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Arkansas City Traveler Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1967, Page 1

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Arkansas City Traveler (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Arkansas City, Kansas Ninety seventh year number 82 eighteen pages fourth nation in world to reach figure Arkansas City Kansas monday november 20, 1967 eighteen pages Price in City to cents Essl state population hits 2 o million today i i it i f of y ? $ i. \ .1 in. A j /. A it a it in by Joseph r. Coyne behind communist China India the. U j is Quot by a Milestone some experts contend Alexander b. Trowbridge Erv 17 should have been observed Secretary of Commerce under More than two year s ago a whose jurisdiction the census Grant every 23 minutes population of 200 million peo Bureau Falls is to Lead the Cele mutes. As the averages and could be at least 206 million Tion by its count of 179.323,175. Now. It said its Contention is the 200 million figure includes ,. A private group the Popula based on 1960 census figures in not Only . Residents but seconds one Cath eve Tion reference Bureau con dictating there were far More american servicemen abroad Novotn Ansec an Irner Nigram to ,0k1s Basic calculations Are negro women than men and in the first census in 1790. The seconds and an Emi All wrong. It says the census concluded some negro males Bureau counted 3,929,214 Ameri Bureau Quot a missed 5.7 million must not have been counted. Cans. Pie. Bration in the Commerce de timing is based on recent a americans in the 1960 about la . Est this coun apartment lobby where a census rages rather than actual to a a officially at least becomes clock has been ticking off popu births deaths arrivals and de the fourth nation in the world lation gains for 40 years. Pastures and the timing a a it population clock in the Commerce department in Washington records the 200 Millionth american at la ., nov. 20. The moment was determined by computing statistical averages. Actually the clock is believed to be on the slow Side by better than two years. Experts believe the 200 million Mark was reached sometime in the Spring of 1965 since the 1960 census basis of the statistical averaging is estimated to have overlooked some 5.7 million americans. Nearly two fifths of the uncounted Are believed to consist of Young negroes with a considerably higher birth rate than the National average. If so the present population figure is probably closer to 206 million. Cong Camp uncovered in Cambodia editors command note the . Very recently used on the Bor command i Saigon for years Der opposite War zone c about n or me inn ence of in Ana Wou Naea. Trust Psi st Sun ism fender benders in City accidents during the weekend took up part of the time for Arkansas City a police department with five being investigated Between la . Saturday and an unknown time sunday. A City vehicle operated by Charles h. Cox 1317 w. Oklahoma ave., and a vehicle driven by Gilbert a. Winegarner. 1503 n. Second st., collided at the intersection of n. Fifth st. And w. Kansas ave., at 11 13 . Saturday. Police investigated an Accident at the intersection of w. Spruce ave., and n. Second st., involving vehicles driven by Charles c. Coats 1313 n. First st. And p. Downing p. O. Box 2, at la . Saturday. Cars driven by William f. Sartin 407 n. Ninth st. And Mary v. Lammy Wellington collided in the 300 Block of s. Summit st. Namese regulars surrounded a at 1 30 . Saturday. . Paratrooper battalion on a police said a car driven by sue Hill near the cambodian Border Patrick 520 s. First st., collided in South Vietnam scentral High with another owned by Jack Lar lands today and with heavy son but the Accident is still in ground assaults and mortar at Der investigation. Tacks apparently inflicted Heay an Accident in the 200 Block of casualties. An american Relief Vav Poplar ave. Involved a car Force reached the scene at dusk parked by Darrell d. Davidson tile battalion of the . 173rd great Bend and another Driver airborne brigade was Cut off according to police. Police later for 24 hours before the rein arrested Franklin d. Eclair Forcemeats arrived to break the Newkirk on charges of driving communist attack and bring out while under the influence of in dead and wounded. Heavy one Rescue Hel nose the census Bureau conceded it took until 1915 to reach the the possibility of a higher popu first too million but the Bureau the reference by lation but stuck by the Basic said tile 300 million Marie could eau said the i United states fact on which the 200 million is be reached by the turn of the 1s 200 million in the Spring of 1965 Tim ate is based a 1960 Popula Century in Only 33 years. Count. Actually paratroop battalion is hit hard reds entrenched North Viets strike blow Hanoi Haiphong area bombed for fifth Day in Row Saigon a North Viet it s last Call for Turkey biters it s nearing the last Call for Turkey biter items for the travellers thanksgiving edition. The Turkey biter items this year wit be published in wednesdays traveler since elective this year. The traveler will not be published on thanksgiving Day. Turkey biters ran be telephoned to i 2-4200 or i 2-1030. They can be taken up to to . On wednesday. Used for several and run Sanctuary in neighbouring Cam months and was most probably Bodia charges which cambo a staging area for the Loc Ninh Dias ruler Prince Norodom is Battle Only nine Miles away Hanouka. Has repeatedly denied earlier this ad1�?~ the outspoken Prince who is., ii i i. Coyer contends the i United states is is of mrs John i1. Kennedy. Dle aggressor in Vietnam re a Al l00. ? men went ported in told intimates our to to the Border across from War was Here pan a of a Campaign inspired by the . Command in Saigon to justify military operations against Cambodia. We informed prime minister son Sann of the Camp site be ,. Fore the stories were published. Phenom penh Cambodia his initial reaction was cautious zone c. Which they have covered from the vietnamese Side by George Mcarthur and Horst Faas City awards Are to be presented the presentation of Cit y service awards action on two Compromise meat Bill is lauded inspection impasse May be broken Washington it apr tile administration is lauding a com lands Campaign came As us Promise Federal meal inspection Bill that seems Likely to break associated press correspondent John Lengel reported from Dak to about 15 Miles from the lighting the heavy communist tire set off a huge explosion inside the . Perimeter possibly causing heavy casualties. It could not lie determined immediately what caused the blast. The fighting perhaps the most vicious yet in the High All dec old Oltz final touches were being put today to the new downtown Christmas decorations. At top a Cluster of lie is already is in place and Bottom one of the Golden Angels with heralds Trum pet is about to be put up. Marott photos f-1 planes bombed the Hanoi Hai. Phong area for he fifth straight an impasse in the Senate Agri ordinances discussion of refund ? a unday 7110 a a a cd Uuro blows against Tho fifth sons. Walter p Mondale. A Quot a mkt and Joseph Ati the discovery of a Vici and he Quot Saihe Quot would a a be Piej me franch Jae for the City Days they Are a Concrete Quot Plant a Al do a Mored Val and a damage Haim attain the a a 011 a you Urie a Ani meat inspection Bills agreed Ana a carnage claim against the and a Barge Yard near Hanoi. Sunday on Tho joint measure. The . Command announced Cong Camp site four Miles in official investigation. However. Side Cambodia has angered Prince Sihanouk reportedly act y Quot la take. Up much of the time a a a Stu. Prince Norodom Sihanouk and used us of hypocrisy said our Unesda it during the regular City the loss of four planes bringing in u High in commission meeting at to . In the total number of losses Over la us i Camp site qty hal1 the no rth Quot a a aircraft. The Quot sgt Elt la in so service awards arc expected to four planes carried it would give states two years meet Federal meat standards and authorize Federal Hecks of plants Cong occur p Herman g. Fisher. Rich Mem All of whom Are missing ducts i. Eness stale lines"1011 Imp include. Brammer Frank Inglis Leo. The belief grew among hairier u. S. Inspectors could Check Portelly regards the discovery cd military records written in jjrabari1, Pra rant Ham. False Kaa commanders that the com plants during the two year be by american newsmen As a fab Vietti Renesc. North vietnamese Arader it Dack Kelsey Marie taoists at Dak to Are trying to Rod and place under Federal Rica Tion an i pail of a Campaign medical supplies and similar Rerp i Otter and Mark Vna quote achieved earlier jurisdiction any considered raised doubts about his past de evidence was doubtful and ques Nials that vietnamese comm toned whether the nist forces were Given sane existed teary in his country. Evidence of Viet cambodians ruling Prince re panty found in the Camp i. A. I missing girl s body is found skeletal remains of Oklahoma City child uncovered Oklahoma City. Okla. Apr the discovery of a child s Skull Small Bones and the dress worn by one of two Little girls who vanished last summer sent officers swarming into Eastern Oklahoma county today. Mrs. Robert White of suburban Midwest City identified the Blue and White dress found near a shallow grave As one she made for her missing daughter Brenda 6. A the Bones a Are undoubtedly those of Brenda White a police said. Brenda disappeared without a Trace aug. 3. Less than a month earlier a on july 6 a another Little girl 5-year-old Judith Ann Elwell. Had vanished from near her Home across Oklahoma City. Two Quail Hunters stumbled across the Skull and Bones saturday afternoon police said and notified police sunday. State medical examiner or James Luke said the Bones Are those of a Small child about Brenda s age. A a we la make a detailed examination of the remains monday and try to establish the cause of death a he said. The grave is about too feet from an abandoned House. Officers sealed off the area sunday night and began a search but darkness end Tel a i never believed for sure that she was dead until now a said Midwest City detective capt. Bill Forney. Quot i had always held Hope wed find her alive a in the Lime of someone who wanted a against him by the . Press. Wool prizes announced 565 Calls made in firs year of ambulance service v,.�. Items. Dated scraps of paper in Quot bile Bis year just below the Tomiji threat to Public health unless we found the Viet Cong Camp dictated Tho Camp had been used the ordinances to be Dis Taried zone Diaw Large Amer the state moved quickly to he 247 Are City emergencies for several months dating Back cussed concerns the annexation can forces away from thickly inmate the health hazards. A to last february Hillside no. 4 addition in populated areas and pin them the Compromise version extern to port twirl he North part of the Cit it the Dov t1 in the sparsely settled parted to win speedy agriculture 8 a nr11 co other is a spin improvement mountains. Committee acceptance won i fund. Which would establish a re some 6.000 americans and radiate administration Praise. Public schools to Valving fund to support the in 4 too South vietnamese now Are inspection at present or r u j Gine ering department making at Dak to 270 Miles North of affects on y those pants shop use for Holiday project plans prior to actual a Saigon opposing an estimated a met a Quot interstate com All City schools will be Contis by a on file a Teler beginning1 of the Quot tha ii i co Quot a inc user nine the recen Quot Stu to Ullio set it uth Stu accepted Ursa and Quot Friday. S a r sulk go Tjw at the usual ? telex lion in essence Bol be brigade and wounded 42 voted Down a measure to sex stating they do not wish to further m an All Day Battle sunday. The tend Federal inspection and midday the availability of Cable paratroopers swept the Battle Stead passed a Bill giving states 8,000 seal1 letters Are mailed divisional awards Are presented classes resuming time monday morning according miss Barbara Baird Silverdale to Lloyd Shank superintendent. A _ won first place in the senior classes at Cowley county com vision in Arkansas City and Field today but there was no up to 50 per cont Federal Finan wish to withdraw the proposal. Immediate report of How Many cing to improve their own pro division of the a make it your Trinity Junior College will be Dis self with Wool contest saturday missed at the regular time wed in the Cowley county courthouse tuesday and will be closed thurs a infield. Day and Friday. Classes will re. N a j. Sume at the usual time monday miss Baird s winning entry was morning buy sell rent Trade try traveler classified ads a two piece red suit with a Matching self material hat and White Blouse. She wore Black accessories. She will go to Hutchinson to compete in the state contest in december. Mrs. Don miser. 221 Hillside won the first place in the adult division with mrs. Leatrice Holt Cambridge winning second place. Mrs. Miser modelled a beige and off White Check suit with beige accessories. They also won a trip to the state contest. Other local and arca winners were Jody David Dexter first runner up in the senior division winning an electric steam Iron. Enemy bodies they Lound Field reports told of three clashes within 800 Yards of each other. Turn to Page three Grams. The weather a total of 2.640.000 Christmas seals filling 8.800 letters reached Cowley county Homes this past week As the annual Campaign against tuberculosis emphysema and other respiratory diseases got underway. Hic ambulance service unit of Calls during the first year of of mrs. Berlyn Baird chairman the Arkansas City police depart oration according to police chief of the Cowley county tuber culo ment answered More than 500 Frank Robertson. Sis and health association said there were a total of 565 Calls the 61st annual Campaign is the during the year with 247 being largest and most ambitious in City emergencies and 202 being Kansas history. City convalescent. T Hie goal of our Kansas a in police were also called to peal this Holiday season is to a i univ c.mor8e4nci� and 26 grease our state record of last there were is the a i a car according to mrs. Baird. Mere were .,0 Calls that needed a More funds nip no Odd in i. Roxy according to Robertson. Once a up up of lit said the use of the Amu tuberculin testing education and Lance was also requested a num research for the eradication of fires cause extensive damage a trash Box fire and a grass fire took considerable time by on sunday with both blazes causing Exten Berol times outside the City and tuberculosis in Kansas As Wall firemen on sunday afternoon county. Trip. Were made to new a a toll t chronic res Pleatory Dos. Hearing scheduled nov. 30 mental health plan Given Cowley Board raw. With both blazes causing Exten Kirk 12 times with to trips to Kas Sas Mottle fair tight Coaler save damage to the particular Wichita. Eases. Fait and South Reno Al. Turs Dar partly a i i a Tutti ,.cloudy Tooler Southron. Warmer Wrt. It ttys involved. Tips included seven to i on tonight a North rat to to to 35 firemen Riciki Iichi that of 19 7 n infield three to Topeka and one you Braal High tuesday a Norm to j,.,111. A Eju it to hos Leuth weit. . Thov c ii i him i to Tho oni. 9 parti i loud i Hough Tuff be i Lan store. 225 s. Summit turn to Page three much Tooler it or entire area to where a trash Box behind southerly winds i to 9$ mph store Vav us ii fire Day night shifting to northerly during evening Ion tonight 30 to 35. High tuesday in 50� Parr imitation probability 5 percent oils afternoon and tonight to percent tuesday zonk to generally fair and not a aarm tonight. Tuesday partly Loudy. High tuesday Middle 50s. Low tonight around 30. Precipitation probability less to i Pawhuska. Okla. Sedan United Agency for dependable in st. J Blackwell Durance. Real estate Loans 401 the a Quot anti Quot a Bolton. N. Sum. Pm. I 2-0400 i 2-2600. Importance to the county commissioners today of the operation will exceed Pamental received a proposal from the that amount an application is service. County mental health expected to be made for fed in the first six months $12 000 Eleanor Moore Sam badge. Won Board for establishing mental eral funds Atter the first six of the $20,000 would be allocated a Wool skirt length for placing health facilities in the county months of operation in order for the operation. The actual by first in the sub Deb division. They set nov. 30 As the Date for to help continue the service Lance to be matched the final six Susan Speer. It. I. And Jenni a hearing on the matter. A summary of the proposal is months would be $5 800 since Fer Cadwell Winfield won sew the proposal sets up Basic con to include two offices one in various parts of the budget can ing kits for having a current Side Rayons a a a a. A a can fashion awareness interpreted Wool. Kathy Martin won a gift certificate for. A miss poised. Ruth David. Dex no an it i crso9nel turn week an auxiliary full time tio the Federal funds should ter and Nancy Davison. Oxford. Over Ana geographic service trainee in psychiatric social amount to $17,400 to get a total won manicure sets for Licking an Asp cos work. And additional personnel to of $23,200. For the operation in a outstanding presentation of Wool. I s proposal As turned in by include a full time Secretary re the second six months period that has an atmosphere of fresh i inf pm May # mantel cent zionist. The second six months period is Ness and Smartness?� and bar l a e to Asj it the two offices would apparent expected to be a duplication of Bara Moore. Winfield won a a include a reception room the first with an Extension of travel Mirror for the a costume Par Lff great so psychiatrist office and an ter services to include a Psychol f Rem in said the Box was a total loss As it was completely enveloped in flames upon their arrival. There was no other damage. At 3 06 ., firemen were than 5 pm rut this Alin noon and tonight again ailed but to a Gluss to it to per cent our Day. One Ulo West of Arkansas City on Vav Kansas ave. F firemen reported Sot Neone had Len Burn-4-i ing trash just North of the head i Gates and that it had gotten out of control. A it at the request of the sheriffs department both the jeep and a cd truck were sent to the scene. Sheriffs officials reported t h e car Rolls on u. S. 81 11.mpi r i i he i t Oro juju e noon it Alvurda 1 p. M. M 7 p. M. 2 p. In. 53 i p. In. 3 p. In. 5r> 9 p. In. 4 p. M. A. 52 to . 5 p. In. 50 11p m. 6 p. Rn47 12 Midna it m now 36 pm. 34 2 p. In a a four killed on highways by the associated was treated and in. That gives an Impact of Correct self Simce for us Money View testing room. This along Gie Al service according to the Ness in appearance and work 7 proposed service is based a the necessary fac Luies of proposal. Manship. Myra Thomson it. On a Mill Ipp of f Resi r22m i and loan Ward Oxford won in j in i of one quart or trances. The proper Ai cames a Dia i Ana Joan Ward us Torci. Won Mill yielding an estimated $20. A provision for locked Safe a truck the mass personal award. Too for the first years operation l. Us 1 oblation. Ciliate it for cat ent histories and Depar 1 urn to i age three since tile sex ducted Cammmi Mana com to a. And private in the commission also accepted proposal carries a bid from b. A. Tubbs on a for the county engineering 1 a 2 a 3 a. In. 4 a. In. 5 a. In. 6 a. In. 7 . N a. In. 9 a in. In a. In. Ila m. 12 noon 1 . 2 a. In. 3 a in. 4 a in. 5 a in. 6 a. M. 7 a. M. Press Apolis Kau four persons died in As Many g. Lolle or accidents on Kansas streets and year old dentist highways Over the weekend. 33 36 36 3h 35 3 p. In. 4 p. In. Up. In 6 p. In. 7 p in. Up. In. 9 p. M. To p. In. � la 52 12 Midnight Mondak .52 Ham. 51 9 a in. 10 a. In. 11 a in. 12 noun ,. I p. In. 3 p. In. Mary Hoffman. 16. Tri m i c,mii�?z5?dalls?~l some Bouses Bane was killed Early sunday 1�8 p did t. The jeep returned when the ear in which she was a 41 47 51 50 40 4/ 49 % a the. At 4 4 �1 Riding crashed sad the go truck returned at a a a to . Since the expected amount monetary receipts As of fun As the difference on a Trade in. A 44 from Wichita was killed sunday on Kansas 96 about three Miles West of Piedmont the Highway patrol said Mother car skewed into his Over a Bridge Lane in trying to avoid a Driver rail into a ditch along Kansas who was making a left turn. 96 about five Miles West of Leo the initial death was report to the Driver. 18-year-old Roy cd soon afus a the weekend Peri a. Vav right of Scott City was in of started and it was on Kau Jared critically. Sas 47 at Northeast Edge of j Drivers License examinations 1ax a c,i118rnan 47 of Ben Thayer. Kansas. The victim 46 win not by Given on thursday Cuigton Lale Quot As Edwin Ward Robierson 49, a nov. 23. And Friday nov. 24, due whorl a car to Letl Over on old 01 a a Plia to. M to the thanksgiving Holiday a b 81 s huh of i s. 24 in loud a Wichita Man 41-year-old st cording to c. Vav. Mckay chief throwing out is three Forest Roberts jr., was killed driving License examiner of Kan occupants Richard Jones 26, near Oklahoma City saturday department amounting to $2,688 a Quot a eur Tiro nth Oil Hasas examinations will by re Ako of Bennington was and when a car ran off�?T. 62 at no exams highest Ano Loh i get >ej1is Piffier to "34. A a Green in 1937. La mfg 13 sullied on monday Kay said. Nov. 27. My milled to a Concordia Hospital the Southwest Edge of the okla Demikis Brake 30, of Minne Boma capital

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