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Arlington Heights Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1982, Page 1

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Arlington Heights Daily Herald (Newspaper) - December 13, 1982, Arlington Heights, Illinois Me daily Beqai Arlington Heights edition111tll year 60 a paddock publications monday december 13,1982 4 sections�?25 cent Poland to suspend martial Law from Herald news service Warsaw Poland a martial Law in Poland will be a a suspended by the end of the year internment will end. And there will be a partial amnesty of political prisoners military chief Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski announced sunday night. Jaruzelski the Premier. Communist party chief and head of the martial Law Council said in a nationally televised speech that his regime Hopes to completely end military Rule a in the reasonably near Jaruzelski spoke on the eve of the first anniversary of the Day he proclaimed martial Law to begin the destruction of the Independent labor Union Solidarity. The Union was outlawed on oct 13. And last month the government concluded it was no longer a threat when underground leaders were unable to rally a nationwide protest strike. President Reagan reserved comment on Jaruzelski a announcement county gof Power could Aid suburbs choosing to wait until the polish parliament acts before deciding whether to lift economic sanctions. Officials at the state department and White House referred reporters to remarks made by Reagan Friday during the signing of a proclamation on human rights in which he spelled out conditions for restoring Normal relations with Warsaw. A i repeat if the polish government introduces meaningful liberalizing measures we will take equally significant and Concrete actions of our own a Reagan said. In Moscow the official Tass news Agency reported the speech without comment. Jaruzelski stressed the end of martial Law depended on the status of Law and order and economic recovery during the transitional period. A the military Council of National salvation is of the opinion that conditions have Arisen for suspended martial Law Quot Jaruzelski said in an address that put the official Seal on what observers and political sources had been expecting for weeks. The Sejm Poland a parliament meets monday to take the legislative action necessary to put the military councils decision into effect. A not a single limitation More than is absolutely necessary should be kept up nor a single less a the general said. A the suspension of martial Law Means that its Basic Rigours will cease to function before the end of this year a he said. But he gave no details. A Only such regulations should be binding either in full or limited dimension which directly protect the Basic interest of the state create a shield for the Economy and strengthen the personal Security of citizens a he said. A this will be a weighty step toward Complete lifting of martial Law. We would like to realize this intention in the reasonably near future. A it is simply impossible to jump continued on Page 3 by Thomas j. Lee Herald political editor basking in the afterglow of last week s rebellion suburban republicans on the Cook county Board Are finally looking Forward to tasting real Power. Even if county Board president George Dunne manages to crack the City suburban bloc that wrested away his control Over committee assignments a and it does no to appear he can a the changes already wrought by monday s revolt Are too far reaching and fundamental to fade away soon. Suburban commissioners Are convinced that the next four years will be unlike anything they be been used to. For the first time in decades gop members expect to have a hand in running the county. They believe the concentration of authority in the boards president a All but one of whom since world War ii has been a Chicago Democrat like Dunne a is a thing of the past. For suburban Cook county that May mean a Prospect of improved zoning in unincorporated areas quicker Protection by Cook county sheriffs police More cooperation Between the Cook county Forest preserve management and neighbouring communities and a generally greater role for the suburbs in the county a governance. Says commissioner Carl Hansen of mount Prospect who worked behind the scenes to assemble the City suburban coalition a the suburbs will gain from improved communication with the City and from increased participation in county affairs. That will help each of us the City and the suburbs to understand the Long the stepchildren in Cook county s politics suburban republicans perennially stood by while Chicago democrats Drew up the Agenda wrote the Laws hired the employees levied the taxes and drafted the checks for the county. Injury turned to insult when it came to decisions bearing heavily on unincorporated Cook coun analysis monday in the Herald football Seattle 20 Chicago 14 fair proposal israeli defense minister Ariel Sharon said a new american proposal to break the impasse on the withdrawal of foreign troops from Lebanon was a a a reasonable solutions for getting negotiations under Way while egyptian president Hosni Mubarak sunday blamed Syria for impeding the peace process. A Page 11 heating Bills natural Gas America s most popular heating fuel is raising temperatures in Congress too. Facing an uproar Over Price increases Congress will begin sorting out More than 150 Bills introduced to Deal with the problem. A Page 8 reunited Tatiana Lozanski arrived in the United states with her daughter ending six years of family separation enforced by soviet authorities. A sect. 3, Page 12 Index weather on Page 2 to. Over which the Board exercises what amounts to municipal responsibility. It was to say the least a Peculiar form of democracy a especially for the second most populous county in the nation a county that collects and spends More Money annually than do 39 of the 50 states. Complain As they did about being shut out the suburban delegation had no Choice but to accept it. Because the Chicago democrats maintained a Large and unified majority there was no reason for them to share Power with suburban republicans. All that changed last week. Minutes after being sworn in. Seven of the to City commissioners said to be inspired by Chicago mayor Jane Byrne and Cook county democratic Boss Edward r. Vrdolyak joined forces to Buck Dunne whose outspoken support for states attorney Richard m. Daley in the feb. 22 mayoral primary has riled Byrne. Needing seven More votes to insulate themselves from Dunne a veto the rebels found their strength in an Alliance with suburban commissioners. Only with support from All seven suburban commissioners a six republicans and a Lone Democrat a were the dissident Chicago commissioners Able to snub Dunne and Only with the suburban support can they continue doing so. In other words for the first time in memory the suburban republicans Are in the card game. remain in it As Long As the City a delegation is fractured. Mondays coup actually consisted of three separate actions. First the Board stripped Dunne of his Power to make committee assignments. Then it created its own committees and subcommittees and named the chairmen and members of each. Finally it directed the rules committee to examine existing rules from top to Bottom with continued on Page 3 firemen a Job most hazardous Washington up professional firefighting continues to be the most hazardous of All occupations in the United states a Survey of Job related deaths and injuries by the International association of fire fighters said sunday firefighters had an on the Job death rate of 58 per 100,000 workers in 1981, the Survey said. That compared with an average of 12 per 100,000 for All industries and 23 per 100,000 for police. Mining and quarrying the second most hazardous occupation had a death rate of 55 per 100,000 workers the report said. The Survey used information compiled by local fire departments covering 125,258 professional firefighters. A total of 73 firefighters died in the line of duty last year to More than in 1980, the Survey said. Another 99, one More than in 1980, died from occupational diseases it said. A these sorry statistics continue to emphasize the need for proper Manning protective equipment and working conditions for the firefighters who protect the lives and property of their neighbors from disaster a said Union president John Gannon. A although we see some Small Progress in the occupational health and safety area much More needs to be done in the Way of research and development of personal protective gear and equipment a he added. Monumental skiing. The Capitol provides a backdrop for a Cross country skier As he makes his Way through the Snow on the grounds of up photo the Washington Monument after the City received its first snowfall sunday. Up to eight inches of Snow fell on the nations capital. Snowstorm bottles up East South from Herald news services an unexpected snowstorm the first major storm of the season dumped sleet rain and up to a foot of Snow on the East and South sunday. Subzero temperatures gripped the upper Midwest. The chill brought More misery to people driven from Homes by Mississippi Valley floods. It dropped to 7 below Zero in Peoria while Tower minn., reported a minus 18. Illinois officials feared the intense cold would crack foundations and Walls of buildings flooded by recent rainstorms and make soaked sandbags freeze and burst hampering cleanup efforts. Authorities in Chicago blamed exposure to the cold for the death of Joseph Norman 45, who collapsed at the door of his South Side Home. But temperatures Are expected to Rise today in the Chicago arca under mostly sunny skies with highs in the upper 30s predicted. The National weather service also is forecasting warmer temperatures for tonight with lows in the mid 20s. At least six people were killed on icy highways Over the weekend including five in Ohio on saturday and one in Tennessee on sunday. Heavy Snow falling at the rate of 4 inches an hour in the Washington suburbs. Plastered the nations capital and the big cities of Baltimore Philadelphia new York Providence r i., but Boston and areas farther Inland were spared deep accumulations. There were scattered blackouts and driving was perilous. At least to inches of Snow fell at Dulles International Airport outside of Washington. About 9 inches accumulated in Ashland va., 15 Miles North of Richmond and in other communities in the Central and Southern part of the state. New York City officials called in 2,500 men to operate More than 360 Snow lows and 290 Salt spreaders a at a Cost of $700,000 a and 1,200 machines were put on the Road in Boston and Eastern Massachusetts. Up to 6 inches of Snow fell in Eastern Tennessee where authorities appealed for volunteers with Chain saws to help Clear downed tree limbs. Winter storm warnings were posted from Virginia to Eastern Massachusetts where 13 inches of Snow had buried Cape cod by sunday night. Snowfall in Boston was at 1.5 inches As the National weather service reported the storm moved out to sea. Virginia advised motorists to stay off the roads statewide. Bad roads in Richmond kept half the troops away from an army National guard Drill so officials donated leftover food supplies to the salvation army. Some Power failures were reported in Richmond. The storm which developed off the coast of the Carolinas during the night brought a Sharp contrast to the Balmy weather of a week earlier when virginians were enjoying barbecues with temperatures in the mid-70s and the ice melted at the skating rink at Rockefeller Center in new York. Meanwhile Federal Relief centers were established sunday to help hundreds of homeless victims from flood ravaged Missouri counties. Despite sunny skies experts predicted continued flooding along the Mississippi River. Which receded slowly. In Illinois gov. James r. Thompson asked for 22 counties to be declared disaster areas including Tornado racked Clinton county the Northern Illinois county of Livingston and 20 flood ravaged Riverside counties in the Central and Southern area of the state. Hero does it again rescues a Friend by John Slania Herald staff writer for Patrick Neal being a hero is becoming a familiar role. Four years ago Neal helped save the life of three men who were swept into a raging River by a Flash flood in Southern Illinois. That deed was enough to earn. Him the boy scout medal of Honor. On sunday Neal did it again this time slipping through a crack in a Frozen Pond in Hoffman estates to save his drowning Friend. Neal was not motivated by an award this time. A this one meant More to me. It was my Best Friend it was happening to. I Bear to say i was standing on the Shore watching him drown a said Neal 22. An accountant from Itasca and an assistant scoutmaster. For the past two years Neal and John Weimer 22, of Lombard drove to Hoffman estates on weekends to play hockey with friends at the highpoint Park Pond near Hassell Road. With the recent cold spell Lay forced to use his elbows to crack the ice while wading to Shore with his Friend. When they came within six feet of Shore Hoffman estates police officer Gerald Graham crawled out on the ladder and grabbed Weimer. Their bodies Frozen by the water both men were warmed on Shore by Hoffman estates paramedics and taken to suburban medical Center. Neal was unharmed by the incident while Weimer remained in the Hospital sunday night suffering Only from exhaustion. Hoffman estates fire capt. Warren Olsen said Weimer might never have been saved if it weren to for Neal a Quick action. But Neal said he Only did what was necessary. A i was just hoping to get to him to save his life. If it was your Friend you would have done the same thing a Neal said. Today John Weimer knows How Lucky he is to have a Friend. A a he a the Best Friend i Ever had a Weimer said a for Ever will Patrick Neal ing a thin layer of ice on the Pond the two men started skating at noon sunday joining about a dozen other people. A we knew the ice was thin Quot Neal by Gnu a said. A but there were a lot of kids skating. So we thought it was All but two hours later Neal stood at one end of the Pond and watched Weimer fall through a crack in the ice on the other Side. A i saw him splashing and waving his arms. I knew right away he was in trouble a Neal said. By the time Neal removed his skates and ran around the Pond Weimer was losing his strength. A i went under once and All i saw was Green a Weimer said. A i popped up and went under again with my Mouth open. Then i started to Black before weimers lungs filled with water Neal crawled to feet across the ice slipped into the Hole and pulled his Friend up by his jacket. Neal held Weimer above water which was about to feet deep while people from Shore attempted to throw them a rope. But Weimer was too weak to grab the rope and the two men remained in the Pond. Attempts to reach them with a ladder also failed. Meal was eventually

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