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Arlington Colt Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1953, Page 2

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Arlington Colt (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Arlington, Texas Be 2 the Colt the Colt published biweekly by the journalism students of Arlington High school Arlington Texas Texas High school press association member Texas High school press association Quill and scroll and interscholastic league press association the Colt staff editor assistant editor make up editors business managers add solicitors circulation Joalice Wolfe Helen Petty Mary Ann Apple Gene Cootes Billye Baumgardner Betty sue Cootes Moonie Hawkins Shirley Hoffman Stephen Spears Sydney Ann Finley Sara to Brothers Raymond Glasgow Leon Duffey Larry Huff Ord Gladalyn Morris Jannette Workman Ethel Cradin Dave hum Paul Russell. Barbara Stewart of Zhav i Ruth Redmond a Timon Quot a i m v Gayle Reeves humor sue Boa la Blanton John b. Denton Art. A Tommy Kilpatrick a Porto Rij. Jane Brem John Allen burnum m u 1 h Eddie Mullinax Douglas Gassaway Dale Ellis up 4 i Impre Arl Rogers Charles Baxter Kenneth Whitt features Wynelle Brown Patricia Wil hams Patsy Powell Barbara Thomas Wanda i Aye Peak Joann Cage Margie Tucker copy Fri tape Marsha Lehew Dan Barker Lowell Gardner Typlt Bong to Black Joye Tompkins sponsor Margaret Johns Grady Owen .-.�?. Emma Ousley interest in others naturally everyone of us have developed interests which seem All important to us but have we drawn circles around ourselves and our interests when our interests and ourselves become the Only important things to us we Loose a part of our interest for others and to others. Drawing circles is dangerous business for when Only one person and purpose fill a Circle it often becomes an empty and lonely place to be. J1��?T t�0�?T there Are few people whose interests need no growth to make a Well balanced life. If we reach the Point where we Are Able to understand Only the important of our own chosen Way a we might find that that Way is of again sex world made t0 stand by itself much has been said on the subject of widening ones thatch in Fri f often Overlook anything that broaches Neftin of i i so Nch a self entered persons horizon is Fri torn almost to the Point of nonexistence lets a Niri to Are 0ne of those persons and look at what a broadened Hon zone will do for us. Mamet of ai1�?T we May discover that other people have that Quot us a a and worries and Happ Nesses Frith Tjw new feeling of our relationship m Ein a w8 May discover that we have forgotten ourselves become considerate of the a other fellow and found the much sought after happiness. Lets forget ourselves and erase our circles which we around ourselves and our interests so that our interests and our lives May grow. Monday february 16, 1953 pleasure treasure mrs. Johnson How could you be so rude As to Tell your aunt that she is stupid. Go and Tell her you re sorry. Brian please aunt i Ain very sorry you Are stupid. Swafford if a Sharp nose indicates curiosity what does a flattened one indicate Bush i Dunno. What Swafford too much curiosity. A Pinky what can a person place in his right hand that he can to put in his left hand Gary a got me. What Pinky his left Elbow. Are you a Good boy Connie Colt this itinerant lass has travelled through Many of the forty eight states from Illinois to Texas. Lucky for has she chose Arlington to live in among All the a wow a a that a what Jack Frost this weeks Charlie Colt says about girls. A fifteen year old Sophomore with dark hair and complexion Warren his real other a a cities of the largest state name states that his favorite in the Union. Ruth Kurtzweil has gone to Arlington High school for two years. She graduated from the eighth Grade at John a. Kooken. Ruth is Secretary and treasurer of the Sophomore class. She has gained this Honor by her pleasing smile and ready greeting for everyone. Anyone who is acquainted with Ruth knows that the future holds Many More deserving honors for her. She is also an Active member in the camera club Junior red Cross and the Colt choral hers. Ruth takes time out to listen to music or read a Good Book. She Dreamboat should have looks a personality and above All a Little appetite. Warren is undecided about his future but he thinks that a wealthy Playboy would be an Ideal occupation. As for dates Warren likes to pro to shows dances or eat he also thinks Arlington should have a Good canteen or youth Center for Young people. English is his favorite subject and he is an Active member of the literature club and the band. When he graduates he plans to attend ask. Guns and girls Are his favorite new girl Johnie ? Johnie flapper nope in a the kind of boy my Mother does no to want me playing with. Or. Corey a Jane what key Are you playing in a Jane a Skeleton a or. Corey a Skeleton a Jane a Yea it fits Beth Hankins id like ten cents Worth of Bird seed. Storekeeper what kind of a Bird do you have Beth Hankins of i done to have a Bird a i want to grow some a Paula Sartin you told me to show my Tongue but you Haven to looked at it. Doctor i know a that was the Only Way i could keep you quiet while i wrote out your prescription. Do you serve a fibs a jul v a ii enjoys a anything from extremely pasur Oes but he also plays a hot Beans Terry Here ? waiter yes we serve anyone a just sit Down miss Butler what was the largest Island in the world before Australia was discovered ? Jerry of How should i know i was t Here then. What was the largest Island miss Butler Australia. I Gene a who do you think i am a perfect idiot a miss Powell a ooh Well nobody a a Friendly smile friends come in Many different shapes sizes and shades of color. Did you realize this before if Vout want Wert h/ff1"iy�uuwol d not consider whether the person Beautiful or handsome. You would consider what the by pc a a you Ever noticed How some people so anti it because they Are not pretty or do not maintain p,.fnli t n t Tara be As those by whom they Are shunned friends to so no a or a Quot a reason Are not Worth the i lends that they have. In this country everyone is Cre Foj Otten thfstedatf1a-&la? and if re class people have Wolf show few Friendly Side and a a hello for everyone Mhz show that you could be a real Friend. Classical music to this proves she certainly does not get in a this Connie considers both sides of any question. Ruth is going to continue her education after graduating from has. Where that is the question. It just depends on where she is at the time being maybe Paris or London or even Arlington Texas. Wherever she is it is certain that everyone will be proud of her As we Are Here. Clarinet in that Sophomore jazz band which has proved to be one o the most talented and entertaining groups in our school. As what you do did you Ever think or realize that your actions reflect i or parents Oryx or Home life everything you do were brought it Quot a refl6cts upon Way that y0l> pnt<3 knows at Vou ? and respect your Par by til j a cause them to misjudge your parents just by the Way you behave in Public places. N and Independent in your classes thinner friends it is Only natural that they would think you Are allowed to act that Way at Home it is the same was if you Are Well behaved and very considerate of others. If you act this Way people will think that you were brought up to respect other always remember that whether your act is one of or Menean of Gsg a a Quot fashions around the school this is full outlet Heel new o5tfits,s at the initiated socks Wint Cottons thallinger have the frosted pastels and the Lon heavy fashions this Spring will not be drastic change to Long skirt a the Western clothes have a Large following in this school stitched boots and handsome Western style shirts and Slacks Are to be seen All year round on the male population. The boys have one Over the g its a fussy their Ltd it a a to a Date tips do you know the proper Way of getting in and out of a theater Well Here a a play by play description Johnny and Jane approach the movie. John Steps to the ticket office and buys the ticket Jane should step to one Side. When the line is Long she May walk along beside but it is better to wait in Tho lobby. She wander around and she should stay within sight. A gentleman should always precede the lady Down the aisle. Its his Job to find the seats. A smart boy will ask a is this All right a she will usually answer a yes a unless she has some serious objection. Of Coure you All kown the boy lets his girl go into the Row first. After the movie Johnny should step into the aisle and wait. Some people think that because it is dark inside the movie no one can see what you do. This Isnit True even in a theatre your actions Are observed by your friends and your words can be heard at a i eater distance than you May realize. To wet your manners Don t be getting up and talking to people or running up and Down the aisle. It is All right to hold hands in the show but go no further. Remember the other people paid to see the actors. Of the feature is corny or Boring done to announce that fact that you done to like it. Your neighbors May be enjoying it despite you Jive talk Gladalyn Morris Wynelle Brown and sue Beall Blanton this Story was written by three not spooks a real cat gave a Bell to his Pas pie and said a a let a flee to the flicks. I got shot today for spiking and i need a quiver giver a she replied a my How sanitary a so it seems that this Cool Jonah and his gone girl ended up in a pashion pit. I process Chi while they were spooning their action is found to be four a scarves during the Hec Lethron a bad dad from Bagdad sauntered up to Gool Jonah a Bug cruising for a bruising. A clue me on this you i Sandra Leazar a a please Mother a no a Sandra a Law please Mother a no a Sandra a even if i Tell love you More than any body in the Mother a positively no a Sandra a Law but Mother All the other freshman stay out after what s the difference Between a mathematician and a politician a a mathematician says a two and two makes four but a politician says a when in the course of human events it becomes necessary to put two integers and two other integers together the result by a simple arithmetical process called and congratulations to the 16 new members of the National Honor society. The football boys Are All smiles and Are really shining since their jackets came in. Wonder How Long they will keep them. Connie sue Bass and Gary Martin were really enjoying the sweetheart banquet at the first Baptist Church Friday night. Who is the Lucky girl Kenny Hart has his Eye on. Well Tommy Moore has finally found the one. He is going steady with Peggy Bolin. Nancy Dunsworth is now free again. For How Long no one knows. Congratulations to the Valentine sweethearts Harriet Sho Tola Barbara Horton Glenda Eckleman Beth Hankins. Quite a few rumours have been flying that several of the steadies Are married but believe me they Are not. Hayden Victor Terry and Kathr n Taylor have been seen together quite a lot lately. Could they be holding something from us. Added to the Long list of steadies Are Pat Morrow and Dick Stephens. Our trophies certainly do look impressive in our new trophy Case. A i Eal cute roving freshman is Phil Johnson. Douglas Gassoway and �?�101 be Vickers have been keeping steady company for a Long time now. Harold Hill Gene Cootes and Jerry Bently have made Fine coaches for the senior girls football team. A new Triangle has been developed Between Betty Mcintosh Jerry Walker and Darrel Stewart. M to is that cute College by Janette Fitzgerald has been going with just ask Jerry Ray and John Forbes How they enjoyed the cookies at peaches slumber party. Delicious huh the party was really a scream. A Long time steady has recently broken up. Maybe sue Heatherly and Eddie Mullenix could Tell you More about it. Cause in a a smooth musical notes. To Quot see you in my dreams to Johnny from Marg. A wedding Bells to Bob and Mary Ann. A a we re in the Money to mrs. Sherrod from 2nd period shorthand. A they Good looking to miss d Arcy from 4th period boo keep hard cat the Cool Jonah exclaimed a ooh no we be been had. Done to flip your lip Square or ill Buzz the do right a i dig you but in be got a lot of George. Come on with me Pas pie and Well really have a ball.�?�. Real cat a replied Pash pie. A this breads not done a ooh woe is me dear hot spooks Good kid real cat Man of the world gave a Bell phoned Pas pie dream girl or boy lets flee to the flicks go to the movies got shot teacher ruined me spiking copying another work quiver giver thrill giver my How sanitary approval Cool Jonah Well dressed kid gone girl neat girl pashion pit drive in movie spooning their scarves eating their food Hec Lethron movie bad dad from Bagdad a Guy who is or thinks he is Tough Bug car cruising for a bruising looking for trouble clue me give me the Lowdown hard cat really Hep Guy or Gal smooth Sam Sauve smooth been had great calamity has struck flip lip wisecracking person Square someone you done to like Buzz phone do right boys cops i dig you i understand George Money have a Ball have a Good time his bread s not done he s crazy dear John she left me. It acc com Public nuisance no. I Are you one of these or one of times we have Stop a minute. Look into any of these groups ourself. Do you fall it a no a p1 Ira so lest it to Ito a a he a Alk shape after this they May not be it Alii tin the Best that extra pen again a a glad to let you Horry of yes what about that teacher that la Rio every period and they never see them Jain thai i will run out someday and the Tea Chetsas Exeen it Hng nails to give away to thoughtless Pudente p trying to change now a films not too i to a Jet hot to about years resolutions. 400 late to new
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