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Arlington Heights Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1999, Page 252

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Arlington Heights Daily Herald (Newspaper) - February 25, 1999, Arlington Heights, Illinois Dally Herald thursday february 25,1999 business Page 7 Nash a National Marketa a net Ham list chg a Consul so via or 4<4 anon gift Abc be lift a a Abc-nac014 it Abi Cap of 10ft Abr int 1816 it Abt old 14ft Ace co 3 a via acl Nln 6ft aft act of 15 a1 a act tot 12ft a1 a Adamsfy 5 Wade Tel 39ft�?i vow Adeep 14vie vie Addiex 4ft vie sep ind 19ft Are in <ft4 Atte acc cd 33ft Flag ase 5ftahi sri 26ft -2ft Ambi 1 to. Am com i a is amx corp 9ft aft ans corp 22 aft apart 3% its Ari net 2ft aft Asa hold 33va Asb in 12 ase Tsi 44ft Asi sol 9 asm into 4tow asm Lith s43ft a a ask inc s 16ft vie at inc n 8ft it at1techn15ft it atm inc 26ft a ats med 7ft it Avi Bio 316 it Avi Bio w11 it. At up s 26ft a vie atm 4ft Laschet 4ft a a Aschert l7/3? aft amt rom 2ft it a Width 14 i a Abacan is aft a Abacus Dir 62v? -3va Baxis 1ft a Gem n 15ft it abigailas11 vow aft bags nil 10ft Abms by 13ft Abi omd stowing a Letel 7 As vie Avenet n30� i vow Abrams 5ft Abraxas i0/ a vie acacias 3ftaccel 2&Quot/i6 a cells aft it acc soft accessww9 Vita 7/w acclaim 7 Tow it Ace Cash 13 it a cetus 12va aft Acta 15ft am pro 6ft aft Alsys 3 Artel 14ft a act pert 38"w-2tow act Voic 9ft activism Lova it a Trade 14ft aft acts fun 22ft it Asilom 23ft a1 no and alb 18ft aft adm sgt n3tow a in adapter 23 a Decosa 62ft Alft Adelphi h 57 -3 a adept n 6&Quot/w vie adm non 9ft adobes 43ft a a Tran 20 a aft adv Para 36ft aft adv Aas n3s�-3w alas via it aft alas web it is advcos11to it a Voln 13ft vie and vend 27viea2 in Adit the 3�?T n Tai adv get 7ft adm svs 13ft adv eur pyx nyx adv poly 4�/ie vie adv radio 8 aft Advt clip 8ft aft Adviss 2ftin Adlanta 12ft a Advant 9ft it Adlanta of 12ft it a a adv Long 74ft1 vie Advt so n 5ft vie Advt St sri i Quot in Advent 4t a a3va age ism to vie Lehr Tell 5 a a in a Enric 6ft aft Aerov 2ft aft atrium 8ft Aff tech 1tos? a % affy met 38ft it aft Markt 4ft -2ft a chm 11ft aft Bagoum 57vie Quot Agni str 1ft agr a 5v� it Nam acc a a Wuich among re a Knop altars alls n airman 3ft vie air exp 18ft aft air meth i Quot As vie Aisys 2vi Ava a Tran 3�?Tft? aft atom 4 vie vie syst 4 vis Avn a. A 37to vie alai.3a 24ft aft Alden in 10ft vie Alan smed 4tas aft Abny Mac n20ft a1 Alcade 15vie Avie Aldilam i a Alexew 20 vow vow Alexia lift it Axach 171/? it agma g 1�?Tvie Ajo spam 30ft Alft Alan Lam 40ft it Alloo 16ft aft a Gnu 12tow vie aukerm 27 Tow aha sern it it arism sep n45tt� a2�s a cite 7ft ahem to n 24v a a vie All giant s 9ft aft Atour g 42 a2 hrs pc 9ft Akau a 16 it akan a 19 vie aft a�ncfncn21ft it a Gams 5ft a a Ali ankh 2ft it 3ft a is 17 aft 1ft a 3ft 1ft vie 4 it Alp hand s22 in vie Ato Hamic 57ft? a is a Chatch 2�walp net 4 aft aged 1 is aft Abair enl 7ft it Alteon to Altera 58ft a aft am test 10�vie it 9 vie 3 vie vie itis Arnn Xuan -4vie Ambasch 15ft vie Amble 15ft it a a Alcor 19ft a coff 23ft Amer co 21ft aft 8 a am Trees 46ft -1ft Manana 16 it of Start 9 vie vie a Foxe 6ftam syce 13ft Amer air n 10ft am Bop 19 vie a am inc of 10 it an Cal 10 aft am amp on i vie a is Ambwa 20 vie a am Bonf 12ft vie a mercy 16ftin Aci Savoy 24 Framcom n 5ft is am dental 4ft and nil n 7ft Aea Gleo s66ft -2ft a a Amer eco 1ft a is Ameci 1ft aft a a am fight 15ft hit or of in ave Mahx hip lift it atom Pat 2v Aho str 7 7/3? is Atoff lift aft amen Tel 1 is am cars 16ft it ams 33ft a1 it am Bsat 4va ave ant Lynn 6ft Antons 73ft -1ft 10ft8ft a a Marphy 6 a phys 4ft a apr inv 39v? a a Safr 13ft Asok 2ft it am super la i a msgr 6ft aft a Wood 36v a Amrital n1l�vw-ts? Mart most 3 7/3? Amenn 22 it -4fta americas 3ft amends 31 it a a amen 127 -1ft arms tar 2 a Amport n 11ft tote Amphon 13vs? atom am rest n 8ft it Maresco 9�/amog a 9 it a msgr 8ft Amiran 22ftana Emp 14tow a Ancamp Art 8ft it annatto 15 a a a 37ft it 3fta a Ltd 221/? aft 14ftalvw 26 Anangelo 4 it Anarene 23ft aft an Cwi s 17ft it Anchlin 29ft aft Anchem 42v? i andean it it andeadv3ft? a is Andrer 4ft aft and sons 12ft an Dovic s29v? it name last chg Andrew 15&Quot/ it a andr Xci 65ft Alft Anesta 22v? it Angelon % is an com 6fta Ani Kath 4 a a annoy life n23fta1&Quot/ Ansaldo 3ft a a soft 6 a a an stink n27&Quot/� Vasys 8 aft a Arnee 26�?T/? -1ft a chem 1ft a ape pc 28ft aft Ashton 14ft a apogee 9 a Apo Sog s 30va aft apples 377/ -1 Applebee 26 -1ft a Dexter 5ft Appal 26ft apr cell 2>vit add gel 2vs? a Appl ims 2ft it App graph 8&Quot/ a App mag i Ald nov 4 a Al Deal baft.-3, acc 44ft -1ft a Micro 3 a a air Sci 13 it Al dig 6ft it Applex 57/w ave Aquila n 3 a Arbuter 5ft it arabs i a paradigm 10 it army Fantl 11 a arcadis 7 Archim 1ft is Archit in 14 a Arctic cat 7&Quot/arden s 39 ardent set 19ft -1ft Are Banc 26ft Quot Are com 5ft Varsic it in a is a Gogh 25ft a Arguss 14 it Anady 1ft a aria it a aft Ari Elco 2%? arise Orp 13ft it Ari Scptt 1ft a Ark St 9ft it Ark Best 7ft aft a armhldn113vaa12 Arnold 15ft a a Aro Niph 2ft 7lx Arowyn 27ft a Owlet 24�?T/a aft Artecona 1ft it Art Esres 25 Art syn 15ft a arthrow 14vi a1 Art Sanc 5% is Artst 3ft it Artway 5ft it Asahi a 2ft it asante 1ftascend. To a ascendent loft aft ascent pm 3ft Maseco in is is Ashwith 5ft a asian tec it aspect 1ft Asp adv 29 a3 a asked tet 7ft a vie a spent 12ft asdbncs30tow it ask dip a50 a -1v Asch gab 48 i As matl 10 it Aster 37/it Aster s 26ft it Asto Naf 467/ a Astrom 5 Astron 11 a astr per 10v-1i/ sym Tran 4v� a says Latch 22ft it attn ter 9ft a Home 106 -3v Athey 2ft Guam 4v� a alb Etc n 12ft it at Stair s 32ftat Datan 5vs? is Ampf pm 9vatma 18% aft anon 7 it Atnel 15 Vaubon 6v ave Auh 7 auras Isaurer Abio 7vw a Auspex 9ft it Auto Yte 4v ave Auto am 10 a -7/ Auto desk 42v a1 Auto Imu 2 a aft Auto log n 4ft aft aut prot 10ft a Auto not 6s? ans Ava Dob of 37 i avadobrd6% is avar is a Avant i8to aft Avan tymm 1ft it. Avatar 18ft it ave Cor 11ft Avert 4vs? is a Titch 31ft to Vigen 57� Ai a tron 22ft aft Avondo 14ft it a note 29ft a aware 34ft -1ft Arentt 37ft a1 axiom hot 8ft it axiom in is a Sytch 18fta he 4ft it to n 4ft aft Bot in 2fth be Aero 15v a be Semi 8v� a a beasts 17fta1�� Bei med i Quot a Bei ten 127/w a a of Erst 7ft -1ft Sha 10ft aft Chi up 27ft aft by inc 9&Quot/�biss 53ft aft name Lusel chg bimerdntl35/ a a bit storm 1ft is Blackbu 33ft a1 a 6ft it Blackd 39 a vie bluer n 171/? Alft Blu wave 4ft a Boben 21v? aft boars soft Bogent bus vex Bogen it 2 a a Bower 10ft aft bite n a 2ft a a Bonton 7v? it Bond Mot 3 a Bonecke 11ft it Bonso it a vs2 Bonso 6 a aft Bockmill 11 a Booles 31ft aft Boral lift Bor link 19ft aft a Orler 13 3/ic a 7/3? Oslac s 20fta bos Tabion 2ft Bost com 10 a a Osterv 7�?Tv a but mint n 21ft boy Bros 7ft aft by Lees i 4 a brads he 1v32a Bradyce 24 -1 Brassell 16ft Brauns 8ft a brents a 15&Quot/ a by teach bus aft by def 11ft it Brt exp 3v? it Burgh the n21 a a15/ Burgh str n 9 it Brno tit 15ft aft Bra tech n17ft -6ft Britez 97/in Trio 3 a Broadn 24 /2 it Broadis 40 -1ft _ id exam sai1 live by dooms 65ft Al a Doysey 3ft aft brookdlel16 a a Brkl neb n 11ft it Brooksaw 25ft aft books to 12ft aft Brook trl 11v a bight of 16ft a brow Tom 9 it by swat 6ft aft brynmwrs27ft Buckam 5ft buffets 107 a bldg at 9v bldg one 16ft a bul Irun 4 it Bur Brns 20ft it bus Obj 41 a2 a bus res 3ft Butler nil 20ft aft Caf foe 18fta cube 20ft Pix a phone 2 a c3 inc 10ft-2�?~/� cd brie 27ft i curl gip 19 via Cut up 16ft it cd kinds 1ft it a cats 17ft acc into 12 vie a7/ Coor 18 a it a draw 22ft it cd wept 75ft aft cd now 17 Cem 8ft aft of Cap 25ft it cfbcppf25ft Csc into 10 Chi pro 12ft it a fat 10ft it cos in n107/ a feb 26 a5 cow pm 22ft Chron 25 a a chchelg2sfta fat Csc ind 4 a a a Mai a 111v-4v cup me 30 it Chi free n34ft in bins 17 it cons inc n10 a a Chat in soft net 116ft -7ft cons 3ft is aft cohr 6ftcapac 7 cab 17ft chs 18ft aft is Guys 75ft -3ft cup 7<vit com n 42 lib into 6n Cubi or of 26ft aft Etc pm 10 it Cuno 14&Quot/ a a cd thera 6 vie Cache 7ft aft 18ft a 2ft8ft a 15ft cad Sph i Quot a caste 15 a it Maldive 14ft it cirame 57/3? a Scaliger n 3"vie a Clamp 1ft is caws to 6ft it Mahiai 7ft Cal add 12 calfsecct12 a it cart and 23 aft Calmir 2ft Cal Mic 10ft Calliel 6ft/ galloways 1ft Calumet 26ft it camb he 8 it camb cd 29ft aft Ca cof s 14ft it car of n 13ft aft Caci Hadeln Cadiz Cadmus net name last chg Chatch 2ftcheckers is Chad rat a avs cd free 35&Quot/a1&Quot/� Cheseck s21 a is chef los 30ft it Cherokee 8 a a Cherry 14ft Cherry 14ft Ches Bio 2�?Ts it Chest rec 16vt Chestiv s 19 ? a1 Chi Rex 22 Chicos 25 it cd word 2 chkjcmp12 v a Chi Pic 33ft Chad time 13ft Chiron 22�?T/a coolest 2 a aft Chrvis 7ft aft Chron Imd 8ft Chrysalis a avs Cisco 4 a. Jana up 27u t2ft Cima la 37/3? 3s? Cima trn 1/? is i narc s 20ft it Confin s34v� i cinramg11v Cintas 70 -3 Cinco 9ft a Cir inc lev 17 a Kircsy 2 vie a a Cirrus 8ft it cited Aln 27 a1 it Citati Nepi 2 a is citation 10v it Citi bkg 32ftcit Rixsy 86v? a2 a Lyald 25 a City Hupf 25ft civic by 13ft it Clare 4ft a clarity 27 Alft crkbrdsn17ft it claruscpn4v a Chayeng 4 a teach 1ft it clercdgs217/3? it Clear net 117/w -7/� Cle Vandin 71/? a can Chen 5ft it Cli trials 5 it closmed27�?T3/i6 -1v 38 a2ft std nil 6 5/ aft a Stuedl rl6 a a a s 16 a a Stan of 24ft it cobra cd 3ft a coca Btl 57 co census a cars ally 19 col exit 28 a Cogen rate 9 a Cognev 26ft a1 it cgmcseg19ft it co tech n44 a Alft con org 20ft it conent s 15 it Cohen to n 5 Quot a Cohen ? a a Cohoes no cow it Cohu 25ft in common to Quot a coins tar 15ft it claw Tryr 10v? is col Gene 10ft aft Coll Clin 4 a Collagen Sio a Collin n 9ft aft Collins 4 aft co Idns 1ft can yank n 25ft a a colobus n 12ft it cotomed12 Vav col Tel 79 a in columbcs15ft aft col Cor n 8 it Colin pkg s 17�?Tk a Cote Fly n 13ft col sort n 11ft a cd bus 20ft com21 n 24ft a7/ com air 39ft a a com co 24 comb chm 2ft aft co cast 68ft -2 Camf. Up 72ft -2v? Conidia 6ft vie Commac n28 Alft comets 15 aft cmndsysn2v is Csc boo s40 a a cmc8ny12tvw a a car tbsp 21 a pm Cleat s 20 pm hugs 6ft Chw it i 15 pm wind 11ft ave can Watt 30ft comys to Chi ssh 23 comped 13ft it pm full 9 aft pm Tyand lift it Cut yest s 19 come by s19vpm ssh n12vw-v� City Trbic 23ft it pm Tysl s 9va aft convsbnc36 it pm pass 8ft it a 12ft a it a it it it a Jim sub Moncol Wampac Amr Bic sits 4/ aft a pm is. A Cpl 10ft inc my n 5 Bic 10 aft Bok s 23ft bib Bop 26v? it by Fin s 27ft aft by shift big inc 7ft aft Btu int 3va it Bic in n 20v? a Byl a nip 14ft ave Baan co 9 a -7 Back Bay 9 Badgro 7 a bakery 5 it Balbar n to baldly 20 baldly i 20ft Baldia 8 Ballard s 27ft -1 Ballek 8 a Banc can 10ft it in Ceslok 33 a in squad 2ft aft acts toys 25 bancs 6 inc Gasc 13ft it a nip it 15ft Quot random la Bando of 20ft -2ft bankplus3 s 7 Bank i n lift a a bnkutd2 pf25 in kurd 39ft it Bowest by aft by Mcca 18 a bkg Ranit s27ft Alft bks Oara 21bank Ozark 21v a Quot Katie 6 it 10ft it in kurd 6/ is by Mhz 287/banert 4�/� a banns a 9� a it a Bosgal 6 a Banian s 12 aft Barmett n soft Barra 21ft Alft Barrette t a. Bartch it 7 barring tech 8ft a base1ena1 is Banat its it Bassert 21ft batteries in a Batter it is.  �12 aft a pm in a Bayonne 16ft Bayview pt25 it Beaucl 6ft aft Bebes trs n29ft it bed Bath s29 7 is be dirty s 12ft it belfusea43ft it Belf seb n 36 Bellida gn11va it Bellm 7 it Bell Weth Jav be Jerry 21 aft Behan 12ft Bethna h Benner 40ft aft Berkley 27v? Berken 19ft aft bests it 177/ a band com n27fta a Biafore to by Gogh 4ft is Bigfoot 12ft a Birck 2ft a bid conc 9 it bindvwn21&Quot/w a biologic 2v a Bio vase 3 it to Rance 6 a a a Torce 2�/ Bic Speat 3vi? aft Bio trans 2&Quot a a pc Boa nays 3 a a twp harm 24ft Bio Cryst 9ft Biogen 96 -1 a a by i act a it biome 37 a Quot Miomira s vow 5�/ a3/ 13 Buso Yagil vow it Blo aph 6&Quot aft pm Eft is ��16ft aft bluer san 8va a Irmam 2 aft Camargo a avs candgbrb55 Alft candgbra52 it Candia 8 a Candia it 4 candies 3ft aft in lewd 4ft a canondle12&Quot a canons no s21ft a cantal 10ft a Cantel 6ftcantrycapri in 15ft aft Capac 3ft Capauto lift it capctybs23%i Cap West 9ft Caps 82ft i capt by s 18 Captus 15 Cap tent 13ft aft Carau str 25ft it car rpt 10 a a Carbone n15v? Cardoth 2 aft Cardiman 2ft it card Genn 8ft-7/� Cardoth 7 it a co part s 17 a a Careo 28ft aft copies pm 10 Carend 2ft a is a a a in it cmpudggs7/ Cmith 14fta1v�i up trim 4 is a complitn14ft a Mem 27%10ft a i 124 cutouts 10ft it compar 64ft a co shr 3ft Coulch 7 aft covers 74ft it conc Nedlo Vav concneto43v-v conceptsd9v a concepts in aft cd dam 4ft -7/ incr dam 57 in in chefs s 32ft a concur t n 30 it concern 4ft a in dutch 12v? a Quot conesten31 a a conent n18&Quot/a7/ conned 317/w a connect 3 a 7� Conns to s25ft it connettcs77 7 conning 15 a a Conrad n 4ft a console to i aft cons Frt nov it Consol War 7ft aft Consort 3/ it Conway 30 Condo la 14 it contdevs15ft avs Coop by 137 a Coots b 86 a i name Las chg a cons n 12 it a decs in n 11ft it do Gap 25ft aft do Mats 14ft aft Dan hold 3ft it dsetcpn127 a7/ dog int 2ft it Asp up 14 a Asp 5ft it a Otinus 11 -7/ it map 17/dusa 6ft a is exp in i. Dupent 7vs?-� Daisyt s 19ft it Daytron 9 it Damark 8 a a Damen 17 a it Danka 5ft Daou sys 5?? vex assault 40 -1ft Das Slyn dts dust 13ft aft a Ladin 5 Afta data to 1ft it proc 18ve data Resh 13ft data syst 2vbe do Trow 23 it data key 2 it data scope 26ft a a data str 9ft Dat aware 3 a is it watch 1ft a a oat Arce 5 a Patron 6ftdatum 6ft it Dave amp a 19 a aft Dave 9ft it Davoux 8&Quot/ Daw Toh i a Dawson 6&Quot/ a Day runs 13 aft Deb she 10ft it de none n2&Quot/w it deck out 2/ a Decoma 7ft it Decora 6ft a a Dean inc 9ft de global 9 a Delias 17va -7/w dec per s 83va-3 a dip Hiltl n 8ft Del pct n 18 it Delong 18 a Deeks 16ft -7/w Denali to Dendrite s 30 a a a Denison 11ft in sep 1&Quot/a nacre 10ftdents ply 26 it Potch 2 it desc sys n6 a desert n 25 it designs 2va a de swell n 9 it Detsis 9 a Detric 6ft Devon 2<vs? de bul it Diacin n 5 a it Diacin it diag hot 1ft a dialog up 4 a Dia logic 28ft it diametric 4ft a diam sri 5va diam 7ft Dundt 25ft a1 it Diann 7fta Dia tide 5ft it Dziark 13 die Neh 6ft a a i Genecy 6ft a dig Lintl 6ft is digit Bio 1ft a Dicou nets a diet Gen 5 dig Light 3ft is Dot link 6 it Mic 7/ a dig River n37 Alft dig video 17/w i god via a a dimecbcs21 a Dione s 39va Alft discreet 12ft a a Spang 27 a a Dixie Gap 7�v aft do data 6ft do cup 57/ aft Doce Sci 2ft 0ocumnl21 a a17 Dot Trees 41ft it doing is 27 aft do Minim 10 it Donegal 12 Donkey i a Dora Lam slav aft doralfnpf51ft Orch he to dorellnds15 a oboe cock 91ft-6v praxis g 2vw a dress 14 a ave Dreyli if a Dreyer 12 aft drovers n 23ft Druge 7 it a dry per 2i Dupont 44ft aft dual Star its dual sir it is Duckwall soft Dunnum 4 Durant of 25 a aft Durato 28ft Quot Duralph 14va a Duran 117 a a Dur amed 6ft aft Durbano 2ft a is Dye rep 2 Dynamo n3&Quot/w Dyne he 3vs?it Dyn matl 4 a Dyer she 3ft a Dyne pla18v- a dynexpfb187/w Quot a "721ft it net name last chg in Tufts 7? Afta ent remd 19 entrust n 26 a Quot in vetch a a in Vorce 2ft aft envoy 50ft Enron 14fta epitome 6 aft epic Menlo it equal net % avs Equinox s 10ft a a Seq Fedl 19�?T/ equity a 23ft aft est mkt 6 -1 Ettoil i a it Ergo Sci 1 Ertel s 26 -7/w Eriend 27ft it Sattel 49ft Escalade 18 Escalon 2ft a Esclon Sta is Esclon web is Eskimo 12ft aft Espritt 48ft a a execs is 50ft aft ethic had 6 7s? vex Eup Hnin Ina euro sri 2 euro min to a a Evn Sut 14 it Evans sys 14ft eve Grnes 16 via evolve by n5 a 5/� Exabyte 415 -6 exact sch 10ft -1ft exar 15ft aft exc alb 10ft it excl set 25 a it sex catch 10ft it exc land 9 a a exch App n18ft a3ft excite s 99 -2ft sex cores 6ft exec Sty 13ft a Recti 1vx avs execulone2,7/a? is ends pm n 79vw-3 a Emogen 2ft exp Dent 45v? Quot a exp Soll i to a exponent 57ft expsq>1 s 68 -17 extndsys4&Quot/w Escorp 8 a a fam be 31ft of amp Man 33 i Fin 31 /w-17 feb Cut of to pc bin 31ft fcb c pf25ft a of cubs 21 a a Ftp 16 a a Fei co 8 aft Filc be 17ft aft of fyn 35flir 20va a fms in Oslo feb no s 28 feb cppa23&Quot/� a feb Van 23vfeb is 17 a a Unbro 31v Vuk Pic ins 43ft a1 Fri or 27 psf Fin 13 it Fri Ted 10ft a Fri in set 3ft-7 14 a fun Bop 33 Oxener 4 a a Facie re 1ft a fam Golf �6 Ais faves 3 it Farmer 185 Faratch 5 Farou Dja a a is farms 9v? 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