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Arkansas City Traveler Newspaper Archives Jun 28 1955, Page 2

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Arkansas City Traveler (Newspaper) - June 28, 1955, Arkansas City, Kansas Fan a today fair partly Cloudy. Traveler want ads get results phone 2300 eighty fourth yeah number problem of Germany put no joke Diamond really found fireworks up to soviets i _ the. July in Sun Movo a to or. George a. King went her loins min until in an up Holst a it for repair Quot the the remark. A a if v"1 in store kills 3 rus Washington of state Dulles said today Sian failure to discuss German unification at the Rig four Summit on soviet sincerity toward easing of Ger International tensions Dulles said the division main a world problem which non tails the seeds of ft1 at r ev1 any realistic Effort to promote include work on gel la. By Orma by a the july a a we tvs in Genova on other subjects Dulles told news conference f a i the shooting Down of an american patrol dem Ber by Novi ii liners Over the Bering sea last week seems to have been a Trig Jar Happy incident a not some re reprint to m,lhi�1 policy on or part of in soviet a it Dulles told Molotov at Francisco that Russia should the full Cost of la it ass plane and reparations of 7 of die la crewmen rut i Quot does Nib vet know what the Tofu Hill will be. Nor How the claim will be pressed. A3 the United states an i Russia Antiwar to be deadlocked Over Kus i Titue. He added that if the a of holding far Hast to Advance the Ait Sef it Irence to in dude red Luna participant after the Geneva joking find any diamonds be sure and let me know a a Short time later the upholsterer called her. I we hour found a Diamond in your it proved to in a set from her engagement hag. She had lost pm years ago. Springfield. To. A flame from a firework exp Looi in it m tied a retail store today and three customers to death. The indies of a woman and Tut Young Gills Wane found in the. For any said it burned i thers. Other to i Siulc was unlikely victims but there were i Quot i tentatively i Den i mrs c a rums one Story authorities the victims mat v i of to Quot a i Hick net Etc Block and Brick by d it the three bad sought to feet Ion in the real room irom the 9w if Tiv spreading furs authorities continued be Midi am the hams n. Quot and her sister i twin Xuy unlit girl re vented to have gone to the store or milk 1 or a neighbor remained ambulance off in peace must Man unification. He san. Referring to remarks by soviet foreign minister Molotov week at san Francisco. Do lest said Russia appears to have a interest in getting Germany unify to Moi Tov had spoken of the East West division of Germany Jik Elv to continue for a i inc time. Said he this a if the soviets san pay the Dull a youths jailed in Kansas City Kidnap rape really de ire a a mrs \ quoth i Ltd Rte i Lowers of Helena rebels the final round of a present the at ate in the or Kane a the new a miss cd Lier Crown from governor the annual pageant held this go after resent the mate in the i a Henr at Helena. My w i. , Cherie statistic Are. Ngeang in Atlantic tits i hounds measurements height. 5 Lect the inches weight la pm in. % Hep loto ��-a4 a i. Revamped program Back to House pay Kike Bill signed by Eisenhower Lech of e ten a a the on to by approval to Reserve plan average of $325 ant cutly to u. S. Employees lit Bill i Washington of the today Maline armed services committee House Arm a Miu tary Reserve pro Sproc d1 president Eisenhower revamp Gram and sent a the committee approved a Washington tit sen Law or today signed in employ average of about enactment of the measure completes a r Hind of i v Volt it leases Volt d at this about i billion i Quot Dine with three other members voting pro expand the rewritten measure allowing serve by calling upon teen agers w the revised measure won sup port from rep. Short a Moh ranking gop member of the committee and leading opponent of the original version. The Force led by Short stymied the presidents program last month. Short said the new draft not. Reversal notary training be cause a there no compulsion it purely voluntary chairman Vinson id Gal told the committee he who need its Hill strength to fight off a Antis creation amendment slut h i a said rep. Powell any will introduce when the Meas r a beaches the floor probably int. I this week. The original Bill was dropped after Powell got through a provision barring the Federal Assn to Trent of reservists to segregated Nasonal guard unit. Tie rewritten Bill eliminates All reference to the guard but it still can la amended. A the Lull signed today covers r.7 cd . D civil serve e pm Illing to Volunteer for Reserve the nation and Don t resist armed Bandi this Lump police chief give pointers to follow of held at gunpoint i of places throughout a ,205 other in various a Lent agencies with separate let. Systems. The increase which will about 328 million dollars a yet a. retroactive to March i i Means the employees will get sum payment totalling Al a t i million soon hey Tan be j arranged. The annual payroll for the workers covered by the Bdl now a about $ 1.350, a Yar the last general pay raise Tor the work was in of 51. Meeting. The United states nationalist China should by sent and Russia disagrees. 4 Dulles does not Rule out possibility of direct talks , i United Stales and red no. Some matters u j Sjo i United states would got very sympathetic consideration a vis Quot to he c�?z., St. Marshal Tito president of it of re i Bunirt Yugoslavia currently 1 a vetoed by Moscow Aller breading with tie Kremlin in ims. A i Dulles thinks it do. Armament discussions at la Sun unit conference May dad Ulhma in to reducing and balt Vang a or agents Between the Atlantic allies president Tam in soviet bloc. A mrs Nott inc to be up Nona Gres Ion to Ltd of each thei he thus discounted report a Hus interest in working out Sot european Security system aimed solely a1 producing new promises not to attack 8 if genuinely free election a mid be an aged n a i Nam. I Helles believes the Ludo. I Unerv can be unified untie a non l it a Monist government Young Elc Votor operator gets License number has. Let Koutlis nu1 i7,-0 0,1 Federal Dulles v Ising the pay 0m.o.--f. An gamed 0 piling a ploy i in r 0. A guarantees on t Ida Inworth k ins City Kus. Jailed Hue Atter offi Reis said big pair Adt Iund kidnapping a d r Ipin a a Ign ear old hot. I Elf Vator ohm Rater. Sheriff Arden Rhyne said la would ask for warrants this after a a a in charging Charles a inflow Bruce 21 and Larry a Laa �?T1 17 with forcible rape it of in a. O also of kens City. K . J and ii,-1 Mother it hop w Ith it m 1 Gurney let,.jj about Hie Charr sheriff Rhine said the were traced by tin 11, a of the automobile they kidnapping miss Hahn a for City. Karh an. Dum. W. A a the St re. Was overcook snick while of mating the Blawn. A was hospitalized. Tile cause of die fire undetermined an unidentified it in r who time Dittrick to a he a to the coling Man told him a piece of firework went. His hand a a a a Hie fireworks went on a Siuk fun a my Harold Wright Distant manager of the Sjo Quot. Con mixers warehouse Market no. 3, the. We tem a we Ion t know How it started. Smite of the workers grabbed it extinguisher but it got started too East Lur to step it. All of Turnpike to be studied Hahn the f1a red j Ames Friar Man a a Rump of Quot Alden Mio Down by two pointier. Pell to rigid mein. 1 Iii. It. Rump Ohi la. Mat inned Bein be Chine gun Ilia Rei Row Vii lit a Fri Llu Ani v airman j j in Man at Ane i Ibe Rte asian fighter tame in front i. Id. D thet. R. M. Iio Khurt f>�pilot., of self Fisher Pilot. Ihl la t. I Tau 10-Pilot, i in ,1 cd member Ile with Wichita Hoys route due to come up for reexamination a lion at Mimi Shiv Alaska via Oaks t Ai. Oakland it Al. Tulip a a a who were in Ruck minor injuries la aka Long Nie ii Are i telephoto of >1 i k a 1 p a i he study for a part ised wac he it air make probably will a a Ltd resumed to the Middle of july Gale Moss. Manager of the Hana Turnpike Mitho Vity Rex it i in stu1> pc halted Early tin a lion gov fled null ordered of the working Between Theta Highway depart juts a number used in he wonted bus i downtown kilns after getting off work flames sweep to stories had House t. Tho m session dollars. Hints Ike to be candidate tic h non resistance the Hest armed 1 Oil men t son of Burden pair killed in collision to follow during an hrs police chief Paul i it Lush told Arkansas City businessmen m a i 1,11ct mailed out this we a lost said the letter we out a Caus of an increase of lined robberies and burglaries in the area. He outlined three Cardinal j Points to but a followed in Case of an intrusion. I. Do not resist this i Rule 1 number one and the most importer gunman has the drop on you resist a a a and other people May be killed implicitly give the Trio charged in accidents Tant. You. If innocent 2. Obey Junction Citak a. Har lev Litten or. 26. Wichita Oil com a party employee was killed last j right in a collision Between Ais automobile and a Grain on i 40 five Miles East of june Hon City. I undersheriff Ernest Kro Elm said the Combine was lie Irig pulled across the Highway by a Trie or operated by Dan roller of near Junction City. The officer said Litten car struck the rear of the Combine. Lit tells parents live at Burden a. Gunman a false senses of Security end he May say and do thing that will help identify him later. 3 watch and memorize. It in t easy when a gun painted but it can be done. Watch and memorize. First to in my the weather form St k ins so Contd Rahic to Udine Washington a xxv Bra Jay need the a Ali a chiral this after muted doctors draft noon or evening mile Chan in two years after beating be Rattre Low to night in the 60. A Mil it or Der v. Near 80 Northeast o . Also extend the of Moo by a partly Clouds Tsirou a ,.uiar draft of men for tharme i services for four years monday were patrol trooper Lester Roch. Hel n a i 1 e t son Alhambra Calif received Misi in an a indent on u. S. 160. Six mile vies of Winfield but i Quot Ore to he injured in any of to a Adonis Koch said. Miss Anderson was a passenger in a car driven by Mike r a a also of Alhambra who a temp a turn at the Udall in toll and Lan into a hedge. Koch charged Reec with driving without a been Marlin York. T9, 301 St., was charged with without a License by Koch Atter v missed a turn one mile South on u 77 at 7 10 M. Eugene Goddard Newkirk tamed the Back end of a car driven the same robbery tee uni j by Fred North 49, s. Siim and can often be identified met St at Ugo In. Two in South of Arkansas Ity on u. A a 77, Koch said. Koch a i i Goddard left Tho seen of the Accident and was arrest a today by Deputy sheriff Harle leg Gens and charged with hit and run driving. To it said to took miss to Oxford where she treated by a doctor and added the House there were no other injun bitterly Dis trained in the Accident. Far another Sault Ste Marie Mich postmaster general Arthur Summerfield who piloted the successful Republican Campaign or my Only dropped what some took a hint president men Bower win seek a second term in 1956. I speaking at opening of the Roo micks Centennial Celebration former Republican National i Man said i a Dwight d. Eisenhower who led a wartime crusade against and the fascist who Thea ii i at the hotel town a Iri and she took Down the been i number after being released. A i he Volute were arrested at their i Homes by Kansas t detective a and sheriff Rhyne said. Made a statement to Hun and the two arresting offices. I the she Riff said the Cirl Aid the i ape occurred in Leavenworth Only about a mile North of i Lasher. The girl fold officers the men i, up she was waning or a bus at seventh and mum. Rota Avenue in downtown Kansas has. One jumped out i ,., ged her Hun the car and Ihen drove to the Rural area to Bahamas City. Has. R Iiene youths in their statement entered their willingly when ride but that they lacked hoi the youth accompanied to actives Gaylord Brown and i arable to a porn neat Hor where tile officer men told them 225 patients saved in fire Al Western steel red. In in Emu ii,., Structure la am fun lied Ity arid they near Rit Tsing Rush r i i a a a a a Day wept 1ft Ito Rio it the la k Ming planks failing from million Dollar Bitt to ,.s prevented health amp profession building from put my inside under construction adjacent to i some of the presbyterian Hospital blow several Ceplo for a apparent la from a hoc. Of or some Osier highly inflame tide uhf Tan it i rocked the Structure six Al Lins were sounded All 225 i. A hts of pr�-s>0ie an Hospital to rail tents oui til stat Niento the Highway department been making Field Check and traffic counts for the Kia. The legislature sin a made sp2, provisions for Colia Hora i ton Between the Tom agencies and lit governor recently. I a bup flirting a j 1orn,,c he knows of in Rea von Why work on Hie feasibility study cannot proceed t Moss said state Highway Crew probably Wilt lie sent out about i no i bile it let next month to a to acting and rechecking Ole recess it re data can i Over to traffic Engineer to make Hie feasibility told a Dale Wichita Onva in line before turned v. To arc j it in Ort. Aid Iii Quot youths in Mew a a a a a a a a a a i Ifim fat Imi win evacuated Al f miss h Din entered their car 8 j0,Ning women a they offered i 1 1 a on Pithy it not of the patients live eat forcibly at Voung i in Wil i i scald the the rip rid Lye i of in or affect by the was injured heavy smoke. Flames shot through it Hirtes of planking and quickly Ennis i tire Structure the first alarm a showers to stick around Kansas lists 38 polio cases Topeka in i cloudiness Shower three person involved in three numb automobile accidents charged by Highway net arain8t the com me led a 1 occurred. This was Tho two mined after it was Dover in Ian Ivai world county were jailed Here. At you for characteristics them. I Cash said one should try to remember a close approximately it the gunman age height. We him hair. Cv.-, clothing and identifying Marks Well voice weapon and hand. He pointed out that robbers often use the Sam ques and can often be id from an accurate account of How they acted. Monist the defeatist and the neutralise now leads a the the crusade for a better and great r America for a world of peace and Justice and Freedom among men. #. A a and in this third crusade he will be once again the triumphant 10 a the american people know that he w ill not rest until i full share of the i by newsmen if this child he Taki n a hint the i resident would run for a second term Summerfield Saidi a if it int a hint. and in saying that. I think in expressing the h jmj of the main _ it of the Amr Riean pet ple also the hop of millions it j Dom Loving it Siple j Peron a labor Boss resigns Collaborator pleads guilty All rid free Over the doctor draft extended Ander v Lyon Over top Wichita up Lyon county it r first in Kansas to go Oyer h top in the 1955 Oday hair Buenos Aires to it the to of arg Otmas giant general confederation of worker <c-g7>. The Bac Al Vine of la Idem Juan i a on support reportedly has re a i grief Well informed sources said last night that Eduardo Vuletich Secretary general of the mein tier organization sin j a a. Has stepped Down in of a Ltd a assistant lie. Tor Hugo de a _ l it it was Orga ruled by i run and his late wife Eva. Vuletich a a Leader in tee pc roil i St a it priv against the ionian Catholic Church. Ohhi m Alit in the open last a Nuvil when Peron accused some of clergy of working against i regime the Church denied charge. New York it i a 26-year-korean War Veteran with Bis w at his Side interrupted a Ltd a it martial today to plead guilty charges of collaborating with enemy while a War prisoner. Result the Soldier. Id the of Jas pm Dwin Vilu tile Harold m Dunn of n y. Could lie <1 to Nan i re kit for life. He it Wever. It no re air a unlikely he would re Elve punishment that eve re a it Unn was captured by comm i nist forces in k a Rea in late while. I v my with the min. A it j 11, vim Ai i in w i Lea cd Kust 1953 following the j armistice i while a prisoner i was charged he Broad ast propaganda enemy and collaborated captors in other ways a korean in with i moderate and Thunder storm Ere scheduled to hang onion Kansas through wednesday and w Eather Bureau said some of i Moons May be toe and head. I \ few Videly scattered How Era j refuted fiver the s1&Quot a a a night but Prii Dation amounts cd it Neralic were Light. Lim forecast Calls fir Shower d set Atter a Thund t dorm Over most of Kansas late to Nav and to it Nield an in Central no urn St Section Wirtl renday i i weather Bur no a Nio heavy new to i for the i tie this evening. Minimum temperatures pfc hot doled i-1 be in the ims tonight with High wednesday due to vary from near a it in the Northeast to the this in tile West rainfall Las night ranged up to an in to at St Nta and i buns Ashland Hail a of an Inch. Frankfort 73 with Light hid. Iamb 43, j of Mon 35 31 Canute .19, Garnett and to Olathe 17, Moran .16. Libero 13, Dodge Cliv 04, Wamego Tomieka Alina i by c try traces to it a if polio a a a a in no this e in total 38 against 42 off in tally a coi it cd 4 the am Lime last year. The state Board of health flight rates were said reported during the past a Ltd hut added there a no Ninf hic victims had received the balk Jodio Cine Vic s1.13 an Hoor worker inherits 5104,289 St lolis a it mrs Anna Chilli a in year old former $1 or to tory worker yesterday Beth mile heir to a $104, she inherited it from Lier Kowal. Who died by the age of 70 How a i and extreme came locally j estate in pros i Unie. North it. N,r�1 pm ,-.rjtor mid retired 27 years ago with a a no Money which mounted through simple living and shrewd investments Fie Nooh m Early More contribute to display of firework and Ulysses Tim Ltd More Arkansas City firms have Rodin Hutch to i the Tun Ltd to provide for Fin work at Strother Ladd july 4 Chaste r of Commerce manager Harry Gibson said Lite purity t ate. National Bank and Bryant have made contribute t o was drive sponsors said. Mrs. R p Warren i Man of the county a a Riff of $400. It raised quota Down an i a partly Cloud through Lod Nodo Mith ratty cd Bowers and he a Der Tom Central Quot jul and co Rem Tow heart wednesday 111 tie Chain in to Nii erasure Low Tongshi i p., a mlle to 70-l> wednesday v0-i5 East log a l l4 k1n8as. A Dav Kokk ast i re i 16, Nebraska Oki Boma temperatures Duran the Bov Day through suy will vier., Iron near below seasonal normals Over veh Iash near Normal eat Oklahoma to about Rte Ries above Normal Over West Kia ,m Kan with no the Senate had written the Doc a torn draft into its version of the Bill and House representatives accepted that provision ence. A Confer converts Cor radios into Geiger counters hnni2t Tribl Soli i a a i m a a a a n temperature Indi. Around so Normal a Tor change ,-d Norma maximum Nubia via to mid Quot Oklahoma minimum around in % a a ii a a a a Ocrurr. in Ter in her. Jho�.- throughout period. Hio to St Ano i of i St High temper it air Iii. Date cars to degrees in 19.1z. Lowest. Fit Daft Rees in i92s. To Mph r vol it record Suice 4 p a los Angeles 1 it car radios can be converted into Geiger counters for silo says Crank a St relic of the atomic Energy pro Lect on the University of California los Angeles Campus. The device could a rigged so a Thunder aboard dial would show the radiation Reading while the speaker of the radio would give the Tell tale Clicks he said Strobe a assembled and tested such a unit. 80 ,,82 80 4 p in 5 p la 6 pm. P 1--. 8 pm. 0 p in. 10 p m11. M 12 Midi it a. 1 a in 2 a 3 a a. A. 9 75 i .73 72. 71 71 .70 .70 4 a.m�?. 70 5 an. A it a.in--------- 7 . A 8 am. A a ,. To t m ---80 i b in. Ii 12 noon-8k surplus luxury . 2, i a rigid Faun Price 88 89 .45 Secretary of agriculture Ezra Taft Benson today denounced a a luxury tee a unused abundance of agr ii Tural products Stor d government under a Jacob a. Mumma an sex resident Dies keeps word mrs. J. R. Mcgee Dies of Homo in Winfield Jacob a. Rumnia about 1>, he3 a Wjk Bahoma Ponca i try tonner j Arkansas Ustyan and for quem visitor Here died unexpectedly Abou la a n. Munday of a heart attack at the will Rogers Bov beaut reservation neat i a and an Active scout Lead f of the troop from the evangelical United Brethren Church Mumma had accompanied a group of boy to Camp sunday la was in swimming when Striet nah Gat not been ill and passed a physical exam mat Ion Frida b lore a a parting Lur Camp. T Mumma was an employee of in cities Bervie Oil jo., and fro Quentin taught the mens Bible class of Central t Brist i Church. ,. Survivors include his parents who Are in route Bere from Tofu Home in a or quote. Rte. A , the form i Orram Al go a daughter g Nevieve 18 and a son David to. Mrs. Mamma 8 nth r i enrol Bigley in a 1307 n. Summit and a sifter mrs Jill. Adams on of. 1. Funeral Arram Mats Are pending arrival of Mummaw parents. Mil or Xiii v. Germany tin a adult Hartlieb to year old Lirman Laboroi til a neighbor that if he a forced to move out for nonpayment rent he would have nothing behind. Ile mad Good a in by threat police mid he ill a up Hie House with hum made explosive yesterday Billing i estranged wife their two a mall daughter no himself. Mix j r Mcgee 73, a former resident Here died a Vav infield at to a. In Munday. Survivors Are i Bree rom Merit Mcgee of the Home Are Iii Mcgee and Homer melt Iee Beth of re 3, one daughter or. Arroll Donley Oxford to Gnad children. Or a ires will to at 2 it. In wed a slav in the Oxford Church of which she to r. Home i Lardaro Lions. All neighbouring my town Are invited to attend the display which will Start soon its dark on july 4. Communities late bulletin Brist inn Vas a in in a both Kenai Washington the House and the mss. Tim draft Extension a i to in after a futile hut a Sharp fight in la House Ltd a kill it controversial provision continuing the doctors for draft. A Pawnee Bill recording film projected a. C. Woman brother hero of Frontier next d Dav Stern i pm to v the system of but Jour. / Davy never thought a Tares it ii admiration a go a a of shinny Harris la. Alo r Jim ii g d wha it Iii. Ago i arlier Jii Ninx or let red a hair it r,.< a ii hat. And Atter a few glances in the tartar finished Jimmy smiled approving la hmm pm parents has not the n reported t of Marx inn Virgillo. Ii. Head of or hero lie Dema led irom a match his Davy Mirror xxx lieu the the opinion of Nea telephoto Vic Mitan in by it Wichita Lloyd Jones was burned severely today the scoop Fin the front broke a Gas n tin at a new 47 when his trac Tor a West Side ii Bung station site. By Dorothy roil j i i v the Brothel of an Arkansas City woman May soon suet Crockett the next we of american youngsters. He the maj. Gordon w Lillie her known in Western Loro a Pav. Re e Bill a w Hose sister Lena or enc makes her hone in the Osage hoi i Allan Rock Din Tor i a Pawnee Bdl Aichi a York a Tys now by j compiling but a comp a a i a it cd a y of maj i Din life a frontiersman trapper and wild West show Man recently announced that i ranch its i re a Luu net top i for Hie Lse should prove of great. Interest to of in rein i in and the to Woi shipping clothes con m . Here a a the mime Ai. It a a Pav. Nee Bill recording so ious children of tins generation. Ras been made. J7i<y usually include a Buckskin m Greene said she had re. Omit melted Villi Indian gently received a rail from a los h Afework and fringe and a Large auge film company contemplate j paver hat inlaid with Silver. Army a a spawn e Bdl picture of Oklahoma City mens furnishing famous i scout so does my it Somo time ago got t Perm Tarot v of to participate in any gio1 to May it Pawnee Bill belts project and has referred All a a Hwy Billfold which have been sold quiries to Rock the other mum. Locally Stetson has also made of the family her sister. Mrs. A ifs patterned after his famous Al Fie Judy and or non his six shooters coma Judy of Pawn Elt Al. Have give Asj y a. Copied. Tiered a a. A sch. A Jet of the in new

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