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Arlington Daily News Newspaper Archives May 12 1974, Page 2

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Arlington Daily News (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, Arlington, Texas Page 2arlington daily news sunday May 12, 1974 our Horoscope Sydney Omarr sunday May 12,1974 Mars in the seventh House of a Horoscope indicates sudden decisions on the part of the native with regard to partnerships and marriage. These persons have a Public relations problem a their statements actions often Are misinterpreted and could arouse envy and resentment. Mars in the seventh sector brings publicity and prominence through daring ideas and projects. Here we have the opposite of the proverbial Wallflower. The native attracts aggressive individuals and often is involved in spirited controversy. Aries March 21-april 19 accent is on friends Hopes wishes. What seems confusing will fall into proper order. You get help you need. You find social life More sparkling. Desires come within reach. You will have genuine reason to celebrate a and Romance is Taurus april 20-may20 your prestige is on the line. You either break with individual who is restrictive gloomy and destructive a or you pay a dear Price. Key is to assume responsibility for your own actions. Get some remodelling accomplished. Correct safety hazards. Be your own person. Gemini May 21-june 20 Good lunar aspect coincides now with journeys changes for the better higher education ability to find yourself in philosophical context. You become More mature analytical and attractive. Member of opposite sex pays deserved compliment. Cancer june 21-july 22 Cost of furniture other household items is spotlighted. Reach agreement with family member. Deal with Taurus Libra persons. Highlight diplomacy. You win your Way a you lose through forcing methods. Choice is your own to win or lose. Leo july 23-aug. 22 lie Low. Listen and observe. Permit partner close associate mate to air views. Defer final judgment. Acquire additional data. Avoid self deception. Strive to be realistic. One who whispers Sweet nothings wants something from you a for nothing. Virgo aug. 23-sept. 22 practical issues dominate. Accept special task a display awareness sense of responsibility. Show older individual that you Are willing to learn. Money and investments Are in picture. You can add to sense of Security a if you Are not foolish. Libra sept. 23-oct. 22 you feel More fulfilled. What had been an empty emotional space receives sustenance. Commit monday May 13, 1974 Pluto in the fourth House of a Horoscope depicts a native whose Early life was surrounded by upheaval violence and whose parents were unorthodox poor where Money was concerned but possibly Rich where affection entered picture. This person is Tough capable of fighting to achieve goals and is Likely to experience difficulty with authorities police and otherwise. Much depends of course on the entire Chart planetary positions ascendant and time of birth. However Pluto in the fourth is a signature and the native is out of the Ordinary and bears close scrutiny. A Aries March 2l-Aprii 19 you can take definite Steps toward achievement. Professional Superior is willing to invest in your potential. Be specific Frank a say what you mean and enumerate requirements. Some desires Are revised others will be fulfilled. Taurus april 20-May 20 accept proposition which sees you co operating in Community project. Civic leadership is emphasized. You have More responsibility but there also is ultimate advantage. Gemini y Virgo persons could figure prominently. Gemini May 21-june 20 re establish Contact with one at a distance. Be gracious. Family member is willing to make Concession. Check Calls correspondence. Taurus Libra individuals could be in picture. If you Are receptive you gain materially and spiritually. Cancer june 21-july 22 see in Light of reality especially where property land values Are concerned. Avoid tendency toward self deception. No one plans to give you anything on proverbial Silver Platter a despite what they say. Check behind the scenes for additional information. Leo july 23-aug. 22 responsibility arises from partnership special agreement or association. Older individual will share experience. Defer to judgment of one who knows rules regulations. Patience now is valuable asset Virgo aug. 23-sept. 22 finish rather than begin a find ways of appealing to More persons. Check possibility of advertising program. Basic issues will be settled. Now you should concentrate on distribution communication and direct sales. Libra sept. 23-oct. 22 Romance creative endeavours Are featured. Your personality. Appearance Are spotlighted. Be ready for new contacts challenges. Member of opposite sex could fall hopelessly in love with you. Be mature a and appreciative Scorpio oct. 23-nov. 21 you Deal now with real situations practical people. Put aside make believe state facts As they exist. Stick to familiar ground. Aquarius Leo and cancer persons figure in important ways. Be aware of costs. Sagittarius nov. 22-dec. 21 expect More movement social encounters. Plenty of Opportunity exists and key now is to be selective. Avoid scattering your forces. Expand. Refuse to be painted into Corner. Express yourself. Change routine. Get away from depressing situation a and persons. Capricorn dec. 22-Jan. 19 debt is paid. You will be More comfortable a and confident. What you collected in past has double the value. Hold tight to possessions. Someone May try to talk you into relinquishing your rights. Be prepared and know you can Deal from position of strength. Aquarius Jan. 20-. 18 Trust judgment intuition. Lunar Cycle is High you get Point across in meaningful manner. Take initiative. Ideas Click. You gain added recognition. Views Are vindicated. Gemini Virgo persons Are Likely to be in picture. Pisces . 19-March 20 secret fears and doubts Are enunciated. You see what was obscured. You Are stronger because the unknown becomes More substance than Shadow. Home environment will be More pleasant. Domestic adjustment occurs and is beneficial. If today is your birthday you underwent Many tests Early in life. Those who should have known you were not always available to lend assistance. You Are determined stubborn and basically honest. Aquarius Leo and Scorpio persons play important roles in your life. This month May should be your most significant of 1974. Learn a the truth about Send birthrate for our Survey and 75 cents to Omarr Booklet name of your paperboy 3240, grand Central station new York . 10017. You la open door to fascinating study and self revelation c 1974, go no Rel features corporation assignment America a out darn spot ments Are made and your self esteem rightfully soars. Aries Libra individuals could play significant roles. Broaden horizons. Extend lines of communication. Scorpio oct. 23-nov. 21 the new and old Combine you Are Able to partake of Best of both worlds. Done to miss out on grand Opportunity. Re creative. Be willing also to learn from experience shared by older relative. You Are on the Way to achievement. Has fun without being foolish or extravagant. Sagittarius nov. 22-dec. 21 accent is on bridging Gap Between yourself and relatives. Make conciliatory gesture. Realize that warmth of affection love cannot be replaced by shiny assertions promises claims. By giving you also will receive. Make Short trip to demonstrate sincerity. Capricorn dec. 22-Jan. 19 Money and How it gets that Way a that s part of your concern. Collections payments Are featured. Be flexible. Done to give up something for nothing. Sagittarius gemini persons Are in picture. What you took for granted could be More valuable than suspected. Aquarius Jan. 20-. 18 break through barriers of pretence. Accent truth. Timing is on your Side. Pursue a take initiative. Make personal appearances a and appeals. Another aquarian figures prominently. Refuse to be dismayed by one who sings the blues. Pisces . 19-March 20 what you find that is of value will be discovered through Clandestine Means. Dig for information. Be a combination reporter detective. Refuse the superficial. Insist on facts and then proceed to Check them. If today is your birthday those who done to really know you regard you As Jolly and fun Loving. Those who know better realize you Are versatile intellectually curious and uniquely talented. At times you eat too much and try to do too much. September should be your most important month of 1974. Persons born under gemini Sagittarius play significant roles in your life. Try to keep resolutions regarding your diet. Discover your love and Money mates Send birthrate for our Survey and 75 cents to Omarr astrology secrets name of you paperboy 3240, grand Central station new York . 10017. You la find answers in Sydney Marrs Booklet a secret hints for men and a 1974, general feature corporation by Phyllis Battelle new York Kos a if your House is clean then you re a Good the statement is so patently absurd that one is tempted to laugh Isnit one but before laughing one feels a guilty urge to dust a shelf mop a floor Wash a window or shove a son into the this urge because the american woman has been a brainwashed by advertising a according to researchers. While consciously logically intellectually realizing that keeping a a clean is not a Basic Factor in establishing Long term personal Worth a a a cleanliness syndrome has nonetheless been driven into our psyches. Relentlessly Over the years we have been threatened that if we done to have a a a whiter Wash squeaky clean hair a spotless floor a glistening car we Are not keeping up to the proper Madison standards. And this exploitation and mane vering of the american woman has been a major Factor not Only in her own dissatisfaction but also in creating the environmental process. Or. Maureen Fries who teaches women a studies and or. Stuart Nicholson who teaches biology at Fredonia state University .warn that a cleanliness As a status Symbol has caused the National demand for products which Are ecologically harmful. This includes toxic cleansers and persistent pesticides which damage the environment. A Many women have been driven to almost fanatical lengths to keep their families Homes and themselves clean a say the professors. They recall one woman a zealous drive to keep her toilet bowl totally Antiseptic. A in the process she mixed two volatile chemicals which severely burned her nose and Throat and almost indeed killed the Fredonia experts Hope that women eventually will overcome this state of mind thus enabling them to fend off such advertising efforts. A they have gone much West on to show student body presidents from four area colleges will be on a face to face with Murphy Martin today at i . On Wafaa to Channel 8, Dallas fort Worth. Martin will discuss student attitudes and problems with Quincy Allison from North Texas state University ted Campag nolo from Southern methodist University Bruce Gibson from Texas Christian University and Royce West from the University of Texas at Arlington. Topics include changes in Campus life the rising Cost of higher education Campus sports and curriculum improvement. Too far. Not Only have they been brainwashed into buying toxic cleaning products but they demand Beautiful looking food products a spotless produce that can Only be grown through the use of dangerous remember the immortal words of the philosopher who said a where the a is a clean and perfectly organized Home there is not enough Arlington daily news established 1948 published monday through Friday evening and sunday morning by news texan inc., at 400 West Abram. Second class postage paid at the Post office at Arlington Tex. 76010. James r. Gray publisher Les Blaser editor Terry Conner adv. Manager office hours monday Friday 8 00 . 5 00 . Saturday 8 00 12 00 noon. Subscription rates by Carrier is 50 per month. Subscription rates by mail $24.00 per year payable in Advance in county $48 of per year out of county. Member United press International Texas press association. Member audit Bureau of circulation girls Aid research a service sorority at the University of Texas at Arlington used some unorthodox a but successful ways to raise $550 for cancer research. The Uta chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma sponsored a cancer week recently on Campus when they had a body Beautiful con test for men in which Campus organizations paid to sponsor contestants who paraded in swim suits before a group of admirers. Later during the week coeds took donations of 51 cents the Cost of a mouse used in research. The week culminated with a Basket Ball game in which the female players wore bikinis. Proceeds from ticket sales were contributed to the american cancer society. Project coordinators were Judy Collins and Carolyn Conner both of fort Worth. Phone 460-2903 216 e. Rogers learn to sew Register now 1. Beginners 2. Menswear 3. Fast amp easy 4. Individual instructions Kut in sew 2,8 490-2903 office 265-4241 circulation 461-7891 a the hand that rocks the Cradle is the hand that rules the world Happy mothers Day from Arlington savings Naturalize. Week inside Story when the name is naturalized what you done to see is As important As what you do see. Things like the wide size Range and special Comfort features that make every naturalized fit and feel better. $21.95 Bone

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