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Arlington Heights Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1994, Page 103

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Arlington Heights Daily Herald (Newspaper) - February 16, 1994, Arlington Heights, Illinois 2 suburban living Section 2 daily Herald wednesday february 16,1994 Medicine controls gout by regulating uric acid dear or. Lamb i have painful gout in my left toe and i m told that it May be caused by uric acid. Is there uric acid in the urine or in the blood is there something i can take for it is there some test that i can use on myself to test the urine i cannot afford a urologist. Dear Reader gout is caused by High blood Levels of uric acid. Uric acid unites with sodium to produce a Salt called sodium rate. The crystals of this Salt form in joints particularly the big toe and cause acute inflammation a the red hot swollen and painful toe. The pain can be so bad a person can t tolerate even a Sheet Over the toe. Sodi urn rate can also form deposits that destroy and deform joints causing chronic gouty arthritis. Most of the excess uric acid is produced by a person s own body cells with a Strong genetic Factor involved. The uric acid is a by product of cell regeneration a necessary process to maintain life. A much smaller amount is found in various foods. It does help to limit or eliminate foods that contain Purine which the body uses to form uric acid. However medicines Are More effective and Are usually necessary to control gout. You can have an increased amount of uric acid in the urine because of the High blood Levels but that is not a reliable Way to test for gout. Excess uric acid in the urine May Lead to one Type of kidney stones. I have discussed gout in More detail in special report 86, a gout the disease of Kings a which i am sending you. Others who want this report can Send $3 with a stamped 52 cent self addressed no. To envelope for it to the address Given below. It will provide details about diet and gout. Medicines Are used to increase the elimination of uric acid in the urine to prevent kidney stones and. Most important to help prevent the excess production of uric acid by your own cells. You do not need to see Alawrence k. Lam the doctor says urologist your family doctor can help you with your gout. Dear or. Lamb my Mother 72 years old was recently diagnosed As having temporal arteritis also known As giant cell arteritis she has experienced pain in her neck shoulders wrists and Ankles. She also has pain in the head around the eyes and temples and at times has blurred vision. Her doctor prescribed pred Isone which has made her More comfortable and reduced the pain. Do you have any information on what causes this disease will pred Isone cure it is there a Chance of a stroke or blindness dear Reader it is disease that forms areas of inflammation along medium sized and Large arteries typically such As the temporal artery. The inflammation May cause arterial obstruction. Pain is a common feature because of the inflammation. The big danger is that involvement of arteries to the Eye May cause blindness. Also obstruction of any artery in the body can cause other symptoms including painful jaws from chewing firm food. It is commonly associated with a related disease pol Myalgia rheumatic which causes muscle pain. But it usually requires much larger doses of Predni Sone to control the arteritis. Most doctors recommend vigorous treatment at first which is usually effective and then tapering to As Small a dose As needed to control symptoms. Such a course of pred Isone May Stop the process. Write to or. Lawrence e. Lamb co the daily Herald . Box 5537, Riverton no 08077. A 1994, North America Syndicate make homemade Yogurt by using heat from oven dear Anne and Nan do you know of a Good tasty recipe for homemade Yogurt with fruit flavors where can i find a variety of extracts our commissary Only carries a few. I wanted to use them to make Flavoured ices. Dear Reader this is How Nan makes Yogurt Start with a quart of milk a skim powdered or a combination heat the milk just to the Point when bubbles form around the Edge of the pan. Take it off the stove and let it Cool to lukewarm about 110 degrees. You can use a Yogurt starter which is available at Many health food stores or buy a High Quality commercial Yogurt. Nan uses a Yogurt with an Aci Ophilus culture made by Stoney Brook farms. Take the bought Yogurt out of the fridge when you Start warming the milk. When the warmed milk is about 110 degrees lukewarm either stir in the Yogurt starter or i i cup of the store bought Yogurt. Put the Yogurt mixture in a bowl or casserole and cover. If you have a Gas oven the Pilot Light should provide enough warmth to grow the Yogurt. Put the Yogurt on the Bottom shelf of the oven. If you done to have a Gas stove or a Yogurt maker consider a hot tray or your electric oven turned to just beyond put a bowl of water on the hot tray or in the oven and Check the temperature 110 degrees with a Candy thermometer. Done to move the Yogurt once you be put it in the oven because jiggling it will delay the culture from developing or even destroy it. In three to eight hours you la have Yogurt. If your Yogurt fails use it in a bread recipe in place of milk and try again to have a fruit Flavoured Yogurt. Nan stirs in Jam to taste. Golden Pride Rawleigh inc. Sells several different extracts and flavourings Orange Maple Peppermint Lemon Coconut Etc. These products Are sold through local salespeople. To find one near you write Golden Pride Rawleigh at . Box 21109, West Palm Beach Al 33416-1109 or Call them at 407 640-5700. Dear Anne and Nan i would dearly love the address of John Larroquette of the to show a the John Larroquette dear Reader. According to who a who in America Marquis who a who 1994john Larroquette has a couple of addresses 8899 Beverly blvd. And 9830 Wilshire blvd., both in Beverly Hills Ca 90212. Stumped calendars that fit on the watchband and Are made of Metal. Vida sch longer of Orrville Ohio and a gentleman Reader Are both looking for this item. We Are stumped write to Anne b. Adams and Nancy Nash Cummings at . Box 240, Hartland it 05048. Questions of general interest will appear in the column. Due to the volume of mail personal replies cannot be provided. A 1994, newspaper Enterprise association cholesterol understanding enemy is first step try these tricks before you Call the Tow truck associated press if you re stuck in the Snow better Homes and gardens Magazine suggests trying these tips before going to the hassle and expense of hiring a Tow truck. Turn front wheels Back and Forth to Clear the area ahead of them. Remove As much piled Snow As you can from in front of and behind the wheels. In a higher gear use very Little pressure on the accelerator to try to move Forward. When the drive wheels begin to slip gently engage reverse and lightly accelerate backward. Done to get frustrated and Accel Erate madly. You can turn the Snow to ice on the tire and dig yourself in deeper. You May even overheat and explode the spinning tire. If you must be towed leave your transmission in Neutral so your car wont Bolt ahead or Back when the drive wheels finally find traction. Always carry a folding shovel strips of carpet or some cat litter for traction a two foot Square piece of one half Inch thick plywood to go under your Jack should you need it to lift the drive wheel in order to insert traction materials and a Tow rope or Chain continued from Page i will be a heart attack. A atherosclerosis and its consequence a coronary heart disease a Are responsible for More deaths each year 550,000 than All forms of cancer combined and cholesterol plays a major role in this terrifying scenario. If too much of it is present in your blood you re looking Down the barrel of a loaded and cocked weapon a pointed directly at your heart a he writes. What can be done to defend against this killer first Cooper recommends establishing a relationship with a doctor who understands How the latest research on cholesterol can be applied to improve your health. Second have your cholesterol level checked and use that doctor to interpret the results. The physician can be especially helpful if any of the components of your cholesterol or lipids Are found to be markedly elevated. See related Story third consider the studies about the relationship Between cholesterol and three of americans most addictive habits drinking alcohol smoking and drinking Coffee alcohol despite recent studies that indicate limited alcoholic consumption May help with at least one risk Factor associated with atherosclerosis a the raising of Hal High density Lipoprotein Levels a for Many people the dangers of alcohol consumption far outweigh any possible benefits a writes Cooper. Recommendation done to take up drinking As part of your preventive health program. There Are Many other Good ways to raise your Hal Levels aerobic exercise for one. Pioneering in exercise Medicine who is or. Kenneth h. Cooper according to his biography from the time of his first Book a a aerobics 1968cooper has advocated revolutionizing the Field of Medicine away from disease treatment to disease prevention through aerobic exercise. His aerobics concept has stressed that it is easier to maintain Good health through proper exercise diet and emotional balance than it is to regain it once it is lost. After 13 years in the . Air Force 1957-70during which time the senior flight surgeon developed the aerobics Point system that led to his first Book it col Cooper left the service and founded the Cooper aerobics Center in Dallas Texas 1970. Today army Navy secret service several foreign military organizations Many . And foreign corporations and More than 2,500 universities and Public schools utilize his program. His la books have sold More than 20 million copies in 41 languages and braille. The fitness Boom credited to or. Cooper has not been limited to the United states. He has travelled to every continent lecturing in More than 50 countries. In Brazil running is called a Coo Pering or a doing the Coopers and in Hungary the Coop Ertest is the National fitness test. Coopers research extends far beyond fitness. His research into coronary heart disease and risk factors affecting heart disease and fitness High blood pressure and hypertension Hal cholesterol and Choles Terol Hal ratios percent body fat smoking and alcohol consumption Treadmill performance time and pulmonary functions has been the subject of papers at International scientific conferences and in leading medical journals. A Barbara Snyder Wintner cigarettes without question cigarette smoking increases your risk of heart disease by upsetting cholesterol Levels. For one thing cigarette smoking Lowers blood Levels of hols which protect against heart disease. Recommendation done to smoke Coffee the growing weight of evidence suggests that drinking Coffee even in Small amounts May throw your cholesterol components out of balance. Recommendation if your cholesterol is basically at healthy Levels limit your total daily caffeine intake in milligrams to no More than double your body weight in pounds. That Means a 150-Pound person should consume no More than 300 milligrams of caffeine per Day. A cup of Coffee holds about 140 milligrams in addition Cooper will talk about several other cholesterol connections stress a number of studies have shown that cholesterol values Rise and lipids Are knocked out of balance during different types of emotional stress. Age a a we be known for years from scientific literature that you can expect an increase of total cholesterol with increasing age a Cooper wrote in Modem maturity. Diet nutrition is the key to lowering cholesterol although for some a change in diet wont work and drug therapy May be prescribed. Obesity those with higher body fat percentages have higher Levels of Lyls and triglycerides than do leaner individuals. Exercise one of the most important purposes of exercise is to keep your cholesterol and blood lipids at Normal Levels. Drugs vitamins a for some people natural approaches such As diet exercise and lifestyle changes simply done to work a writes Cooper. A was a result it May be necessary to turn to prescriptive Means to Correct your cholesterol abnormalities. Under no circumstances however should you Experiment with medications or vitamins yourself a always embark on such a program under the supervision of a physician who is experienced in the application of such to Register for Coopers talk Call 782-7878. Elmhurst hospitals final heart month event will be held at 7 . Feb. 28 when or. Daniel Sullivan will talk on a understanding the event is free at the Hospital 200 Berteau ave. To Register Call 782-7878. Interpreting your Levels of Good and bad cholesterol what a your number when you get your cholesterol level checked you will see numbers acronyms ratios total values. What do they All mean what should your numbers be according to a Chart provided by or. Kenneth Cooper total cholesterol in the mid-1950s, the a a Safe Range was thought to be 150 to 350 milligrams per Decilier my do. How thinking has changed during the intervening 30 years recommendation 186-209 my do for both sexes age 40-59 189-213 for males 60-plus, 205-227 for females 60-plus. Lyls Low density lipoproteins these Are the main carriers of cholesterol in the blood a the so called a a bad cholesterol. The higher this level is the More trouble you re in. Recommendation 119-140 for males 40-59,110-128 for females 40-59 122-143 for males 60-plus, 126-149 for females 60-plus. Hols High density lipoproteins these transport cholesterol from the body a tissues to the liver where cholesterol is eliminated hence the term a a Good cholesterol. Recommendation More than 52 for males 40-59, More than 69 for females 40-59 More than 60 for males 60-plus, More than 74 for females 60-plus. Total cholesterol to Hal cholesterol ratio the higher your ratio is the greater your risk of having a cardiovascular problem so the lower the better. Recommendation 26-4.2 for males 40-59,2.0-3.0 for females 40-59 2.5-4.0 for males 60-plus, 2.0-3.2 for females 60-plus. Triglycerides these Are not cholesterol but fatty molecules in your blood. A growing body of thought implicates triglycerides in the destructive process of atherosclerosis. Recommendation 89-121 for males 40-59,73-98 for females 40-59 83-110 for males 60-plus, 82-110 for females 60-plus. Art therapy helps troubled teens gain insight into their lives by Lisa Mohr associated press Rock Island 111. A the drawings on the therapists desk reveal intense inner turmoil spilled out on paper. Many of the images Are blackened self portraits or Bright red hearts trapped in Black backgrounds. In others heavily applied swirls of color spin around such words As a a lonely and and in one particularly startling sketch a tiny face in a Box is suspended in an enormous sea of Black. The creators of these vivid and often disturbing compositions Are teens Many of them suicidal and depressed often victims of physical and sexual abuse and broken Homes. Many of their problems Are compounded by varying degrees of conduct disorders. They Are patients of the adolescent inpatient program of the Robert Young Center for Community mental health Rock Island. Their therapist is Rosalind Wilcox a specialist in Art therapy who conducts daily sessions using Art As a tool of self discovery and catharsis. A i Tell the kids right off this is not Art class this is therapy a she said. On the floor next to her desk is a Large mural awaiting a Frame. Approximately 5 feet by 5 feet it is composed of heavily applied tempera on coarse paper. Black swirls Bright splatters and Brush strokes come alive in a whirlwind of turmoil and Stark emotion. A when the kids realize this is not a class and in a not going to judge them they relax some. After the first time they go through an Art therapy session there is no More resistance. They can to wait to talk about the work they be Wilcox said that in the relatively Short time teens Are in the program they go from resisting anything to do with Art to talking about everything they be been through. A the act of creating opens them up allows them another Way to express themselves a said Wilcox. A i am always amazed to see How angry they were when they first arrived and How much Freer they Are a week or so later a she said. Therapy sessions last anywhere from 50 minutes to an hour and a half. A with group projects we concentrate on murals which Are painted As a team a Wilcox said a at first everyone gets very possessive about what they be painted and they do not want anyone touching what they be done. But As they keep going around the mural i can see them building group Unity and respecting what the other person has often she adds it is the first time they have worked As a member of a team. A fall of these kids we see Are terribly scarred and filled with a lot of anger a she said. Part of what makes Art therapy and the entire adolescent program so effective Are the atmosphere and regulations of the psychiatric unit. A their first Days Here Are hard a Wilcox said. A they find themselves in a locked psychiatric Ward. They lose their clothes and must Wear a Hospital gown. We have a Point system and they must earn so Many Points by attending therapy to earn Back after teens leave the adolescent psychiatric unit she encourages them to continue to explore creative outlets through Art music sports and especially drama. A to live in the mind and speak the words of somebody else is so Healing a she said. A most kids go Home and most kids do not return a Wilcox said. A inpatient therapy helps teens gain insight into their lives express their feelings and helps them to move on a Wilcox said. Families charge meditation expert caused death of loved ones by Pauline Arrillaga associated press Dallas a was mystical Leader Terri Hoffman somehow responsible for the suicides or accidental deaths of eight of her followers after nearly four years of investigation prosecutors Are no closer to pinning the deaths on Hoffman and no evidence has even been presented to a grand jury. But the families of those who died May soon receive at least some Consolation Hoffman could be sentenced to up to 50 years in prison this month after being convicted of bankruptcy fraud charges. M a i think its at least some semblance of Justice a said Dallas county assistant District attorney Cecil Emerson who Heads the investigation. Emerson conceded a murder indictment is improbable but said the Case will remain open even though it is no longer Active. Closing it he said a shuts Down a thin Hope that we could convict her of something or that maybe somebody will come Forward that knew something More that would help us the District attorneys office began investigating Hoffman after the mysterious deaths of David and Glenda Goodman the last of her followers to either commit suicide or suffer untimely demise the Goodman who had broken with Hoffman were found shot to death in their Den in january 1990, two handguns beside them on the floor. The couple had written Hoffman checks totalling More than $100,000. From 1979 to 1990, to people with ties to Hoffman died a six by suspected suicides including two of her four husbands and four in apparent accidents. Of those two told relatives they suffered from terminal illnesses although autopsies showed they did not and at least four bequeathed Money and property to Hoffman. Eight of the dead were involved with Hoffman a group conscious development of mind body and soul inc., which religion experts say has cult like leanings. Hoffman is to be sentenced feb. 25 on the fraud charges which could unblock two civil lawsuits pending since she filed for bankruptcy. The lawsuits accuse Hoffman of using a hypnosis behaviour modification mind control and emotional manipulation to cause the followers deaths. One of the suits filed by Leonard Goodman David Goodman a father contends Hoffman a not Only influenced but had almost total control Over his son and daughter in Law. A i believe that if David and his wife Glenda had never met Terri Hoffman they would be alive today a Goodman said. A the whole thing has been an ordeal for them a said Dallas attorney Jim Barklow who represents Hoffman a stepchildren in the other suit. Don Hoffman Hoffman a fourth husband committed suicide on sept. 16,1988. He thought he had a terminal disease but autopsy results showed no signs of illness. He left everything to his wife. His children contend Hoffman used hypnotism to convince their father to kill himself. A a we be been in a position of just waiting to see what happens in the bankruptcy Case a Barklow said. On dec. 7, judge Steven a. Felsen Thal converted Hoffman a bankruptcy to chapter 7 liquidation status. The order came two weeks after Hoffman was convicted on to counts of bankruptcy fraud for failing to report an agreement to pay her lawyer 15 percent of any Book or movie deals relating to her Fife Story and for failing to disclose that she had Power of attorney to control her boyfriends Bank accounts. The action enables attorneys in the civil lawsuits to refile settlement claims with the bankruptcy court or try to proceed with a court hearing. Chuck Cleaver of Dallas whose 14-year-old daughter and sex wife were followers of Hoffman and died in mysterious accidents said the courts a now have the Opportunity to assess evidence relating to the person one Federal Law enforcement officer has characterized As possibly the most successful a prosecuted serial killer for profit in the history of Hoffman who referred All questions by the a to her attorneys re Mains free until her sentencing on the fraud charges. She faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 Fine on each count. Hoffman became known in Dallas in the late 1960s and Early �?T70s for her meditation classes a blend of mythology and metaphysics in which a a masters were said to be reached. She founded conscious development in 1974 to sell tapes and booklets of her teachings. The group still has about too members in Dallas and Chicago. Fred time who represents Hoffman in the wrongful death lawsuits contends the family members and Dallas officials Are on a Witch Hunt. A a they re a group of anti cult people who have nothing to do a he said. A they done to have jobs and enjoy doing things like this. They be got their mind made up that they re going to stamp out this cult thing which she a not involved in and never has been involved he will never convince Leonard Goodman of that. Goodman believes his songs death was murder. He says the Goodman had Cut their ties with Hoffman and had turned against her prompting her to come after them. He would like to see her go to prison on the bankruptcy charges but that wont diminish his pain. A a in a like to see it go to trial and see her brought up on charges a Goodman said. A but the fact that my songs dead will never go

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