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Arlington Daily News (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, Arlington, Texas Debaters agree i it was Liberal is. Conserva Tive but both noted speakers agreed Richard Nixon will not resign unless perhaps he knows beyond a Shadow of a doubt he will be convicted. Frank Mankiewicz former press Secretary to the late Robert Kennedy and or. Russell Kirk author of a the conservative mind Quot sparred verbally thursday night on the prominent Issue of watergate and other past and future political issues. A on president intention to stay the two noted personalities spoke at the University of Texas at Arlington in what was billed a a Liberal is. Conservative debate. Despite the problems of watergate Mankiewicz believes the country does not need new Laws but people who will uphold the old ones. People a with no Oral code. Whatsoever have been elected to office. The Mcgovern Campaign advisor ran Down the list of Nixon aides and advisor who have been indicted Are in prison or Are awaiting sentence. Mankiewicz strongly believes there is sufficient evidence to proceed with impeachment where or. Kirk does not. Even if Nixon is impeached or. Kirk said he does not believe he will be convicted. The former Kennedy press Secretary said if Nixon is not impeached in this Congress he will be in the next. A we have grave problems in this country Quot Mankiewicz stated a Many due to Liberal excesses and others to conservative the people involved in watergate Are not Republican officeholders they Are Nixon politicians Mankiewicz stated. A it can to be said that watergate is representative of democratic or Republican politics Liberal or conservative. Its Nixon politics As usual a he stated firmly. Crimes which Are common and not so common have been committed under the Guise of Security he said. A we have political system which on the whole has worked very Well in the last 200 years its Only produced one Richard or. Kirk believes he can say with reasonable Confidence Nixon a will not resign in part because of his calling Nixon a Rise to the presidency the ambition of his life or. Kirk said he possibly be the first president to resign under a Black Cloud. And the idea that he will not resign May be just As Well in the Long run or. Kirk stated not for the Republican party but for the presidency. A the idea of impeachment is repugnant to the american Large majority done to want impeachment and Congress is cognizant of or. Kirk thinks watergate will be dealt with by Means other than impeachment. The author expressed concern about what he labelled a a More ominous area Campaign a what do we do about that a he noted raising Campaign contributions is a Quot National problem and disgrace. Quot in looking Back at the 1972 election Mankiewicz said he was Quot highly vindictive and most he added he does not see watergate As a a tragedy Quot because a tragedy is a Good Man or Good person brought Low and a i done to see that in any of these people Quot he emphasized. A their was solely to keep Power and enrich Power. Quot Mankiewicz said Quot in a quite proud of what we did. We might have lost the election but none of us is going to concerning the future politically. Or. Kirk said has is George Wallace coming orig Strong in 1976. Mankiewicz based his predictions for the 1976 elections on what happens in the impeachment question. J a he said Quot Wallace was in a serrated in 1972 and operated a he added that if Gerald Ford is president when the �?~781 elections swing around it would be hard to predict who would win. However he emphasized that if Ted Kennedy wants the democratic nomination he will get it but if he does t run there will be a scramble for the nomination. If Nixon is still in office he sees a possibility of Ronald Reagan and Kennedy As presidential contenders in 1976 phone 265-4241 volume 26 number 59 Arlington Texas sunday March i 0,1 974 ii a Quot a a i i a a Ai 2 sections Price daily 10c-sunday 15c a they could have danced All night and they did. As a matter of fact. This is How some of the participants in the dance a Thon looked saturday morning after dancing for 16 hours. Five couples from each of the City record crowds at Uta a Streak packs Mem in by Rhonda Boone daily news staff a programs programs Quot a lanky student in a Quot Uta streakers Quot tee shirt Worms his Way through about 2,000 people packed along Pecan Street at to . Thursday night Barking the Sale of programs to the biggest event to hit Arlington since they Tore out the Mineral Well on Center Street in 1951. The student does no to have any programs though and he does no to need any. There a no Way to predict this show. Suddenly the crowd bursts into applause and cheers As three males come barrelling Down the Street wearing Only worn out Tennis shoes and big smiles. Behind them an my sputters its Way through the cheering throng with two nude males waving from the Back seat and a female Hood ornament sprawled in the raw across the front a a horizontal statue of Liberty. A see Yeeee its Marcia Quot shrieks an admiring sister somewhere in the audience. Marcia no less surprised at the recognition Peers into the crowd and seeing no one she knows Aims a general Grin into the sea of strange but Friendly faces. Rhe streakers asyl re called disappear Lew Here behind Lipscomb i for regrouping and the 0 spectators stumble Back n the Street peering first direction then the other. 1 never knows which Way a taker will Streak from. Vigils Are posted from every Angle. About six admirers Perch in a tree just West of the girls dorm while the rooftops gradually fill to capacity. Other onlookers Dangle from the Lipscomb Balcony just Over the dorm Entrance and about to More fill the windows on the first and second floor. A helicopter hovers overhead and moves on. Probably Streaker seekers but nobody can really Tell for sure. The night is warm. The crowd Billows out in the Street and Back to the curb waiting for the next event. A boy yells Quot what do you see Quot to the girl perched on his shoulders. A i done to see anything Quot she hollers Back. A this May go on for 40 minutes before something happens Quot declares one Spectator. Quot but its so neat just being out a Why Are you bothering with this a scoffs a girl to a male classmate a a you be seen naked men a Yea Quot he laughs Quot but in be never seen them running a this is the most wide eyed students have been in the last five years Quot chortle a senior physics major. A a in be never seen anything like a i Haven to seen this Many people even going to class Quot quips a coed As she places her order for cokes to a Friend headed for the nearby 7-eleven store. Most people agree that if anyone objected to the streakers Woodstock thursday night it sure Wasny to the 7-e-Leven on Center Street. Reporting a a booming business Quot one store employee said he was hoping for the same thing Friday night. Several crowd favourites developed during the evening. One boy Cavor Ted around in a Maverick mask while another an already husky student donned a Gorilla suit. The top please though was a thin bespectacled music student known As a the flashers who clutched a Tan Raincoat around his body and sold peeks for a Nickel apiece. He made 40 cents. Once though he flashed free in the headlights of an elderly couple who first recoiled in horror and then burst into laughter. The elderly couple and the boy who went for refreshments at 7-eleven missed the epidermal highlight of the evening though a a Parade of about 60 fraternity streakers High stepping Down the Middle of Pecan. Audience cheers were no doubt enough to shake the Mansfield mayor from his bed. That was too much for the Arlington Campus guards who to this Point had been patiently shoving the crowd Back from the Street saying if they kept to the grounds there would be no trouble. A if the Street stays open we done to care about streaking a a said one Young guard. A but the Arlington police have vowed they a come in if the Street gets blocked. A we just done to want anybody to get Hurt Quot he said. A but anyway what could we do you can to go in and try to get somebody out of a crowd without getting Hurt apparently though the guards decided it would be bet Trinity tollway said dead Issue by John Tandy daily news staff the proposed Trinity tollway will probably not be built anytime in the near future Dee Kelly chairman of the Board of the Texas Turnpike authority itt Asaid Friday. A i doubt that any Road will be built in that corridor Quot Kelly said including both tollway daily news photo by Les Blaser three High schools took part in the event to raise Money for the cancer society. Their goal was 30 hours of May close for 3 weeks the Arlington general motors Assembly Plant will probably be closing Down its production lines for three weeks instead of the previously announced one week period a company spokesman said Friday. Both shifts of workers will be affected by the three week Layoff period which will include about 3,000 of the 4,200 Plant employees the spokesman said. The Layoff order which came from the Detroit Central office involves a week of Layoff followed by a week of Active production then two More weeks of Plant shutdown. The Layoff for the final two weeks is at this Point Quot tentatively scheduled the pm spokesman said a depending on the Market general motors has suffered significant drops in sales during recent months with most authorities citing the Energy crisis As the major Factor. Employees who have worked at the Arlington Plant More than a year can collect approximately 95 per cent of their weekly take Home pay the source said. Employees with less than a years experience can usually collect state unemployment pay he added. A a majority Quot of the workers to be affected by the temporary Layoff have been at pm More than a year the spokesman said. Ter for everyone if the party moved to school grounds which it did a first to a Large but dark parking lot and finally to the Library mall where astonished janitors could be seen peering from windows on the first floor. But Why one graduate student in political science who was Active during the �?~60s Campus demonstrations suggested that a a it a apolitical and asexual. A a it a totally non discriminatory a he said. A you can be ugly or Beautiful and it does no to matter what race sex or class you Are. For a second you re a celebrity. A something As apolitical As streaking has got to be popular at a time like this Quot he said looking Over the smiling crowd. A besides its exciting. Can you imagine taking your clothes off in front of a crowd Quot streakers themselves say they really enjoy their Back to nature sprints. A the air feels so Good a said one of the female streakers As a nude couple on horseback moved up the Street. Quot and besides its no worse than swallowing so the Streak goes on. One Uta cafeteria employee pointed out that a Zuta has finally found a sport it can Excel even so the Art of dashing Stark naked from Point a to Point b is not limited to the College Campus. Friday morning four male streakers darted across Sam Houston High school a the first High school streaking incident in scouts celebrate anniversary some 2,200 Arlington girl scouts Are observing National girl scout week today through March 16. Various celebrations have been planned Here to Honor the 62nd anniversary of girl scouting in America. Displays have been placed in the main Library and in each of the Branch libraries to commemorate this special week in girl scouting. The film Quot follow me girls Quot showing the history of girl scouts from the time Juliette Low founded the first troop in Savannah ga., in 1912, until modern times will be shown in the Community room of the main Library at 10 30 . Saturday March 16. Parents and girls now Active or interested in scouting Are invited to begun on new a a a ground breaking ceremonies were held saturday afternoon at the site of Arlington a new Myca building at Davis drive and Pioneer Parkway. Construction funds for the $200,000 building were obtained from contributions and the Sale of the former Myca building to the City of Arlington. The old a Yvis now the Hugh Smith recreation Center. And Highway proposals in the statement. The Texas Highway commission turned Down a Tea study proposal on thursday virtually killing the groups Effort to construct the 27-mile Roadway Between Dallas and fort Worth North of the Dow Turnpike. Kelly said that due to the Highway commissions decision he believed the Dow Turnpike tolls should be dropped As soon As possible. Quot i think the Turnpike authority should free the Road As soon As the Bonds Are paid off Quot he said. A with this Issue the Trinity route aside. I think we should concede to that end. A we cannot proceed any further with the Trinity project without the approval and cooperation of the Highway commission Quot Kelly said. The two studies proposed by the Tea that the Highway commission turned Down included an ecological study and an economic Impact study Kelly said. Two earlier studies dealing with traffic flow and the roadways design were okayed by the Highway commission at an earlier Date for a total of $600,000. He added. A the puzzling thing Quot Kelly said a is that the commission authorized the traffic study in the first the study he said was done by Wilbur Smith and associates of new Haven conn., which has done work for the City of Arlington. A the consultant company forecast the need for the Trinity route we did no to Quot Kelly said. He said that studies showed that by 1981 the Dow Turnpike will be a highly congested at certain times of the Day. Quot the Energy crisis Hurt the Trinity tollway cause. Kelly admitted but added that a the engineers have not altered their viewpoint even after considering the fuel situation. If you can believe Energy chief Simon and the president Quot he added a then the fuel shortage will be of Short duration and we will need the or. Stone District Engineer for the Texas Highway commission said the Trinity route is Quot still being considered in the regional transportation daily news photo by Les Blaser this is what i want a Erie Kraisinger 2, did t have any trouble picking out what he wanted saturday at the great Southwest Flea Market being held on the University of Texas at Arlington parking lot at Cooper and Mitchell. The event runs through today. Erie is the son of or. And mrs. Gary Kraisinger of Bedford

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