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Arlington Heights Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Newspaper Archives Jun 18 2015, Page 3

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Arlington Heights Daily Herald (Newspaper) - June 18, 2015, Arlington Heights, IllinoisThe world is bombings in Yemen Sanaa Yemen series of islamic state claimed bomb Ings in yemenis rebel con trolled capital killed at least four people an wounded 60wednesday night amid the country is online claim if True would further complicate the ongo ing conflict in Yemen that pits shiite rebels known As Louthis and breakaway army units against an array of often rival forces including local tribesmen loyalists to the exiled president Abedrabbo Mansour and Al Qai Damioli Cameon the eve of the holy month of Ramadan when Radical sunni militants around the Region often escalate their attacks against shiites whom they View As heretics bag of bombs explodes Bauchi Nigeria a Large sack of Home made bombs discovered at an abandoned killing 63 people witnesses said wednesday of a toll Many times higher than in any recent attack in Northeast explosive were foundry civilian self defense fighter who carried the bag objects to the nearby said fighters including Haruna Bukar. A curious crowd Gath ered to inspect the bag which i Why there were Romany Vic Tim when it exploded said Bukar who witnessed the blast. Escaped Tiger kills Man Tbilisi Georgia a Tiger that escaped a flood rav aged zoo was shot dead in Central Tbilisi on wednesday after killing Ama working on disaster shocked residents of geor Gia three Days after flood ing destroyed the Cit yes zoo swept away Homes and killed at least 19 people. Zoo officials Are under fire for announcing tuesday that All the Ani Mal were accounted for and prosecutors opened a probe into the zoo swell regarded director. The nation Marine convicted of murder Cam Pendleton Calif. Amarine sergeant was con vice wednesday of murder ing an iraqi civilian in 2006, the second time military jury has returned a guilty verdict in what has become one of the most complicated and Long running criminal cases from the jury of three enlisted men and thre Emili tary officers found sgt. Law Renc Hutchins Iii guilty of unpremeditated murder. Second student arrested Newyork second col lege student was arrested on wednesday in the investigation of an alleged plot to sup port the islamic state group by using homemade explosives to targets. Feree Mumuni 21, was ordered Hel without bail on attempted murder charges accusing him of trying to kill an Fri agent with a Large Kitchen knife in a struggle while agents Howerde executing a search warrant at his Staten Island Home. Rotted Wood led to collapse Berkeley Cony collapse that killed six College students appears to have been caused by rotted wooden beams Berke Leys mayor said wednesday As the victims heartbroken loved ones began arriving in . From crowded fifth floor Balcony broke off an apartment building Dur ing a 21st-birthday party Early tuesday held by visiting Irish College students dumping 13 people 50 feet onto the pavement. A Call for Dolezal to resign Spokane, top Spokane officials have called for Rache Dolezal to resign immediately from the Eastern Washington Cit yes Volunteer police ombudsman commis Steppe Down this week As president of the local Acap chapter after her parents said shews White As Black. World & nation in 60 seconds want to subscribe missing a paper Call 847 427-4333 by 9 . Or go to and Click on customer services. Send tips to . Contact us Page 2 Section 1 daily Herald thursday june 18, 2015 a big picture Brian Williams the former face of Abc news who was suspended for six months in february after it came to Light that he had embellished a tale of his journalistic exploits during the Iraq War will return to Abc. He wont return to the 5 . Anchor desk. Can Money reported wednesday night that Williams replacement former lbs 2 Chicago Anchorman Lester Holt will remain Host of Abc nightly news once Williams suspension is Over. In nos report says Williams will have a new unspecified role at the network and that Abc is expected to make an announcement about that role today. Williams issued an on air apology on feb. 4 after a helicopter flight Engineer questioned the anchors Story of being on a chopper in Iraq that was forced Down after being hit by an Reg. The Engineer said the chopper carrying Williams arrived at least 30 minutes after three others had been attacked. Daily Herald report report Williams wont return to Abc nightly news by David Espo and Charles Babington associated press Washington president Barack Obama and top republicans in Congress joined forces wednes Day on a Quick bipartisan Rescue attempt for the administrations Trade Agenda left for dead in the House last week in a revolt carried out by democrats and backed by organized labor. Officials said the Republican con trolled House would vote today on a stand alone Bill to give Obama the enhanced negotiating authority the administration seeks As part of an Effort to Complete a 12-nation Trade Deal with Pacific rim countries. In addition House speaker John Boehner and Senate majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell issued a firm pledge that the Republican con trolled Congress will pass Legisla Tion in a timely manner providing continued Aid to workers who lose their jobs because of imports a key Demando democrats. At the White House Obama held a pair of meetings with pro Trade democrats to try to firm up their support for the Rescue Strat egy sessions scheduled so Hast ily that they took place just before the annual White House picnic for lawmakers. There Are times where people have deep principled disagree ments but i Hope that events like today remind us that ultimately were All on the same team and thatus the american team Obama said in Brief remarks at the picnic. In the meetings Obama restated his commitment to working with leaders in Congress to get both Bills to his desk the Whitehouse said. The Days fast paced develop ments marked an episode unlike any other in a recent period of divided government the president and his customary Republican rivals working in harness to thwart the wishes of members of of amass own party. The Trade measure would allow Congress to approve or reject any Deal the administration negotiates but not change it. Previous presi dents have enjoyed the same author Ity known As fast track. A total of 28 democrats voted with republicans last week to Grant Obama enhanced negotiating authority. The entire Bill derailed when the vast majority of democrats voted against the package of Aid for Dis placed workers in Hopes of rejecting the entire Trade package. Normally the Aid program is a democratic priority and has Little support among republicans but in this Case Union backed democrats voted it Down in Hopes of scuttling the entire package. By now separating the two portions of the legislation into separate Bills the gop leadership and the White House Are counting on Strong Republican support to approve the Trade negotiating authority As was the Case last week. This time they calculate that most democrats will recognize that the rest of the Trade Agenda is headed to the White House and will be will ing to approve the Aid for displaced workers that they voted Down just last week. Sen. Dianne Feinstein of califor Nia and other democrats said they wanted Obama to sign both Bills at once and the statement from Mcconnell and Boehner appeared designed to reassure them that no matter what the timing both Mea it to his desk. We Are committed to ensuring both. Get votes in the House and Senate and Are sent to the president for signature their statement said. White House spokesman Josh ear nest earlier sought to create space for mane vering on the precise Tim ing of legislation telling reporters the Only legislative strategy that the president can support is one that will result in both pieces of legislation arriving at his desk. He added now theress also this fundamental question. About whether or not they have to arrive at the same time on the same Day As part of the same legislative vehicle or separately. Thatus exactly whats being discussed . Earnest also predicted that All of the 28 pro Trade House democrats would be willing to follow the res Cue strategy As Long As the Aid pack age made it to the Whitehouse on its own. Bipartisan Rescue Effort for Trade Deal a s i a t de pre s s president Barack Obama seen Here wednesday at a picnic for members of Congress on the South Lawn of the White House held a pair of meetings with pro Trade democrats to try to firm up strategy for rescuing the administrations Trade Agenda. Obama meets with pro Trade democrats gop leaders pledge to pass legislation Brian Williams Lester Holt report 9 dead at shooting in Black Church Charleston . Police say nine people have been killed in a shooting at a historic Black Church in what authorities intend to investigate As a hate crime. Police chief Greg mul Len says eight people were at Emanuel am Church and another person died later at the says a going on at the shooter described As White male was not yet in custody

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