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Arlington Daily News Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 2

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Arlington Daily News (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Arlington, Texas Of Page 2 Arlington daily news he supreme a g King future Syndicate. Lite. 1970. World Risku relived. A a not that a one of the professors supreme kick off Uta Homecoming by Lester l. Coleman . Myths about foods or. Coleman Why do so Many superstitions about food and health exist last night i heard a new one from a Friend. He said that garlic purifies and cleanses the blood. Is there any Way to combat these myths or. O. W., Pennsylvania dear or. A some of the fads and myths about health disease foods and nutrition Are charming hand me Downs. Many of them have no scientific Validity but they do have their adherents. Surprisingly however there Are Many so called myths that have existed for centuries and have proven themselves to be True. One favorite among the former is that fish is a brain food. To the fish it is. Another is the emphatic statement that people with High blood pressure should not eat red meats. All this does is deprive them of a source of protein without affecting their blood pressure in any Way. Have you heard the one that says Quot if you drink water with your meals you get fat Quot but the gain in weight is due to the limitless calories you eat in Between sips of water. The relationship Between Oyster and Fertility has been a curious but false one. I have never quite understood Why masculinity is identified with eating raw eggs. Ugh make mine Benedict. There Are hundreds More. I would be delighted if my readers would Send me their favorite ones. Your friends belief about garlic is just a Way to excuse the inevitable odor of last night s dinner. Garlic and onions purify a room because they Chase everybody out Quot i Haven to had a Good night s sleep in Twenty this is my husband s chronic complaint. He likes to think that he has insomnia but he is healthier than All of us. Mrs. N. R., new Jersey dear mrs. A i never did understand Why it becomes a social distinction to consider yourself an insomniac. I have heard it said by Many patients that they can to Ever remember getting a Good nights sleep or being Able to get to bed before five in the morning. Yet they continue to be in perfectly Good health. Many people Are threatened by the fact that they do not fall asleep As soon As their head hits the Pillow. There really is no Law that says that this must happen. The body is a very Wise one and surprisingly can establish its own needs for the amount of sleep necessary for Good health. I do believe that there undoubtedly Are some factors that interfere with sleep. A heavy meal before going to bed can be distressing. An overheated room or one that is excessively dry May interfere with Normal moisture in the nose and be responsible for restless sleep. Stimulation following a card party or an exhilarating sport program May contribute to insomnia. I find that the greatest threat to a Good night s sleep is to take a period of wakefulness As a personal insult. If i awaken during the night i get up and read or listen to some music until i am tired. It works. A a speaking of your health know the Telephone number of your Poison control Center. They have valuable information when you need it in an emergency. Or. Lester Coleman has prepared a special Booklet for readers of the column entitled a pay attention to your heart for your copy Send 25 cents in Coin and a Large self addressed 6-cent stamped envelope to Lester l. Coleman ., . Box 5170, grand Central station new York n. Y. 10017. Please mention the Booklet by title. Mas the Basin of the ancient Fountain in the courtyard of the Maffei Palace in Rome. Italy is an of sarcophagus of the my Cho Neche tribe of the aures re6i0n of Algeria As his Emblem of office Mears a 2/o-year-old hat decorated hath astrological sighs and the Star of David the supreme will kick off the University of Texas at Arlington a Homecoming Celebration wednesday with a Public appearance in Utah a Texas Hall beginning at 8 . Tickets Are on Sale at the Uta student Center and will be available at the door. General admission is $3.50, faculty and staff tickets Are $2.50, and Uta students with full activity cards will be admitted for $1.00. Among the Homecoming activities will be a Friday night dinner for five distinguished alumni including Broadway actor Charles Braswell who is starring in the new hit of the season the supreme bring to the c King Frattin synodical. Inc., 1970. Weild tight i re to. Good Samaritans seek Headquarters Jim Bishop secret to longevity Ltd 1970, King features Syndicate inc try and Stop me 4y Bennett Cerf a celebrant at the Kentucky Derby found his sixth mint Julep too much for him and Sank at a Louisville Saloon. A no More for you mister a ordained the bartender. A you can to even lift your head from the a agreed a nodded the celebrant. A so give me a a it la an ironic fact that the Comstock lode the greatest Silver Bonanza of Modem times was named after a mount Bank and the town where it was located Virginia City so called because a Boozy ancient named James Tinney nicknamed a old virginity a because that s where he in from christened the join Hamlet one night while in his cups by emptying a bottle of r whiskey in the main in fact the Only Street the con lode not far from where the City of Reno stands to Day accidentally uncovered by two Clumsy sourdough name Cie of Riley and Pat Mclaughlin. Actually they were looking for Gold and a n t recognize a fabulous vein of Silver when they came upon. In 1859. They were delighted to Cut a fast talking Faker named Henry Comstock in As a full partner and soon he owned the whole works. The rest is history. There s an elegant gentleman in los Angeles who san absolute Whiz at repairing broken pipes and clogged sinks but who definitely does not like being called a plumber. His business card reads a Hiram Blank Drain surgeon a o iwo by Bennett Cert distributed by King features Syndicate. The room was Cool the lunch was appetizing. Two of my favorite men were at the table but like most men of Medicine they tend to address their remarks to each other and to use professional terminology which leaves me a couple of Light years beyond comprehension. Both attended Jefferson College in Pennsylvania although they had not met before. Or. Lester Keiser is by his deeds and his published writings one of the dozen top psychiatrists in this country. He belongs to the new Breed whose Credo seems to be a to hell with four years on the Couch lets get to the heart of your trouble now and Correct or. Edwin Boyle chief of the research division of cardiology at Miami heart Institute ranks with de Bakey and a few others who understand the human pump and How much abuse it will endure without faltering. I kept Busy with my grilled cheese Sandwich pm Rye and the cup of Onyx Coffee listening without understanding absorbing a Little knowledge such As when Boyle said a a in a not interested in heart attacks. I want to keep the patient from having another one in the next 20 or 30 and yet underneath the Multi syllable words was a definite truth. They agreed that if a person is bom to Strong immigrant Stock there is a larger Chance of living to a Ripe old age. I had brought these men together for a luncheon Chat but longevity was the Only part i understood. A Century ago there was very Little proper medication for anything. Thus the Strong outlived the weak and propagated their strength into their Young. This led me to abandon the dialogue Between or. Boyle and or. Keiser and begin to think of my family. Not that this will assist me to live As Long As my ancestors because they did not smoke and i do. A cigarette is As important to me As a nipple is to a crawling baby. I became so interested in the thesis that i began to run Back up the family tree. My Mother died at age 73, diabetic and Blind. She was dutch Irish the daughter of the seventh of seven sons named tier. Her father a policeman died at the age of 78 and her Mother whose Maiden name was Mary Mcswiggen survived him until she was close to 80. At the door when she began the Oral stabbing he held the package in front of him and said a Mary it s going to melt. You can holler she believed him every time ate the ice Cream and when she was finished and ready for a volcanic eruption Alonzo tier was asleep blowing his Mustache upward from a White Pillow. On the Bishop Side of the family my father was the eldest of eight children and in 1898, three died in Christmas week of diphtheria. He survived but he did no to realize that it left heart damage. From the time he was nine his heart sounded like a busted Belfry clock. He called it a indigestion a the doctors called it what happened was that the diphtheria had killed the pacemaker of the heart and the valves tried to work without an electric nudge to induce a beat. In columns i always referred to him As a big John a and take my word for it he was the Best and worst there is. When he was 84, he was in the Hospital and after sitting with him a while not knowing what to discuss i got up to leave. A so Long Jim a he said the snowy hair and patrician Irish face rising from a Pillow. I said a so Long a but he knew it was a so Long forever and i did no to. He died in a coma. His Mother kept a Rooming House and died at the age of 84, a tiny capsule with White hair and skin like wrinkled custard. Her husband Jim Bishop shovelled Coal at an Oil refinery 12 hours a Day. He was Short and Broad and he had a True Wexford county accent As Mary Bishop had an undying unchanging co Konian accent. Of them All he is the Only one who died at 41. As he shovelled he inhaled the tiny diamonds of bituminous Coal and they adhered to the surface of his Lacy lungs. He called it asthma. It Wasny to. It was silicosis. In 1898, the phys ican had no cure except bed rest and Liberal doses of whiskey during attacks. All it lifted was his spirits. The luncheon was Over. The doctors were still talking. I Admire Keiser and Boyle beyond phrasing. They asked me what i got out of the discussions. I told them the truth a a nothing. Copyright 1970, King features Syndicate inc Nha announces Nha inc., announced today that for the three months ended june 30, 1970, the company a Gross revenues were $2,-579,096, Down from $2,836,170 for the second Quarter of 1969. A net loss of $1,178,332 or $.81 per share was recorded based on an average of 1,462,150 shares outstanding compared with $76,166 or $.05 net profit per share on an equal number of shares outstanding a year earlier. For the six months ended june 30, 1970, Nhay a Gross revenues were $5,978,948, up from $5,509,828 for the same period in 1969. The 6-months period showed a net loss of $924,691 or $.63 per share compared with $203,414 or $.14 net profit per share a year earlier. Glenn Bavousett Nhay a president said that the announcement of the second Quarter and six months Eam the Good Samaritans an organization formed to Aid needy families at Christmas is in need of a building to House their activities in Arlington. According to mrs. Berta Thompson chairman they Are hoping to find a building in the downtown area. The groups Christmas drive begins november 30 and will continue through december to. The group collects canned goods and uses Public donations to Purchase food Staples toys and shoe certificates. Applicants for the donations Are carefully screened so that those who Are most needy receive help. At the Good Samaritans meeting Friday in the Community room of Arlington at to a.m., officers for the coming year were elected. Chairman is mrs. Berta Thompson. Vice chairman is mrs. Juanetta Vil Lagram. Mrs. James elder will serve As Secretary treasurer. Judge John Forbes was elected for a second term As Board member. Other Board members elected were j. Dun Lap mrs. Pat Rogers and Ray Williams. Mrs. Richard Clayton represented the Junior a omens club. Mrs. Clinton Walker mrs. Marvin Wilson and mrs. Bruce Murray representing the City Council a to were also present. Donations May be sent to the organization care of Post office Box number 345. Dallas fort Worth area an old sound with a new face in the female Trio lineup. Jean Terrell who replaced Diana Ross when she recently went her own Way joins Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong to Combine Talent and enthusiasm that originally the supreme the Success they Are today. Since their first big year in 1964, the supreme have accumulated seven Gold records and have had five consecutive records reach the number one spot on the Best Selling charts. Some of their hits have been a where did our love go a a baby love a a come see about me a a Stop in the name of love a a Aback in my again a a i hear a symphony a and a you can to hurry the newcomer miss Terrell was born in Belzoni miss., but was raised in Chicago. Miss Wilson is from Detroit and started singing in Church at the age of 14. Miss Birdsong is from Camden . And writes songs in her spare time. Quarter return Ings was delayed because of the recent acquisition by Nha of vervet engineering company of los Angeles. Bavousett said that the company a third Quarter earnings report will be by the end of october. Also announced were several changes in Nhay a Board of directors. Resigning from the Board but remaining As officers of Nha or its Houston based subsidiary Spinoza inc., were the following l. Miller Smyth r. C. Goodridge Kenneth Nickerson Charles Miller and o. E. Lundelius or. Elected to the Nha Board was Martin Petrasek president of vervet engineering company. I walk the Unbe Gregory Peck and tuesday Weld Star in Columbia picture s a i walk the line As a Rural Tennessee sheriff and a Backwoods girl whose illicit Romance leads to a major tragedy. A i walk the line Quot will open this week at six Falls mall Cinema. Estelle Parsons also is starred in the John Franken Heimert Edward Lewis production in color and Ralph Meeker is co stared. Johnn Cash sings seven of his own songs on the film s soundtrack. Parents to hear of fitness plan the presidents physical fitness program will be presented to the Ferguson Junior High Parent teacher association at 7 30 . Monday in the schools girls gymnasium. The program will be directed by mrs. Connie Jurecek girls physical education teacher and coach Smith boys . Teacher. The program will feature various exercises that the students Are required to perform in order to receive a certificate. A regular business meeting will be conducted by mrs. Robert Hughes president. He was a sturdy Man with Pale yellow hair and Mustache which on his Days off Hung Over huge steins of Beer too Long. To placate his wife he returned Home loaded in an open Barouch carrying the Only tiling his spouse could not resist a quart of ice Cream. J kist Fetter synodical inc., 1970. Weald if flu rewired a those in favor say a Aye. Those opposed say daily nows photo a a of. # sea officers a the Sam Houlton High school chapter of office education association recently held an installation of new officers. New officers Are from left Peggy Craighead Secretary Debi Averitt vice president Brenda Lane president Linda Davis treasurer and Loretta Uzee historian. Not pictured is Donna Park reporter. Cathy Farmer a 1970 Sam Houston graduate who is serving As state historian of sea the installing officer and mrs. Betty Whitaker Dean of girls at Sam Houston speaker. Was was

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