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Arkansas City Traveler Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 1

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Arkansas City Traveler (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Arkansas City, Kansas One Hundredth year number thirty six fourteen pages pilots demand bulletproof cockpit doors the Arkansas City Kansas daily traveler saturday. September 26, 1970 Price in City to cents priced lower for Carrier service latest lunar visitor this is How the soviet unions Luna 16 Moon probe looked on the Moons surface according to artist a. Sokolov whose drawing appeared in thursdays Issue of pravda. The spacecraft returned to Earth thursday Landing in Kazakhstan about 1,400 Miles Southeast of Moscow and carried the first samples of Moon soil Ever gathered by an unmanned spacecraft the soviets say. Photo from Tass the soviet news Agency. A wire photo via Cable from Moscow Washington a airline pilots Are demanding the shelter of bulletproof cockpit doors More than Ever now that armed marshals ride their planes As a guard against hijackers. The air line pilots association Alpa emphasized this in a statement filed Friday with the Federal aviation administration in support of the Bullet proof cockpit requirement proposed by the Faa. A now that armed Security guards have been placed on air Currier aircraft the possibility of gunfire in the Cabin has increased and it is Likely that bullets from the Cabin May accidentally enter the flight deck a Alpa said. Secretary of transportation John a. Volpe said Friday Federal guards will not hesitate to shoot if other measures fail to halt a hijacking. Volpe said shooting will be done As a last resort and added a when it comes to the lives of 200 american passengers and Agnew spells out double purpose Milwaukee a vice president Spiro t. Agnew says his Campaign Mission is to help elect men who will fight a National trend towards permissiveness and to mobilize a silent majority that has been a a bulldozed into thinking its values Are out of style. The vice president spelled out this double purpose Friday night in a speech to some 1,800 republicans who paid $150 each a or $275 a couple to attend a dinner in the Milwaukee area. Afterwards he flew Back to Washington. Agnew declared a during the past generation a philosophy of permissiveness has infiltrated american and he said it has been a tragic mistake even though a sociological foreheads hate to admit coming at the end of a week that saw Agnew campaigning in Tennessee and Indiana two states which Are prime Republican Campaign targets in their drive to capture Senate control agnews appearance Here was a bit surprising since even republicans concede privately that democratic sen. William prox mire is running Well ahead of his gop opponent John Erickson. It. Gov. Jack Olson the Republican gubernatorial candidate to succeed retiring gov. Warren Knowles is in a much closer race against Democrat Patrick Luckey a former lieutenant governor. Crewmen As opposed to the life of one Hijacker there is no question of what we re going to \ Olpe made the remarks As he signed an agreement giving the Fri jurisdiction Over hijackings while a plane is on the ground and putting the Federal aviation administration responsibility if the plane is airborne. A number of military personnel Are being trained at it. Dix n.j., for service As sky marshals and some of them should be boarding planes monday Volpe said. Capt. Charles h. Ruby Alpa president said the Union has endorsed the secure cockpit concept for several years and a wants action Alpa said the Faa requirement that the door to the flight deck be kept locked has failed to prevent hijackings sabotage or interference. A if the door and Bulkhead separating the flight deck and passenger compartment were bulletproof but permitted a face to face confrontation with the intruder we believe that in Many cases the Crews would be Able to dissuade a Hijacker from completing the crime a Alpa said. Alpa proposed that aside from the bulletproof Bulkhead the cockpit door include a bulletproof window equipped with a curtain or shutter operated remotely from the Pilot s station a speaking tube or microphone for voice Contact and a lock controlled from the pilots station. Organization is seeking halt to woes Wichita apr a negro High school organization is preparing a list of complaints and suggestions to avoid a recur ence of the disturbances that rocked Wichita schools last week. The secondary level Black student Union an offshoot of the collegiate group is making a list of documented grievances said Wichita Heights High school Sophomore Walter Robinson at a news conference Friday. He asked for elimination of a a racist teachers equal treatment a right to carry any kind of comb More buses elimination of police at schools additional Black teachers and Counselor Black studies departments teaching of swahili and More Blacks on the student Council. Robert Breen president of the school Board and supt. Alvin Morris were to meet today to discuss the issues. The school Board is to meet monday. Urgent Appeal made for Arka Lalah floats the 39th annual Arka Lalah Parade promises to be a big one this year Asio High school bands from Arkansas City and surrounding area towns have already sent in acceptances. Walter Follett executive Secretary of the Arka Lalah committee said the annual Parade will begin at 11 30 . That will be on saturday oct. 31. Theme for this years Arka Lalah is a halloween Moon although the Parade is shaping up to be bigger and better than Ever Follett issued an urgent Appeal this morning for More float entries. A so far a Follett said a we have Only to floats entered and we Are hoping for quite a few More a new attraction will be seen in this years Parade. That will be an appearance by the famous Kiltie band from Oklahoma City. The All girl scottish band will March in the Parade and will perform various drills in a special act saturday afternoon. The main show has been set for 8 . Friday oct. 30. An All girl troupe from Oklahoma state University under the direction of Ashley Alexander will entertain in conjunction with local Talent under the direction of Kenneth Judd. Queen Allah will be crowned at the one and one half hour Long show in the Junior High auditorium. Following the Coronation there will be a dance in the auditorium gymnasium with music furnished by the midnite rebels. Follett said he has been notified that gov. Robert Docking will be unable to attend Arka Lalah festivities but will Send his son Tom in his Stead. U. S. Gives warning on soviet base Washington a by Early and Stern warning the Nixon administration is trying to discourage Moscow from building a major soviet naval base in Cuba. The Pentagon disclosed evidence Friday of what it said appears to be a submarine support base under construction in the Harbor at Cienfuegos possibly for use by missile firing Polaris Type subs now positioned in the Atlantic. Secretary of defense Melvin r. Laird said a while we have seen activity along this line As far As Cuba is concerned it is a Little Early to determine the extent of russian naval involvement there. White House officials quickly responded by saying this country a would View the establishment of a strategic base in the Caribbean with utmost however no diplomatic representations have been made to Moscow. Officials Here immediately Drew a parallel with the 1962 cuban missile crisis when president John f. Kennedy said peace in the Caribbean could be preserved if soviet offensive weapons were removed from the area and kept out in the future. This continues to be . Policy said one White House official who declined to be quoted by name. But it is obvious the magnitude of the new naval development in Cuba is not the same As eight years ago when Russia placed offensive missiles on the Island 90 Miles from the . Mainland. At that time the soviets had no Polaris Type submarines and the United states held a Clear military balance. Information on the russian activity at Cienfuegos came from american u2 reconnaissance planes. Free Antenna banners advertising the up coming two Day Arka Lalah Are available at the chamber of Commerce office. Non Public school Aid is sought Topeka apr a we will ask the next legislature to Deal with the critical financial problems of non Public schools in Kansas a a spokesman for the Kansas association of non Public schools told a joint legislative committee Friday. Robert Ingold superintendent of lutheran schools in Kansas and monsignor Henry Gardner superintendent of schools for the Catholic archdiocese of Kansas City kan., appeared before the joint committee on school finance. Eggold said the problem would be taken to the next legislature. He said a non a Public schools perform a valuable Public service in educating some 40,000 Young kansans at the elementary and secondary school level at no Cost to state and local leaders of the association had said earlier they will ask enactment of state Aid for nonpublic education in the form of salary supplements for teachers of non religious subjects in non Public schools. Coffeyville player weekend shutdown to ease shortage treated released by the associated press the Normal weekend work shutdown and expected cooler weather next week appear to have taken the steam out of the electrical Power crisis that has afflicted parts of the East coast this week. Consolidated Edison co. Reduced voltage by 5 per cent Friday in record setting 90-degree heat in new York City. Other areas in Eastern new York were similarly affected. But there was no need to repeat the blackout of selected residential areas used earlier in the week. Power company officials anticipated no cutbacks in service Over the weekend when there is a major drop in the Industrial and commercial use of Power. Conditions also were improving in the Grid that serves new Jersey Pennsylvania Maryland and Delaware. Power supplies were much improved in new Jersey cities Philadelphia and Baltimore after the return to production of generators in Oyster Creek n.j., and Johnstown a. For the first time in four Days new Jersey avoided a cutback. Campus unrest report to be made tonight a Coffeyville football player Harry Allen was taken to Arkansas City memorial Hospital by ambulance Friday night for treatment of torn knee ligaments received in a football game Between Arkansas City High school and Coffeyville at Curry Field. Arkansas City memorial Hospital reported today he was treated and released Friday night. Referees stopped the game while the ambulance removed Allen from the Field. Weather Washington a the closely guarded but already controversial report of the presidential commission on Campus unrest arrives on president Nixon a desk today amid hints administration policy will be blamed for some disorders. Republican politicians have rebutted talk of administration responsibility for collegiate violence with charges the commission was packed with liberals trying to excuse permissiveness. The final report is scheduled to be made Public at 6 . A spokesman for the commission said special reports on violence at Kent state and Jackson state colleges which claimed the lives of six students will be made Public next monday or tuesday. Members of the nine Man commission headed by former Pennsylvania gov. William w. Scranton have made few Public statements about their three month investigation. When one member Joseph r. Rhodes jr., 22, of Harvard University said he wanted to find out whether statements by president Nixon and vice president Agnew a Are killing people a the vice president called for his resignation. Rhodes one of four negroes on the panel refused to resign and said later he believes the president is making sincere efforts to reduce violence and unrest. Rhodes told an audience at West Virginia state College Friday a vast social War is developing and the Nixon administration is partly responsible. He discounted speculation the commission report would be an indictment of the Way the administration has handled student disorders. But he said commission members a Are in the business of informing everybody con Hussein asks new Jordan government fair weather after Over Beirut Lebanon apr King Hussein announced today a new jordanian government will be formed a within hours to re unite the country eight Days of civil War. In a message broadcast Amman radio the jordanian Monarch also assured Egypt a president Gama Abdel Nasser he had no intention of liquidating the palestinian guerrilla movement and his forces had not violated the Day old ceasefire. Hussein was responding to a harshly worded Cable from Nasser charging the jordanian forces with deliberately violating fridays cease fire agreement and plotting to liquidate the Palestine resistance movement. Hussein said the new jordanian government would run the country during the immediate Post War period. He urged Nasser to dispatch his mediator sudanese president Jaafar Numajiri and guerrilla leaders in Cairo to Amman to work out detailed programs to implement the cease fire a and to slam the door shut forever on dissension and Hussein said the jordanian armed forces have a strictly abide by the cease fire agreement and will continue to abide by it despite endless is forecast Topeka a fair weather is forecast for Kansas tonight and sunday in the Wake of the coolest night of the fall season to Date. Temperatures dipped into the 30s and 40s Over All of Kansas this morning except the extreme Southeast Corner. Lxi is were from 33 at Goodland 35 at Hill City and 36 at Garden City up to 56 at Pittsburg. Of How he so Nixon a Tributino to the Scranton said at the Start of the investigation in july a we Are approaching our task to get to the Root of the tragedies at Kent and Jackson there Are a few indications As to what will be in the report. Commission researcher Roland d. Patzer himself Dean of students at the University of Vermont said in an interview that much of the blame May be placed on College administrators who Are a making too Damn Many and one member Revius or Tique of new Orleans said recently the violence at Kent state and Jackson state showed the National guard is ill equipped to handle civil disorders. Kansas extended Outlook monday through wednesday partly Cloudy with a slow warming Trand monday and tuesday Little change wednesday. Lows 40s Northwest to sos Southeast highs in 70s. Kansas Cloudy. Occasional rain East Southeast. Highs mid 50$ to lower 60s. Oklahoma partly Cloudy. Showers Southeast. Highs in sos Panhandle 70s Southeast. 11 opera i ure record since j . Yesterday 3 . ,.4 .5 . 6 . 7 . 8 . 9 . 10 . 11 .12 Midnight i . .59 .58 .57 .56 .54 .54 .54 .54 .54 .54 .53 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 . 9 . 10 . 11 . 12 noon .52 .5 so .45 .41 Ai .46 Al .50 .52 .54 highest and lowest highest temperature for the Daft in 44 years 102 degrees in 1953 lowest 40 degrees in 1936. Security guards expanding Protection on Nixon plane Washington a president Nixon a european tour that begins sunday has his Security agents troubled. Besides guarding against the usual hazards they Are expanding Protection to prevent an Aerial hijacking of the chief executives plane. As a direct result of Airliner hijackings by palestinian guerrillas All persons and baggage making the Nixon flight will have to pass rather rigorous scrutiny. Even newsmen most of them on a first name basis with Nixon a secret service bodyguard can expect their hand baggage to be searched if they Are chosen to Fly aboard air Force one As a Pool member responsible for reporting to colleagues flying separately aboard two press chartered commercial airliners. Moreover such is the concern that even those aboard press planes hired from pan american world airways and trans world airlines must under most circumstances have their baggage at the White House ready for inspection by Early this evening. Such precautions have been taken for perhaps a decade on a spot Check basis. This time it would seem the scrutiny will be More thorough. Air Force one and the two chartered Boeing 707 press planes will be under armed guard whenever they Are on the ground. It can be assumed that at least one Man with a loaded weapon will be aboard All three As they move to Italy Yugoslavia Spain Britain and Ireland. What will prove most unusual to newsmen who have followed presidents for years will be the care taken to make certain that potentially lethal a foreign matter is not placed in their suitcases in hotels where they will stay along the nine Day route. The secret service is prepared of course for some hostile demonstrations even riots in such cities As Rome. That sort of thing happened both in Rome and Paris and to a lesser extent in London during Nixon a 1969 european tour. However despite a mounting leftist Campaign against the Nixon visit the presidents communications director Herbert g. Klein said in Rome Friday he expects no anti american demonstrations. Klein was sent to Rome to make Advance arrangements for the visit. Or. Henry Kissinger the presidents aide for National Security affairs leaves for Paris today to Confer with . Negotiators at the Vietnam peace talks. However Nixon a schedule for the tour does not include a Paris Stop. Screams of pain an unidentified 13-year-old palestinian girl right screams in pain and rips bandages off her stomach wound As Lier Mother left lies in Shock beside her aboard a red Cross mercy flight this week. The plane brought wounded from Amman Jordan to Beirut Lebanon for treatment of wounds received in bitter Street fighting. A wire photo by radio from Beirut

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