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Arlington Heights Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Newspaper Archives Mar 30 2015, Page 3

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Arlington Heights Daily Herald (Newspaper) - March 30, 2015, Arlington Heights, IllinoisPage 2 Section 1 daily Herald monday March 30, 2015 a big picture want to subscribe missing a paper Call 847 427-4333 by 9 . Or go to and Click on customer services. Send tips to . Contact us rest Home residents Bare All for Calendar Akron Ohio the stars of a Charity Calendar Are in their 80s and 90s, but that did not Stop the men and women from an assisted living facility in Ohio from showing a Little skin. Miss March a hons 88, wears a Green top hat and not much else in the Calendar from pleas ant Pointe assisted living and the Centrefolds Are two women in their 90s playing poker with strategically placed oversized cards. Administrator Teresa Morris told the Akron Beacon journal that the residents were clearly having fun the morning the photos were taken. The residents were like 20-year-Olds giggling and having the time of their lives Morris said. Money from the $12 calendars goes toward a fund providing shoes for schoolchildren in the City of Barberton. A residents Wilma Purvis 94, to Pyle 90, and Sylvia Palcic 87, pose for the photo that appears on the cover of pleasant Pointe assisted living Charity Calen Dar. Associated press Halifax Nova Scotia an air Canada plane made a hard Landing Short of the run Way at the Halifax Airport Dur ing a snowstorm crashing into a Bank of antennas and Shear ing off its main Landing gear nose Cone and an engine As it skidded on its belly officials said. The airline said sunday that 25 people were taken to hospitals for observation and treatment minor injuries. The airline said flight ac624, an Airbus 320 that left Toronto late saturday had 133 passengers and five Crew members. Air Canada said the aircraft landed in Stormy conditions at 12 43 . Sunday. They touched Down 1,100 feet Short of the runway so id say they re pretty Lucky Mike Cunningham a regional Man Ager for Canadas transport safety Board said during a new conference. Cunningham said the plane hit an Antenna array Shear ing the main Landing gear off before sliding on its belly onto the runway for another 1,100 feet before coming to a Stop. Cunningham said there was significant damage to the plane and could not Rule out weather As a Factor. He also said he believes a Power line was severed which led to a loss of Power at the Airport. Air Canada chief operating officer Klaus Goersch said 25 people were taken to local hospitals and All but one of them were released. All of us at air Canada Are greatly relieved that there have been no critical injuries As a result of this incident he said. The transportation safety Board provided pictures that showed significant damage to Thep Langwith the nose torn off Anda engine crumpled under damaged Wing. This was not a hard land ing. This was an actual crash said Mike Magnus a 60-year old businessman who was sit Ting in the first Row. It was the closest Ive Ever came to death. There is no doubt in my mind. Obviously thatus some political mane vering. Magnu added that the Snow covering the runway Likely extinguished any Sparks that might have caused the plane to catch fire. Power went off at the air port. Nova Scotia Power later Tweeter that Power had been restored. Cpl. Greg Church of the Royal Canadian mounted police said a Power line South of the runway was damaged. Halifax Stanfield International Airport spokesman Peter Spur Way credited the Crew an Pas sengers for evacuating the . We just kicked the doors out and jumped onto the Wing and then ran because we just wanted to get away from the air plane in Case of explosions or anything said Dominic Stettler a father of three. Some passengers complained they were left stand ing on the Tarmac some in their stocking feet for up to 50 minutes As they were lashed by wind whipped Snow before buses arrived. People were just Happy to be alive but after a while it got tiresome having to wait outside in the freezing cold. I Only had Golf shirt on Magnus said. Spurway said the Airport is reviewing its response. The Halifax Region was under a snowfall warning with an environment Canada Alert saying visibility May be suddenly reduced at times in heavy Snow. Goersch air Canadas chief operating offi cer said the weather was appropriate for Landing. It was Safe to Fly in this weather. The aircraft did Cir Cle for a period of time but when the approach was initiated the weather was at the approach limits Goersch said during a news conference. The weather was appropriate for Landing. Harrowing Landing in Halifax Courte s y o f the Tran s Portal Ion s a f Ety Board of Canada an air Canada Jet sustained significant damage while trying to land Early sunday in Halifax. Associated press new York emergency workers found two bodies sunday in the mass of rubble left behind when three apart ment buildings collapsed Dur ing an apparent Gas explosion and fire in manhattans East Village police said. Officials investigating thurs Days explosion in which 22 people were injured including four critically suspect some one May have improperly tapped Gas line serving on of the buildings. Authorities Shadeen looking for signs of two missing men both believed to have been inside a ground floor sushi restaurant at the time of the explosion 26-year-old Moises Lucon who worked at the restaurant and 23-year-old Nich Olas Figueroa a Bowling Alley worker who had been there on Date. The names of the two dead were not immediately released. But a spokesman for the Figueroa family con firmed to reporters at the City medical examiners office that Figueroas body was pulled froth wreckage. Its very hard. The family is distraught. They Are going Home now to prepare the funeral arrangements Awilda Cordero told thedia Lyness. Earlier sunday several members of Figueroas fam ily visited the blast site holding Flowers an crying. Figueroas brother Neal leaned Over barricades and shouted pleas to emergency workers hers a Strong Man i know hers in there dont give up . Bodies recovered from rubble world & nation in 60 seconds associated press Indianapolis Indiana gov. Mike Pence defended the new state Law thatus garnered widespread criticism Over concerns it could Foster discrimination against Gays and lesbians and said Sun Day it a snot mistake to have enacted it. Pence appeared on abcs this week with George Steph Nopoulos to Dis cuss the measure he signed last week prohibiting state Laws that substantially Bur Den a persons ability to Fol Louhis or her religious beliefs. The definition of person includes religious institutions businesses and associations. Since the Republican governor signed the Bill into Law thursday Indiana has been widely criticized by Busi Nesses and organizations around the nation As Well As on social Media with the has tag Boycott Indiana. Already consumer review service Angies list has said it will suspend a planned expansion in Indianapolis because of the new Law. Pence did not answer directly when asked at least six times whether under the Law it would be Legal for a merchant to refuse to serve Gay customers. This is not about discrimination this is about empowering people to confront government Over reach he said. Asked again he said look the Issue Here is still is tolerance a two Way Street or not. Sexual orientation is not covered under India nays civil rights Law. Pence has said he wont be pursuing that. The governor told the Indi Anapolis Star on saturday that he was in discussions with legislative leaders Over the weekend and expects a clarification Bill to be introduced in the com ing week. He addressed that Sun Day saying if the Gen eral Assembly. Sends me a Bill that adds a Section that reiterates and amplifies and clarifies what the Law really is and what it has been for the last 20 years then ism open to that. But Pence was Adamant that the measure slated to take effect in july will stick. Were not going to change this Law he said. Some National Gay rights groups say its a Way for lawmakers in Indiana and several other states where such Bills have Bee proposed this year to essentially Grant a state sanctioned waiver for discrimination As the nations highest court prepares Tomull the Gay marriage question. Supporters of the Law including Pence contend discrimination claims Are Over blown and insist it will keep the government from com Pelling people to provide ser vices they find objectionable on religious grounds. They also maintain courts a vent allowed discrimination under similar Laws covering the fed eral government and 19 other states. Arkansas is poised to follow in India nays footsteps with a final vote expected next week in the House on legis lation that Republican gov. Asa Hutchinson has said hell sign. Josh Earnest president Barack of amass spokesman appeared on this week just after Pence and said the debate Isnit a political argument. If you have to go Back two decades to try to justify what you re doing today it May raise questions Earnest said referring to the 1993 Federal Law Pence brought up. He added that Pence is in damage control Mode this morning and hers got some damage to fix. Indiana governor defends new Law its about empowering people not discrimination Pence says Mike Pence associated press Sharmel sheikh Egypt a two Day Arab Summit ended sunday with a vow to defeat iranian backed Shi Ite rebels in Yemen and the formal unveiling of plans to form a joint Arab intervention Force setting the stage for a potentially dangerous clash states and Tehran Over influence in the Region. Arab leaders taking turns to address the gathering spoke repeatedly of the threat posed to the regions Arab identity by what they called moves by foreign or outside Par ties to Stoke sectarian ethnic or religious rivalries in Arab states All thinly veiled references to Iran which has in recent years consolidated its hold in Iraq Syria Lebanon Andino Yemen. The summits final com Munique made similarly vague references but the Arab league chief Nabil Elar Aby was unequivocal during a news conference later sin gling out Iran for what he said was its intervention in Many nations. A Summit Resolution said the newly unveiled joint Arab defense Force would be deployed at the request of any Arab nation facing a National Security threat and that it would also be used to combat terrorist groups. The agreement came As . And other Western diplomats were pushing to meet a tues Day deadline to reach a Deal with Iran that would restrict its nuclear program in Exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions. The saudis and their allies in the Gulf fear that a nuclear Deal Between Washington and Tehran will free Iranus hands to bolster its influence in places like Syria Lebanon Iraq and in sunni ruled Bah rain which has a shiite major Ity. They believe the air Campaign in Yemen and a joint Arab Force would empower them to stand up to what they see As Iranus bullying. The United states has sought to offer reassurances that a nuclear Deal does not mean that Washington will aban Don them but they remain sceptical. The Louthis swept Down from their Northern Strong holds last year and Cap tured yemenis capital Sanaa in september. Embattled yemeni president Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi fled the country last week As the rebels closed in. A saudi led coalition began bombing Yemen on thurs Day saying it was targeting the Louthis and their allies. Arab leaders announce plans for joint defense a s soc i a t de pre s s Crews work to remove the rubble from collapsed buildings sunday in new York Cit yes East Village neighbourhood. The world tsunami warning issued Sydney powerful Earth quake rattled the South Pacific on monday prompting offi vials to issues tsunami warn ing for vast swathes of the Pacific Andas Farnor tharus sia.themagnitude-7.7 Earth quake struck at adept Hof 40 Miles about 30miles Southeast of the . Nigerians vote amid violence Abuja Nigeria Boko Hara fighters attacked poll stations Ria in Anoil Theroun started fora presi dental election to close Socall. Voting continued Uncertain techno people contest Rich race Jonathan,a57-year-Oldchris Tian froth South and former Bihari 72, . The nation Fiorina goes after Clinton Washington former technology executive Carly Fiorina says she Ismore than 90 percent Likely to seek the Republican presidential Nomi nation. And she is questioning the Confidence people can have in Likely democratic contender Hill Ary Fox news sunday Fiorina challenged several Clinton com ments including saying she used a personal email account for because it would be easier to carry one device than two. Fiorina who has attacked Clinton before is for Merceo of the Hewlett Packard co. She lost a 2010california race for . Senate. Obama golfs with moguls pal City Dent Barac Obama teed off Trio of Oil and private equity moguls. Obama was joined for his round of Golf sunday by Jim Crane Amajor democratic donor who also owns the Houston astros and is a player in the Texas Energy Industry. Also Knob amass foursome was Milto Carroll who is on the Board of directors of Halliburt ton. Private equity investor Glen Hutchins rounded out the presidents a partial owner of the Boston celtics. Rare trove of civil War images Houston housewife Hohas quietly collected Mareci Filwar images for 50 years has sold More than 500 Early photo graphs to the Library of con Library announced the acquisition from87-year old Robin Stanford on Sun Day and is placing the first 77 images online. Some scenes offer a rare glimpse of slave life in the South from images made by Confederate photog Price was not disclosed. Carly Fiorina

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