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Arlington Daily News Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 5

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Arlington Daily News (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Arlington, Texas Monday october 19, 1970 Arlington daily news Page 5 Hill not in renders Pioneer women Drivers make a Dent in the Days of luxury cars and interstate freeways a motoring trip across the country is commonplace. In the Early Days of the automobile however such a trip was High adventure calling for a great Deal of pioneering spirit considerable courage a sturdy machine and a Supply of spare tires and parts. In 1909, mrs. Alice Ramsey 22year-old wife of a Hackensack n. J., lawyer announced that a Man was not an indispensable part of the automobile and that she would be the first woman to drive from new York to san Francisco. Such an announcement made news and we can assume made most of the male Drivers of the Day smile politely if not laugh out loud. In 1909, there were Only about 300,000 cars in the entire country with most of them in or near major cities. Paved roads outside of cities were a Novelty. There were no service stations and repair shops were at Best few and far Between. Gasoline was obtained at general stores or dealerships and came in five gallon cans. And besides All this no woman had Ever attempted such a thing before. Actually the trip was inspired As a promotional event by the sales manager of the Maxwell Briscoe motor car company who had observed and admired mrs. Ramsey a skill behind the wheel of one of his company scars in an a endurance run on Long Island. Lawyer John Ramsey was not a particular fan of the motor car but agreed to the venture if his wife would take along two companions her Sisters in Law mrs. Nettie r. Lewis and mrs. William Atwood. Hermine Jahns a Friend volunteered and was included on the trip but the driving chore was strictly up to mrs. Ramsey. The company furnished a new four Cylinder Maxwell equipped with an oversize Gas tank a rack with extra tires and a spare Axle. Other gear included a pick shovel and a Supply of rope All of which would be put to use As Well As one piece of Luggage per passenger. The Day of departure june 9, set the tone for the difficulties and hardships to come. It was club notes the Hoe and Hope Garden club will be a anticipating Christmas at the november 2 meeting 7 30 . At the Arlington National Bank. Mrs. B. W. Kuykendall of fort Worth will discuss different ideas on Christmas decorating. A tasting Bee sponsored by Zeta Tau Alpha alumnae will be held november 2, 12-1 30 . At 1804 Raydon. The Price of $2.50 includes their Cookbook for those attending. At their general meeting last week members discussed their new philanthropy project to Aid the National association for retarded children and the fact that the National office has moved to Arlington. Mrs. Floyd k. Waite and mrs. Stan Slaten presented a founders Day program at the so Optimist club meeting last tuesday. A a kiddy show at the Park Plaza Cinema on november 14 is the main service project of Sigma Upsilon chapter of Betta Sigma Phi sorority this year. This project will provide the funds for Sigma Upsilon Purchase of gym equipment for the Arlington Day care Center. The a kiddy show will be at to . With an admission Price of 50c. Mrs. C. E. Madden reviewed a hushed were the Hills by Mille Mcwherter at the last meeting of Eta Upsilon chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma society. Mrs. Idys Cox of Lige Green Florist presented a a Holiday festival of Flowers for the Garden and gourmet department of the Arlington woman a club last tuesday. Mrs. Cox presented numerous arrangements for fall Christmas and several a fall purpose pieces. The materials used included live Flowers dried materials Vinyl fruits and leaves. There were several Small Christmas gifts that Are for Sale at Lige Green. Astrological forecast forecast for tuesday october 20,1970 by Sydney Omarr the gemini grandmother can fool you. Where earlier in life she May have scorned preparation of elaborate meals she now becomes a gourmet. This grandmother continues to be restless and takes Delight in travelling with grandchildren. Youngsters love their gemini grandmother because she has a ready laugh and is willing to condone breaking of some of the More strict rules. In Aries March 21 april 19 Money and emotional stress could result in physical ailment. Means strive for balance. Remain Cool. Clam. Otherwise. You invite trouble which has habit of accepting invitation. Taurus april 20 May 20 you gain most by adhering to rules. If flamboyant there could be rude Awakening. Some relatives seem to be taking much for granted. But this is not the time to draw line. Gemini May 21 june 20 if you must splurge do so with those who mean something to you. Steer Clear of those with ready smiles laughs who could t care less. Relate to those who mean something to you. A cancer june 21 july 22 you May find that financial Maneu vers Are erratic. Without being Boorish take Steps to protect personal interests. Do this or Vou May take a pratfalls. Leo july 23 aug. 22 if you expect status quo you will be disappointed. Cycle features the usual persons who Are unique and who May also be deceptive. Romance is in the picture. Virgo aug. 23 sept. 22 mixing Money with personal desire could get you off track raining and As the four intrepid ladies chugged away from maxwells Broadway showroom they were dressed in ponchos and rubber rain helmets. All in All the trip through the Eastern states was pleasant marred Only by the necessity for repairing Flat tires. A Maxwell representative travelled ahead by train heralding the trip and arranging hotel reservations. Beyond Chicago where they encountered their last stretch of paved roads the situation grew steadily worse. Roads turned to quagmires and nearby Farmers discovered a new crop a digging motorists out of the mud. Iowa was particularly bad and required 13 Days to travel across its 360 Miles. At one Point the passengers went ahead by train while mrs. Ramsey fought the car through the mire in Low gear. A swamped Bridge due to flooding Over weasel Creek meant spending the night in the car waiting for a Chance to Ford the Stream the next morning. The spare Axle snapped so the ladies enjoyed a Brief respite in Denison Iowa waiting for a new one to arrive. Townspeople welcomed the new celebrities with a series of pair tells receptions and parties and oddly enough from each of the single suitcases emerged dresses with appropriate frills and flounces. One of the highlights of the journey took place in Wyoming where a Bridge across the Platte River had been washed out. Undaunted mrs. Ramsey sent her passengers walking ahead while she bumped the Maxwell Over the ties of a Railroad trestle spanning the Gorge a Hundred feet below. Another Frontier shocker came afterwards when a band of indians on horseback was sighted racing toward the path of the car. An alarmed mrs. Ramsey pushed the car to its top Speed an estimated 42 Miles an hour but the horsemen continued to close in. All the ladies breathed a sigh of Relief when they spotted the real Quarry a a scurrying Jackrabbit. Finally 41 Days 3,800 Miles two new axles and la tires after their departure the triumphant Little band reached san Francisco on August 7 to establish a new first in automotive annals. Today the american automobile association reports the trip would cover Only 2,921 Miles and require less than 57 hours of driving time. Another difference a the fees for Farmers tows would be replaced by $7.50 in tolls. Mrs. Ramsey now a Hale and Hearty 83, looks Back on her great adventure with memories softened by time. She is proud of having struck a blow for feminine Freedom and of changing male jeers to cheers. With the same engaging smile displayed throughout her trip she recalls her determination to demonstrate that even in those Early years a woman could handle everything about a car including changing tires and replacing an Axle. Still an Active Driver she continues to add to the hundreds of thousands of Miles she has rolled up since her first turn behind the wheel some 62 years ago. Now residing in Covina California mrs. Ramsey has since made 30 Auto trips across the country. Viewing the More than 44 million women Drivers of today she states a they Are just like men. There Are Good Drivers and poor mtg. Conference set of wedding for fort Worth or and mrs. Charles e. Thompson of 1736 West Randol Mill Road Apt. 311, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter Patricia Ann to Daymond Lynn Lowe. He is the son of or. And mrs. James m. Lowe of 1206 Wood Brook. The couple has announced that their marriage Date is november 6 and the ceremony will be held at the Home of the Groom elects parents 1206 Wood Brook. The Bride to be is a 1970 graduate of Arlington High school. The Groom elect is a 1970 graduate of Sam Houston High school. After their wedding the couple plans to live in Arlington. Arlington will be one of the nine Texas cities represented in the first panhellenic area conference Ever held in the state of Texas. The conference will be held october 28 at the colonial country club 3735 country club Circle in fort miss Patricia Thompson <wk�ww.v.v.va%%nnvwn%v.nv.%v.v.%v.w.v�vv.v.v.v, of profit. Means apply som it self discipline. If you indulge yourself be prepared to pay a Steep Price. Libra sept. 23 oct. 22 some surprises due. Accent in this area on response from member of opposite sex. Self esteem is on Rise. Break ties which hold you Down deprive you of what you deserve. Scorpio oct. 23 nov. 21 you May find Way paved for journey which adds to knowledge and gain. Keep yourself open for Challenge and experience. Stress Independence original approach. Sagittarius nov. 22 dec. 21 emotions tend to dominate logic. Do some hard figuring. Means find out whether what you Are going through is Worth it. Answer might be surprising a if you Are honest. Capricorn dec. 22-Jan. 19 persons in decision making capacity appear erratic. Be flexible. Done to lose sense of humor. If versatile you will gain. Otherwise you will be confused. Aquarius Jan. 20 feb. 18 be willing to tear Down in order to rebuild. But time your moves. Pace is important. Key is moderation. Your potential is highlighted. You Are not married to present procedures. Pisces feb. 19-March 20 not Wise to Trust others with your Money. Absentee management could Lead to difficulty. Realize this and respond accordingly. Communicate desires needs in forthright manner. If today is your birthday you Are on verge of a new kind of life More creative activity More travel added social prestige. Stop brooding and begin planning for a brighter future. Copyright 1970, Gen. Fea. Corp this is no High school dropout far from it. This is a new paperboy. More than Likely you la find he is also in the upper Quarter of his class scholastically. This boy is ambitious of he weren the would t be in business for himself As a new paperboy. He is motivated to want to learn. His business experience teaches him that the More he can learn the better he can Deal with people. He has already Learned that earnings in this world Are measured by the degree to which one can serve others. This boy wants to learn. It is this mystical ingredient of Quot motivation Quot that helps him gain More from school than the lad who is indifferent to what education can do for his future career. Help your son find a purpose in life the responsibilities of a newspaper roue Are Well within the abilities of a boy from 12 to 18 years of age. It offers him a business of his own with a Challenge that will teach him Many of the values of life he must learn on his Way to a career As a tradesman Salesman executive or in the professions. Let us Send a Counselor to your Home to discuss opportunities for your son As one of our newspaper boys. Call or write us now. Arlington daily news 263-2707 on their Way a mrs. Alice Ramsey wife of a new Jersey lawyer decided one Day in 1909 that she would try to make a Cross country trip in an automobile. Men laughed at her but when she finally made it to san Francisco she was the one who got the last laugh. Still alive at age 83, she has won numerous awards for accomplishing an automotive first for the a weaker 7 sex. Bridge winners told for weeks duplicate tourney Worth from 9 . Until 2 . Reservations Are being taken by mrs. Jack a. Derby of 441 Hazelwood drive fort Worth. Deadline for reservations and cancellations is october 24 at 6 . Participating in a panel discussion at the conference will be mrs. Ruth m. Crary acting Dean of student life at the University of Texas at Arlington and mrs. Darrell r. Norwell of Arlington a past president of National panhellenic conference. Registration will be from 9-10 . Coffee will be served from 10-10 30 and workshops will be held from 10 30-12. There will be a 30 minute break and at 12 30 there will be a luncheon followed by a fashion show presented by Wally Williams. The weekly winners of the duplicate Bridge tournament of the Lakeview country club for the North South play were 1 Marilyn Brown Bill Stone 2 mrs. R. R. Mcduff Betty Meyer 3 mrs. M. C. Huey mrs. Evelyn Spakowski. East West winners were i mrs. Julie Buckalew mrs. Gladys Geyer 2 mrs. Jarvis Beall mrs. H. E. Thomas 3 mrs. Hugh Newsom mrs. G. W. Haynes. On oct. 8, North South winners were i Mike Murphey mrs. Susan Gragg 2 John swindle Ron Morin 3 mrs. Betty Meyer mrs. Marilyn Brown 4 by Barasch a. Hudson 5 mrs. Marie Board torn Hughes. For the East West winners mrs. W. R. Bennett a. H. Pinkerton tied for first with mrs. Vera elder mrs. Joann Scott. 3 mrs. Madeline Smith mrs. Herb Fletcher 4 mrs. Ruth Grundy mrs. Quilda Piner 5 Pete Sparrow Howard curl. Oct. 12 winners in the North South play were i Ken Baines Tom Hughes 2 mrs. Jack Calloway mrs. A. T. Pounds 3 or. Amp mrs. Leroy Harris 4 mrs. Helen Klem Pat Cosby. East West winners were i mrs. Marie Board mrs. Gerald Scott 2 Don Fitzhugh John Rosenbalm 3 Brett Nelson Kathy Chaffee. Tied for 4th and 5th place were mrs. Ruth Grundy mrs. Gloria sky Worth and mrs. Barbara Bennett capt. George Balas. x a Wmk Kwh so women s Page Richard l. Minns president presidents first lady spas inc. Allied health association associated health institutes of America inc. Crusader Maxine Maynard Dall Sites to break nationwide record of pounds and inches lost Dick Minns predicts Dall Sites set new record in weight reduction crusade first week Dallas during the first two and a half weeks of october overweight Dall Sites have contributed Oyer 6,250 excess pounds and inches to the presidents first lady spas weight reduction crusade going on now at the nine Dallas based presidents first lady spas. Over 2000 Dall Sites Are participating in the medically approved program of supervised exercise and nutritional plans designed and supervised personally by presidents first lady. A looks like Dall Sites will beat California and Columbus Ohio too which is no Surprise Texas always does things bigger and better a said famous reducing authority Dick Minns. Dallas crusader 49-year old accounting supervisor Maxine Maynard says a in two weeks i lost 13 pounds 1.5 inches and went from a size 18 to a size 14 dress and in a still losing. This new program is wonderful and it Only requires an hour a Rouce reduction of donate a of a Quot pm dents fire now presidents first lady spas introduce their new revolutionary reducing techniques to Dallas now you can have the perfect figure or physique you be always wanted the fast easy Way. Start today you la become confident fashionable and slender through our medically approved techniques of weight reduction and body reapportionment. 5,000 4,00ct 3000 2.000 no enrol extras As attend men regular Pound amp inches pounds 4inches pounds amp inches pounds amp inches i pounds inches member. Our goal is to Climi Nate 10.000 pounds of excess weight in Dallas in october spa in Hurst-453 Bedford Euless re. Ladies amp men. 282-0591 spa Arlington 620 e. Abram ladies amp men. 277-5531 j

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