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Arlington Heights Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Newspaper Archives May 2 1980, Page 1

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Arlington Heights Daily Herald (Newspaper) - May 2, 1980, Arlington Heights, Illinois To oat by hero Darlington Heights edition news for Nei new chicago108th year a paddock publications Friday May 2,1980 5 sections�?25 cents i recommended to colonel up photo col. Charles Beckwith Washington a col. Charles Beckwith the Tough talking army commando Leader said thursday he recommended a without hesitation a the cancellation of last weeks hostage Rescue raid in Iran because the breakdown of three helicopters made it too risky. Speaking to reporters for the first time since the Mission was scrubbed Beckwith made Clear he had no doubts his recommendation was Correct although he obviously was disappointed that Long months of preparation were wasted. The 51-year-old commander of the 90-Man army Marine commando strike Force bristled when asked about reports stating he wanted to proceed with the Mission even though he had Only five usable helicopters one below what planners had fixed As a Safe minimum. A a in a not about to be a party to a half Assed loading of a Bunch of aircraft and going up and murdering a Bunch of Fine soldiers a Beckwith told Pentagon reporters. A a in a not that kind of a Beckwith said everything went smoothly up to the Point when the commandos arrived at a lonely desert position for refuelling although he had heard on the radio of the c-130 transport plane in which he was Riding that two of eight helicopters had dropped out. Then he said he was told by the Pilot of one of the helicopters at the desert staging site that the machine had developed Hydraulic problems. Beckwith said he quickly conferred with the Overall commander on the scene an air Force colonel and said a my recommendation is to his recommendation was the crucial one because he would Lead the next critical stages of the operation a movement of his commandos from the desert to a Mountain hideout about too Miles from Tehran and then the next night into the City by truck to try to snatch 53 american hostages from their captors. Beckwith said there was a a Little discussion with the air Force colonel in charge. He stressed that a it was planned that if we did no to have sufficient helicopters wed Beckwith has been kept under wraps and it is known that senior army officials wanted to shield him from possible but defense superiors obviously overrode army objections in order to dispel rumours that Beckwith wanted to continue the Mission had been overruled and was planning to retire. Asked about such reports Beckwith replied a pure Beckwith is a Veteran of 27 �2 years of army service including three in Vietnam. He has been the Leader of an elite anti terrorist unit called Delta since its formation about two years ago at fort Bragg . Beckwith s vivid account of the dramatic events in the pre Dawn darkness of the iranian desert and of his role in the decision to cancel the Mission tended to Back up versions offered by president Carter defense Sec. Harold Brown and Gen. David Jones chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. As for the feelings of his own men about cancellation of the operation Beckwith said he did not detect objections among them while in the desert a that everybody was too Busy scrambling to get off the ground before Daylight. But Beckwith said that after the commandos returned to the United states it was Clear that a a lot of people were very unhappy in his unit. At one Point apparently sometime after the evacuation had gotten off the ground Beckwith said a i sat there and he gave every impression although he did not say so directly that he had Faith the Mission would have been successful. He replied with a Crisp a no sir when asked if he would have done anything different Given the Opportunity to do it again. Although he would not talk about details of How the actual Rescue would have been accomplished he did say his men carried no chemical weapons Only what he called a straightforward equipment a handguns and m-16 automatic rifles. Beckwith said he became a bit impatient when the helicopters were late in arriving at the desert rendezvous. After six helicopters were on the ground Beckwith said he hustled out to the chopper commander and urged him to a get cracking a loading them with commandos in preparation for Takeoff to beat the Onset of Dawn. Shortly afterwards Beckwith said he Learned from one of the pilots that his machine was not flyable and the Force was Down to five one below the minimum. After receiving a go ahead to end the Mission and evacuate the Force on the ground scurried about in an Effort to get everybody and As much equipment As possible into the departing aircraft Beckwith said. Then came the collision of a helicopter with a c-130 As the chopper was Topping off its fuel tanks resulting in what Beckwith called a one hell of a eight Marine and air Force crewmen died in the helicopter and the c-130. Asked Why efforts were not made to take out the bodies of the eight dead Beckwith said a i done to think its very prudent to endanger the living to bring out the dead. I increase in crime forecast by Toni Ginnetti her Ald staff writer a steadily increasing crime rate coupled with More Petty crimes As the Economy worsens could hit suburban Cook county especially hard in the coming months the Chicago crime commission warned thursday. Figures released by the commission show the number of both violent crimes and property crimes Are continuing to increase in the suburbs although the incidence of violent crimes still is far below that of the City of Chicago. Of seven major categories of crime Only two robbery and theft registered declines from 1978 to 1979. The remaining categories showed substantial increases including 59 percent More murders 47 percent More rapes 13 percent More aggregated assaults 7 percent More burglaries and 14 percent More Auto thefts. In Chicago the number of murders increased by 9 percent rape by 23 percent aggravated assault by 5 percent and Auto theft by 5 percent. Patrick f. Healy the commissions executive director attributed the suburban crime pattern to the mobility of the population. A fall you have to do is read some of the suburban arrest sheets and see where the people Are from a he said. A it Only takes a minute to jump in a car and get out. A a it a amazing the increase in murder and rape in the suburbs As compared to the City although they Are Low frequency crimes so a few More can mean a great percentage. But the trend has been the increase. Its not news to us and we expect that to continue. A unfortunately with the Way the Economy is going i believe Well see More incidences of Petty crimes. I think the next Batch of figures will reflect Healy said the trend will be doubly hard on the suburbs adding a i think the suburbs will have to take Stock to see if their police manpower is keep continued on Page 3 May Day protest. Chicago police Collar an unidentified Demontra ers party on state Street thursday. Some too group members de Tor at a May Day protest held by the revolutionary communist work bounced american imperialism and carried red flags. Dec in 1 a i h a super Derby super moment one of four California horses entered in. Saturday s Kentucky Derby is attracting plenty of interest from a horsemen and handicappers. A sports Hud a slush fund a congressional audit thursday uncovered what one congressman called a multimillion Dollar a slush fund Quot in the dept. Of housing and Urban development a sect. 2, Page i recession talk president Carter said thursday the nation has a turned the Corners on inflation but two former administration economists disagreed. A Page 3iran saboteurs mysterious saboteurs who Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini says Are directed by Washington struck again in Iran thursday. A Page 3sun at last of sol will emerge As temperatures climb Back into the 70s. Cloudy tonight but sunny again saturday with highs Low to mid 70s. A Page 2 the Index is on Page 2. May Day rallies erupt in violence from Herald news services communist organized May Day rallies erupted into violent clashes nationwide thursday while in Moscow ambassadors of at least 16 nations boycotted that Celebration in protest of soviet intervention in Afghanistan. Masses of Flag waving soviet workers filed past their leaders and across red Square in celebrations despite the Boycott. As if in response to the diplomatic Boycott the soviets paraded a float about Afghanistan depicting an outraged world Public carrying a sign a written in English a Reading a Chi Nese american a inspirations a hands off a sign in russian read a Stop the interference of imperialistic forces in across the United states Heads were bloodied and group arrests made in an Effort to maintain peace Between supporters and opponents of a workers revolution. Some 75 arrests and two dozen injuries were reported in Battles that broke out Between police demonstrators and counter demonstrators where May Day marches were held to Mark the 92nd anniversary of a world labor conference called in support of Shorter work Days. Most of the protesters were members of the revolutionary May Day committee of the revolutionary communist party a maoist oriented group that has staged demonstrations around the country in the past few months including a takeover of the Alamo. The bloodiest clash was in los Angeles where police used clubs to prevent some 200 marchers from violating traffic regulations. A total of 28 marchers were arrested at least a dozen of whom were beaten to the ground by police. In Chicago 13 persons were arrested during a March through the Loop that followed a noisy demonstration by More than too people at the Daley Center Plaza. The Large crowd that gathered at the downtown Plaza waved red flags carried signs and chanted slogans denouncing . Imperialism. Of those arrested during the subsequent March 12 were charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of Justice police said. One of the 12 also was charged with Battery and another person was charged with aggravated Battery officials said. In Detroit members of the group charged into Mumford High school and disrupted classes. Some students ran outside and overturned one of the demonstrators cars. Police arrested la demonstrators. In another confrontation about 30 members of the group marched through downtown Atlanta to Hurt Park where they engaged in a shouting match with onlookers. Police broke up a Brief shoving match that started when the group burned an american Flag a communist speaker made a futile attempt to speak to the crowd but his voice was drowned out by helicopters flying overhead and shouts of a go Home. Commie go Home and the singing of a god bless some 50 revolutionary communist party members marched four Miles in Cincinnati but abandoned plans for a downtown rally after being confronted by several Hundred pro America demonstrators who tossed eggs and tried to rip their flags away. In Portland ore., police formed a human Chain to separate 50 american revolutionary communist party members and counter demonstrators when a Melee erupted Between the two groups in a downtown Park. Cleveland office workers threw rocks bottles and eggs at about 50 demonstrators. Several fist fights broke out but no arrests were reported. Gunmen renew threats at Iran embassy London up a three gunmen holed up in the iranian embassy thursday renewed their threat to kill themselves and at least 16 iranian hostages unless Iran frees 91 Arab prisoners. Iran warned it would retaliate by killing one prisoner for every hostage who died. But the gunmen who identified themselves As ethnic arabs from Southern Iran let several deadlines against the lives of their captives pass and police played Down the threat that the hostages would be killed. The gunmen were believed to be holding 19 hostages a 16 iranians and three others. But a police spokesman said there might be More than that adding at least two and perhaps three britons were among them. Scotland Yard comr. Sir David Mcnee said he told the gunmen a it is not within our Power to meet All your demands and appealed to them to a remain a we Are going to treat this in a very quiet patient Way. It is our aim to resolve the situation without loss of life and within the Law a Mcnee said. But in Iran president Abolhassan Bani Sadr told a May Day rally that the islamic regime was a prepared to accept the martyrdom of our Brothers in England but will not submit to blackmail and release the Arab prisoners. His warning came after Iran a foreign minister threatened to kill one Arab prisoner for every iranian hostage the gunmen killed. Hamburgers were sent into the floodlit embassy in the evening and a police spokesman said negotiations were continuing with the gunmen continuing to set deadlines but being a a flexible about them. Earlier the terrorists freed a sick British hostage to show their a a humanity and said they would not take the lives of the remaining non iranian hostages including a British television sound Man a London policeman and a lebanese journalist. The first two deadlines at 6 a m. And 8 a m. Cd came and went with More than 150 policeman and Scotland Yard detectives surrounding the embassy bracing for the worst. The gunmen who stormed the embassy wednesday had threatened twice to blow up the building and everyone inside it including themselves unless iranian authorities free 91 Arab political prisoners being held in Khz Estan in Southern Iran. Scotland Yard ordered workers and residents in nearby buildings to open their windows to keep any explosion from shattering Glass. A horde of reporters took cover leaving their microphones pointed at the ornate White colonnaded building to catch the sound of the blast. The Only noise was the incessant chanting of about too iranians demonstrating nearby indignant that their embassy had been seized and blaming it on president Carter. There was a scuffle with police when the demonstrators tried to tear Down a Banner saying a release the yank hostages Hung from a nearby window. One policeman was injured and several demonstrators were arrested. The embassy gunmen who said they were members of a the group of the Martyr a did not set another deadline after the second one passed. But they renewed their threats to kill the hostages unless iranian authorities at least acknowledge a they Are negotiating their demands with the British in Tehran foreign minister Sadegh Ghotb Zadeh told the gunmen that a if any of the embassy staff members Are harmed an equal number of the prisoners will be tried summarily and

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