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Arkansas City Traveler Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 2

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Arkansas City Traveler (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Arkansas City, Kansas Hot and Mugg ninety fifth year number 285 twelve pages Arkansas City Kansas saturday july 16, 1966 twelve pages a a Price in City s cents Complete destruction of North Viet of airmen Are mistreated one of rooms where eight killed blood spatters floor of one of bedrooms where eight girls were slain on Chicago a far South Side. The sole survivor miss Corazan Amurao an Exchange student nurse from the Philippines climbed out of window in background and screamed a fall my friends Are dead. Help help in a the Only one a wire photo a artist s sketch helps new clues in a1 ass murders Chicago apr an artists Ter View was eminently fruitful sketch of the killer who Slaught a a number one we re confident ered eight student nurses has we re going to get this lie brought a flood of new leads and said a number two. We know a burst of new Confidence to the girl can identify detectives determined to Hunt Relief from heat wave nearly Inch. Of rain Falls Here parched grass and crops were were lighter amounts to the North refreshed this morning after the West. Long awaited rain fell in the it the Joe Acton place five mediate area. Miles East the Reading was 160 thunderstorms struck late yes Aryl at Goggans station nine Ter Day afternoon and the fall Here my is West there was 1.50. Was .95 newbery North of the heavier rams Vul re reported to it cd a a a the West and North while a. A a t. A lighter showers fell at South u peace is restored in Chicago the Man Down. A a we be been inundated with phone Calls tips and leads since we added the sketch to our said Michael Sciolto Deputy chief of detectives. A police artist sketched the killers face after closely questioning the Only survivor of the town House massacre who roused from heavy sedation Friday after the Long night of horror. Spletto said the two hour in i flies with vice president the girl Corazon Amurao. 23, filled in details missing from Lier first hysterical account blurted out to police when she finally fled the blood splattered House of death thursday at Dawn. At least one mystery remained. However and police shed no new Light on it after the fires interview with miss Amurao Why were there no loud screams no outcries for help during the time the killer bound and gagged the nine girls headed them into a Back room and led eight of them out one at a time to their deaths a there were some Light outcries by the girls who came in Haven and there was not a Trace at Caldwell. The temperature too a Sharp drop of 30 degrees and brought Relief to suffering humanity. The Reading at 4 30 Wras too degrees and at 6 of clock at was 70 degrees. A severe electrical storm accompanied the showers and there Chicago a it a flying was a Power outage for a few squads of impressively armed minutes in the North part of the National guardsmen and police City after lightning struck restored relative peace today to this was the first rain since the scarred streets of a West Muije 27 Normal for july is 3.23 Side area ripped since tuesday inc rvs a. A racial violence. Received in Cedar Vale Youthful Sanes who had loot mea5ured about it gone Hal Lnch Ted. Burned and fired sniper style from rooftops faded away Friday night As guardsmen a told to shoot to kill if fired upon a went on patrol. Through the streets of a 140 Square Block area rolled trucks loaded with soldiers rifles at the ready bayonets fixed jeeps. With machine guns mounted police cars with shotguns poked out windows. Knots of negroes lined curbs in some areas cat calling occasionally but there were Only scattered incidents one reported sniper shooting with police returning fire but finding no one a fire bomb thrown into a Street outside a Home a few store windows broken several in houses and stores. By Midnight police reported streets were virtually deserted. Dexter also received about one half Inch of rain in the City with reports from residents living West of the City receiving from one and a Helf to two inches of moisture. South Haven got Only one third Inch of rain while Caldwell had a slight Trace of rain Friday afternoon not heavy enough to record and no rain at All last evening. Captured pilots Hanoi says caption for this picture released in Warsaw Poland by the North Viet Nam news Agency says it shows a vietnamese Soldier with Bayonet at the ready escorting two unidentified . Pilots handcuffed when being brought for interrogation through the streets of Hanoi. The caption adds that the pilots whose planes were shot Down Over North Viet Nam were captured by the militia. A wire photo by Cable from Warsaw atomic age born 21 years ago today prime minister leaves for user London apr prime minister Harold Wilson left for Moscow today planning to visit a British Trade fair and hoping to talk to soviet leaders about peace in Viet Nam. Asked at the Airport whether he hoped for Success in Bis peace efforts. Wilson said a this is something we can Only discover when we get to Moscow. A the purpose of my visit is to fort Worth Tex. Apr an extra passenger was along Friday night when vice president Hubert h. Humphrey took off for Minneapolis from Carswell air Force base. After learning he could not catch a commercial flight to his Home in Shawano. Wis., pfc. Thomas Paterick of it. Wolfers Tex., went to ing for a ride. The vice president said Paterick could ride with him. Paterick leaves it. Wolters for Viet Nam As soon As he comes Back from leave. Visit the Trade fair and give in Alamogordo no. A Cour gement to our exporters the atomic age was born 21 who Are doing a magnificent Job for Kansan killed late but it Wasny to much a Spiot years ago today with the first to said miss Amurao told him. Detonation of an atomic bomb in an autopsy report showed the a secluded desert area near girls had not been drugged to Alamogordo. Prevent screams. Three of them the july 16, 1945, explosion. a arrived Home tar the. Killer a equal 20 Toms of tart to in mss of 7 rid mrs Sereg Quot 33ts is ish Quot a a a a a a Star Spiotto said he believed the Mountain War time. I of it Wolters killer was no stranger to the the blast was seen and Felt by Vons Carswell search a area of the town House which Many residents of South Cen a Wilson 6l of Chase Kari i is served As a dormitory for the new Mexico but the military student nurses in training at a answered queries by saying an Hospital about a mile away. Ammunition dump had explode miss Amurao told police she de never had seen the Man before. The truth came out after an the autopsy report produced atomic bomb was dropped on no evidence any of the victims Hiroshima aug. 6, 1945. Had been molested sexually Trinity site where the first according to Coroner Andrew j. Bomb was detonated is now a Toman. He said Laboratory tests part of White Sands missile for conclusive findings would be Range and is closed to the pub available wednesday. Lie was killed Friday in a two car collision at a county Road intersection two Miles Southwest of the other Driver. Ralph 61, of Chase ran., caped injury. Three Oil depots blasted murder Case two weeks old monday the july 4 murder of mrs. Mary Jewell Cummins 43, of Rural Arkansas City will be two weeks old monday and the Case apparently is still a mystery. Mrs. Cummins was found Early the morning of july 4 in her Yard by her husband Harold Cummins. She had been beaten severely about the head. County attorney Mike Smith said he still is waiting on test reports from the Obi Laboratory in Topeka on several items found at the scene. No arrests have been made and no charges filed. Another in a series Waves of planes bomb North Viets u. S. Officials bluntly warn Hanoi regime Washington apr roving ambassador w. A Verdi Harriman publicly warned Hanoi today that mistreatment of . Captives a will change the whole feeling of the War which in said up to now has not been aimed against the people of North Viet Nam. In the strongest words Jet issued by a Washington official concerning red threats to try american prisoners As War criminals Harriman said a North Vliet Nam still Cates that they believe that the United states will give up just As France did some years ago if they hold Cut. A now. If they think there is Anvil no in this at All one of the Forest ways for it to assure that the american Public will stick to this thing to the end no matter How Long it takes would be their mistreatment of our airmen a Kven though i can to give them any encouragement that Indi we will give up a the president a made it very Plain that we will stick to it to the end a it will change the whole feeling of the War. A so far there has been no bitterness on the part of the american government or the american people against the people of North Viet Nam. But this Barbaric at would heighten the temporal feeling and can Only react against the interests of the North Harriman speaking in a voice of America radio inter View noted that president Johnson had offered to let Hanoi participate in Southeast asian economic development after peace comes to Viet Nam and promised the United states would contribute $1 billion or More. But mistreatment of . Prisoners he said a would have a great effect against any future relations Between our two countries on the kind of live and let live basis we Hope would come Harriman also reported that efforts to Exchange a captured Viet Cong terrorist for a . Civilian prisoner held by the guerrillas in South Vliet Nam had fallen through. Viet Cong representatives in Algiers had at one Point indicated they would undertake such an Exchange he said. The prisoner is Aid official Gustav Hertz. On other Points Harriman said the North vietnamese have refused to give any information about the number or names of. A a _ the . Fliers imprisoned be 4 j Bevel to total 34 or More. Nor Parpart already had one son. A Huv Thev Allied the let Fra. Mid. Born two years ago. A Anna Cross commute. Friends said that mrs. Sap special broadcast by Hanoi Tokyo apr radio Hanoi today hinted it will broadcast an important announcement monday morning. The official North vietnamese radio broadcast a note to editors saying it will a release a special transmission at 8 45 . Hanoi time sunday�?9 45 . Edt saturday. The special transmission will be in addition to its regular broadcasts the note said. It did not disclose the nature of the special broadcast. Quadruplets Are bom in France Agen France Gap a mrs. Bernard a Parail. 31-year-old schoolteacher in nearby mad ail Lan gave birth Friday to quadruplets in Agen Hospital and All were reported doing Well today. The three boys and a girl who have been named Guillaume i aurent Pascal and Maite. Were bom about two months prematurely. Saparart is Well known As a admit a crimes Hanoi says North Viet Nam official news Agency Vna radioed these pictures monitored in Warsaw Poland and said they were of air Force capt. Bruce Seeber of Kansas right and Navy it. Edward Anthony Davis no Home town Given. The Vna broadcast that the pilots captured in North Viet Nam have admitted a their crimes and asked for a a forgiveness for taking part in air raids on the country. A wire photo by Cable from Warsaw. Parpart had not taken any of the so called Fertility pills a Medicine developed in Scandinavia. French Public health officials have not authorized the distribution and Sale of these pills in France. Access to the captives. He added that Hanoi has refused to accept the International red Cross committee headquartered in Geneva As a protecting Power. Harriman a voice of America interview was aired hours after s a. George d. Aiken a i warned that if Hanoi carried out its threat to execute . Air own a the american people w ill demand the Complete destruction of North Viet Aiken who has criticized acceleration of the War thus put into blunter words the carefully phrased warning of 18 self eyed College sociology major styled democratic a a doves Fri from Portland ore., who is 44 Day that such action by Hanoi Justice takes his fourth Bride los Angeles apr the fourth Bride in the life of . Supreme court Justice William o. Douglas is a blonde Blue distinguished flying Cross is on display relatively Cool Topeka a a Continua the distinguished flying Cross established on july 2, 1926, is awarded to any member of the armed forces of the United state or of a Friendly foreign nation who while serving in any Capa Saigon South Viet Nam apr wave after wave of . Planes pounded North Viet Nam Friday with a record 121 missions. They struck at three Oil depots to keep up the intensified drive against the Hanoi governments fuel reserves and also attacked six missile Sites. Navy planes from the aircraft Down by antiaircraft Cong ambush route a at a Point military Headquarters 18 Miles Northwest of Saigon. Was shot fire. . Said. The Pilot bailed out but heavy flak prevented Rescue helicopters from reaching him and he is listed As missing. Loss of the plane had been disclosed earlier. South vietnamese Headquarters reported heavy losses to a 100-Man company of Golem the company had been assigned to provide Security for a military Supply Convoy. After the last truck passed the company a area the spokesman said a Viet Cong Force estimated at a reinforced battalion struck from both sides of the Road. Unofficial reports said most of was killed or years his Junior. The 67-year-old Jurist and Cathleen Curran Heffeman. 23. Repeated marriage vows in a friends Home in suburban Enci no Friday night at a Small private ceremony friends said. They planned to honeymoon in the Pacific Northwest where for retaliation. Douglas has a Home in the vice president Goose Prairie area near Yakima Wash. A would provoke the greatest reprisals and further Blacken the Hope for Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield who endorsed the statement by the 18, agreed generally with Aikens appraisal of prospective Public demands Tion of relatively Cool we Eather City has distinguished himself by is forecast through the weekend in Kansas. Buy sell rent Trade try traveler classified ads the weather forecast Kansas Clear i partly Cloudy through sunday. Cooler Southeast and East Central today. High today a. Low tonight 60a. Oklahoma partly Cloudy through or Blue sections sunday. Scattered thundershowers Southeast and extreme South today. Hight today 91 Southeast to 102 North. Lows tonight 39-19. Heroism or extraordinary achievement while participating in an Aerial flight since april 6, 1917. The decoration has a four bladed propeller mounted on a Bronze Cross Patee on the reverse Side Are engraved the Grade name and organization of the recipient with the Date of award. The ribbon is of Basic Blue with a red Stripe through the Center sur rounded by narrow White stripes and White stripes through the out carried Ranger evaded to so ment troops when they were hit Viet built surface to air missiles by a a Ama neutering ambush of the company fired from a string of Sites Sev five times As Many Viet Cong wounded. In to 45 Miles Southeast of a main Force soldiers elsewhere in South Viet Nam Noi. A vietnamese spokesman said both the u. S. And vietnamese in an attack on one of the the company was hit Friday on commands reported Only Smail Sites a Navy a4 skyhawk Jet Highway 13 a a favorite Viet scale fighting Friday. Traffic toll Topeka a Kansas Fie death log 24 hours to 9 . A i july 32 1966�?353 comparable 1965�?325 buy sell rent to Ade try traveler classified ads Hubert h. Humphrey in a speech Friday at fort Worth. Tex., also warned that the staging of trials would a set Loose motions very hard to control in this a i can t think of anything that tray would be More dangerous than such a step a Humphrey told a saturday news conference before making a speech at Texas Christian University. A if the people in Hanoi have any sense at All a the vice president said a i would think they would be very hesitant to take that temperature record stare 3 p. M. Yesterday is 3 p. A. 97 3 a. In. 70 4 p. In. Too 4 a. A. 70 i s p. In. 891 5 a. In. 70 6 p. A. 70 6 a. In. 70 7 p. A. 71 7 a. In. 72 sit a p. A. 72 8 a. A. 75 9 p. A. 72 9 a. In. 78 to p. In. 71 to a. In. 80 ii p. In. La a. In. 82 in 12 Midnight. 71 i 12 Nott. 84 iffy i a. In 71 a. In. A 71 highest and lowest highest temperature for this Date to 40 years. 114 degrees to 1936. Lowest cd deems la 1930, the performance of the act of heroism must be evidenced by voluntary action above and beyond the Call of duty. A for unswerving Devotion to so reads the distinguished flying Cross. The extraordinary achievement must have resulted in an accomplishment so exceptional and outstanding As to clearly set the tamed operational activities again la individual apart from his com an armed enemy. Rades or from other persons in president Coolidge a awarded similar circumstances. Awards the first Cross to Charles a. Lind will be made Only to recognized Bergh for his nonstop Solo flight single acts of heroism or extra from new York to Paris in 1927. Ordinary achievement and will not the actual medal May be seen a made in recognition of sue at packs Jewers window. Their Uncle marshal of Al Reno slain fatal gun Battle in 1890 draws three visitors to Arkansas City the of he was just trying to Cool off Lyons ran. Apr police a fatal gun Battle in Oklahoma could now be included in the fam o clock in which the marshal of see for themselves a in Black and received a Call to investigate a territory on sept. 19, 1890, Drew ily history they Are compiling this City John Nevitt was killed White to be sure the family report that a Man was lying three men to Arkansas City this the facts were verified in Black by a Drunken Cowboy named John. Face Down in the grass near a week to learn the details of How and White on microfilm of an Sparks from red Fork of the a Irue Sway residential intersection. Their Uncle was killed in that Arkansas City daily traveler Creek nation. Indian territory. Before returning to their re the investigating officer re Early Day Duel. Dated sept. 20, 1890 Sparks was drunk and took the up waive Homes the out of state ported Back that the Man was rom r Williams came from the Story carried the headline town in. The marshal halted visitors and their families will lying in the Yard because that Nashville ten Clarence we a blood at Al Reno. City mar Sparks expecting to quiet him. Visit a few Days in the Home of was the coolest place he could Liams came from Seal Beach Shal Nevitt killed the work of a but failed. Both raised their re sister mrs. E. V. Holmes calif., and e. A. Wienke came Drunken Cowboy Frau red Fork solvers and tired but Sparks got Stillwater okla., who was a Niece from Danville. Ill Indian territory a in the first shot shooting Nevitt a ate la Reno marshal. They came to Kansas in an e their Uncle. T. Johnson John in the stomach and he died during the three men said they had fort to Trace the True facts of a Nevitt was the City marshal at the night. Citizens ran to the been seeking the information in Story that had been told in their Al Reno in 1890, and the news Rescue and a Volley was fired one Oklahoma Bitt were told that the family for years. Story relating his death appeared Bluet breaking the of Sparks Only newspaper that probably the Story was about an Uncle As of rows near the Elbow. Marshal Nevitte a would have a file covering that who had been killed at Al Reno. Body was taken this afternoon to period was Hie traveler in a Oklahoma territory during the Al Reino Oklahoma territory Carlton Kansas for Kansas City so they came Here the real a wild West. Sept. 19�?a terrible tragedy of these were the facts the three and found the Story quickly on find to relax. Smoke damage firemen were called out during the rain Friday when a Short in a Furnace motor at the residence of Mary Ireton 2017 North a st., was discovered. There was some smoke damage reported by the Days of department. They found the Story was True and curved Hen last evening about 6 visitors were seeking and had to microfilm

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