger Lily a 100 o pock concert cd captioned Abc news cd movie empty Canvas 1 25 o local news 1 30 o everyman 1 55 o movie Quot the Blob a a 2 of 0 today in Chicago 2 22 o reflections 2 30 o local news 0 meditation 2 45 o common ground 3 00 cd movie a the fast kill Quot 3 15 o local news 3 20 o the Fri 4 20 o Daniel Boone 4 39 cd movie Quot smash up Alley Quot movies excellent a a a a Good a a a fair poor 9 00 0 Scudda Hoo Scudda Hay a 48 drama until 11 of Young Man gets a mule fever a a and his two mules prove to be a pair of cupids winning him the girl he loves and her father s respect not Only for him but for his mules too june Haver Walter Brennan Lon Mccalster. 1 30 cd above us the Waves a a to 56 action until 3 30 an operation to destroy German battleships is set up and carried through by midget submarines John Mills John Gregson Donald Sinden James Robertson Justice 3 30 o maybe i la come Home in the Spring 70 drama until 5 of made for to. A teenage runaway returns Home and desperately tries to rebuild her life in her parents world Eleanor Parker Jackie Cooper Sally Field. 8 00 0 towering inferno a part 1 of 2 74 action until 10 00 during a dedication Celebration of the world s tallest building in san Francisco a fire Breaks out trapping celebratory on the 138th floor of the blazing skyscraper and there seems to be no Way to Stop the inferno Steve Mcqueen Paul Newman William Holden Faye Dunaway o Blume in love a 73 drama until 10 00 in Venice a divorced lawyer reflects on the things that led to the destruction of his marriage As he ponders ways to win his Wile Back 11 00 o the unforgiven amp 60 Western until 1 25 two close families become involved in a feud with Savage Kiowa indians who claim As their own the adopted daughter of one of the families 12 40 0 what s up Tiger Lily 66 comedy until 2 22 Woody Allen dubbed a soundtrack on this japanese Camp comedy spy spoof in which an International plot devel Ops to steal the recipe for the Best egg salad in the world. Woody Allen Tatsuya Ihashi 1 00 cd empty Canvas by 64 drama until 3 00 1 55 o the Blob 58 science fiction until 3 15. 4 39 de smash up Alley 73 drama until 6 13 a True Story of two Stock car racers father and son. Lee and Richard Petty the pettys relive the Early Days of their growing taste for Speed and daring and the Many times father and son battled each other on the course Darren Mega pm. Noah Beery or Richard Petty today on radio 12 10 . Obez 91.5 pm a Dorothy Lamour movie actress and author of Dorothy Lamour my Side of the Road or. Lester Fisher director of Lincoln Park zoo and Arnaud de Bor chg rave assistant editor of Newsweek Are Sondra Gair s guests on a live at Lawryn a Quot restaurant. 1 15 . Wbb 780 am a Dale goday coauthor with Molly Cochran of dressing thin offers tips on How a wardrobe can create a slimming optical illusion. 7 . Won 720 am a baseball Between the Chicago cubs and the reds in Cincinnati. 7 15 . 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