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Arkansas Valley Home Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1875, Page 1

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Arkansas Valley Home (Newspaper) - April 3, 1875, Hutchinson, Kansas Their mass Yamilet county seat of Reno april Lillic n Bdl of Rill attn ill train lie toot i Mil Kinky to the Lilure of Komus Tell Hue Zottl Hirist i Tom missus Liml rlvii1 us Lulu Mimi in it Tiu a Mound la Wist Lily in North i no it Gisl in dlr fruit from Ilia the Villi Anil Ira of the Illif is Ituna it was utmost unknown i Yuliya hip ii thru Viil Liy Lions h m in Liy Lynu in Trulli Werlos of hear i Tom toll ten dark with sell old to Wisit Illel ill ill line Tom Tiu oils it mid abounding i insure stares in a lilt my soil in Wii Lipil Iliili per sunni of red and is lit in u Tiu Strong artist in Ilia in also sigh Iii Iii us will ducks Siml straws Spring ii full Imon lord Mill ii fun run gut is Cru grown with our liitle Mii tils ally Tikili live Ilia Ifil Ordoni to us n Jini Tialii without the the Ted conch no to Ltd ills bin Melill in Lily Ospin Clilly Tiu Young i incur senk i n who tins no Nunns ii lid his own is Strung in Nuil wilting in ii ii u Frai on Public Shinil it Low on Renmark i Ditsy Cresol Putin Clit und wkly inc Rel discount Lor in the rail Rouchl in mity thus pin utilise it Roluti by Nhut Tvr or Lei Uliuli by tii Kunj Trucl lewdly vim a Jolt from Chokov in int of n Trust Lormi i pure its of who wish to Iblis them in Homes of their own nil Nollsh ilieli1 own or their Idrena lulling i less fun ill May Here us Cully suit Lar Hera hey will Hud is Llu Tlouga unit conveniences i jiul to i sullied left Good und n Well settled Iii towns mid Public Ini prove Litt Ilion of Sida of cheap Imd Rich i Well Torto Lim timid of Bis tent but to mall Eastern May Proe Iii a Iii us limit scr in Lickli he can put the plow to work the of hid Mil vol mud in a Short Lime have a better improved Litrin in to with the Espen Liru of bal n Sini ill portion of his Money i Balaure to May Iise fully mid Ili Tribly invest in Tiu sheep or k Mariner Lime Here 11 my extensive pus Lis non liable the year with Witter hand always and every with no need to Ceil his Slot exit hiring the Lew in aka in which the fully Short Winter prevails ill he be ii the abundant gun Sac of the Lih with the genial Ell Imite of the South Ijo Ineil Lor his i improved Are Worth tron to i Willu us Roveil Tanus ate Hollcr Tjit a lures varying with value of Ini the Western part of the Niny j at u Cost of and live i residence on one Lindrud and Loxly of May pay for fir of tar a youths residence it the me of per acre Tai Distant from inc or Iliin i above term mean Homestead or to a to dict of government a to Niqi Tiehes his Home Atvill rights the fitus and on Coucelo Tulou of his try at the land the Pir Iser of Ilia and right of Susslon Nii ikes u now entry in his own in and begins persons of mod id Means often prefer buying these ims and thus secure Brood arms near at a Smull rather limn locate in bit Twenty Miles Leril Hundred Choice claims on our for mid take in slow t them without and in answer by mall or in person on the lie ill a Boito Kansas May be Learned Iron of scale sex to oho in drawn by civil Engineer r0no Hitun land Hetio i Chi cd in Honor of few Hunt of the Reno county to Honvo the pleasure of again greeting our Many friends and in Stoiner through the we Coop copies for free and All who wish to Send Good news to their friends in the East Sioni mall them a the paper contains a Limp of it no coun on Wheeli is traced the county incl other All running Sti Eims of Tom townships and As Given by the thu by referring to the two Western line of will find the finest Home Stead liquids in publish a partial list of cml estate in our the list embraces line deeded und City improved nah the cards of a number of our leading business nun and parties who Deal with them will Deal with Ilien Al there arc a Large number of first class whose cards we Are obliged to omit for want of the Timber culture hero presented As is worthy of How to obtain government instructs the lome Steider and Procci Upton in his rights and duties under he several acts of the Eastern Render May understand our system of Lux collecting by referring to the Tux Many unacquainted will Prairie life wonder Liow Western people farm without iced the Herd others Are at u loss to know where fuel is head the or dicta and if us Cost of living und building i Arkansas turn to our mention of those those wishing information it should write inquiries cheerfully an address Kowk member elect to the fort fourth Congre Tor the Thor Dulf Tretol Ramn Liinus among the Leming Krom its Solomos Tler stranger to on Western Tomitry mar Wijit of our incl it Lias an Eil ilor Olio is alive to the of West Ern and one Nho Irell but misrepresent the we licit info Niue the subscription Price is Lor six months or fifty cents for three if you want the Kansas fever Lake this paper three a Bridith is the proprietors land issued to or filters of the War of 1812 inc War and the several Indian wars to Are available in payment Lor Public lands a homesteads or com but cannot be used in locating lands in Arkansas there being no Oft red lands in tie state West of new ton or Tom Cash value of these warrants is about Sloop or holders should have n Sertl locate of the com nos stoners if the Gene nil land Vonsh d attached to the a wants is War rarity of their and that the assignments arc according to this makes them marketable it any we furnish our Rutits on Short parties proving no will save from to by using warrants handed or mailed to drown t for Sale or receive prompt any Linlor nation As to consolidated and amended pension acts of be Irce of it our drown equalizing bounties paid to Solil Ierg of the late swamped the eloping noun of Lut year kanuiikt4 wed Montla com or this a nation of vital interest to nil who seek Western is to timing so general in its Lively Day brings letters of inquiry from the East asking the Cost of living one year on the it would not be fur from Correct to answer quite in cheap us in the but to let each Onn inter Miike Liu own we sub join it list of the leading articles in the various lines it with the grocer ies Anil provisions is reported by Lilii Lett a As follows flour bust xxx tier Subhy per u coffin Lull w Hiram to nil tells us he is Sellig goods about follows Yard Good Leac Liivik iwo 12 Good Lown Muslin Pur w Good Gln Thioni Jar Tiofil fiool6 gain Liddles u0 clout Iii Tuovi about sell running implements and Fin Alturi As will he seen to re tearing to his list prices i Jlove Viii Finuoli Ivica to Ciryl drills so Oil Groenil plows la reusing plows 3 in arrows is a Oulu by Ioctl 211 Cusk Sloven Tim Cire nil kinds at Eastern Black Walnut to vier to Edwards favors us rate sol lumber irom Ean easily Cost Mutu the Cost Sci using iv4 id Lite met jails la 3xu 18 nud Uji winds Pur m my Ucb a i Anil lumber in windows him prices in proportion to the principal casts five Dot ton Lime we per Vevou Dollart pet Civ or tent Conron is the county Steno und is known is to onto the Arkansas in Llcy our population numbers Flat can Hui indu Flous an Kastein to visitors cell thl the live Irvn of Kansas and it Ali i Iii it is ill called Oil Aru Unish Lvi timid the in Pelia Asuelu Vav two inn dred mid seventeen it nil tin Missouri Ruvi the City hands finely Lull put a Vul litre eur Giuili lives a Grundy liniment mini in in Lull Lirl incl n nor Vilior of ii i Villi Iurii ii Nii inv Uili irs in constr no one who Curi Lilly ujan will Wonsil till this pm logy Lov to u i ii Rich conn1 Ini Cuil it trom tin Ali Ounn to live la Misund Yjih Miles of jul Aluir it n Bovill nil Foitik Tuzii no India Styli hum need who conies to in the Imel Holst und Inch Yttri Bav Jimh a churches and Well Iii Sci incl Luck Hes Are cd ital Lioe of Iii i own in 1 Linann tuft Iii sell of mail Lair live in dred the court House la Lull is i Imp oiling then tin Littler Selimi in hitch Ralty mid Industry of the lending trusts of our Farmers n Hull Nash und n mom refined class of people cannot in nil in Tini Sirti of Ilic tul Ihil into to i that it Shiw this no other Eirv ilium Eun Bonshof Rnold Mill us is Only Nenni Mcd for by Nnoel country is unsurpassed in Altae ure la intelligence und Cneri we have no Hes Tuncy in Sny Luff to the it tire of flute Hanson bids fan realign the most sanguine Hopes of Milf r c03i9ieucial Conur Shin Niue main Kahlaf Oinen Ulpia to la aund nod Tho Biruli Purl of the City Reno Euln Ana Hutchinson Charles Congo silent to smrt Occidental Kansas it miss House the most Complete in x any hotel in Tho Sou frasier it arrival and Departie land Oluera of Lului town on better Virtna urn any one of dim a layout room of it no the Arkansas Valle town Raj paralleled Isdro Emerts id liar Taco wishing to or invest in along the line us tin Good opportunities for invent intent in Tow Leai nobly Well Nodi rapidly i orua9liik in population and no similar organization eve offered Bui induce Uenta to Ilia mob Al or Cerf Lilues Tuat Trio a a borne of Addom Wick Brown an
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