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Arlington Heights Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Newspaper Archives Dec 18 1999, Page 3

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Arlington Heights Daily Herald (Newspaper) - December 18, 1999, Arlington Heights, Illinois Daily Herald saturday december 18,1999 the nation study More teens using steroids Washington a for the third straight year Overall illicit drug use among . Teenagers declined or levelled off in 1999, but a Federal study released Friday showed increases in the use of certain drugs including a a ecstasy and steroids. Charges filed in Columbine threat Denver a warning they will not tolerate terrorist threats against Columbine High school Federal officials charged an 18-year-old Florida Man with sending a computer message that prompted the school to be closed for two Days. Protester to leave tree after 2 years Sacramento Calif. A a woman who has spent two years living in an ancient Redwood to protest logging reached a Deal Friday with a lumber company and promised to climb Down from her 180-foot Perch. Times Square assistant picked new York a a physician from the Nobel peace prizewinning International Relief organization doctors without Borders will help drop the ceremonial Ball in times Square this year. Court pornography ruling too strict san Francisco a the Federal child pornography prevention act goes too far by outlawing not Only sexual images of actual children but images that Only appear to be minors a Federal appeals court ruled Friday. Questions raised in Bonfire Accident Austin Texas a new Laboratory tests raise doubt about an earlier finding two Texas a amp a students were intoxicated As they worked to help build a giant Bonfire on the night it collapsed killing 12 and injuring 27. The world death toll rises from Venezuela flooding Caracas Venezuela a More heavy Rains lashed Venezuela Friday As the death toll from floods and mudslides Rose to 202. The government said nearly 7,000 people were missing and Many were feared dead. The number of people left homeless was 80,000, president Hugo Chavez said Friday night. Popular Pope to be beatified Vatican City a the Vatican a formal approval of beatification for John Xxiii a popular pontiff who helped modernize the roman Catholic Church will be announced amp nation a More world and National news on Page 11 Section 1/page 3 lottery numbers results for Friday dec. 17 Illinois midday pick 3 .14-4 pick 4.5-9-2-5 evening pick 3.7-6-8 pick 4.6-0-6-3 Little lotto.4-5-7-8-14 dec. 18 lotto $9 million the big game.8-15-28-30-44 big Money Ball-24 dec. 17 big game.$23 million Indiana daily-3.3-6-7 daily-4.7-8-0-8 Lucky 5.3-11-13-29-31 Wisconsin pick 3.3-1-7 Power Ball Jackpot .$12 million for lottery results from Illinois Call 1-800-252-1775 from a touchtone phone. Gore Bradley clash Over medicare democratic encounter both cordial contentious associated press Nashua . A Al Gore accused democratic presidential rival Bill Bradley of shortchanging medicare Friday night and Bradley shot Back in a Campaign debate that the vice presidents own health insurance plan would let some americans go without coverage. A who would you leave out a he asked. A the answer is simple. I wont leave anybody out a Gore shot Back instantly seated a few feet away from his Quot rival on a College stage in the nations first presidential primary state. The vice president and the former new Jersey senator argued As Well Over education but found common ground on other subjects in a 90-minute encounter that was contentious and cordial by turns. They agreed for example that homosexuals should be allowed to serve in the military and that now is not the time to set a timetable for a manned space Mission to Mars. Gore remains the front runner nationally in the race for the party a nomination As judged in the polls. But statewide surveys show Bradley even or slightly ahead in new Hampshire where the first primary ballots will be cast feb. I and he is hoping to ambush the vice president and use that As a springboard to later triumphs. Gore has said Bradley a costly prescription for Universal health care would mean not enough Money would be left Over for medicare and the Issue has emerged As a Flash Point in their increasingly contentious Battle. He repeated his claim Midway through the debate and Bradley had a Quick rejoinder in three terms in the Senate he said a i defended medicare for 18 years. It was through my efforts that we prevented premiums from going up on a number of Bradley sought to turn the tables on the health care Issue insisting Gore answer who he would leave rain Clouds delay launch of discovery associated press ted Koppel Center Host of abcs a night line signals time out As democratic presidential hopefuls vice president Al Gore left and Bill Bradley right engage in a heated Exchange in Nashua ., Friday night. Associated press photo without insurance coverage a the part time worker the worker victimized by an Industry that is downsized or the �?o40 percent of the people who live in poverty who done to have health insurance a Gore replied a i want to get Universal health insurance with a step by step plan and neither of us has covered opening a new front he added a you cancelled medicaid a the health care program for the poor. Bradley defended his plan to replace medicaid a program now run by the states with government subsidies to help the poor buy health insurance. Bradley an 18-year Senate Veteran wrapped his defense in language designed to cast Gore As a lifelong Washington insider. A from the Vantage Point of Washington medicaid looks pretty Good a Bradley said. A but if you get out in the country and you see How its being a How its applied a you find that its not the Exchange Over health care came Midway through the 90-min-Ute debate staged by Abc a night line on the Campus of Daniel Webster College in Southern new Hampshire and the first of two in russian troops bombard Grozny from three sides associated press 5 Miles Grozny Russia a in one of the heaviest attacks yet on Chechnya a capital russian tanks advanced on Grozny from three directions Friday probing for weaknesses in rebel positions. The crackle of gunfire and thunderous explosions of bombs and artillery rounds rang out across the City where several thousand militants Are encircled by a much larger russian Force. There was no immediate word from officials on casualties. Associated press reporter Yuri Bagirov saw a captured russian armoured vehicle and three dead russian soldiers in Southern Grozny. Six More russian corpses were in a morgue. A captured russian Soldier Sergei Falikov said his battalion part of the 502nd motorized infantry regiment suffered heavy losses in fighting thursday. Falikov said he was taken prisoner after an explosion threw him off the armoured vehicle he was Riding on. A i was swept away by a blast. I was scared at first but now i feel Calmer a Falikov said. He said he had not suffered any serious injuries. The russian military gave no Overall picture of the latest fighting and has Only reported two soldiers killed Over the past two Days. Official military statements have often been at Odds with witness accounts from Chechnya. Russian generals have said repeatedly they will not storm Grozny and fridays offensive did not appear to be an All out assault. However the russians have been sending ground troops to the Edge of the chechen capital with the apparent intent of drawing fire of Tom the Well entrenched rebels to determine where they Are located and How much firepower they have. Russian warplanes attacked the City Friday morning and artillery shelling lasted throughout the Day with Only Brief respite. On the ground russian armoured groups fired on Grozny from the East the South and the Northwest according to chechen commanders and reporters in the City. The fighting began in the morning and carried on throughout the Day. By Nightfall plumes of Black smoke were rising from the ruins through out Grozny which was mostly flattened during the 1994-96 War. Russians air Force stepped up 5 pm Grozny russians attack capital from three sides a 1 Aldy Petropavlovsk a a Switz r a Taroya Sanzha ustar Gorgay Chechnya Ayvazov Skoye Svobod Noye Russia o Grozny Chechnya Georgia a bombing raids on rebel strongholds in the breakaway province thursday and Friday. The military had scaled Back airstrikes Over the previous few Days saying civilians should Clear out of the capital or risk being killed in the raids. An estimated 8,000 to 35,000 civilians remain in Grozny according to russians emergency situations minister Sergei a Loigu. Soukhoi bombers and helicopter gunships flew 83 sorties Over Chechnya during the past 24 hours the military said Friday morning. The raids kept most All civilians huddled in their Chilly basements and bunkers. Russian artillery and ground forces also struck at rebel targets at about a dozen Points in mountainous Southern Chechnya the news Agency inter fax said. The russian forces began battling the militants in neighbouring Dagestad in August. It pursued them into Chechnya in september to try to restore Moscow a control Over the rebellious Region. The russians have lost 533 soldiers in the Campaign the military said Friday. However the russians have not acknowledged any losses from a wednesday night Battle in which a group of armoured vehicles was wiped out. Counters this weekend Moderator ted Koppel set Only one ground Rule As the rivals settled onto their swivel stools remain seated. There was Little to bring them out of their seats in the first few exchanges As Gore said he and Bradley both had been blessed with wonderful wives. They warmed to combat As the evening wore on though and Gores attack that Bradley had not paid enough attention to education prompted a Long defense from the former senator. Bradley conceded that he had supported the use of vouchers in experimental education programs but said a i done to think vouchers Are the solutions to the nations education needs. A i have never supported even in experimental programs any voucher program that took any Money from Public schools a he added. And Gore insisted a every single time vouchers came up in the Senate for 18 years you voted for the opening question produced agreement Between the two rivals that Long ago use of marijuana should not disqualify anyone from serving in the White House and they said every candidate must decide How much scrutiny of their past to permit. A a in be admitted that i have smoked marijuana As the vice president has a Bradley said sitting a few feet away from the vice president on a stage at Daniel Webster College. Gore said he had a been open about it a and said he would let the Republican front runner Texas gov. George Bush a decide for himself How to Bush has said he has t used illegal drugs in the past 25 years but has declined to address possible earlier use. Nearly an hour later Bradley Drew the line at discussing his religious Faith. A in my own Case in be decided my personal Faith is private and i will not discuss it in Public a he said although he added that he respected the Way Bush had responded to a question relating to religion in a gop debate earlier this week. Gore said he favors separation of Church and state and issued a declaration of support for everyone a views on the subject a including he said atheists. Cape canaveral Fla a rain and thick Low Clouds forced Nasa to Call off Friday nights launch of space shuttle discovery on a Mission to get the Hubble space Telescope working again. It was the eighth delay for the flight and Cost Nasa $750,000 in fuel and overtime pay launch managers said they would try again tonight their last attempt before giving up for the year. Discovery and its seven Man Crew were supposed to blast off at 8 47 p.m., but rain and Clouds prevented an on time departure. The weather was so bad. In fact Nasa had trouble launching High Altitude balloons to measure the wind. Nasa held the countdown at the nine minute Mark in Hopes the weather would improve. But conditions remained floor and the launch team finally gave up. Shuttle managers had cleared discovery for flight just hours earlier after confirming that All the welds on the fuel Les were Good worries about the welds had forced a one Day delay. Nasa said it must launch discovery by tonight or else give up for the year and wait until january. The space Agency does not want to risk having a shuttle in orbit near year s end because of potential y2k computer problems. The weather Outlook for tonight was Only slightly better. Although eager to have the $3 billion Hubble revived astronomers said they did not want Nasa to Rush just to meet tonight s deadline. A we intended to put no pressure on anybody and if we have to wait until january that s what Well do a said David Leckrone a Hubble scientist. Hubble a Eye to the universe has been closed since nov. 13, when the fourth of six gyroscopes failed and All observations ceased Chica Goland s Dodge Cash in on s 1,250 consumer rebate Schaumburg w Dodge Chica Goland s dodos Headquarters 208 w. Golf Road a Schaumburg a 847.885.9150 visit our website it www.schaumburgd0d9e.cem

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