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Arkansas Valley Home Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1875, Page 2

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Arkansas Valley Home (Newspaper) - April 3, 1875, Hutchinson, Kansas Bailey Monk. Itch Iii son has., of , i87�. La univ i Kan i. Irh not in coi stunt a los Lis n Iii i Iii d. Therenie i Luijs and  i ? min nil Iii kiullnv.-1 i a Lii Iii lib ii in Brac ing Mil he f to i j Dri inti Tuluii 1 1 vol Ali thru. Tullu v. Ill la .1 Liiro a i la Lulli a Liivi i i Oll Lilii Sci Ircia cry a Trilli. Him i. Of Jlr-., ecu pm been to. Ill let 11 lid Rily i us. Jii oui tic we toil in Lull to Lull 01 Havu i la old Lllan \vll3ill\. 1 Ticac or a Taliu d in id at Lii in Toimi of by Iii an Toh if Milry s filler i us.injr.�. Ainu. /li,., of tier Iii if m id Iii i Trio int of any Elton it or Boc Oines a Lien on Trio a of party on and alter Novena in a 1st of that year. In Case of sales made i Tor Totime Dutte it Ltd Ltd a Marci 1st, the purchaser my the to. If the conveyance i mail Niter Jove inbox is and by Foro Ali Rich 1st follow i Thor Raptor in Llic absence of tiny special the Lux. J his is the entire Law on the bib act and owners of property must govern Vliem Civ a accor higly t inn Ine Mimir i in Isif lpns. And if arc not Lull a Toni let. To e Brown a higher. Ii Oil to obtain love Minme it hot in. I Lii la Lizul i r la lie a Kansu a is Uil to a air Clit extent i t i a i it if in nah in i. Aii ,1 Coal i Imeln ii d Lull or 1 1 r on. One ton is Likhit till Frimu of Noil. I on it St Titi s Are. It intr plan us vim is i Nice the i Iris or jul i Sheyni l ills labor fibrin a Nikki and ii Tii and lie Timber a Iii Teafil a Iny sin cd Praise u Rcpt Icil a is Lia rilly a town or Ity in i .suite., Liere Coal is deliver cd a . A a Mioi i i is 1 i Lii. Ear to i non crop in West a Istir would Mill have 11 ii Jena rail a Lew years Ive Iii Rrt i ttpr.? Iron some Oloier Coli a ii.�. And Juci Illenden in re Ani to our soil Elini ate a. I Uey will be libel to an Crany mail or Oiler we e. Arth is7r. J i . of. -1 Eahie bin al omit Lom Ali is t fathered i Sou . I Artof to to crop 1 sold the same Tail the remix lieder i kept until the Tolj lowly if or Iii and r Allied about Slotto i flier the be ulcers Bud acc Jinlat a lust s f a Jiuu and so Iek on i season of Talluri. The Rush for id lands of Llic Valley year has to parallel m n bisto a. And the newly Sells so Many Pei in in Sii Rolih of food the Corn crop was Alsa Stotis. If of tile a Fassl iop or rail has. Dicicc lands to a very Low Lii care i, Are now Biryl not in Kuisas lion it of buying Belore. No a Lurn of the Siulc pests is enter Uinci a they Are not , Nih reproduce Only in 11 Liui dry .uuio.sl,Here at a height of 6,000 i Jet above sea level. Wheat and crop prospects Lor this season look so promos in of that h-,, troubles will soon by . . Taxes of All property in Tho stale of Ichii Sas Beconi. Due 1st of cab year and a Iii be paid in Lull on or before the 20th Day of dec Nitim next ensuing or the one half the icon May be so paid and the balance paid on or Beli Irv the Lilb Day of Jiulie t Olliev Lii but if at least Otic Liall is not paid in or a Ciorca the said 2ptli Day of Deco incr Linen Ito entire amount becomes due a id p liable and to which once it Tach 11 Penally 01 five per cent. And if not paid Bel Are tie 20th of March ii Cut ii Sui Jim an additional penalty of lie per cent will be added Llic Reto if nut paid Belore i i i Aioli Day of june Loudwin a Lurther penalty of live per cent will also to added Liei to and then it not paid by the tenth of july the property will Tor Sale and As Cost of Advertis Lonj Lac Why live cents Lor each de. bind will be added to the tuxes Teu cents Cich. For every lot., if not Pabl then Belore the first tuesday in september eur Surig the property will be sold Tor , acid the expense of Sale added after Wlinich the Entile sum total jul draw interest itt tiie Rale of two per cent per moist i Durinik the lust year thereafter Ibreon per Cen per month during the second year thereafter and also Dur Lux tie a gird year. I f the properly is redeemed previous to tiie of the third year after the Sale it will Cost in Addi ton to All the above Lily cents of n Sci Uptou but if not re the med within three years alter Siueli Sale the county coir missioner May Issue a warranty det a to inc Lur Eliaser and alter that deed has been on record two pc Iii it Coomes the Proi Yerty of the purchaser and any action for the recovery of the some is barred by stat Tutti of . As an to pay Tho taxes in a a on or before the 20th Day of Peck Masr of Sacii year a discount of two and one half per cent on the entire mount will be allowed. To tudors client of he payment of taxes by us a al Aurclia Teun be made of tax me Cert Uett 1 Siutu the i0th a Oil i alter Pavan Enji Ensins Olf Iuit Ali our. L or liar the Spring of 1573 Plai Teil iwo Tulles of Osage lied a wbleli., i was planted late Luis made n Good growth. Ill 1s74 1 sowed about we pity live acres in Oats and Barley a tvs being pal in late the yield was Sukul. 1 nil cd Only two Huik red mid Allty bids hols of Barley and one Hundred Hus Liels of outs. Larley is Worth s1.50 per Bushel Ami Oats 75 cents. Corn owing to the Gnu Saluni Pei a was a Huilui a. I Sui. Roxie is. Malien 27tli, 87ri. A lessons. 1% Iii ukr Xou tucked Iny opinion of Kiin Sas especially that Arto flt lying in Tho Arkansas Valley. In reply i will say that 1, have travelled extensively and examined closely sonic parts of it and i fluid that Tuo peach is it Liotine Here As much As any place 1 have visited la Trio Eaifie Luli tude. Winter wheat is As line As 1 Ever saw any where. 3iui scald seems to injure the Apple Irce while Young unless it is set it an Angle or some Artl Licul Shade is placed on the South West Side. Your country is Young but few farms being Over three years old yet it has Many of the Cle Meizis that make up a Roeii prosperous and Chait Liyu country Fertile soil intelligent settlers and a dry Atmo Siiberg Vours truly. S. F. Taft a Llu Ruibal Flo. Maisu 27th, 1s75. Deak sin i came to Uejio county Kansas two years ago with two Good teams head of Callie but no Money. Since Liat time 1 have broken up one Bun dred and Lifty acres of land. 1 have sold one Hundred and forty seven dollars Worth of cattle and have Tortcen head now on hand. 1 live eighty acres la last. Wheat and it. Looks Well. We located the first land in Liat is now Troy town Ishup last year. Liere was then Only two Small pieces of tall wheat one of them being live and u Hall acres of inline la that township. U yielded one Hundred and sixteen bushels of number one wheat. Of. This time 1 have three Hundred Aud nonet Ticki acres of a Lieut we ilex looks Well. We have a Beautiful Cottu Liand itis Well watered. There is plenty of Good vacant land subject,.to entry a Short distance us tub we Scot Here. Our health was never better i a during the years., i Aiu Wellni based with my new Home and my family Are i stick have All could. Levi to in the i1nn of Kiausas. Yoi0 per Uherc outside of the distance $1.2i per acre. No one Ejiri by for land under the Pic Viup Loii Lii until Linc Liili ant Luid Lully in lie has one Hiu actually resold ii upon the Laud at least six Trio Ziths ii nil he must not he the owner of to acres id land will in the fulled tavates exclusive of the pre in option claim. No person can make a set Tenient or improve inputs Lor Uii other which will hold Lor path Iii Mon. No 0110 c4in hire another to live upon the land for six inn this in such a Way As to answer the of Tho Law that the pc Elup tur shall have resided Uii ii the tract. One land warrant can be Lahl on a Dinar tar Section 100 acres ill pre but ii the land t,lfa.50 per acre the is .25 per acre Musl be paid in Cash. Holders have no rights in l re i Uptou beyond any Oiler person. Citize Juns biome Straus. Any person Quail cd As above for Preemption Cirii Achi Iii by occur Pitlon and Llie Piini ent of Colu Nession Ond Lees $18 to $2li. Lilo acres of land held at $1,20 per acre or so acids i land wll Hin ten Miles of a Railroad and held at $2,50 per acre. Every Homestead seller exec t soldiers Jiust in person go to uie land Ollice to make his full Iii unless he is a Luilly living of the land and then it is allowable to Siake the la whig before the clerk of the county within which the land is situated. Tile right to land Nailer Homes cml Law dates Iron lolling not from Settle Nickit As under pre Cuip Loii and then tic is allowed six ii Iouli Wui in we Iii time he must take Possession of the land by a improve uncut. Within seven years the realtor must go to the land Oll lec and prove by in Okwit lies sea that to has upon and Culli rated Tho land fur five years succeed lug the time of Ruhig and thereupon the sctt Jei is i tilled to a ii tent. Absence Torfli. A Homestead Lor More Luau sex Montalv Kutany onetime during the live years works a forfeiture of All right to the land ii. Proven to the satisfaction of the u. S. Regis tar. Homesteads Are not la a i. Tour lets Connie Ted prior to the issuing of the iia Teut therefor. In Case of death Belore title is either by Piv Jinp Loii or Boinest Cading the rights of the deep Sou descend to Bis widow or ills heirs. a . Homestead settlers Nav pay for their Laud in Cash or warrants at the boy crib ment Price 5.1.25 or $3/ 0 upon Nick Long Toof of aet Ivl residence and cultivation Lor a period of not less than six months. the forgoing re ulat Lous Are strictly applicable to soldiers Louic toads is. Any Soldier or Sailor who served not less than thirty Days  during the recent re Billiou and was bout ably do charged and ivinniiied., Loyal can Wiomer Stead Luo inside or outside the to ii Miles Railroad limits. Ill p s. A. Atwood insurance Rasht. Ollice with blown & wifi okla. Ilii resentful Lair cent it �1 Iladel Libonn. Or. 0. Fred Tucker flu i t t Kas. Spam ea7p Olio Les a and i total dealer in dry goods boots & sho6s bats & Caps Elkady made Ciao Titino Aux gents furnishing goods i employ merchant tailor win a fir. Ill Tiv my Lini s Tram first tin ails incl Ivl no. Ito South main St. Siu Tominson Kansas. R Eferen Cesi two into our years prot la and hta work Thomas Paine s Rashi Kable Shaviss Saloon. No. 13k0uw mum St. . In unsafe. I shaving Shonon Wink Anil Hull omit tank in tilt i lost and bit style. it ii Uxmal ulu irn 4y War. , Painter an Glazier. Will give Sieu Iii no Sutlon to Trimn Osro pres coins of Asperino Sioe trip Street opposite to dirt huns. , ,. Jones & Bro cars of Cuil de Lei flu by z Cis 8l col Fol attic icon go ecu to Brit k for Cut tenets and foundation 0ntiia t,-1 fors Toile Anil Soli Ulle. of City. Ltd d. Work Urt it tue Aad Clef Orenco it vein i meet of. Tie f Lri to Stone Lionso in Sutcli Itsou. It but do. To Tho proprietor of the he told Sou Kewa to say Liat the Arkansas Valley i Ouk a gotten up in Bis of uce. The Sewa office Lias i Tely received a. Lot of new Job Type and Therma Terlalis and employs Lien who Thorois Jehly Uii Derf stand Hii i their departments and is now turning out of work that Wourl do credit to an Ore in a larger City. Hue Terr Prate Eia Ergy , butch4nson, Kansas feb Damn ryd5. Eropri9 Cordura for Fajr Almu air up
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