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Arkansas City Traveler Newspaper Archives Jun 28 1955, Page 4

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Arkansas City Traveler (Newspaper) - June 28, 1955, Arkansas City, Kansas District title won easily by Rosehill Down Winfield twice to win tourney title Harry Agganis dead in Boston Rost Hill Vav Gam from t guard mend Arunn a tournament t it i Smoth inning closed out Nung by a Kame. Rosehill state Wichita Ark ans of Fie baseball planning by the s top tear play the torn will w o consecutive Enfield National it to add the City District Semi pro it to a glittering recon d. No Contr St As Rosehill i Winfield 16-2, in eight n the first game then t in four and a half inti 12-0 Acone in the second Roston cried Aport saddened death in or prof it i Carrot i the the 25 Man i sity flt i abrupt will enter the Kansas rim pro tournament at in july As Winner of the it City District. Is of the Arkansas City association Are St til on the Ark Sis prs going ate tournament. The two ser league will Ning game at the Ament and Arkansas City a re up the first round in ser in top Ond first or a the was tie for a. Win ibid i Jefferies Iii enter i of Palmer Carr Naif Jon Chance co Mcmullen total Rorea by inning Koscho i . Infin n to the Pion h Stotts k often re hard Back Whitfield Bai her the son l Butner Ream total he Winfield Tosi in i. A r h a r h i j i stand Foril 3 0 i s 0 i Barker a a 0 t i 1 rho son c. 0 2 i i n Simi i 0 a 4 t j the ii son w. 3 i <1 i j i k vans i 0 i v j 7 he k 7 i 0 4 3 i dlr hard 3 i i i 3 7 who Field 3 i a f innit 2 0 i 38 i i total 21 2 s not old Ooi to kit snip i. Tiab r h a b r n 2 a i Jones 4 i 4 s n i Cullen water i 2 i 7 a 0 Miller i 0 a i 0 1 Jet ferret i i i 2 a n Palmer 2 2 2 j la i i re 2 2 i 7 a 0 chante 3 0 a 2 0 a Vrr. Don i 0 i i a la Alley 2 2 i i a i of Carr Dale 3 i i a i i a a a u a a a 19 0 a total p 4 12 12 i inning Aoa a in i fights last night by the associated press new York a Tommy Hurricane Jackson. Imp new Vork out pointed Jimmy Slade ucd., new York in Paris Hilaire Prate til 4, for Are a topped hate Brook iii4. It Leveland Brockton mass a Johnny Hove Khi. Taunton mass., out pointed Leon the mule Johnson inn Charlotte n. A s. Probable pitchers a night games new York at Brooklyn Maile 8-j or Spooner 1-11 j. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia a following completion of up Rel a suspended a ame a sat Hunt 6-7 a a we Hmelar 5-5. Chicago at Milwaukee a Jones 7-# to Hahn .1-7. Cincinnati at St. Lout Gnu Hall 7-1 a Wooldridge 1-1. Petrol at hit ago via 0-4 a Donovan 9-2 no Kansas City Ai 1-4 is Garcia is. Boston at Washington 2 a Sullivan 9 a and Belock o i is Stubb t.7 and Porterfield <7-10 n. Only game scheduled. Wisti in of Agle Wichita 6, Colorado Spring i to innings Lincoln 9, Pueblo i Only game scheduled. V an world was shocked Ami <1 today by the unexpected if Harry Agganis. The a add fkr who passed up tempting it Ball offers for a baseball with the Boston red soy Brilliant athletic career of year old red sox first base my former Boston univer Othall great was closed out in yesterday As he it us Comiti to a Long ailment at Sancta Maria Hospital in nearby Cambridge. Us Agganis apparently ban open making a successful recovery from his second bout with a virus infection since mid May. F a fall of us in the american league office Are Siddney and shocked by Harry passing a Al president will Harridge said Quot personally. I spent some tune with him in Sarasota Fla a his Spring Ond he impressed me As a Fine Young Man possessing great ability and on who was a credit to the game on and off the Field red sox owner Tom Yawkey Saki he and his wife were a stunned and saddened by the news and added. A the red Sot baseball and the world of spirt. Have lost an outstanding athlete and a Young Man of great character. Massachusetts gov. Christian a. Herter said he was a terribly shocked Quot and added a this Young Man consistently upheld the very finest ideals of our american tradition of Glt a gtd i sportsmanship and fair play he was Nisi a Fine gentleman whose shoes can never adequately i be filled a i the a Golden to called i for his glittering performances i baseball football and basketball Uhi Ltd a student was Hgt sgt it for to Days in May. But ret ironed to the lineup and played in two games at Chicago june i and 2 he was stricken again while in Kansas City june 5 and flew Home i to enter the Hospital i on june 6 it was announced he was Suffet my from virus Neu a Monla in the or lit lung. Drhu a i Gene e. O Neil said then that Agganis apparently started playing too soon after his first Hospital a i twin and a this time will wait longer before returning to the red sox doctors said in a statement they believed his death was due to a a i massive pulmonary a Loose definition would be death caused by a clot or obstruction in the flow of blood in th#1 lung funeral services will be thurs a Day afternoon. Newcombe is headed for Best season Junior league games tonight resumption of Junior league j Bas Ball tonight matches the Al i v Anis club and vow in the Cany i game and Chi Iocco and the Jay Cees in the second contest i the games tonight a the rain a re out ones of last week. Chi Iocco could throw the league into a three Way to for first place tonight by turning Back the unbeaten Jaycees. Thursday night Chilocco Anil Lions and Jaycees and vow meet. Standing w l pct. Jaycees. 2 0 i.tons2 i .667 Chilocco a. I i .500 kiwanis. I 2 .333 vow 0 2 too new York let Brooklyn s Don new Oinbe seemingly headed for St major league , has re Robin Roberts of Philan As the National league s Matrol Pitcher. Iri s compiled by the Asso press revealed today that his b Repin Drift top it if Ria cd Newcombe t 16 Given up on balls in 115 innings for in average of 1.25. Usually the Sti Giest i either league when it blowing walks has Given is s on bails a game he i 25 in 141 frames. Robin ,6 in 3.17 innings in <1 bases on a per Gan Roberts Pitcher in Rome to i up 1.60 a has passe Only walk 1954. Newcombe. Who shows a spar Kling Iti won lost record previously had his most productive year in 1951 when he won 20 games Quot Ami lost nine while issuing 91 walks in 272 innings in he american league Relief expert Sandy Consuegra of the White sox has the most on Halls percent Tho Crafty right a Only to hatters he has won two. Rue seasons iks hand in Vii Chic impressive base age 1.23 a Gam or has Pasi Irving 73 Frame five Gam s an lost in i it major league s Roberts has Givin up 464 in 2.118 innings pitch d for rage of i 93 a game. Newcombe Ord shows Quot i Panin 701 is for pm a inn ii permit for a is on Halls a big league rec is in 1043 a average con d 224 walks in is Mark. Spring Hill pairing Lay Paw in it play for the w the Spring lid sedation a it a rings for regular in of members of women s Golf As follows Newton Ward flick Boswell Cook Brillhart Mathews Taylor Myers coup Fitzpartick. Baker. Williams Al batting tightening lip new York it a 10-Point gain by Nellie Fox of Chicago and a 14-Point slump by Detroit s Al a line has served to lighten up tile american league batting Salt a Ltd. Fox cracked out 13 hits in 31 at bats last week to increase his average to ,339 meanwhile Kaline Only managed eight safeties in 31 trips and dropped to ,365. Harvey Alienn of Detroit the runner up to Kazine a week ago dropped to third place As a result of a 23-Point loss to .320. Al Smith of Cleveland is fourth with .317 pillowed by teammate Larry Doby with ,309. In the National league Richie Ashburn of Philadelphia climbed Fine Point to .353. I ton Mueller of new York and Roy Campanella of Brooklyn Are tied for second Ai .338. Mueller shinned one i it Point and Campanella nine. Ted Kluszewski of Cincinnati is j fourth with .333 followed by Bill j Virden of St. Louis with .324. J i clouded two homers i last week to deadlock Duke Snider j i of Brooklyn for the Lead. I Nch has i i hit 23 Snider is the National league s Rhi Leader with 71. Women s association meet at country club j Tho prize will be Given for Low i Blind bogey when members of the country club women s Golf As i Socia Tion tee off for regular week i by play Friday. Pairings Are As Fol a lows Kincheloe Peck Buzz Ross i Wiles Manney Bishop in i Nosi Mcadam Iverson Templar. Hughes harm it Theis. White Woods f. Hill Morris i Wright Weston Mcewen Jay. M. Hill go Hong. Dodgers Are Back to Normal once again both Assoc press if ifs any Consolation to the rest of Fri National Lea Tut Brooklyn is Back to Normal again. The dodgers Arentt winning any More i games these Days than they did j in the past three seasons. Trouble is of course that the Brooks won the Pennant in two of the last three years. Tile dodgers have Bee playing 720 Ball for june. Trial s Eliout the same winning percentage they enjoyed in 1952, when they won and in 54, what n they lost they travelled at a .724 clip for june in Leith years. I this time though the Brooks have that big Edge they piled up in april and May to Lead the second place Chicago cubs by 12 a j games. The cubs incidentally have played just .444 Bali for the month yet have stayed a half game up on Milwaukee. I the braves have been winning at a .640 Pace their Best june since shifting to Milwaukee but Thev be had to come from Way Back. In the american league the second place Chicago Whit a sox and the Boston rid sox have been the Arkansas City Kansas daily traveler tuesday tune 23, 1955 Durocher admits team is in terrible shape padre 2 Arter wins first round in Moval Tennis new York it the new York had just won a pregame a i Homer hitting contest from the Yankees when a giant player muttered half under his breath a a that s about die Only thing this club can it is an opinion shared by Many giants who individually Are trying As hard As Ever but collectively have Given up and conceded the1955 Flag to the Brooklyn dodgers Carler Smith Boul at Boston Winfield has fit the youngsters continued carrying the Pace in the Missouri Valley Aai Tennis tournament Tod _ some players matched in the third round the boys and girls under 15 and the juniors from 15 to 18 years old monopolized the play yesterday As the tourney opened. The biggest upset was in the Junior division where unseeded Don Brewington of Shawnee of a Imu Vic Boston it lightweight Cham the opinion was confirmed when Jon Jimmy Carter makes his Lith the Yankees went on to win the a a exhibition game with the giants 4-1. The giants May not be dead. But they Are through the players Garden a a Irh know it and so does manager Lecarter 31. Who appears to reach Durocher the worst part of it is. The players have become resigned to it. They can t wait for the sea j merciful end. Appearance in a title fight tomorrow night when he defends i Crown against Wallace Bud Smith of Cincinnati at the Boston Brook of Des Moines 4-6, 7-5, 6-4 second seeded Earl Buchholz of St. Louis won two Junior matches. He beat Dunny Danice of Kansas City 6-2. 6-2, in the first round that re Oston to u to no Vuc ii 1rhj took David Coupe Arkansas the Winn Gest. Teams this month City in second round. Each w Ith a .708 percentage. But j Rodney Susman of St Louis Don thee Haven to been Able to make and diaries Hamlin both of Winfield also won to matches. First round winners included Norris Barker Wichita Dick Hor Witz St. Louis Lynn Fry Topeka Jimmy Carter Arkansas City Bill Poller Anthony kas., and Chuck Mckinley. St. Louis in the Junior girls division the included fifth Pinna. Clendenin. Beverly Tohan and the Cleveland indians have their j. A a Bortz All of St a it uis. 28 june games and Trail the yanks tournament ends july 4 by comparison the tribe played j 690 Ball in june when they set the league record with 111 Vietor ies last season to take the Flag. No games were scheduled yesterday. Up for a bad Siart and still have ground to close on the new York Yankees. The yanks have been winning at a 2-out-of-3 Pace for the month .667 making sure to grab the bit one -. Thev have a three game Lead on the runner up White sox in the Junior girls division me to re Quot doing any hitting Quot at All tile red sox Are la games Back Foj round winners included Mary Whitey Lockman and Don his Peak when tile title is on the line rules better than a 3-1 favorite to retain his championship and an even Money Choice to Knock out Smith within the scheduled 15-round distal it e. New England will be blacked out in a nationwide telecast Abo. Both Carter and Smith report in excellent shape and each is confident of Victory. Both Are within the 135-Pound limit. Smith now 26, dropped a 19-round decision to Carter in 1950 and has been looking for a rematch Ever since. Both fighters have been knocked out Only once Carter by Charlie Cabey Lewis in 1917 shortly alter we Ivna eau my a i he turned pro and Smith last year in 1953 when the giants finished by welterweight Joe Miceli. In the second division. Nobody j Carter is the Only Boxer Ever to is hitting our defense is terrible hold the same championship Duce and our pitching except for Sal times. He won the title from Ike Magile is bad. What mystifies me Williams in 195l and la Folio u a the most however is our total i year lost and recon ii in a pair futility at the plate. The Only Guys of bouts with latin Balas son to come to a Durocher stubbornly refused to admit it before last night s game. For the record he pointed out that tile season had not even reached it of. The Halfway Mark but he Shook of a \ Bis head sadly when asked whether by ousted eighth seeded Don Middle that team War capable of pulling i off another Miracle such As that of 1951. A Hie club is at its lowest ebb right now a he said. A everything is going wrong for us. Nothing we do turns out right. When the players done to foul it up i do. A right now id have to say we re As bad As in our worst d ays Lincoln moves up in Western association Jackson wants match with Nino Valdes Are Whitey Lockman and Don Mueller. If it weren to for them i d be damned if we d made More than three hits a a How do i account for it a Durocher reiterated a reporter s query. Quot i wish you a Tell me in be wracked my brains searching lathe answer. A fall i know is in 1954 when we needled a hit we got it when we needed a big play in the Field to get us out of a tight situation we got it. When it called for a Well pitched game we got that too a now we get nothing no hit Ruy hell Kent to rude try traveler it Lassi fled Ada by the Assoc lated press a barrage of Home runs lifted the Lincoln chiefs to their fifth straight Western league Victory last night and moved the third place Nebraska team within strik my distance of runner up Colorado i Ting. No Fielding no pitching. Now i want i Springs did Durocher think there was the slipping sky sox took it on i any club in the league that cantle Chin from league leading wich catch Brooklyn Ila 6-5 in to innings to f Ide 2vi i a Why bring Brooklyn into this games behind the indians and re discussion a he asked. A Haven t main Only one game ahead of Lin new York it Valdes cuban Nino Valdes. That my last trouble my last Tommy Hurricane Jackson sat in his dressing room til ancient St. Nick after he had evened an old Coin. Cores in ground with Vrr a Quot As last july is the nest damaging it Blo on the Hurricane s Recor ,. Lincoln walloped four homers in 3-1 for 26 he bombing Pueblo 9-4 in Ore Jackson gets \ awes be Ija Rel Wood two probably will he matched at Syra wed. Thurs. A Tri. A Sal. Quot the biggest Battle the West Ever staged i got enough troubles a use n. Aug 3 with the Winner of the july 13 bout Between Fez a a Pitcher Dick Hall collected two of them and Marcos cohos and Frank Rice the major league both aim Rulis apr is it american i f a Ici to i pct bad new York. A 48 111 .887 a chit Ako. -----42 24 .838 i Cleveland 41 29 Xii Detroit. A a 31 .530 to Boston. A 38 34 i i la Kansas City a. 27 4 1 401 j 8 <4 washington24 43 ass ii 4 Bali i More 20 48 �4 28 mondays Kos Cults no game scheduled. National i e in i. Pet bad Brooklyn -----5# in 715 hit Iro a 4�?~j 12 >49 Vijh Milwaukee. 37 31 .544 13 new York. .33 18 .478 174 Cincinnati to 34 .477 174 it Louis .30 18 .155 i Philadelphia. To in Iii 20 put Burgh -22 47 tis 28 4 for better building in Kiln dried lumber Woods lumber co. Monday s of i i to Naku in i . Texas league Pallas 4. I Ort Vav Ort ii i Oklahoma City 5, Tut 3. A san Antonio 12, Beaumont s. Shreveport 7, Houston 5 Amphion association Minneapolis la Charleston la. St. Paul it Toledo i. Denver ii Ouis Tlle 8 Omaha 2, Indianapolis a. Its Linen like Cool. And Cotton limn in the season s smartest Bermuda shorts wonderful news. The handsome look of Linen in washable Woven Cotton. Mcgregor styled Iii authentic 221 Inch Bermuda Short. Complete with smart self Belt Roomy pockets carefully Cut washable. In a raft of Rich Sun shades 23-44 $5.00 others $2.95 Bermuda Hose $1.50 up kill of cd cd a card Carles and Paul Andrews. A a that Sall he said a anybody is All right Marciano or anybody. But Valdes that s my last Jackson overwhelmed Slade with his non Stop attack. Judge Bert Grant had it 6-4, judge Leo Bim Hurn 6-3-1 and referee Barney Felix 5-41 All for the Hurricane. The a card was 6-3-1 for Jackson. Jackson at 195 a had 12 Pound on Slade who came in at ix.,1 a pounds. There were no knockdowns. Slide scored a unanimous decision Over the Hurricane april 26, 1954. Jackson was red hot then with consecutive victories Over Rex Layne Clarence Henry and Dan but Cueroni. Quot i underestimated Hun a said Slade. I thought All i had to do was show buys a i Kent Trade Wichita spotted Colorado Springs a 5-0 Lead before it began pecking Awny at the run column tile indians finally tied ii up in the 8th with a 2-run outburst after two were out. Mike Gasper drove across the winning score with a single with two runners aboard in the 10th. Colorado Springs at Wichita 2 Lincoln at Pueblo a Viz Van i Vun i a _ glamorous Lea Pericoli outdid Russia Moran m Brief attire in the All England championships at Wimbledon. The italian lass form was Good but her Tennis want. She was eliminated by Josephine de Riba of Spain 5-7, 6 i 6-2. 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Mest \fue6 80zz\kg>/ pm a4 last week Cace results a Var of to amp t tithe a As income tax t

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