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Arlington Daily News Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1974, Page 4

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Arlington Daily News (Newspaper) - March 31, 1974, Arlington, Texas Page 4 Arlington daily news sunday March 31, 1974 Quot Fey fit o�f-/t40. Jolt or in trouble charter changes on ballot Many Arlington residents will i nimbly decide to skip tuesday s it it election because the three incumbents on the City Council Are unopposed for re election. We should be aware however that the ballot will contain four charter amendments. Even though these proposed amendments Are routine we ought to be aware of what they Are and the reasons they Are to be considered by voters at this time. We Hope residents will take the time to vote on these measures. Hie propositions on the ballot include placing the office of the tax assessor collector under the City manager appointment of persons to the Board of equalization Powers and duties of this Board and a change in compensation for the Board. Hie most significant amendment is the one proposing to put the office of tax assessor collector under the control of the City manager. At present the tax assessor is appointed by the City Council. Thi s is a logical move in View of the fact that the present system was set up prior to the City adopting the City manager form of government. Hie move simply gives the City manager control Over a department he is already pretty much responsible for. This Issue is proposition one on the ballot. Hie other three proposed amendments Deal with the City s Board of equalization. Amendment tvo merely changes the word Quot councilmen Quot to this resulted from a suit filed last year Over the fact that City councilmen did not serve on the equalization Board. I he suit was dismissed and this amendment seeks to clarify tin meaning of this Section of the charter. Amendment three merely updates a reference in the charter regarding the Powers and duties of the Board of equalization. The amendment does not change any Powers or duties of tin Board but simply updates a reference in the present charter which is no longer applicable. Hie fourth proposed amendment gives the City Council the authority to set the compensation for members of the equalization Board. At present tin amount the members May be paid is spelled out in tin charter of this amendment lasses it would be up to the City Council to determine the amount of compensation. The charter Only allows so a Day for Board members so the need for a raise in Pax is clearly evident. I Liese proposed amendments Are admittedly not very exciting issues. Hut their passage will help our City government to operate a Little More smoothly. No change in the City charter is important and we Hope voters will take time to cast their ballots i tuesday. It is unfortunate in our opinion. That nobody has come Forward to Challenge any incumbent in this years City election. I his i it not to say that tilt incumbents Are undeserving of their office hut a political race is one of the Best mediums there i it for airing Public issues. Because there Are no challengers we Are denied the Opportunity of a full Public examination of the is sues currently faced by our Community. We do have four charter amendments on which to vote and we urge All Arlington voters to do so. A. Cult i �0& distributed by . Times Syndicate / Foj More from Lea on the worthy Pursuit of trivia discovering the Lone Star state with. Pristine Garden where hut in Texas is Spring so ingeniously assembled for such breathless expectation already tiny fingerlings of tender Green hidden from Winters numbing paralysis in protected recesses around the state Are showing their impatience. Soon a sooner than you think a a panoply of color will chorus the Joy of the yearly Miracle of resurrection. And where in Texas is the splash of Spring so evident As in the Cathedral Spica Dor of East Texas vast Woodlands. Here. Particularly in the Little known wild Azalea canyons in the far wilderness of the Sabine Valley. Nature s Beauty stirs. Deep in these eroded canyons centuries of it compost d vegetation has created a thick Fertile com Post from which bursts a Virgin Garden tall Pine Oak Magnolia and Sweet gum Trees Coupon Dogwood Gully Huckleberry yellow Jasmine and great masses of wild Azalea All awaiting the signal. Increasingly naturalists and week end explorers pilgrimage to these primitive canyons each Spring to gasp at natures Canvas. These ancient lands of the dead and living Are on private properly hut open to the interested Public. Canyon Walls Are Steep but scalable. However there is a marked easy Trail descending into the Depths. Look sniff examine exclaim and photograph. But done to pick. Please keep the Garden at its Pristine loveliest for All to enjoy. The wild Azalea canyons Art located in Texas deep Piney Woods. Take . 87 North from Newton about six Miles. Turn right at . 1414 to the sign a wild Azalea canyons. And for detailed information. Write the Magnolia Garden club to the Beaumont chamber of Commerce Bijeau Mont Texas 77704. Get ready for the Green Light by Les Blaser daily news editor the game of a a trivia must he at least As widely played and observed world wide As football baseball soccer and Foos Ball combined. Every person alive has a tremendous store of unconnected bits of information which done to have any use except in the office trivia tournament. Texans Are the Richer for it for years he has collected bits and pieces about Texas people and places which might otherwise have been lost to history. These pieces about Little known events in Texas history Are offered by Maguire in his newspaper column a talk of Texas a which appears in the daily news and in a Book by the same title. Cell Ani Blaser there Are those who after once Reading a sports record Book can quote obscure facts and figures for weeks on end. For instance one of our sports types won a recent trivia match by being Able to name the second baseman who committed the most errors in a six game world series. The Holder of that ignoble record is none other than Frank Isbell of the 1906 Chicago White sox who booted the Ball five times in one world series. Not a lot of people Are probably aware of that record and quite a few fewer care. But this May have been or. Isbelle a Only claim to a place in history and its of some importance that this piece of information be preserved. In order for that bit of history to be preserved along with millions of others someone has to make a career of collecting trivia. And i would submit that such careers Are valuable and significant even though the pieces of information collected Are unimportant when examined singly. Jack Maguire has pursued such a career and the principal events of our states history can be found in any number of history books but Maguire offers information which adds a human dimension to the characters of our past. We learn that our times and our people May not be so different from those who went before us. Many texans Are still trying to decide whether Lee Oswald really shot John Kennedy. Maguire Points out that it Hasni to even been decided if John Wilkes Booth Ever was caught after shooting Lincoln. One Story has it that Booth escaped to Texas and lived Here until 1903, it seems that a Saloon keeper in Granbury by the name of John St. Helen once when he thought he was dying admitted being Booth. He recovered and moved to Glen Rose where he often quoted Shakespeare while he tended bar. When he died in 1903, physicians examined his body and found that he had a nicked Eyebrow a crushed thumb Bone and an old Shin fracture which corresponded to three injuries Booth was known to have suffered during his career. Elsewhere in his Book Maguire tells us that the water was once so bad in Beaumont that doctors there advised new residents to drink whiskey instead. That would have been useful information for us a while Back when we did no to know whether to drink our water or plow it. Maguire chronicles How random actions by obscure people sometime change the course of history. In a Way an unnamed Grain Miller in Dekalb county Indiana was responsible thesis for Sale by or. Max Rafferty Back in 1971 i did a column on the a phony term paper Industry which was surfacing then and i thought you might be interested in a Progress report. To make it Brief this Frad Lent fungus on the Green Bay tree of free Enterprise has come upon hard times and Isnit that just too darned bad you la recall How the whole Racket started. A couple of entrepreneurs decided to Cash in on the natural desire to avoid work which afflicts humanity in general but College students in particular. So they started collecting old term papers on every conceivable academic topic from a the origin of the ancient etruscan so to a the Micturition pattern of Doberman Pinchers a and then Selling them in slightly revised form to weary but affluent students who had been burning the Oil to other purposes than studying. Finding this kind of intellectual dishonesty unexpectedly profitable outfits like Alan Pederson a term paper Library Iii Washington d c., proceeded to expand until they boasted files of nearly to he papers and a clutch of paid backs who at the drop of a saw Buck would whip up a master s thesis on a mythological and biblical interpolations in Mil tonic Blank verse guaranteed to get at least a a a by Grade from an impressed if slightly naive English lit professor. This might set Joe College Back so much As $200, while a Plain undergraduate term paper would perhaps sell for As Little As $25. One Well heeled candidate for the elusive doctoral degree reputedly forked Over $5, my for a 350 Page dissertation Complete with bibliography and bristling with footnotes graphs and appendices to Happy to report that this Dollar spangled Campaign to subvert the entire program of student re search in higher education is in general disarray just three years after its birth. Six states a California Maryland Massachusetts new York Pennsylvania and Wisconsin a have slapped Legal penalties on this sort of educational prostitution thus Cooling to the Point of frostbite the eagerness of these a a libraries and a a companies to help collegians buy a diploma they re too Lazy or too stupid to work for. In addition the Federal postal service aided by a . Court of appeals decision in Boston last Spring has started to lower the Boom on the racketeers by Haling them before the bar of Justice and charging them with using the mails to defraud. When a shyster lawyer hired to help one term paper company beat the rap tried to con the court by claiming that the students were the ones actually doing the defrauding the judges made Short work of him. A it is irrelevant a thundered the court a that it is not the seller but the buyer who makes the false let me pause Here to recognize and pay tribute to that rarest of All rare Birds Iii today a increasingly screwball society a sensible court decision. When one of these is brought unexpectedly to Light every decade or so i believe in mounting it reverently and elegantly like the Kohinoor Diamond. A Well i m glad this particular variety of crime against the very soul of scholarship is Gettings its comeuppance. And lest i seem to condemn today a collegians unduly let me say that term paper plagiarism for Cash was link noun to my generation during the hungry thirties not because of any special virtue which adhered to us but purely and simply because none of us had any Cash the paper hustlers would have starved to death copyright w74, los Angeles times for Texas being admitted to the Union. As the Story goes this Miller had decided to skip voting Iii the 1844 National election but was persuaded at the last minute by friends the winning candidate for whom the Miller had voted won the election for the . Senate by one vote. That senator Edward Allen Hannegan broke a tie in the Senate on whether Texas should gain statehood it continues to be debated Here whether Hannegan voted wisely but the Issue was indeed decided by his vote and the Miller is Given credit for sending him to the Senate. Maguiree a Book also Sheds some Light on the origins of some widely used expressions. Do you know How fort Worth came to be known As a where the West begins a it turns out that the slogan is older than the City. In 1843, six years before fort Worth was founded general Bedward in Tarrant and Captain Bedward s. Terrell negotiated a India treaty which stipulated that the tribes were to remain West of a line which ran through the future site of the City hence a where the West Quot talk of Texas also tells us that there is no such thing As a 10-gallon hat. The term refers to the Spanish word a Aga Long which is the name for the decorative braid that Vaqueros Wear on the brims of their sombreros. If the hat has to rows of braid it is a 10-Galon hat. And believe it or not Robert l. Ripley supposedly got his Start in Texas. Ripley was thought to have been a Rookie trying out for the new York giants during one Spring training in Marlin Tex. According to the Story he Hurt his Arm and decided to take up cartooning instead. If that Story is True its a shame or. Ripley have lived to see the Texas rangers play the last couple of years. The combination of the rangers and or. Ripley would probably have spawned an entire a a believed to or not Book. Ustin or it ool 1\< a Eneriz try source seen by Stuart Long Austin Bureau Austin a source of Energy even bigger than natural Gas is exciting geologists who think South Texas and the Gulf of Mexico May contain enough geothermal Energy to meet All the electric Power needs of Texas. They done to know and like All scientists Are eau Titus in their forecasts until they get More data. And they put it carefully because there has never been a Well drilled for the purpose of tapping the layers of High pressure hot water. Some Oil and Gas Wells have found the formations of super heated water and mud and the blowouts have been so dramatic that Oil and Gas operators have stayed away from the areas. Geothermal Energy is being used commercially in California by electric generating companies. When the hot water is brought to the surface it flashes into steam As pressure is released. The steam drives turbines which generates electricity. Federal leases have gone at High prices. Shell Oil . Recently bid on an 8,000 acre tract for $4,500,000 on Federal Sale. Two thirds of san Francisco a electricity now comes from geothermal turned turbines. Yet no one has seriously looked into the Texas deposits. Or. William l. Fisher director of the Bureau of economic geology at the University of Texas at Austin is putting together a proposal to the National science foundation for a study of the Best place in Texas to Drill a test geothermal Well under its Rann program research applied to National needs. Such a test Well would be about 15, my feet deep with equipment Strong enough to withstand the i2.imm Pound per Inch pressures encountered in these very hot areas. The areas where fragmentary reports indicate there May be geothermal deposits Are in two hands. One runs roughly from Zapata to Floresville on the Gulf Ward Side of the important Edwards Limestone fresh water aquifer. The other runs from about 50 Miles Inland from Brownsville out into the Gulf of Mexico the potential Richness of this new natural resources was described by land commissioner Bob Armstrong this Way a some of it contains Rich methane Gas. It contains heat which is Energy. It can be flashed into steam which can create electricity and after it has turned the turbines it can be used for irrigation or if it is Good Quality for or Mir because geothermal steam was not envisioned when state land and Mineral Laws were passed Armstrong has undertaken a study of the Legal aspects of the geothermal resource to see whether new legislation will be needed to regulate its production and to decide who owns it. A it Isnit Oil a Armstrong said. A in some cases it is Gas so it Isnit water. Then its steam which Isnit water in the Normal sense. It May be that the legislature will want to consider it As a new substance which needs a new Armstrong is assigning a staff attorney to look at the question. One reason for the Lack of information about the geothermal layers is that Oil and Gas drillers avoid the areas because of the great Power which is released when they Drill into it

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