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Arlington Heights Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1999, Page 3

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Arlington Heights Daily Herald (Newspaper) - February 25, 1999, Arlington Heights, Illinois Daily Herald thursday february 25,1999 world amp nation More world and National news on Page 13 Section 1/page 3 of the nation Senate votes military first raise since �?T80s Washington a the Senate voted overwhelmingly wednes Day to give the nations military the biggest benefits increase since the Early 1980s, including an across the Board 4.8 percent pay increase with further boosts in future years. The pay raise for the nations 1.4 million Active duty military is half a percentage Point More generous than one proposed earlier this month by president Clinton. Congress advised to let counsel Law expire Washington a Congress should just let the Independent counsel Law expire since almost any Effort to revise it so soon after president Clinton a impeachment acquittal a is Likely to be a mistake a former White House chief of staff Howard Baker told a Senate committee wednesday. The 1978 statute passed for a the noblest reasons a has unconstitutional Side effects and should be allowed to expire june 30. Baker said. Expert Marine Pilot improperly trained Camp Lejeune . A poor training not reckless flying caused a Marine Pilot to slice through an italian ski Gondola Cable with his Jet killing 20 people a defense witness testified wednesday. Milton Miller who helped the air Force establish its training standards for Low level flying said capt. Richard Ashby experienced a disorienting sensation causing him to think the terrain was falling when it was really rising. Union sues tobacco Over ads targets new York a the tobacco Industry is under attack on yet another Legal front unions Are suing for billion of dollars to recover the costs of treating sick smokers. The first of More than a dozen such lawsuits went to trial in Federal court this week in Akron Ohio with 114 Ohio Union health funds demanding $2 billion and accusing big tobacco of using images like Joe Camel and the Marlboro Man to sell cigarettes to less educated Blue Collar workers. The world first suspect charged in n. Ireland Mast Dublin Ireland a Irish authorities charged their first suspect wednesday in the car bombing of Omagh More than six months after Ira dissidents slaughtered 29 people in the Northern Ireland town. Colm Murphy a building contractor and pub owner appeared in Dublin a special criminal court. Albanian factions agree to coalition Pristina Yugoslavia a setting aside deep mistrust that hampered past efforts to press for Independence Kosovo a rival albanian factions announced wednesday they had formed a coalition to push harder to secede from Serbia. 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But scientific advisers to the food and drug administration said that so far studies do not prove that inhaling Relenza helps americans fight off the flu. They voted 13-4 it needs More study. It was a major blow to Glaxo which argued studies in Europe and Australia showed Relenza shortened patients flu bouts by up to 2�?~/2 Days compared with patients who inhaled a Dummy drug. Relenza also seemed to make flu less severe for some patients in those studies. Inhaling it daily for five Days Cut by 29 percent the Chance of flu worsening into bronchitis or even pneumonia a serious risk for tens of thousands of people particularly the elderly. And preliminary results from ongoing studies worldwide suggest the Best use for Relenza would be to Stem a flu epidemic because taking it daily seems to Cut by 60 percent to 80 percent the Chance of catching the disease in the first place. That could be particularly useful to keep flu from sweeping through nursing Homes and their vulnerable patients. Based on such data Relenza a Sale has just been approved in Sweden and has been recommended in Australia. But Relenza did no to help As much when Given to americans with the flu. Under Glaxo a Best Case analysis it seemed to shorten the flu a typical we Klong attack by just one Day among americans. Fra officials however attacked that study As inadequate and said Relenza offered americans no Benefit. Why did Relenza seem to work better abroad than Here after All. The flu last year when Relenza was studied was no worse in the United states. The company said americans in the experimental trials did no to Start taking the drug soon enough. Using Relenza within 36 hours of the first symptom is vital it said and euro peans and australians did that. But americans frequently did no to Start Relenza for 48 hours or even longer. Plus americans were More than twice As Likely to use lots of tylenol cough syrup and other Over the counter medicines to treat their symptoms. That confused the study because those drugs gave Relief even to patients who took the Dummy Medicine instead of Helen a. New Avalanche raises death toll to 18 in Austria associated press Landeck Austria a convoys of helicopters rescued stranded tourists in Western Austria and another killer Avalanche brought new heartache wednesday striking just Miles from where rescuers were digging for victims of Europe a worst Snow slide this Winter. The latest torrent of Snow a three stories High and 600 feet wide a smashed into the town of valour where two people were killed and two survivors were pulled from the Snow and debris. The Austria press Agency said five people were missing. However Hopes were fading Early today of finding survivors. Seven Miles away in Galuer the death toll Rose to 16 and rescuers searched for 15 others still believed buried by an Avalanche tuesday. A this is a catastrophe such As we have not had for centuries a said Wendelin Weingartner governor of Tyrol province in Western Austria. Authorities said among the dead in Galuer were eight germans including two children two Danes and six austrians a All residents of the Village of 700. Rescue workers search for Avalanche victims wednesday in Austria a Western Tyrol resort of Galuer hit late tuesday by an Avalanche. The death toll May exceed 25. A photo census settles on plan 2 methods for 2 totals associated press Washington a saying the time has run out for bickering Over methods census director Kenneth Prewitt announced wednesday the 2000 census will provide a traditional head count for congressional apportionment to be followed by a a More accurate number for other purposes. A a we be simply got to be doing it. We be got to move Forward a Prewitt told a news conference 13 months before his Agency has to count the nation s estimated 275 million people. Prewitt said his Bureau will use traditional methods to make population estimates for the 50 states by dec. 31, 2000, for use in distributing the 435 seats in the House. The supreme court required such counting for apportionment in a decision last month. But the Job will not be finished then Prewitt said. The Bureau will then undertake a statistical sampling method it Calls accuracy and coverage evaluation to determine How Many people were missed and to develop More accurate numbers. Those numbers will be released april i 2001, for use when states draw new congressional and legislative districts. They also will be available for use in distributing Federal funds and other purposes. Plans to use statistical sampling in the census have brought heated debate Between the administration and Congress and Prewitt a announcement Drew prompt criticism from House speaker Dennis Hastert. A while congressional republicans Are committed to developing Legal Community based initiatives to count everyone in America in a disappointed that the Clinton Gore administration apparently will not allow the professionals at the census Bureau to actually count everyone a Hastert said in a statement. After producing two census numbers in 1990 a one with sampling one without a the Bureau had been seeking to avoid confusion with a one number count in 2000. To announce a two number census now Hastert said is a a hypocritical and a Prewitt said he does no to see it As a two number census but rather one number that is less Complete another that is More Complete. The lengthy debates Over sampling have delayed preparations for census 2000, and Prewitt stressed that there is no longer any room for discussion of methods. A Given the lateness of the hour we must acknowledge the hard reality that we no longer have the luxury of debates about alternative designs or substitute procedures a he said. Hubble trouble May Force emergency repair Mission associated press Washington a mechanical problems that threaten to shut Down the astronomical observations of the Hubble space Telescope May prompt a repair Mission six months earlier than planned to the $1.7 billion spacecraft Nasa officials told Congress on wednesday. The problem is ailing gyroscopes said Daniel Goldin the administrator of the National aeronautics and space administration. Gyroscopes Are used for the stability and Fine acting the Hubble needs to gather of i Point Light from stars billions of Light years away. The loss of All gyroscopes would mean the space Telescope could not make astronomical observations but it would not threaten the spacecraft officials said. Instead the failure of the gyros would cause the Craft to go into an automatic Quot Safe Model until repairs Are made. The Hubble launched in 1990 and designed to remain operational until 2010, needs three gyroscopes to work properly and it has lost two of its six. Another Gyro a is sick and May go Down in three months a Goldin said. If the Hubble loses a fourth Gyro it will have to be shut Down until a space shuttle Crew goes up to the orbiting Telescope and installs a new set of gyroscopes he said. A decision about an emergency Mission is expected by next week. The problem is in wires that carry Power to the rapidly spinning gyroscopes. The gyros can operate on either of the two wires but when one wire Breaks it causes an increase in voltage carried by the other. In earlier Gyroscope failures engineers saw a sudden increase in voltage carried by one wire. Within weeks that wire also failed. One wire has already failed in the ailing Gyro said Leckrone. Should All of Hubble a gyroscopes shut Down he said the spacecraft would switch automatically to a Safe Mode that keeps its solar Power array pointed at the Sun. As Long As the Craft is powered by the Sun engineers on the ground can control it. Teddy s liquor stores a Palatine a Palatine a Arlington Heights a Crystal Lake 25 n. Northwest Hwy. 1735 n. Rand re. 135 s. Arlington Heights re. 11 e. Northwest Hwy. It. 14 and Palatine re 2 blk n. Of Dundee re i Bike. S. Of Village Hall on i 14,1 blk w of Crystal Lake Point mall 6 Day Sale thursday feb. 25 thru tuesday mar. 2 Sale items Mot iced no county tax at our Crystal Lake store red Stripe 5.99 rolling Rock .3.99 Tennent .6.49 elephant malt 5.99 Coors Beer 24l2oz 9 99 cans closed Case dab Beer imported from Germany 61202 n r Btl 4 99 Becky a Rete s esp lager to 1202 in or Btl 8 99 re cola diet rite 7 up diet 7 up i 3? liners 99 t Milwaukee a Best Meister Brau Cia prs. 199 i Heublein y. Cocktails f soft a Gin Martini m a -j�2 a Manhattan in 99 a Etc Ca 750 my Quot 25 4 of Btl 2412 02 cans closed Case pol mos Krupnik Maraska Pear liqueur or 6&Quot u 750 my in w 25 4 of Btl i w 99 everyday Low prices a no limits psychiatrist says supremacist would be a continued threat associated press Jasper Texas a a White Man convicted of dragging a Black Man to death will probably cling to his racist beliefs and could lash out violently again a psychiatrist wednesday told the jury that will decide whether the defendant should live or die. Other prosecution witnesses said John William King the White supremacist convicted tuesday in the slaying of James Byrdjr. Last june acted up in jail by threatening to assault a police investigator and smashing a to set. A defense expert however said a life sentence would be appropriate for the 24-year-old former labourer. Or. Walter Quijano a former chief psychologist for the Texas prison system now in private practice said he based that conclusion on Kings Lack of drug use and the fact he used no weapons during previous crimes. In Texas a person serving a life sentence cannot become eligible for parole for at least 40 years. A the probability of people at age 64 committing violence is very Low a Quijano said. King nodded off for a few minutes his head in his hand during qui Janows testimony. Or. Edward Gripon a forensic psychiatrist who testified for the prosecution after reviewing King s writings and photographs of his racist tattoos said he doubts King will shake his beliefs. A anyone who has White supremacist or any other kind of racist feelings if they Are heavily invested in that kind of ideology its not going to just go away a Gripon said. The psychiatrist also said a i feel he would pose a continued threat for future acts of King chose not to be in the courtroom when his father Ronald seated in a wheelchair tearfully asked the jury to opt for a life sentence. A anything is better than losing him a the elder King said grasping an oxygen tube he uses to ease his emphysema. A a we be invested a lot of love in that boy. Id hate to think we re going to lose King 68, said he did no to agree with his songs racist beliefs. On his Way out of the courthouse he was hugged by Renee Mullins 28, Byrds daughter. A i told him god bless him a she said. A it Wasny this whiskies Windsor Canadian 899 up 1.75 liter 59 2 of Btl Canadian club 1.75 14 99 Canadian Ltd 1 75. 99 makers Mark 750 my .1199 Knob Creek 750 ml.11.99 liqueurs Kahlua Coffee liqueur 12 99 750 my 125 4 of by i Aalborg a Davit. 750 ml.11.99 Southern Comfort. 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