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Arlington Daily News Newspaper Archives May 12 1974, Page 4

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Arlington Daily News (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, Arlington, Texas Arlington daily news you Tete Rocse Atair May Senor a school Bond Issue Good but next saturday May 18, Arlington voters will be asked to approve a $30 million school Bond Issue. There is no denying that additional funds Are necessary to meet the needs of our rapidly growing school system. Many millions will be needed just to keep up with new school construction. There Are several disturbing aspects of this Bond proposal however which we think voters ought to be aware of before casting their ballots. The most significant Issue in our opinion is that school officials refuse to make any predictions whatsoever about what this Bond Issue might do to the school tax rate. We have been assured that there will be no tax increase for the first year but that Promise is not particularly significant because the school system has enough Money left in its debt retirement fund to cover first year expenses. We find it extraordinary that no tax predictions can be made concerning a Bond Issue of this magnitude. School officials in fort Worth and Irving indicated that it is common procedure in their systems to at least offer upper limit estimates on possible tax increases. It seems to us that school officials have a very Clear responsibility to inform the voters How much a particular Bond Issue May Cost. When the Issue is $30 million that responsibility is particularly striking. Another thing we find objectionable in this Bond proposal is the Lack of restrictions placed on How this Money is to be used. School officials have said that the $30 million is to be broken Down As follows $8 million for construction of eight elementary schools $7.5 million for two new Junior High schools $6.5 million for the City a fifth High school $2.5 million for furniture and equipment for the new schools $2.3 million for renovation $2 million for Purchase of school Sites and $1.2 million for site development. The ballot however asks Only for a vote for or against a the issuance of Bonds and the levying of the tax in payment the Public notice which most voters probably never read is not much More informative. It asks that the $30 million be approved for a the construction and equipment of school buildings in the District and the Purchase of the necessary Sites therefor and shall there be pledged and levied assessed and collected annually and Valorme taxes on All taxable property in the District sufficient without limit As to rate or amount to pay the principal of and interest on said Bonds As the same become due. Ii not Only Are there virtually no restrictions on How this Money could be used but school officials have admitted that Many of their present plans Are subject to change. For instance $6.5 million of the Bond Issue is supposed to be used for construction of the City a fifth High school and architectural plans for this building Haven to even been drawn up yet. It could end up costing $5 million or $10 million for All school officials know. In our opinion this Bond Issue represents a request by the school Board for carte Blanche Over $30 million of the taxpayers Money. We Are being asked to approve a Gigantic Bond proposal i without being told what it might do to our tax rate and 2 without any Legal assurances of How the Money will be used. As we said earlier we Are not in any doubt of the school districts need for additional funding. We feel strongly however that the tax paying Public deserves a Good Deal More specific information and Candor from our elected and appointed school officials. We would also think that an Issue involving this much Public Money ought to generate a Good Deal of voter interest. We Hope there will be a Good turnout at the polls saturday to substantiate this. Fast it. A ilk playground i., u.4 Superb highways excellent hotel and camping accommodations the bluest sky imaginable and a warm Sun Are luring More and More texans to their Winter playground. The trans Pecos. Because of increased publicity and word of Mouth ecstasy of returning visitors big Bend is the focal Point of most travellers and there is no wonder. The closer and More easily accessible Davis mountains however Are still virtually undiscovered by most texans and Are a favorite of this writer because of their Green forested mystery. Here the population is still Only one per Square mile and ranchers drive fifty Miles for the mail a loaf of bread or just to say hello. Here you can spread a mile High picnic by the Side of the Road and pick out a misty Blue Mountain Range a to paint climb photograph or just look at just you and nobody else. Fanning out from the Beautiful 1.869-acre Davis mountains state Park off Hwy. 118 is a 76-mile drive through some of the area s most spectacular scenery. The famous Mcdonald Observatory atop 6,790-foot it. Locke invites a visit and numerous Side attractions tempt the inveterate explorer. Like the Rock pile. Located near the Junction of state highways 166 and 118, this weird formation of huge boulders looks like a great wheelbarrow Load of enormous rocks dumped in a neat pile by the mythical giant Pecos Bill. The Rock pile is a favorite picnic spot today. But in the past it has been the Refuge of animals indians soldiers and at least one Hermit. Kit Carson left his name on one of the strange highly polished boulders in 1839 a unfortunately indiscriminate and thoughtless vandalism in recent years has All but obliterated the authentic signature. Come flee your Rock pile Friend and discover your Golden West clip and save or. I a it by . Tim. Synodical now is the time to buckle seat belts it might be a slight exaggeration but not much to say that since gasoline has become such a scarce item every Driver who has not bought a Small car has at least thought about it. This being the Case it is of special interest to note that studies have shown serious injuries Are a considerably More prevalent to Drivers not using seat belts in compacts than in heavier full sized cars. And this holds True whether the Small car is involved in a collision with a larger vehicle or another of its own size. Use of seat belts cuts the risk. As even greater numbers of Drivers turn to the Small car the use of seat belts will be of unprecedented importance in helping to hold Down both the number and the severity of injuries resulting from accidents. If you Are one of the Many now driving a Small lightweight automobile and done to want to be caught dead sitting on your seat Belt it is time to buckle up. It could be Worth a lifetime to you. Both expert study and casual observation suggest that most of us drive so As to use More Gas than we need to. Quick getaways revving up to Roar around the car ahead Rushing up to red lights Only to wait for the Green a anything in Short that involves a heavy foot on the Gas pedal wastes fuel. A lot of other common practices let Gas dribble away. Allowing the motor to Idle while you re Chi chatting for example. Using the cards electrical appliances sparingly saves Gas because the engine recharges the electrical system. Flooring the pedal to get up to the Speed limit in a hurry uses More fuel than building up Speed gradually As one expert reminds us a it takes More gasoline to get going than to stay with a Little care a thankful of Gas can be made to last a Good Deal longer than it otherwise would. A Winsted conn., citizen. I More from Les no blockbusters in Community poll by Les Blaser daily news editor in be been Reading Over the Arlington Community study and while there Arentt any blockbusting surprises in it it still makes interesting Reading. Per cent work in Dallas 11.4 per cent in grand Prairie 9.1 per cent in fort Worth 3.1 per cent in Irving and 2.1 per cent Hurst Euless Bedford. In Blaser the study is a masters thesis by Robert e. Giles a student at the University of Texas at Arlington a Institute of Urban studies. The data for the study were supplied by a Survey conducted by the Arlington Jaycees in february and March of 1973. It is the most in depth study of the views and attitudes of Arlington residents done to Date. According to the study the a a average Arlington resident is 33 years old has lived in the City for less than seven years works outside Arlington owns a House has one or two years of College and is a caucasian. The study indicated that nearly 64 per cent of the City a population is under 40, and Only 14.4 per cent is 51 or older. Nearly 49 per cent of the population has lived in Arlington for less than five years and 82 per cent of those responding to the Survey were married. Arlington was listed As the place of employment of 46.5 per cent of the respondents to the Survey 15.6 the study indicates that Arlington residents have a highly developed regard for their stomachs. Eating Low Cost meals out was listed As the activity residents Here were the most interested in. Other High interest activities identified in the Survey were going to the Park going to Church and swimming. Of least interest to those responding to the Survey were ice skating Golf Tennis and night clubs. The Low night club interest is surely understandable. In Arlington a night club can be defined As any bar with a Juke Box. In general the Survey respondents handed out the most bouquets for libraries the fire and police departments and trash collections. The Survey indicated the most dissatisfaction is with streets water and zoning. According to the study residents Are the most concerned about the condition of the streets Here and the Lack of sidewalks in certain areas. The City water really came in for some hard knocks. Forty six per cent of the respondents thought the purity of the local water to be poor or very poor and 65 per cent thought the taste to be poor or very poor. In defense of our water though it ought to be pointed out that it is perfectly Safe to use on most types of plants and shrubs. Respondents to the Survey indicated they thought the City had done a poor Job in zoning matters relating to apartment Loca Tion the preservation of Green spaces and the location of gasoline stations. Perhaps this situation could be improved if we painted All the defunct Gas stations Green. But even of residents Arentt particularly Happy about the streets and the water and the zoning they still like their City officials. Tom Vandergrifft a positive rating is about half a Point behind motherhood and the City Council is Given an 83 per cent positive rating. The City manager was Given an 85 per cent positive rating. Done to get a big head Ross. Everybody thinks Veselka a still Here so evidently people Arentt All that unhappy with our streets and water or else they think grand Prairie is somehow responsible for All our woes. And. All in All the Survey indicates Arlington residents Are pretty Happy to be living where they Are. According to the study most residents perceive Arlington to be Active progressive clean and a Good place to raise children. The City is also Given High Marks for being religious Safe and for having honest government. The Section of the Survey dealing with attitudes about problem solving was fairly predictable. How do you suppose most people responded to this Survey question a if a citizen is extremely concerned about a problem in the City of Arlington what do you think is the Best thing that he or she can do if you guessed a give Tommy a Call a you win the Kewpie doll. Drug culture news by or. Max Rafferty the news from the drug culture these Days is a mixed bag. On the one hand the polls show that almost 30 per cent of american High school kids Are either Strung out on dope now or have been recently. A search for the Silver lining of course comes up with the logical counterpoint that More than 70 per cent of our descendants Are not puffing joints or popping bennies but somehow this is cold Comfort. However before you get uptight about this sorry situation consider its causes. To put it briefly and a grammatically they Are us. For years we be been i telling ourselves comfortably that dope is just a passing fad like Frisbee and Hula hoops 2 listening Glassy eyed to weirdos like Margaret Mead and Joel fort Tell us that the hell powder really Isnit so bad after All and 3 blaming the addiction rate on everything except the real cause. As a Good example of no. 3, listen to Richard a. Anderson supervisor of education for aquarian Effort a California drug treatment Center a american Public schools Are so Boring so out of touch with real life that they turn students to he continues a a student goes into a Public school classroom and is turned off by what he experiences there. From age 5 to 15 he a a prisoner with the teacher pushing facts into his mind. What happens he withdraws. He goes out into the parking lot at lunch time and takes a couple of and or. Anderson has simply noodles More to get off his Chest which i will spare you. Now i submit that this sort of clarified drivel is one of the big reasons Why we As a people have let the drug problem sneak up behind us and sandbag us. We Swallow this Claptrap Hook line and sinker without even stopping to Analyse its colossal illogic. For instance Anderson says today a schools Are so Boring they drive students to main lining or Pill popping. But schools have always been Boring and pupils have always been surely Anderson have us believe that our great grandparents confronted with a curriculum bristling with latin grammar and ancient history were exactly having a fun time in their Little red schoolhouses. Yet remarkably few of our forebears ended up in opium Dens because old miss Glotz was pushing Dull dry facts into their minds six hours a Day. Austin notebook a Kissinger May need our help Small business Loans out of the $2 billion or so the . Has been spending giving them tanks and planes and the similar amounts it has been spending arming the arabs to keep them Happy. There should be some savings because the new texans would soon be paying income taxes instead of using up . Income taxes. Once the Trade is made with Israel presumably by land commissioner Bob Armstrong then negotiations could begin for the Sale of Israel to the arabs. And with their desire to own that real estate it should be a Sellers Market. The income from the Sale could easily increase the $1,000,000,000 Texas permanent school fund to $4,-000,000,000, give or take a billion which would reduce state taxes for school purposes and make up for what texans Are paying the arabs for Oil these Days. So there would be some immediate benefits for All texans and perhaps some of it could be used to finance a few More highways and airports in the new Israel to bring out the products they will be turning out soon. There be any governmental problems As a result except that Sui Ross state University might need to be expanded to handle some More students. It might even make Sui Ross big enough that the University of Texas and Texas a amp a systems would by lobbying in Austin to get it added to their string of schools. There has been no word As to the football playing abilities of the israelis but no doubt Sui Ross would have to be admitted to the Southwest conference in a few years. Electing just a commissioners court and a few legislators would eliminate the Cabinet crises the israelis have had of late. The israelis would be protected from aggression. There would be Pecos and Terrell counties on the East and Presidio Jeff Davis and Culberson on the West to protect them from Elpaso and san Angelo. The Rio Grande should protect them from invasion from Chihuahua and Coa Huila. Not even Pancho Vuu Ever crossed the Bor Der at Osinaga. By Stuart Long Austin Bureau Austin a now that fewer than 1,400,000 texans have decided who will be governor and even fewer have decided All the answers to All the problems of Texas for the four years to come we now have plenty of time to turn to the larger problems. Of All the people in the world who need help Secretary of state Henry Kissinger seems to be the one. He has Only one russian foreign minister and one new wife to work out some problems which have lasted Ever since the Days of the crusades. So we should indeed give him some help on solving that problem of the arabs and the israelis and by next saturday have that problem out of the Way before we Start on our vacations. Since Secretary Kissinger May not have been to Texas very often he May want to consult with the National aeronautics amp space administration whose men Fly Over Texas every few hours taking pictures. They will report that there Are Only 7,993 Square Miles give or take a few depending on what the syrians have done this week in Israel. They will advise him also that there Are about 267,000 Square Miles of Texas some of which resembles what Israel looked like before they started making the desert Bloom like a Rose. Texas could Well Trade an equal amount of land and perhaps the United states would be willing to toss in a Little of the big Bend National Park As its contribution for Israel. That Way Texas would get 3,000,000 industrious hard working people who have proved that they can turn a Bleak land into a productive one. They would please the Texas Industrial commission no doubt because As they set up industries in Brewster county which with its 6,204 Square Miles is nearly As Large As Israel the commission could announce proudly that Texas is no. I in new industries each month and year. If the israelis Are a Little Short of Cash Secretary Kissinger could make some

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