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Arlington Daily News (Newspaper) - July 11, 1977, Arlington, Texas Page 2arlington daily news monday my la 1977 do. Joyce Brothers move upsets mom dear or. Brothers two of my Sisters Are having what amounts to a tug of War and my Mother in her Early 90s, is the Teddy Bear. She is in a nursing Home near my eldest sister s Home. A younger sister wants to move her to a facility Neier. I think this is absurd since Mother seems quite Happy and contented where she is. However i hesitate to interfere since in a not directly involved. My Mother is torn by this commotion. Iris a a re disturbance Between her daughters and i think she is it puts her in the position of having to chose Between them. What would you do a . Dear . If your Mother is Happy where she is i suggest you try to convince your Sisters not to pressure her into a decision. If it is possible for her to visit with the younger sister it would probably be better than a move. This might please your sister and also give your Mother a needed change of scene. A forced move from familiar surroundings can be very dangerous for the elderly. I realize your Sisters would not be forcing your Mother to do anything against her will but a move at any age is traumatic. Alf change even if it s an improvement produces stress and tension. This in turn has an effect on ones physical health. In a recent study it was found that the mortality rate increased among the elderly forced to move from one institution to another. Major changes Are tiring for the elderly and can even be fatal. Id suggest that you encourage your Sisters to reexamine their real motives. Dear or. Brothers my wife left Home about eight weeks ago saying she wanted to try a new life for a while one that did no to include her husband and two children. Though i was very angry at the time in a trying to adjust in a scared about bringing up the children and i be hired a woman to be with them when i can to. In be also put a tracer out hoping to Force my wife to come Home and assume her responsibilities. If i can to get her Back is it possible for me a Man to raise a healthy family _ . Dear we yes you can. Fathers can provide guidance and love just As Well As mothers sometimes even better. Recent studies show that men can successfully raise their children alone despite problems that Stem from their Lack of experience. Nearly half a million families in the . Are headed by men without wives. Its quite possible that your wife will return. Many runaway wives leave to make a Point. Usually there is a history of bad communication. Some women become so desperate they feel the Only Way they can get the attention they feel they deserve is to leave. Its important for you and for your children to try to be understanding about your wife. Done to judge her too harshly. I worry about your use of the word you can to Force anyone to be a Loving wife or Mother. If your wife does return its essential that you done to approach her with the anger and resentment you now feel. Copyright 1977, by King features Syndicate inc crossword by Thomas Joseph across i schoolboys 5 Quot Popeye character 2 was 11 director Kazan 12 sweater material 13 too 14 medical Man 15 speck 16 Noah a youngest 17 a double take 2 was 18 moist 20 no. African Republic abbr 21 Vincent Ixia Fez theme song 22 Robert 23 bar legally 25 Ink spots 26 on the Liberal Side 27 mediocre 28 australian Bird 29 Shell heavily 31 Vamoose 32 gear tooth 33 neighbor of a. 35 habituated 37 actress Adrian 38 Lamoure a film garb 39 chess piece 40 concordat 41 sum totals abbr Down 1 main role 2 Sanction 3 by and by 2 was 4 Miguel or Paulo 5 Region of no. Africa 6 Mongoose to cobra 7 moslem official 8 snub 3 was 9 Small area to relatives of parking lots a d i t r o m a n o 0 a r s a i n g be r e n eth sundays answer 16 beatles is 26 a 51 35 38 40 we in i movie 19 spree 22 Lohengrin a wife 23 pensive poet 24 scholarly group m. 25 Bjorn of Tennis 27 Dull stupid 29 perfume 30 a waste land poet 34 invites 36 Brown Kiwi 37 Georges lyricist 29 j 2 12 k 27 25 20 35 to 34 7-ll network previews \ Jack Anderson Little women Little House Little Boom i the Prairie 7 . Abc a Little repeat. Although All episodes in which Nasty Little Nellie Meson egged on by her bigoted miserly Mother mrs. Meson is the focal Point tend to be melodramatic adventures into the world at childhood treachery tins one is More of a farce and therefore less hurtful. Tonight putting on an adaptation of Louisa May Alcott a classic a Little women is practically turned into a monologue with Nellie Reading All the lines. The Nancy Walker show 7 . Abc special some series wont stay buried. Abcs a Nancy Walker show a not to be confused with her mid season Flop a a Blansky a beauties a was shipwrecked but Mere was one segment which did no to make it to the air during the initial run. Tonight Abc is Labelling it a comedy special and airing it. For the first time. Well its not really special but it does provide some laughs. For those of you with Short memories Nancy plays a Talent agent in die Jungle of Hollywood and she sat her Best trying to make her Stuffy retired naval officer husband a partner in her Talent Agency. The plot is negligible As in most of these half hours but Nancy Walker proves she has a Way with a line a Good bad or indifferent a which Marks her a pro. Sheilds and Yarnell 7 31 . Lbs Robert Shields and Lorene Yarnell that charming couple who have succeeded in making the Art of mime palatable in prime time offer another Breezy Naif hour in which their dexterity is put to entertaining use. Adorable Lorene Yarnell dances up a storm pitting her taps against the beat of the Drums Robert Shields is at his Best playing a High leaping Frog in a fairytale sketch and the pair earns laughs As that robot couple next door the Clumsy clinker. Meat 9 special repeat. This study of american institutions by producer director Frederick Wiseman whose body of work has established him As one of the Best and most innovative american documentary filmmakers of the past decade is almost self explanatory. It shows cattle being rounded up moved by truck and Van to the Slaughter and packing House and the killing dressing and shipment of the meat. Interspersed throughout Are not interviews but observed conversations by workers management meat sales Manen and others. This is a rewarding often demanding film that makes valuable Points about the Quality of work on a Slaughter House Assembly line and the moral issues raised by americans High consumption of meat. Copyright 1977, by to key. Distributed by King features Syndicate inc korean 4 future shock9 Dorothy manners Hollywood Happy birthday or. Wyler Hollywood Kos a Beautiful and exciting just like his movies a is the Way fellow director George Cukor described the Garden party scene celebrating the 75th birthday of William Wyler at the Wyler Home in Beverly Hills. Cukor might have added another word a original. Every detail planned by pretty Talli Wyler and family Friend Timothy Simma was inspired by Wylera a life in films. The invitations cleverly worded resembled the a Call Sheet of a movie in production even to referring to the Garden As a the Back Hie a a set was like a colourful Bazaar. Multi coloured balloons were everywhere As were food stands dispensing food and beverage of crypt quote daily Cryll to quote Here show to work it is Longfellow one letter simply stands for another. In this Sample a is used for the three los x for the two of a Etc. Single letters apostrophes the length and formation of the words Are a1 hints each Day the code letters Are different. Crypt quotes we Al Wal v h Cal list do Jug he cd Al trl vhf Cal Rcv a Wal Zig Zahl do Cal x b h a. Hwy bar on Sheds sundays crypt note Wise living consists perhaps less in acquiring Good habits than in acquiring As few habits As possible. Eric Hoffer a 1977 Kins features Syndicate inc. Heathcliff every Type from highball to ice Cream Cones. Sergio Bustamantes very rare collection of ceramics brass and tin sculptures were settled around the Trees and in the shrubbery. A Bright Ceramic Alligator raced the Bottom of the Pool. The hours were 1 00 to 6 00 . Of a very sunny afternoon and happily surveying his guests Wyler beamed a quite a cast a barbra Streisand. Bette Davis. Merle Oberon were there ladies of some of his greatest screen hits. Barbra flanked by Jon Peters and agent sue mangers looked smashing in a White dress made from an austrian eyelet Tablecloth her hair was piled High on her head and held in place with Flowers. Shirlee and Henry Fonda were suffering from Jet lag Henry having just completed a Cameo in Billy Wilder so a Fedora in London. The fondas and Ben Lyon and Marion Nixon were congratulating each other on looking so Well frankly younger than some of the newer faces around. Merle Oberson and Rob Wolders were talking with Myrna Loy and mrs. Voltaire Perkins was telling Vincente Minnelli and Lee Anderson How she had hidden a piece of valuable jewelry so Well somewhere in her Home she find it that Man who Seldom goes to parties Jim Garner was All Over the place. Asked what he was doing next he cracked a ooh just playing Paul Henreid lit two cigarettes for himself and Bette Davis a now voyager although he does no to smoke anymore. Niki dentine arrived in a fancy jeep which had everyone staring including her a husband Helmut Dantine. Producer Martin Ransohoff and the John Veitche were talking about the of some pictures is ing and some not. Mary Anita Loos was telling Doris Kenyon Edana Romney and Alan Peters Tesij Moss Mabry and Marie Saint and Jeff Hayden about her next Book. She is writing it with or. John Williams. Its about his career in plastic surgery and deals particularly with reconstructive surgery on bums. Williams was the first doctor on the ship a a Hope leaving from Saigon. There were More old and close friends from so Many years Back to enjoy the hospitality of the tylers a Ana there was one big chorus of a Happy birthday to the birthday boy. A i never liked that tune a Wyler said laughing. That it for today. Distributed by King features Syndicate inc Washington a having written about repression in South Korea we have sought to put the Story in perspective by investigating conditions in North Korea. By All accounts it is ruled to be one of the cruellest regimes in die world. Western analysts done to have a full picture of what goes on above the 38th parallel except that it is one of die most isolated societies on Earth. The Border is tightly controlled. The few details that have leaked out provide a dim outline of a highly authoritarian government and a brutally regimented society. In the words of one american analyst a it is 1984�?T a in every aspect of North korean life is controlled. The Day is literally divided into 480-minute segments. Eight hours Are spent on work eight hours Are spent on study and mass organization eight hours Are Given to eating sleeping and other necessities. The degree of party membership is greater in North Korea than in any other communist country. The communist party is supplemented by mass organizations for every element of society a youth women labor. There is tremendous psychological pressure upon everyone to join to conform to participate to show a a a positive attitude. Even children of 5 and 6 Are regimented into organizations where they Are taught to run wooden bayonets through the . All property in North Korea belongs to the state. People Are permitted to work Garden plots for example. But they done town them they Are merely on loan. Food and clothing Are rationed travel is restricted. When North koreans leave their Home districts for whatever reason they must carry their travel permits and ration cards. The few who travel abroad Are thoroughly screened beforehand. While in another country they Are required to remain virtually to themselves. They avoid All Contact with foreigners remain in their hotel rooms visit no restaurants attend no movies stroll in no Parks. Of course North koreans have no Freedom of expression. The common Man is convinced not without reason that someone is watching him at All times. There is no free press religion has been outlawed. A former Christian Mission Complex in Pyongyang for instance has been converted into Kim la Sung University. West Point Story a several West Point cadets were caught last year cheating on their exams a violation of the Honor system. Now the Board that oversees the military Academy has had its own Honor questioned. The military Academy Board of visitors is supposed to keep a Stem watch Over West Point. But me of the appointees rep. Thomas Downey d.-m.y., has accused his fellow visitors of improprieties As bad As anything the cadets did. In a private letter to president Carter the congressman has complained about the Honor violations of the overseers. Under the West Point code a Cadet is supposed to turn in any offenders. Downey therefore Felt he could do no less at the Board level. Here a his Litany of complaints a the Board drafted a report full of a inaccuracies and omissions a he charged. It contained no mention for example of some substantive discussions. Questions were asked about the Honor system women cadets and the faculty. A none of the important information a he complained a is detailed in the to schedule for daytime listings consult sundays Telescope Magazine. Monday today Shi Lites a of a a 0 Abc i a Dow 4 lbs r axas d Abc ii Ktut 10 Kera to pcs of a xxx j j can loss Fern i Rte Bot goods Benm fears Eya Atenas fetes cd e tar harrs Nea Day hic tightly liars it to Bat Dick Tan Dyke metric company the mtg re hogans Hom a00 6.i Haws 0 on scam ton it Dolan Eyth Statts nows match Gam pm hts 5 tans fears Ham that to by int Chad Kdam-12 zoom Tho Machoi banana la i 45 Carmady spacial Haney Akk Stowe monday fete Patten of Jaffa sons shotes and carnal Little Ham on Tho pram Fri 13 apart my 700 pm six a unto m s fair monday my at Tea moms Quot breakout Quot Chariot Braman my that Sam that Gal on by at Unkart linty lift Al on spirit 9 Sonny and cd Stow i attend to cant nit Ghast Quot charts laugh. Hobart ton oui far by Faith a Awn skates prorated to Haws i. On scat t aright of Merit a Sta min ate Eya Atenas hts f non Man ii 9 t itt Twuwa t has 5 Taras moan tonight Stoat Milr Zolti Ham mate cant d. A Oda hous playhouse woman Lucy a a. Train la Fen in Quot Imp no oof in Lama Heil a altar Braman m that stators cd Lata Mateo a aka Iak fest by Baw get Lindsay of intr to oat an Quot a do to Hangman s twitch lard Gar Ternate 201 May Harry Bijj 121 fears i past Tate santas Ststa Dato an a Imp jul _ i to. A Wsul tue urn Sam Quot Tmur Row jowl fir Atim my match fetes sip off Lata la sign Oft tuesday i and Lois by Mori Walker amp Dik Browne to i 4s la wife and i Don t the enl we should pay this Bill you sent us for Lesa service . Chart Branson in a Braa Kouts 7 00 q monday comedy special h Quot Nancy Walker show Nancy gets startling results when she tries to cure Ken s doldrums by making him a partner in her Agency. Ski b movie Charles Bronson. Jill Ireland and Robert Duvall Star in Quot breakout an american businessman failed in Mexico is rescued by a daring Bush Pilot John Huston. Sheree North and Alejandro Rey also Star i 121 a Imp Maritt to mud Fly Shn Fry pm tim Cantey fed skin dunce ism i hops my Cha i Ais 170.000 Pyland on Lite in live Taw Ai hmm on end Nim a try an Kite Swea cd Mon Capitate Lantana Han s lacs on hit Slegl. In of Ute tam Aal 11 at Kau stank ter Itah Hsin Ion Mill Tea f Arite mate 6am 77 july 12, 1977 Lidar Shaw 7 25 Waite Tolar Shaw 1 25 i Tolar s in Mal squirts Ami of Farina m s a Nytody Gums skate tar Tea Stan Teco Ani Itta Man an 5 Temh Dan Days of of on Dacian Stem Bani thai comedy clears tasty s try Haust Ion an can sub i Cater on. Fay thy he lots on cd tet an Dan tartar mat Bitte i Alfet aits Mars gifts saw no on Gan Stoa Sanford Ani san pm Anc Ona tapas bunian on Haw Mckitr mow Clute Superman a ack tet anal lbs. Tail Anotn tested out i word Stop in a it Salami Sinai Etc inc Lam Carr ast ote Las lits Tan arte to a Tchoi a or in apart Baa kist offs a Rapter Bai Miter moist in ant Steak our Gat 700 Auk practical Crahan in him of Twety a 222 Harte Only grim to Monaco steak�?0 Cai a payt and by Haw Sasami Strati Tate knows i Bast i Star trek

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