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Arlington Daily News Newspaper Archives Aug 22 1976, Page 4

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Arlington Daily News (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Arlington, Texas Page Daimfg sunday August 22, 1976 school violence alternatives to busing of it it what can a school District do if it is under a court desegregation order its Pupil achievement scores Are falling and anglos Are fleeing in Large numbers set up some a a fundamental schools two Pasadena Calif., school Board members told a symposium on a constructive alternatives to Busine a held in Denver recently. The first two fundamental schools in Pasadena said drs. Richard Vetterli and Henry s. Myers jr., have produced these effects since 1973 first and second Grade pupils at both elementary schools Are averaging above National norms in Reading and math. Those in the districts other schools Arentt. Stimulated by Competition there has been an eight Point average boost in All District scores. Black pupils at the fundamental schools which Are nearly 40 per cent Black have outscored Blacks at other Pasadena schools in every test and scored above the National Norm in four of six tests. Thus the Black an Glo achievement Gap is narrowing. Nine Hundred students have returned to the Public school system from private schools and the downward enrolment spiral has been reversed. Vetterli vice president of the Pasadena school Board and a professor of government at Pasadena state College attributed the Success of that City a fundamental schools to elimination of the a relativism a which he said plagues Standard a a progressive schools. Attendance at the fundamental schools is voluntary he and Myers noted but the academic and racial mix is intentionally matched to citywide proportions so its successes can to be attributed to an a a untypical student body. Pasadena a was the major Success Story presented to the symposium at the Airport Village motor hotel. It was attended by about 80 people from cities involved in busies such As Boston mass., Louisville ky., Dallas and san Francisco Calif. Residents of these cities and Frank Southworth former school Board member from Denver branded desegregation busing a failure and recited gloomy statistics of falling achievement scores and enrolments. Other speakers presented results of their research. They tended to View busing As a a a distraction from efforts to solve educational problems or As a a irrelevant to real solutions. A my Strong objection to busing said Maurice j. Eash director of the office of evaluation research at the University of Illinois Chicago Circle is that it a diverts the Public and professionals attentions from desperate educational needs. Stymies efforts to launch a specific attack on problems in education that Are a i it a jc1ut distributed by . Times syndic to the word a a map comes from a Mappa a the latin name for the Linen material that roman cartographers used for their sketches. Hard Winter wheat developed from seed brought by mennonite immigrants from the Ukraine in the 1870s, bore prodigious yields in the great Plains and made Kansas the leading wheat state. Now the soviet Union is buying it Back. Mos get Money support from health insurers the Hmok health maintenance organization a is being increasingly supported by the nations health insurance companies. Its a concept that got rolling in the �?T70s and that a growing number of americans Are turning to for comprehensive health care. Currently reports the health insurance Institute nearly seven million people Are covered by mos. And the steady support they have been receiving from insurance companies is an indication that their growth and support from other sectors will continue. To Date 22 insurance companies Are involved in 50 operational mos located in 25 different states including Texas one of the major reasons insurance companies have been attracted to mos is their potential for keeping medical costs Down. Some mos buy drugs and other supplies in bulk. Many pare expenses by operating their own diag Nostic labs having specialists on their staffs and often facilities for minor surgery. And because hmm physicians Are paid an annual fee there is every incentive to catch ailments Early before they become serious and expensive. Most studies support the conclusion that when Well managed and properly financed mos can provide Quality care at minimal Cost while earning a decent return for lenders and investors. By or. Max Rafferty comes up now like Kipling a Thunder a report from Philadelphia a research for better schools inc. Saying in cataclysmic part a violence in the nations schools is so widespread and is increasing so rapidly that a $12.5 million Federal program is needed to help educators combat the the study was commissioned by the Law enforcement assistance administration and quotes Peter Blauvelt chief of Prince Georges county my. School Security As estimating that too teachers Are socked kicked knocked Down stomped and otherwise manhandled by their petulant and pugilistic pupils there every year. Between july 1974 and March 1975, the embattled Maryland county reported a 62 percent increase Over the previous year in the number of assaults on teachers. Lord knows what the percentage will be this year. Presumably and probably the a a let a slug teachers syndrome is nationwide and growing. Paragraph continues in several educational Battle zones the frantic faculties Are studying judo and karate during the evenings in order to give themselves a fighting Chance for sheer survival during the Daylight hours. So what Are we to do about this mass conversion of our Halls of into so Many miniature Madison Square gardens Why turn the whole mess to an omniscient benevolent and ubiquitous Federal government what else and Well Start out by throwing $12.5 million of our tax dollars at the student Sand baggers in Hopes that they will somehow repent and become Hardy boys. No. We . And they wont. Let the record show that every time our bureaucratically Washington establishment sets out to solve any great National problem from Energy conservation to delivering the mail it fouls it up unrecognizable and escalates an existing Hea Dache into a horribly expensive brain tumor. There remain our local school boards our local school superintendents and our local police departments. Let me make a Jonathan Swift did once about something quite different a a modest proposal 1�?get your own District Board of education to adopt an ironclad policy of expelling permanently any Pupil who strikes a teachers for any reason under any circumstances and without regard for the pupils social status color Creed or ethnic background. 2�?then get your Board to Promise irrevocably to bring assault charges in the nearest court against the expelled thug and to press said charges relentlessly until the judge has rendered a verdict. 3�?instruct your superintendent that he is to make certain on peril of losing his jobs that each Case of student violence is reported to the school Board each month with the details of what exactly was done about it. 4�?supply the principal of each High school and Junior High school in the District with printed copies of the above procedures bordered in Black and underlined in Scarlet with orders to give one to each Pupil and to Send one Home to each set of parents. 5�?tell each principal to Call in the cops just As the first fist is swung the first fire is set the first obscenities Are chanted and Start implementing policies i and 2 right then and there. Tough stuff you bet. Harmful to a a creativity and a need for free release of inner repressions on the part of juvenile slobs sure. A will it work you a better believe it. How do i know experience friends two years a boys vice principal three years a High school principal 19 years a superintendent. Many things alas i am an Ivory Tower Dweller in a not. 1976, los Angeles times it vvv.v.,.v.,.vvvv.v. I Washington merry go round Hays the final chapter Austin notebook controversial vote recalled Washington the meanest Man in Congress rep. Wayne Hays a Ohio has Given up the fight. He has been brought Down by a bosom blonde who wanted publicity to sell a Book and promote herself. This is the Story of his final Days. Its the Story of an outrageous shoot from the hip curmudgeon who abused his Power. But it is also the Story of a tired old Man deeply in love with his wife bedevilled by his former mistress weary of the turmoil. He talked of killing himself to spare his wife More painful publicity. He took an overdose of sleeping pills a by mistake he later insisted. Finally he decided to withdraw from Congress for the Sake of his wife a parents. By sheer Orne riness Hays became on of the most powerful men in the House. He was a mean arrogant cantankerous and Tough a he admitted to his colleagues. They kept out of his Way. Most of them enjoyed his plight therefore when Elizabeth Ray revealed to the world their sordid relationship. It was a Story we had turned Down two years earlier. She had called our office in a hysterical crying fit. She was about to lose her Job she sobbed because she a would not go to bed with Wayne Hays. We Learned she was having an affair with Hays All right. But she also performed secretarial services in return for her congressional salary. Our associates Jack Cloherty and Bob Owens called on her in her office. Contrary to her later claims she could Type and answer the phone. They saw her do it. She called our office repeatedly. We found her erratic unreliable and unpredictable. From sources who knew her Well we established that she had not become Hays mistress against her will. On the contrary he had tried to break off the relationship. Then she had threatened to take her Story to the press. Other times she had threatened to cause a scene in his office unless he took her out. She staged at least one scene after a heated argument about Hays impending marriage to another Secretary Pat Peak. The Capitol police were summoned to remove Ray from the congressman a office. Afterwards she phoned a Friend who later told us about the Call. A i really put on a Good act a Ray boasted. A i made the police feel sorry for Hays went ahead with the marriage and his spurned mistress told her Story to the Washington Post. There is reason to believe that she had been preparing material for a Book All along a Book that she later sold. Hays at first denied having an affair with Elizabeth Ray. A hell in a a happily married Man a he said. He lied his friends say to protect his marriage. But the Washington Post reporters had carefully nailed Down the evidence. He finally confessed to having had a a personal relationship with Ray. He denied however that she did no work for her government salary. Sources close to Hays say the publicity almost wrecked the new marriage. He would plunge into a deep gloom or suddenly cheer up they say in direct relationship to How his wife was reacting. At one Point we persuaded the harassed Hays to drop by our office. He was not the churlish defiant curmudgeon we had known. The old fire was gone. He was totally subdued. He slumped into our office he spoke in a voice barely audible. He told of the effect the publicity was having on his wife. To spare her further anguish he said a i would put a Bullet through my then he added meaningfully a and in be got the guts to do he made similar statements to a congressman who later reported it to us. But after he recovered from an overdose of sleeping pills he swore it had not been a suicide attempt. Subsequently we spoke to him on the phone in Ohio. He was encouraged by the favourable polls and Friendly crowds he said. All his Campaign Lieuten Jack Anderson ants he added wanted him to stay in the race. He talked like a Man who intended to run for reelection. We Learned meanwhile that Hays had put a Man on the . Payroll who did less work than Liz Ray. He is a democratic party worker named Paul Pendergast who draws $17,235 a year As an assistant sergeant at arms. Yet he does no to even have a desk in the sergeant of arms office. Instead we found that he was working for the democratic congressional Campaign committee. His duties Are strictly political his main function is to raise funds for democratic congressional candidates. The democrats pay him $20,000 a year. But thanks to Hays Pendergast also draws another $17,235 in Federal pay. The Federal appointment also makes him eligible for a generous pension and other benefits unavailable in the political Post. Editors mailbag thanks for article editor thank you so much for your article explaining the youth for understanding program. As a result of your article we have established Contact with several Arlington families and have placed a boy from Switzerland with your Deputy police chief Marion Rettig and his wife. Thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely Cathy Carlsen by Stuart Long Austin Bureau Austin a this week will contain both the birthday of president Lyndon b. Johnson and the 38th anniversary of the democratic Runoff primary which is continually being resurrected because he won it by Only 87 votes. So it might be a propitious time to delve into the history of that August primary on the fourth saturday at which Johnson bested former gov. Coke Stevenson by 87 votes. Just two weeks ago a television network revived the Story saying that 200 extra votes were produced Down in South Texas to give Johnson that margin. Often those votes Are referred to As being from Duval county but actually they came from Jim Wells county. But the footnote to history is that there was another 200-vote affair this one in Brown county. J. Edward Johnson Brownwood attorney recalled the facts of that situation for Austin notebook As he remembered them. A. E. Wilson was Defeated for county judge in the same primary on the same Day. He brought an election contest in the District court of Brown county. It was Case no. 11,130, styled a. E. Wilson contestant is f. A. Loudermilk contested. The Case went to trial and the court held that 84 votes in the Brookesmith precinct was illegal and so were 871 other votes in precinct i of Brown county. When the other votes were counted Wilson was declared Winner by 105 votes and Tihe democratic party was ordered to certify him for a place on the ballot As democratic nominee for county judge in november. The Case was appealed but by the time of the election Wilson had been Defeated by a write in contest so it was not considered by a higher court. The talk was hot and heavy those Days about the Johnson Stevenson race which was not final until the state democratic convention certified Johnson As the nominee in september. The lawyers in the Wilson election contest were interested and wondered what effect it would have had on the Senate race if the invalid ballots were thrown out in Brown county As they had been in the county judge Case. A was a result of these two boxes being thrown out Coke Stevenson a majority in Brown county was diminished by 200 votes a j. Edward Johnson recalled. Of course they were not thrown out because there was no contest at that time and in that court on the Senate race. But the information became a a whole card held by the lawyers who represented Lyndon Johnson when Stevenson contested the Senate election in fed eral court. Former gov. James v. Allred Alvin Wirtz and others who defended the democratic conventions certification of Johnson As the nominee had j. Edward Johnson ready to testify As to the change of 200 votes in Brown county if the Case had Ever gone to trial on the merits. But Justica Hugo Black of the u. S. Supreme court ruled that the Federal court at Dallas did not have jurisdiction on an election contest so the information from Brown county never got into the record officially. By Jack Maguire footnote to history a Texas once had four Indian reservations. The oldest and Only existing reservation is near Livingston Polk county. It has been Home of the Alabama and Coushatta tribes since 1839 when the Congress of the Republic voted to set aside four leagues of land for their use. There was no Rush to occupy the lands however. In 1854, the indians were still displaced citizens so the legislature bought 1,-280 acres of Polk county forests and invited the two tribes to share the wealth. In 1928 the Federal government decided to add More land and the Alabama Coushatta reservation spreads Over 4,351 acres of East Texas today. As Early As 1852 the legislature had tried to provide a place for All remaining Texas indians to pitch their teepees by setting aside 12 leagues of land for their use. Tile Federal government was charged with selecting surveying and governing thase reservations. After consulting with the indians four leagues 18,576 acres were selected on the Brazos River near where Graham now stands. A second 18,576 acres were chosen 40 Miles West of Throckmorton county. Later a third tract of the same size was selected adjoining the one on the Brazos. Some 2,000 indians moved to the Brazos reservations and about 500 others tried the Happy Hunting grounds of Throckmorton county. They found it hard to adjust to reservation life however what with raids by unfriendly tribes and the depredations of White settlers. In 1858 the reservations were closed and the residents moved to the Oklahoma Indian territory. Its a fact if you live in Texas your chances of ending up in jail Are 144 out of 100,000. Hie state ranks seventh among All the 50 states in the number of inmates of its prisons. North Carolina which has 237 prisoners for each 100,000 population ranks first. Flonda Maryland Nevada and Georgia Are the other states ahead of Texas in the percentage of their citizens who Are in jail. Did you know that Texas is the Headquarters for the nations fourth largest but least known television network it is the Spanish International network. All of its programs including the commercials Are in that language. Station Kex to Channel 41 in san Antonio is the Headquarters for a 14 station new network that stretches from coast up Pao off copyright 1976, by Jack Maguire

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