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Arkansas Valley Home Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1875, Page 3

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Arkansas Valley Home (Newspaper) - April 3, 1875, Hutchinson, Kansas Pip Baisas Vallet run Biggers Agency Caps oods Xiloj Akk Ine due nov Cater those we Liln infill of amount unit copy c Lux Law of should add rot shown Bun Uii secured ill Brown diggers Lan paid for by How Iown bigger Havo abstracts of 11 lands in Steno Kio acres deeded a Ltd mile i Wistol at to per a Sedli Indle cd Nam four Miles onto with for a Well improved claim of 1c u Miles from this it House and lot o i Street near the depot Worth id the House we Ifor per so acres of heavy Timber in a Olllnger two Mill will soil for Cash c i Trade Lor lauds in Reno or or will Trade Lor City property i Lii Iown 1st a splendid bargain and a in Luibl Miles South of see will buy one of the Handsom in the Arkansas in mile i and overlooking tic City of slut Chen 10 acres breaking and Small Igwel wants to Trade Village property in Iroquois of Ling Hinds near list Abinan in the Arkansas Vul a Good claim 7 mites Southwest o House with two Good room Small Orchard and 40 cure or for Brown House and two lots on a East c with six Good rooms la Nislick com for 110 litres of Good land in Miles from 100 acres under Ontl Valoi 123 acres of Good this is id Stock farm wit i plenty of water and i be sold at a House and two lots on 1st be it for Sale House has four Good ins and furnished Price Ito acres highly farm in North a Viima offered at a or slut Randi improved or unimproved lands in the Cansas 1000 acres of land on the Little in will Ion in fral terms or Trade for in the Arkansas House and valuable main Street Lolerd for live Hundred dollars rent lie one Hundred and Twenty live Dol per tots on Avenue a East a valuable India 18 Down j Arkansas with lulling and other out build 40 acres under of Nice per title to from Hutch Oll cred it per balance on of the finest funds Reno la bargain for ill a cd plot tract of 100 80 nones Dor Small Young Titi Decsi Niblo investment 1 within ten Lulu los Wulkopf aeon City Raili in ice Long bwwu4 bigger a 68 ten City lots offered very 03 Ico acres deeded land for sit nto in Rico co a Fine claim 0 Miles Hutch dwell Luj and Oiler improvement uttered at inquire of Brown a big fm5 Timber ctn to near Little a 80 a claim Softli of it Doo 04 a Cumi Idoft for Brown a arcs adjoining City of Siul Chili Sou Neil Arkansas Well non pc for Elthor n fruit or Vik Dable till Oll Rcd very Low he Brown 01 a firs class dwelling and two lots Ollo Rcd very Cli ii balance on 1u four lots in Millers Iid Dilou s3 127 Hanling Home on main St my he had for an excellent claim near Lettl Ulver Brodice it a Kiik Stock ranch a 7 Miles North i with Largo Corral and other lit ovoid Ilco Call o Brown 138 100 acres deeded 4 Miles soul of town at per 142 a bargain in town bus Ness House of main 113 a highly improved claim in mile from improvements alone Cost voc Oll Cru at n see brow 213 lot Avenue 210 100 acres deeded land in Hurve South of it per acre Liberal time 517 an inter rest in valuable City prop try at an advantageous Sec brow 301 Ico acres deeded Laud 0 Miles Cas of 25 acres wheat and Rye 00 acres arc House and stable soil and water Price will include team and Complete farming outfit and household goods for Addi cure is a Pitili Liuigi a claim of Ico 17 acres under cultivation House 12x20 Irico commercial located in lie business part of uttered it see or address Brown Here is n claim ii Miles South o he county seat of Reno county uttered at one of the finest and Best Haprov d farms i the Arkansas Valley 4 Miles it Thrifty hedge Fence 30 acres in wheat dwelling and Burn title Good Rice improvements alone Worth he an improved claim South of Cas Leton for to 240 acres excellent Prairie land at per balance 10 years Sec Brown it is a deeded tract of it g 00 per situated g East of 320acws 1 in lie North of this t per will be sold for it is a Init Somme hat and situated d Miles of Igo acres deeded land Well at per two adjoining claims of Ico acres highly improved 0 Miles North cast t this City Well adapted for a eng supplied with living watch Ricu a Well watered and aim near Lix mine that bar Argain in in Reno t a claim of Ico Aerts 5 Miles South of Cas in pipe 14x18 stable and Well 33 cres Uta iwo 320 50 acres one lift balance Timber in town 2 Range for Ico acres near cow 8 mile Northwest of Tuny be had for Cash or 100 acres in Sicri Orson a 233 Ico acres deeded land South of Tow at per balance on 237 two with in uni bin offered separately o Low see Brown t big 230 a Batch of desirable residence lots in any part of town Low 210 a cd Nam for in Smiith Westeri part of Uchio 241 a Choice tract of porn Lyle three mile cast of per Small Cash pay bal knee on see Urvi land 213 a Hue claim near Salt will Tor 245 a dwelling with three on ave Nuu 217 a handsomely situated and Well improved Well near of 21s 35 and second was cheap for 254 a Choice farm of 100 45 acre under 3 Miles Cas of it per 255 a prettily situated claim South o with dwelling and for see Brown if 157 a Nice property in consisting of dwelling acid will Scle for or Trade to property in Reno 250 so a cts deeded land near town per 201 a highly improved farm quite ucar it per 2g2 a claim North of town for 2g4 an improved claim in township 23 Range Lor 205 a claim i township Range 7 for 205 a bargain in a claim in Mcpherson with store room and for see Brown 208 a number of town lots on second at half bal me on 209 improved claim Tor 274 100 wit i valuable improve at fair see Brown 270 320 acres of the finest land in Reno Homestead right for 281 two lots in Millers addition on main very 284 a claim in town Range for Only address Brown 292 100 Well 1 Miles la stunt from a Ickerson station at per 294 claim with fruit Trees and iving for 40s for Solo or the City Sec Brown 198 one of the finest Brick business locks in the con be purchased for annual rental 201 ten Miles of dwell ten Horas under owing see Brown a 330 Ico Inores deeded land in Bice county x Miles East of 340 Homestead right in near 341 an excellent claim in Rice House and 30 acres 14 acres i wheat and see 353 is a Timber Well Worth the mount 345 100 acres Range nicely 347 an improved by six mild East of 348 a desirable claim id Dell blur Ilid Well Moo i 71 341 a valuable six Miles South of dwelling and 35 acres of the Market St finished dwelling and two on first for and Mark to of the Best lots on first a it cell on or address Brown it land Hutchon 350 a due claim of be acres 857 one Quarter Section Choice Prairie Wilh running 25 acres hot 0 Acris in right Lor 353 claim in town Range valuable tract in Range 7 Lor Iligio i a bargain in two adjoining claim in town Range 1711 10 acres Balanc Preemption highly bus of so Ucros under Ollre on cosy see Brown a Choice bargain in a Kio nerve Hin in town Range Price 803 100 acres 8 Miles somewhat 301 Kio acres in town Range com Young 05 acres broke 305 a handsome property in buckle Iraq us valued at will Trade Lor lands near 30 a to party i big i Clingm to Trade for lands in business Lionso and lot on Noral main Street it a also House Niu lot of Slit mini Street Tor 370 9 w it per balance on 9 years 372 a bargain in a Good of particulars Sec Brown 373 100 acres deeded land in town 21 Range must be sold 1c acres with and 13 acres in 374 valuable claim with improvement in town Range 375 lot Sherman for 370 House and lot in town for also Lious und lot on Sherman 377 is a Good inquire for particulars of Brown 378 House Ami lot in 380 a Fine claiming town Range Timber culture team wanted in 381 dwelling House in for 383 is a Good claim town Range for Timber claim of 100 news will Louse und 30acrcs under cultivation at r 3s5 Quarter Section near Burll Ngeme on Osage offered at per or will Rade for hut Clinson 380 an elegantly finished residence and in lots in a desirable part of for time if 3s7 House and two lots on Sheroun t also Liouns and two lots first Avenue for Homestead right Igloo acres Range also 100 acre Timber claim us lot second Avenue 393 House Anil lot on Bermam Street for 395 valuable Elul c Miles West of town Toov 390 business House and lot on Mirin Street 307 a Well improved claim in town Inge 0 with comfortable 398house and two lots in Nodl r 390 two Good on 400s at per this 403 buy claim in Mcpherson us b01 a in Lunbec farm near Ironton ill will Trade for Kalns 40b wants to Trade property in annl Dong for lands in Reno 404 a magnificent cd Nam with fun none Stream and excellent 30 acres for 405 Ico acres near with and 30 acres Homestead will deed for Timber culture right on to acres 3 Miles from 30 acres 407 shoo will buy one of the Best a looms in Itono inquire of Brown big us a valuable farm 4 Miles West of House of 5 six thousand Forest deeded Lor less than Cost of in Twenty six business and residence lots in any part of Lent Chanson my be Hail Tor or will Busold sep brately it attractive see Brown 205 a claim South of Castleton with Stone for 150 320 acres in Mcpherson it a Low 409 one main Street lot and three Resi Dence for 115 a commodious dwelling nud to Rico splendid lots on second 105 Stock raisers 1 this in 1 Stock farm of 221 touching the Arkansas highly Best of school House deeded for per time Given if Brown 172 Brick dwelling near court do easy 174 040acres Choice Prairie land 2 my left Northwest of it s8 per balance i ten equal yearly see Brown 170 Well improved claim in township 25 Price 177 n e per 9300 chm balance on Long 178 two City tots 182 two lots on first Avenue at Iso 100 acres deeded land 7 Miles from 18s a first rate claim 5 Miles irom 30 acres co Apple 250 peach it u startling Low see Brown 189 Home and lot in the 197 one of the leading hotels in Hutch firs class in nil its Lac Neal value per my i Rehusch easy tills is Chance for see Brown big 205 claim in Harvey near Bur Well 210 a Fluella Minear Nick Crayon station r Price Brown land Ghat feed just opposite the Bank Hutchinson to beat sem All Kludys of Grain con potato is get
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