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Arkansas City Traveler Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1966, Page 3

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Arkansas City Traveler (Newspaper) - September 26, 1966, Arkansas City, Kansas Lot Ball scores of urday College football seven games for locals Arkansas City football teams counting Cowley county Juco play a total of seven games this cards maintain perfect record n Hon Rapoport missed his first Point after in to 28-10, Philadelphia smothered associated press sports writer 125 attempts and for a while it new \ or 35-17 Andi Washington Prentice Gautt be Seemet if it might Cost St. Got past Pittsburgh 33-27. Lieve it but the Cleveland Louis the Ball game. Green Bay now the Only in or mans found it real enough. The Browns who had blown a beaten team in the Western i St Louis and Cleveland 28-14 Lead came roaring Back to vision had its troubles with the a i a my final Quarter a first a own Ltd the St. Louis la. Rams before an 80-Yard pass a a it Ita is and Cardinal Back Gautt two of Cleveland quarterback play from Bart Starr to Elijah Georgia tech 42 Vanderbilt 0 Day. Through the Browns Lino Frank Ryan a passes were in Pitts iced the game. The pack Maryland 34. Wake Forest 7 games away from Home Are to Duj. Ana Ernie for a on a re a Tot five fumbles in blowing a Carolina to. N c. State 7 night the Arkansas City ran daily traveler. Monday september 261966 pig i by tue associated press week three on Curry Field. The Urcla 31, Syracuse 12 Duke 14, Pittsburgh 7 army 14, holy 0 Ohio 23, Boston College 14 Yale 16, Connecticut 0 Villanova 20, Toledo la Boston. 20,Maine 7 Alabama 34, la. Tech 0 Tennessee 23, Auburn 0 Home games pit Arkansas City a seventh Grade playing Ponca military Academy tuesday at i . Arkansas City a sophomores against Campus at 7 ., thursday and the High school varsity against Newton at 7 30 . Found in 23 Earth for the score Complete and Ernie Green ors lost five fumbles in blowing that gave St Louis its 34-28 picked up a Vard on a run on a 17-0 Lead. Margin and raided its Eastern the fourth Down play. Ryan Dallas remained unbeaten in division leading nil record to threw at Rook e Milt Morin in the the Eastern division with three la vision Lea s Cardinal defender 83-Yard scoring marches in each a it was a draw Plav and the Jerry Stovall reached in front of of the last three quarters. Cow blocking was Gautt him and knocked it Down. Bov Mia Terback i said later in a jubilant St. I Xii k re there in the league completed just eight passes but Looker Roperr a no one touched Green Bay beat los Angeles 21 two were Good for touchdowns Tun i believe it Quot ivies tor Minnesota 28 17. To Bob Hayes and buddy dial after the touchdown. Cardinal Baltimore bombed san Francis i a Michaels tied an nil extra Point kicker Jim Bakken co am Dtreit bounced at record and Mhz Fieldg Arf defense in the Baltimore Victo a Michaelso kicks ranged from a 23 to 41 Yards and Raymond set up a cores with two kick returns and a pass interception. Is Milt Plum Comolee 13 of his in first 16 passes and throw two searing strikes As Detroit dealt Atlanta its third straight loss. Norm Snead pitched three scoring raises and Philadelphia Colv Hen Neva Vork. Snead was la for 13 and 179 Yards and Pete Retzlaff caught five passes for 12n Yards and a touchdown. Harlev Gogo a kicked four Field goals and Washington or red it joints in the second half As the re skins came from it Bofird to boat Pittsburg quoth. Son Jurgensen passed for two major league standings today a baseball by the asset lated press a Marie an league w. L. Pct. . 9� 60 .615 a 86 70 85 71 81 76 79 78 77 79 71 86 70 87 70 88 68 83 .551 to .545 la .516 15 .503 17 .404 19 .452 254 .446 264 .443 27 .436 28 bait a. Detroit. Minn Ota Chicago a Cleveland Cah Omia Kansas City a Hon. Boston new York a find we Pennant. Saturday results Baltimore 6. California 3 Detroit 8. Minnesota i Chicago 6, Wallington 2 new York i Boston n Cleveland 3. Karmas City sundays results California 6. Baltimore Minnesota i Detroit 0 Cleveland 4, Kansas City Washington 6-2, Chicago in game la innings new York 3. Bostal i today a games Boston at Washington. 2 Detroit at California n Only games scheduled tuesday games Detroit at California n Cleveland at Minnesota Boston at Chicago 2. Twi night new York at Washington n Kansas City at Baltimore n Rinda strikers trim w oat smart a i t a a of re a. A a is a Lun Terra. It stick a a a i 4i a we a it v i wkly highs individual High to a to Wamack a mar Orrington Hrh Iso. Ina virtual High to mme Bui dlr Glicr Tri. In ii Victual la go w men Bob Dar Lagoon ims. Tram High to so Hua Urra r4t Sim by night singles Bowler no a Wilson or Ina try Wil Birrd it Urnett Lathy Fry Anna trial Barbara by a a a ail run Hayn a Glanna Vns gha Vita Hardman Viola Brown mar Brit dry lira Var Ger Young wifely highs individual High Young i 0 sri i. In let 4�?T�?41 40�?it to 4 so Virgie no. Carolina to n c. State 7 Clemson 40, Virginia 35 Mississippi 17, Kentucky 0 Florida St. 2.3, Miami Fla. 20 Tulare 21, Texas a amp a 13 a the Citadel 24, Richmond 6 Bov Nuar Terbuck Don Meredith Tampa 20. Bowling Green 13 id Oit Rhi hut purr Al 28, Davidson 27 Florida 23. Miss. State 7 Georgia 43, Vii 7 Memphis St. 16, so. Carolina 7 a. Tech 49, Geo. Wash a. 0 w. A. 24, we. Amp Mary 13 Mich. St. 42, Penn St. 8 Nebraska 28, Uta i state 7 notre Dame 26, Purdue 14 Ohio St. 14, Tex. Christian 7 Missouri 21, Illinois 14 Oregon state 17. Iowa 3 Indiana 26. Northwestern la Oklahoma 33, Iowa state la new mex. 28. Kansas St. 8 Dayton 25. Cincinnati 7 Miami. Of to 27. Xavier 3 Colo. St. U. 45, s. D. State 14 w. Mich. 31. Cent. Mich. 14 no. Dakota 41, Idaho state 0 Arkansas 27, Tulsa 8 Colorado 13, Baylor 7 Texas 31, to a it tech 21 Rice 17, Louis Ana state to so. Methodist 21. Navy 3 Kansas 35, Arizona 13 so. Calif. 33, Wisconsin 3 Michigan 17. California 7 llah 17, Oregon 14 a t Force Iowa 0 Wyoming 23. Arizona state it Montana state 24. Ida o to Brig. Young 19. San Jose 9 34�?41 34-2s by "�?o1 touchdowns 4n 3.v�?gg a a ssh of weekend fights 31�?14 by the associated Belgrade a Ivan prolong. 186. Luxembourg stopped Musa night with the High school reserves playing at 7 ., in Winfield the Junior High freshmen Are in Al Dorado. Thursday at 3 . The eighth Grade plays at Winfield Friday at 3 . And the Cowley county tigers play at Tonkawa okla. Against Northern Oklahoma at 7 30 . Saturday. A a a area Grid standings Jayhawk Junior College conference an conf. Ciufi potato w l w l to of .3 4 3 0 74 40. 0. I. I i. I i. I i. I s. 0 i 0 3 games this week saturday a Coffeyville at Butler county. A to idea City at Dodge ult y. A Hutchinson at fort Scott a Independence at Pratt Cowley county Al Northern Oklahoma of Tonkawa. A a indicates Jayhawk Junior College conference games. Tom a fort Brett Ilu Chanson Pratt do be c Ity Independence Coffeyville Garden City Butler county Cowley county 3 0 2 i 2 i i 2 i 3 i s 0 3 0 3 in 81 88 52 41 St 28 33 27 53 47 72 02 88 in 66 he a Bauers boy Baltimore orioles manager Hank Bauer left gestures with Bat As he talks to outfielder Frank Robinson in Baltimore. Bauer admitted last week Robinson was the big Guy in the orioles line up As the Baltimore club won the Pennant. A wire photo. _ press Sangare 187, France 7. Wait la i get at in 4-1, a .587 .577 .561 .598 .5.32 .510 12 .431 16 4.36 23 .410 in .369 34 National league in. L. Pct. . Los Angeles 91 64 Pittsburgh 90 66 fan fran. 87 68 Philo phia. 84 72 Atlanta 83 73 St. In Nils. 79 76 Cincinnati 74 80 Houston 68 88 new York 64 92 Chicago 58 99 saturday result Pittsburgh 8. Atlanta 6 Chicago 4, los Angeles 0 san Francisco 9. Houston 13 innings Philadelphia 5. St Louis 4 Cincinnati 4. New York 3 sundays result Chicago 2. Los Angeles i Atlanta 6. Pittsburgh 2 Houston 5. San Francisco 4 Philadelphia 4, St. Louis 3, is innings new York. 8. Cincinnati 4, 2nd game re n today a garnets Pittsburgh at Philadelphia n los Angeles it St. In Nils n san Francisco at Atlan a n new York at Cincinnati Only games scheduled tuesdays games Chicago at new York. N Pittsburgh at Philadelphia n san Francisco at Atlanta n Houston at Cincinnati n let of Angeles at St. Louis. N team new ton. Herby. Campus. Hutchinson Arkansas City Vav infield. Wellington. Al Dorado. 2 0 i i i i i i i i 0 2 4 3 Ark Valley league All league Cornea polenta w l w l top i 0i 0 i 6 0 g la a 0 i 0 i 0 i 58 34 24 42 6 54 13 t chiefs rout pats. 43-24 the associated National league 37 St m Dallas games this week a Newton at Arkansas City. A Derby at Campus a a Dorado at Hutchinson. A Winfield at Wellington. A a indicates Ark Valley league games. 58 Phila. A a Pitts by go 34 Cleve. Wash a. New York Atlanta Eastern conference w l t pct. Pts. Of 3 0 0 1.000 73 48 2 0 0 1.000 80 24 2 i 0 .667 71 43 Louis Back into the Eastern division Bolti. Chisholm Trail league league games polenta la s Ang team w l w l to or Detroit Augusta. 0 0 2 0 Circle. 6 0 2 0 Mulvane .0 a i i Valley Center. A a i i Andover. 0 a 0 2 san fran. Is 46 As k Minn. To is Chicago 13 games this week Mulvane at Augusta Uhll eco. Oli.-., Indian school at Andover. Leon at Circle Valley renter at Moundridge. A a indicates Chisholm Trail league Amra. Black Jack league All league games polenta team w l w l top Wayside. 2 a 2 0 Moline 2 0 2 0 Cedar vain 0 i i i Howard. Al 0 2 Elk City ,. 0 0 2 58 30 14 4 4 games this week Friday a Elk City at Cedar Vale. A Wayside at Howard. Moline at Grenola. A a indicates Black Jack league games. Polenta top 46 4 Routh Central Kansas league All a ague games team we wet Conway Springs to 2 0 0 Belle Plaine to Joi Oxford to 110 Rote Hill 0 i i i 0 South Haven. 0 i 0 2 0 Udall. Of 0 2 0 Douglass .0 0 4 3 0 games this week Friday a Udall at Oxford. A sooth Haven at Belle Plaine a Douglas Al Kon 70 46 6 19 0 4 by Hal Bock Arm Amo called pre8s sp0rts writer Quot i jets Down 7m at the half. I i i .500 78 70 Lew Dawson who Wasny to even rallied to beat Denver 16-7. San 1 2 0 .333 86 69 listed among the american Diego got three interceptions 1 2 0 .333 54 88 football a Quot guess leaders last from speedy Duncan and de 0 2 1 too 48 121 week is batting a Cool 690 to treated Oakland 25-20. Buffalo 0 3 0 too 34 70 Day a pretty Good average for beat Houston 27-20 when Hagood Western division any Pitcher. Clarke intercepted a George Green Bay 3 0 0 1.000 69 36 Dawson turned five touch Blanda pass with 27 seconds to 0 .667 77 61 Down passes three of them to Plav and returned it 66 Yards for 0 667 63 55 Chris Burford As Kansas City a to. ,. 0 667 45 30 routed Boston 43-24 for its third Denver threw a scare into the 1 a 34 or straight Victory sunday. Jets but two third period Field i too 60 86 the chiefs attack moved 5�?T,s psf a Stine 0 too 20 45 mostly along the ground in Kan too Namath fun ally hit Matt sundays results Sas City a first two triumphs in the Detroit 28. Atlanta to with Dawson attempting on a 28 Snel with a fee it Arder in the Green Bay 24, los Angeles 13 score Burner added another a a Oufa re Vort 17 tempts Vivere not included in the held goal alter the to Philophia so new York 17 of top Vasgen ast duncans interceptions and week so Dawson missed the Cuha s said Quarter Hack t0,f my led the chargers to their he a rot Likely to miss it this Hir 1 it Victory Hadl rant. J for one to passed 19 Yards to against the patriots Dawson Jan Siim Mckinnon for another completed 20 of the 52 passes he and set up a third with a 44-Yard attempted for 220 Yards. A a ,0 lat1ce Shvorth. Daw son. A let Vear pro now Clarke stole Blandau a 52nd has completed 36 for 69a Ras of the game Ani raced info .600 percentage. And thrown the Oiler end zone for buffaloes to touchdown passes. He has wanning to against Houston gained 511 Yards through the the interception came with 27 air. Seconds to Plav and then Clarke elsewhere in the Al Sun grabbed another Blanda pass american league Day new York and san Diego with three seconds remaining. Eastern division preserved their unbeaten ending Houston a last Hope. In. L. T. Pct. Pts. Up records while Buffalo stepped ii now York 3 0 0 1.000 87 34 m Buffalo 2 2 0 .500 112 113 a Houston 2 2 0 .500 109 86 67 Boston 12 0 .333 48 77 Miami 0 3 0 too 52 too Western division cite 3 0 0 1.000 119 54 St. Louis 34, Cleveland 28 Baltimore 36, san fran. 14 Washington 33, Pittsburgh 27 fridays game sen Francisco at los Angeles night next sundays games Chicago at Minnesota Cleveland at new York Dallas at Atlanta Detroit at Green Bay Pittsburgh at Washngton Louis at Philadelphia St. Rote Hiu. Clearwater at Conway Spring. A a indicates sooth Central Kansas league games. Southern Kansas league All league game polenta team we wet top Kingman. I 0 a Kiowa in Jao medians Ladoga i a to Attila. 9 1 i i 4 Caldwell. 0 10 11 Anthony. A i a t Harper 0 4 is son Diego 3 0 0 1.000 80 27 Oakland i 3 0 .250 53 106 Denver 0 3 0 too 24 83 sundays results Kansas City 43, Boston 24 Buffa o 27, How a Ion 20 new York 16, Denver 7 san Diego 29, Oakland 20 big eight teams top weekend on 4 wins games this week Friday a Meditina Lodge at a Kiowa at Caldwell a Kingman at Harper. A a indicates Southern Kansas league games. I a s draw All Star league team 4 fees. 14 night owl. A Attica re mkt Ink. I 4 hits. Whirl Bird. 4 we four i weekly highs individual Alrh 19 to women j. Kene 1331 it 538. Individual High to a so men a. Laa non err to a 518a Tram High to a so whirly Bleda 734 a 3138. La by Jim Van Valkenburg tile Only big eight loser was associated press sports writer a Quot Sas state beaten i by potent new Mexico at manhat big eight football teams in Tan 44 Mark against out Joyed their Best weekend since siders made it the Best Day for 1963 against outside foes with big eight since sept. 27, Colorado and Kansas bouncing 1j on that Day Oklahoma beat Back strongly from opening Day no in in i Southern califor defeats. In the league race the Njma Missouri beat 8th-ranked word is look out for Oida Glioma Arkansas Kansas shutout with a 33-11 Victory at Iowa Bra wit v Syracuse. Iowa state it. Beat Vii. And Nebraska edged j Minnesota. Colorado and k Missouri overcame a 14-0 de state lost for a 5.2 Mark. Fecit .10fiftjuarh inter at this stage of die season with 2 14 Oklahoma. Kansas and Oklahoma l a he ta2 three a state a t0 it lib Ocen Sive Niters for Satur stronger than expected. The b a j racked it amp might said of Misson Urcla at Quot los no Eles Tho tigers Mii it be without Lola a in s novies. Halfback Charlie Brown full Nebraska matched Missouri a ack Barry Lischner and end 2-0 Mark by beating Utah Sta a Chuck we5er at Urcla it sad Kansas May a Ain be with def Sive play by Nuckle k t Skahan at Minnesota. Okla Ayne Mevlan and safety Lar Eiri a Nauis of Kaht d,.u Fly nos scup Idle since its Nasr by w 3ciul0ltz. Coach Kool a Man or ref inst in Loi c Rit Vaney was displeased with the upset of Arkansas plays at Husker offence. It was the larg est Home crowd in league history a 63,543. Colorado upset 10th carved Baylor and passer Terry Southall 13-7 at Waco with some Houston in a night game in the Astrodome. In league play a state is at Colorado and be Bracka at Iowa state. Oklahoma is Idle before its big we with Texas oct. 8. Bob Warmack. Oklahoma s Nan a i Ai Quot in too Warmack. Us anoxia s tremendous defensive play by Sophomore quarterback. Passed end Sam Hama and an Alert for Jwo touchdowns and set up secondary. John Farler had a a third with a 41-Yard run. The dazzling 23-Yard to run. Oklahoma secondary picked off Kansas without no. I Quarter three Tim Van Calder passes Back Bob Skahan spotted Ari after Utah state tied it 7-7, Zona a 7-0 Lead at Tucson then Mevlan made four tackles for exploded four touchdowns in losses and blocked a punt four minutes and won 35-13 with Wachholtz kicked a tie breaking Sophomore Back Don Shanklin Field Goa returned a punt 72 having an outstanding All Yards for a to and set up around game. He touched the another to with a 38-Yard punt Ball on 18 plays made 238 Yards Lunback. In All categories rushed 104 a state fullback Cornelius Kansas City apr attendance at the Kansas City athletics Homes games this season totalled 773,929, the highest in six years. The record of 1,393,064 was set in 1955, the first year the athletics played in Kansas City. Don Biebel a a Public relations directors said the increase j this year was encouraging. A we were the lowest in the Iii major leagues last year and a in this is a very Good sign a Biebel said. Plywood Cut to any size Woods lumber co. Burford tonight thru saturday 6 00 and 8 30 . Now thru wed. Show starts at 7 to . Funny movie you ret it is its that Way out whopper of a wild Western. A funny picture to end All funny pictures Academy award Winner rest actor ekk Marvin Harold i Hecht Chi Ballou in Colum big canny movie you bet it is treat your self to outer space food a food out of this world a eat a Deli Tous pizza. Out our Way by j. R. Williams let me through a new Mexico states Carl Jackson 30steps High to get through the Kansas state line but is stopped on the one foot line by Danny Lankas 33. On the next play Jackson went in for the score. New Mexico beat Kansas state 28 Yards Bra it to Pas. Art Drippe Anto s 8 Jackson Ufa ind Indence Juco performer two scored twice. Patr aim. Map wire photo i our boarding House with major hoopla n Ith i be Ilao in like trips. Years ago. A. Wire photo Don t disband your Prescott Pike Fantu. Club chums but the left Trig comedy i Field these Days you cant Knock a Al and talks except the martians with a Luckyj out hearing from a protest v n0u committee and even there the a weren t Coffee lobby is stirring/1 a tee creamed its afraid of Llor flyin6 full saucers 1 a Vuk Pike 0166er 0ellv laughs Ltd i listening to my dentist warm up his Drill a 1 a

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