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Arkansas City Traveler Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 4

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Arkansas City Traveler (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Arkansas City, Kansas Editorially speaking regionalism cooperation can solve Many problems the Arkansas City ran daily traveler saturday september 26, 1970 Page 4 helping hand Carroll righter9 As might be expected a plan to Combine the Arkansas City ran., and Winfield ran., High schools Isnit getting much support in either town. There is a natural resistance to such combinations because existing High schools would lose their Home town identity. However there is Merit in such a plan perhaps enough to outweigh the real and imagined disadvantages. A combined High school located at Strother Field half Way Between the two communities would involve some busing of students but would provide economies in the elimination of duplication. More important would be the special programs that undoubtedly would be made possible by a larger combined school. Possibilities include remedial education to reach students of All ability Levels education for the handicapped programs for exceptional children adult education improved libraries better counselling and perhaps the addition of cultural and artistic studies on a larger scale. Winfield and Arkansas City Are blessed by their nearness to each other though that advantage is not recognized by some of the residents. The two cities have cooperated by Virginia Payette investing in joint Industrial development at Strother Field and there is no Good reason to avoid other feasible joint ventures. Other Kansas communities have combined certain facilities to their Mutual advantage. Parsons Independence and Coffeyville in Southeast Kansas have been Able to provide services at the jointly operated Tri City Airport that would not be possible had they dissipated their funds on three individual airports. In the same area however Coffeyville and Independence continue to support with state Aid two Junior colleges in the same county. They could save Money and provide More adequate facilities by combining the two colleges at some Point Between the cities. Such a proposal has been suggested by the school officials in Montgomery county but the school boards rejected it. It can Only be hoped that Winfield and Arkansas City will carefully consider a combined High school and will not reject the plan out of hand. Regionalism and inter governmental cooperation too often Are mistrusted but used wisely can solve Many of our problems Wichita Eagle turn that Blank Blank Down a turn Down that amp tape recorder you la be deaf As a Post one of these Days a sound familiar How Many times have you stormed into juniors pad and screamed this warning allowing of course for a slight variation in adjectives depending on How much the Racket was interfering with your Ball game on to a a screamed is the clue word Here. Because chances Are the noise was so loud no Ordinary tone could compete with the Decibel count. You May have thought your grim warning was an Idle threat. It Wasny to. Junior might lose his hearing if he curls up hour after hour with the latest acid Rock tuned to an ear splitting Din. In fact chances Are he already has. Part of it anyway. Lots of other Young people have. And the damage is permanent. Rock and Roll music a mostly to blame according to David n. Lipscomb ph.d., associate professor of audiology at the University of Tennessee. He Speaks from painful experience after prolonged test sessions at discotheques and Rock concerts. When those hot combos plugged in their powerful gop rapped on its education promises Concordia ran. A Bill Jenison democratic nominee for Congress from the 1st District said thursday the Nixon administration and certain republicans in Congress have failed to deliver on Campaign promises on education. Jenison who is on leave As a Dean at fort Hays state College spoke at Cloud county Community College. He said his commitment to education is an enduring one and a i Promise you that i will carry that commitment to Congress for the service and betterment of All of the Arkansas City Dau y traveler dial 442-4zoo established August i 1, 18 70 consolidated with the daily news May i 1924 member of the associate d press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for publication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a news dispatches. All rights of publication or special dispatches herein Are also reserved. Published daily except sunday july 4, thanksgiving and Christmas in the traveler office at fifth Avenue and a Street Arkansas City Kansas. Postmaster form 35/9 to traveler Box 988, Arkansas City. Kansas 67005. Terms of subscription by Carrier in Arkansas City $1.80 per month i the traveler will accept subscriptions at the office for 3 months or More. By mail in retail trading zone Cowley Sumner Chautauqua and Elk counties in Kansas Kay and Osage counties in Oklahoma 3 tnonths$3 60a vmr$10.30 general delivery route to City 3 months$4.64 6 months $773 or $14.42 by mail elsewhere 3 months$5.41 6 months.$10.30 $18.54 sates tax included in above rates a a fuzzy amplifiers and really let go the Needles on or. Lipscomb a super sensitive equipment quivered to a recording of 130 decibels. That a Only for decibels below the Roar of a Jet engine or an air raid Siren which Send the Needle up to 140. And that in Case you re not up on these things is right at the pain threshold. Most Rock averages out at 120 which is Only to below the Decibel pressure of a riveting gun. And its equal to the noise of a Thunder clap. Or a Turbine Generator. Its not quite As loud As gunfire which goes up to 161 a but it lasts longer. And the resulting damage to the ear has nothing to do with the Public forum what a wrong to the traveler what is wrong with the people in Arkansas City they Are so concerned with their own problems of taxes Hospital Etc. That they done to Stop to think and praise1 our own school kids. When i read in the paper and hear on television and radio about All the trouble the kids Are having in Wichita and other places it makes me proud of the kids of Arkansas City. I see school kids every Day when i take my two kids in senior High and two kids in Junior High to school and go after them. We hear of pills and dope being sold and passed in school. I believe that could be taken care of. Of we would Praise and Tell our kids we Are proud of them that would be a big Start. Stop and think what we As parents would feel and do if there would be fighting every Day in our schools Here at Arkansas City. Would it take too much of our time to let them know what we think of them speaking for myself i am proud of each and every one of the kids of Arkansas City. A mrs. Charles Wagner 515 s. Fifth St. Quick quiz a a where is the Only Point in the United states common to four states a four Corners where Arizona Colorado new Mexico and Utah meet. A a who Ivas the first american pres id e n t to broadcast Over the radio a Warren g. Harding on june 14, 1922, at the dedication of the Francis Scott key memorial at it. Mchenry my. A a what urns Noah s first act when he came Forth from the Ark a he built an altar and offered a sacrifice. The a Kansas cd i y daily trave i h published by the traveler publishing company f Lith Avenue and a Street Arkansas City Kansas Oscar s Stach it r publisher Robirt j. An do son vice president amp Gen. Mar. Brian Coyne managing editor Richard Schnackenber advertising manager second class postage paid at Arkansas City Kansas 67005 Quality of the music. Beethoven would be just As dangerous. If you played him As often and As loud. Or. Lipscomb says Survey results a blend Strong support to the inference that Young people Are sustaining High frequency hearing loss much of which might be directly attributable to the High intensity sounds in their Home and recreational a study of 3,000 students showed More deafness among High school seniors than among sixth-graders�?10.6 per cent to 3.8 per cent. And boys had four times As much loss As girls. A this is probably because boys Are exposed to More High intensity sound stimulation a or. Lipscomb explains. A Cap pistols firecrackers gunfire motorcycles drag races in another Survey of 1,680 College freshmen the loss of hearing was even More widespread-30.2 per cent. At this age the Young men had twice the impairment of the girls. Apparently loud Rock combos Are addictive which matches the drug culture they seem to flourish in. The higher the sound level or. Lipscomb says the greater the desire for More and louder music. That tends to disguise what he Calls a mediocre musicianship a which might explain Why kids done to seem to mind those weird sounds some combos put Forth. High level music not Only damages eardrums it also acts As an aesthetic according to or. Lipscomb. So if Junior gets a goofy look when the mothers of invention go into High gear done to blame it on dope. It might just be the decibels. Copyright 1970, by United feature Syndicate inc 100th homicide in Kansas City Kansas City a Cleve land a a Woody Woods 45, was shot to death outside an East Side tavern thursday night becoming the City a 100th homicide victim of the year. Last year the City a 100th homicide was not recorded until nov. 19. Police quoted witnesses As saying a fight broke out in the tavern and Woods walked out. A Man holding a revolver at the door ordered him not to leave but Woods continued walking and the gunman shot him. The gunman fled in a car with a woman and another Man. Police later picked up three persons for questioning. N 1 pm Jack Anderson merry go round a a <70 Brazen pitch for Money Washington Phil Sanchez a California Republican seeking to unseat the Veteran Democrat rep. . Sisk has made a Brazen pitch to 400 lobbyists for Money to buy to spots newspaper ads and $100 billboards. The handsome Sanchez now Fresno county executive officer has also implored the Washington lobbying corps for help with his typing pamphlet distribution and phone calling. The lobbyists suggests Sanchez May even want to attach bumper stickers for him put up signs and loan him their lawns for billboards. This astounding Appeal to the special interests is contained on an enclosure that accompanies a personal letter to the lobbyists from Sanchez a Campaign manager William Moffatt. A was a legislative advocate a Moffatt wrote the lobbyists a i am sure that you have developed considerable expertise in your area of Moffatt asked each lobbyist to explain his special a legislative viewpoints for Sanchez a enlightenment. A i am sure or. Sanchez would be most grateful to have every kind of input and Aid from your friends and associates As Well As from yourself a wrote Moffatt on behalf of Sanchez. Moffatt got the lobbyists names from a list published in the congressional quarterly. Washington lobbyists were dumbstruck by Sanchez a direct approach. They Are experts in passing out bundles of $100 Bills in dark places providing unlisted Stock options promising new plants in congressmen a districts and buying tickets to $100 testimonials. But like medieval prisoners Washington lobbyists take Pride in the subtlety of their Craft. They simply do not let congressmen use their front lawns for Campaign signs. Moffatt followed up his first mailing with another solicitation for a $100 donation As part of a a fiesta con Phil Sanchez at a Fresno ballroom. The real door Price however was Only a modest $7.50. One astonished lobbyist said it was bad enough to be approached so blatantly for funds particularly by a Man not even in Congress but a the did no to even offer the ticket to the fiesta until the Day after it was Moffatt told this column woefully that the entire solicitation was a Flop. Only three lobbyists even replied with their a legislative none made contributions bought tickets or offered to attach bumper stickers. Death of a shrine the View of America from the top of pikes Peak it is said inspired Katherine Lee Bates to write a America the it was published As a poem in 1895 and put to music in 1913. By 1920, it had become so beloved that a Campaign was started to substitute a America the Beautiful for the a Star spangled banners As our National Anthem. But today the poetess if not her stirring words has been forgotten. For a year the Falmouth Cape heritage Trust has been trying to raise $48,000 to preserve her Birthplace As a Bistric shrine museum and conservation Center. For All their pains the Trust has collected Only $3,000. The final papers Are being drawn up happenings of yesteryear in my 4by Iris Davidw a Temmy the bidding has been West North East South i pass 2# pass 2 v pass 3 pass 3 n t. Pass 4 pass you South hold ak876 Vuk j 32 q4 7 2 what do you do now a pass. Your partner is suggesting slam possibilities and undoubtedly indicating a Singleton heart. This does t improve your hand any. Today s question instead of bidding three clubs your partner has bid two no Trump Over your two hearts. What do you do now answer tomorrow to years ago Marine pvt. Milam a. Mounts son of or. And mrs. Alvin mounts Dexter has completed recruit training at the Marine corps recruit depot san Diego Calif. Herbert Gootee overcome by Carbon monoxide fumes was saved from death sunday by sheriff Robert r. Clester. He was evidently overcome by the fumes As he worked on his motor car in a garage at the Home Clester said. Mrs. Fred Melick was hostess Friday for Enterprise Bunch. Mystery packages were won by mrs. Earl Birdzell mrs. Earl King mrs. Carl Mason and mrs. Kenneth Mckitterick. 25 years ago Kenneth Curfman and Keith Curfman sons of or. And mrs. Guy Curfman Are on an extensive business and pleasure trip. They will visit in Kansas City Chicago Evanston iu., Dayton and Cincinnati. Officers for the coming year for the american legion auxiliary were installed tuesday night at the regular business in the legion club rooms. Mrs. Ethel Jones is president of the senior auxiliary and Etta Jane Gardenhire president of the Junior auxiliary. Committee chairmen for the american War dads chapter have been announced by . Power president. Chairmen include . Grant Veteran Security and government legislature ilk. Rice Fidelity Doyal Hoyt program . Humbert finance William l. Ward membership Brice Gossard social and . Turner publicity. 50 years ago mrs. Guy Ecroyd underwent a surgical operation in a local Hospital yesterday for the removal of her tonsils. She is reported to be doing nicely today. The . Club met last night with miss Hazel Borders. Miss Calla Lindle surprised the girls by walking in while they were having the meeting. She has just returned from California where one spent the summer. Therefore to sell the landmark to a private owner on october i. Miss Bates was born in the dignified old federalist Home in Falmouth mass., near the Waters of Cape . These Waters shimmering in the summer Sun gave her the famous line a from see to shining the old 1810 House is owned by Chandler Jones who has tried to preserve it As a landmark. But he is now forced to place it on the Market. A a in a hoped All along the Trust could buy it a he told this column. But the october i deadline is now Only a few Days away. Still he added hopefully a if something comes up in the next week maybe we can still work it footnote miss Bates was born in the House in 1859, became a celebrated professor of English at Wellesley College and died in 1929. She is buried in Falmouth not far from the Village Green where the House stands. Illegal Appeal although tax deductible groups Are barred by Federal Law from partisan politics the National right to work Legal defense foundation has quietly solicited $500 contributions to fight the political activities of organized labor. The foundations National advisory Council of business leaders made up of such Ultra conservatives As Walter Knott of knotty a Berry farm in California have issued the fund Appeal to a limited list. But some letters went by mistake to labor supporters who turned them Over to this column. The Appeal cites the 1968 Humphrey Campaign which got financial backing from labor and says labor will spent a even More. On the presidential Campaign in 1972.�?� the letters seek $34,000 for a court fight a to ban the use of compulsory Union dues for political there is a Clear political note in the letters reference to a candidate and officeholders who Are under a the Power of Union headlines and footnotes president Nixon has quietly been grooming Gen. Frederick Weyand to succeed Gen. Creighton Abrams of . Commander in Vietnam. The president assigned Gen. Weyand to spend a year at the Paris truce talks to round out his experience before being shipped to Vietnam. The United states has failed in a secret Effort to persuade Thailand and Indonesia to Send troops to Cambodia to help prevent a communist takeover. The Lon nol government begged for several divisions which the . Tried to raise from Thailand and Indonesia. But both countries finally decided to keep their troops at Home president Nixon will report to the nation in mid october on All the legislation Congress failed to pass and will take the occasion to announce another troop withdrawal from Vietnam. Copyright 1970, by Bell Mcclure Syndicate from the Carroll Richter Institute sunday september 27, 19?0 general tendencies by employing a new attitude you will get the answers for which you have been searching. So done to hesitate to delve into whatever you do not understand. Make a Point to Render a service to one who has been very helpful to you in the past. Get health improved too. Aries mar. 21 to apr 19 there Are Many tasks waiting for you today so Start Early and show that you want to be of service to others. Show others that you appreciate their assistance. Curb temper. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 getting together with Good friends and doing the things that All enjoy can make this a very Happy Day. You Are Able to gain personal Aims that have been impossible before now. Show that you have a sense of humor. Gemini May 21 to june 21 plan time to learn what it is that Kin expect of you and please them instead of dashing off. You have a new plan that needs study before you can get it rolling nicely. Make your life happier at Home. Moon children june 22 to july 21 first get into the philosophical studies you like and then look up Good friends for the recreation you want. A Good Day to handle correspondence you have been putting aside. Be Brief. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 you have to handle several tasks before you get feeling of Well being look about and see How to make improvements around your Home that Are needed. Save some time for writing too Virgo aug. 22 to sept 22 plan Early what you want to accomplish most. Then take positive Steps in such directions. Get a new Start in whatever is of a social nature. Avoid those who gossip. Libra sept. 23 to oct 22 some deep meditation on a higher philosophy of life can result in much happiness doing whatever will make your private concerns More orderly is Fine. Much activity in the evening Scorpio oct. 23 to nov 21 \ of Are Able to obtain the data you want from a Good Friend today that you have Long searched for. Ask questions pointedly get right answers. Some affection shown to persons you like in social life is Wise this evening. Sagittarius nov 22 to dec 21 a Good Day to do something of a Public nature that is vital and which you like to do. Study those ideas you have for greater Success in your particular vocation. Do something about your avocation also. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan 20 you Are Able to Advance greatly now via those Fine ideas you have which need work. Making new acquaintances is Fine since they can be of tremendous help to you. Avoid wasting time today aquarius Jan 21 to feb 19 forget recreation until you have had time to do some important meditating upon important matters. Use intuition to handle them properly. Evening is then Ideal for fun with Good friends. Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 Ideal Day to Chat with associates in a quiet Friendly Way and come to a Fine understanding for the future a plan you have can now be aired that starts a project working nicely discuss it carefully. If your child is born today he or she will be one of those scrupulously clean people who likes fussing with details also and it behoves you As parents to teach Early to keep the mind focused on the big issues. Anything connected with research whether in the Laboratory machinery police detection nursing or whatever. Send to some specialized training school. Sports Good also monday september 28,1970 Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 discuss details of work ahead of you with co workers then All will run smoothly. Find out How health can be improved. Follow through in a precise fashion. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 if you Stop procrastinating and get right at those creative plans you have in mind you can have big Success you will then be Able to enjoy a delightful time with Good friends later. Strive for greater happiness. Gemini May 21 to june 21 in . Learn what your family expects of you and then try to please them without delay or fanfare. Get Uncertain matters out of the Way and Start a new uptrend in All of your affairs. Show cleverness. Moon children june 22 to july 21 Ideal Day for such activity As buying and Selling doing errands getting in supplies Etc make plans now for later travel. Correspondence can be handled with great efficiency. Leo july 22 to aug 21 delve right into monetary matters of importance and proceed on the basis of decisions arrived at yesterday. Get advice and data needed from a business expert. Make sure the grounds around your Home Are in Good condition. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 done to neglect work or renege on it. Take some time to attend to personal matters and become a More attractive person through right treatments. Plan for More enjoyment in the future. Libra sept 23 to oct. 22 get right into those confidential duties you have to attend to Early so that you have plenty of time left for later recreation. Complete everything you Start. Evening excellent for Romance. Scorpio oct 23 to nov. 21 you now understand what associates desire of you and try to please them especially the most needful. Eve eng brings an interesting social invitation. Accept with alacrity and this will Lead to greater things. Sagittarius nov 22 to dec. 21 Confer with bigwig who can make your future brighter through his or her influence. Buy those modern gadgets that will make your work easier but done to be extravagant. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 correspondence with persons who can assist you in clarifying future matters is Wise since you seem to have reached a by pass. Some new Contact made now can be most helpful in the future. Be a Good conversationalist. Aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 you can handle tasks you face with alacrity either governmental business or of a creative or personal nature. Plan More time for a loved one. Show you Are devoted serious Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 sit Down with associates and Iron out knotty problems. This will make the Road ahead less troublesome. Fine Day for reconciliations with persons you have had arguments with lately. If your child is born today. He or she will be one of those unusual Young people who can have outstanding Success but is Apt to be somewhat inconsistent. This progeny must be taught to find the right Road and stay on it if greatest potentials Are to be realized throughout the lifetime however. Also while still Young should be taught to Complete whatever has been started. Any profession requiring astute mane vering and alertness to the views of others is Good. Evening College would be successful Here a the stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you efforts of indians Are praised Kansas City a Louis r. Bruce . Commissioner of Indian affairs lauds the joint efforts of tribes in northeastern Kansas. Bruce spoke wednesday night at a conference on employment assistance and praised the work of the Kickapoo Iowa Pottawatomie Sac and Fox. They have organized and operate the Kansas City employment assistance Center. Bruce said they have done a an outstanding he also praised the assistance Given the tribal organization by businessmen corporations and vocational technical schools. The commissioner said his Bureau is becoming More of a service organization than one of management turning Over to Indian communities and tribes More of their management of their own affairs including responsibility for development of resources and direction of services

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