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Arkansas City Traveler Newspaper Archives Dec 21 1970, Page 4

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Arkansas City Traveler (Newspaper) - December 21, 1970, Arkansas City, Kansas Editorially speaking new shot in Arm for Economy the Arkansas City ran daily traveler monday december 21, 1970 among the casualties Page 4 one does not normally attempt to Stop a speeding car by shooting out the tires or pouring Sand in the crankcase not when the brakes Are still operative and the object is to slow the vehicle not wreck it. The analogy May be strained but it is not farfetched when applied to the government s economic policies of the past two years. Thanks to a deliberately imposed recession the tires Are ragged unemployment is up to 5.8 per cent of the labor Force compared to 3.5 per cent in 1969the engine is groaning there has been a severe business slump yet despite everything the momentum inflation of the economic vehicle continues apace. The word now is the aim using a combination of deficit Federal spending lowered interest rates and appeals for Price and wage restraints is to the Economy with High octane id and get it into High gear again. The Hope is for productivity to begin catching up with inflation and for business expansion to Start cutting away at unemployment. Of we Are Lucky by this time next year we will be on the Way Back to where we were in 1965, when business was healthy employment was full inflation was Only a Small dark Cloud on the horizon and when president Johnson thought he could impose a s30-billion-a-year War on the Economy without asking the taxpayers to pay for it. In other words without using the proper brakes to prevent an already hot Economy from becoming superheated. The Brake of taxation was finally applied but by then it was too Little and too late. Maybe this time we will have Learned something. Needless loss of life human mistakes combined with natures fury to make the Cyclone which roared out of the Bay of Bengal on Nev. 12-13 More disastrous than it need have been. Henrik Beer Secretary of the league of red Cross societies labels As a a a tragedy the fact that just 24 hours before the storm struck the coast of last Pakistan a change was made in broadcast storm warning procedures. Previous to the november catastrophe the intensity of impending storms was graded from a Low of one to a High of to. The system also called for interruption of radio broadcasts every Henry j. Taylor half hour with warnings. These were received on transistor radios by local leaders. However the Day before the disaster hit the grading system was dropped and storm warnings were included Only in regular news summaries. Even so. International red Cross officials estimate that 70 per cent of the 300,000 killed could have been saved had they heeded the warnings that were Given. The death toll in the big storm included 90 per cent of All red Cross trained disaster leaders who remained in their villages to warn residents and perished with them. Carroll Righter Jack Anderson merry go round South Africa melting Quot fugitive . Firebrand Eldridge Cleaver has announced from red Algeria that the Black panthers must step up their leadership of the american negro against the Republic of South Africa. Listening to Cleaver is like backing into a meat axe on the Fly. That the Standard of living for the average negro in South Africa is overwhelmingly the Best in All Africa he totally ignores. He likewise ignores As do South africans racial make up. Yet How can we Progress in world understanding it we totally ignore the Plain truth Africa is not simply a White Man painted Black. And studying South africans racial problem is like taking apart in a series of chinese boxes one inside the other. The population is 19.6 million. The native Black is the Bantu. There Are 12.7 million. But they split themselves into eight rival groups. Typical of Africa this split represents one of the nearly insurmountable problems about which we hear nothing. It is the problem of det Ribali ing the negro in order to nationalize him. For usually always suspicious and vengeful Mark them is such a Way As to make them despised feared and distrusted by the native african negro. This Indian influx has boiled into a negro Indian racial problem As explosive As any negro problem with the Whites. There has been an Arab influx. Look at the Black seizure of the offshore Island of Zanzibar and you will see How intensely most african Blacks hate the arabs. In this seizure a communist coup which included marching our expelled american Consul general Down to the Dock at the Point of a gun almost the entire Arab Community was massacred by the Blacks and the few survivors including the Arab Sultan of Zanzibar fled. There has been a jewish influx. The better economic situation has drawn tens of thousands. There Are now 110,000 jews in South Africa. The negroes Are caught in a bitter arabs jewish Cross fire and vice versa. Do we hear anything about that the White population lives in this boiling racial caldron but we re not even told clearly the tribal attachment is stronger about the Whites. Than even the family tie. Moreover there Are in South Africa an additional 1.8 million coloureds quite separate who have quarrelled among themselves for centuries. There Are 561,000 asians mostly indians. For India living room can be obtained Only in nearby Africa. Africa is the hinterland of India. The result in South Africa is agonizing and All but disastrous. The uniquely minded Indian is a terrible part of South africans integration problem. The indians mentality their disdainful air and their manner the Arkansas City daily traveler dial 442-4200 established August 17, 18 70 consolidated with the daily news May i 1924 member of the associated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for publication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a news dispatches. All rights of publication or special dispatches herein Are also reserved. Published daily except sunday july 4, thanksgiving and Christmas in the traveler office at fifth Avenue and a Street Arkansas City Kansas. Postmaster form 3579 to traveler Box 988, Arkansas City Kansas 67005. Terms of subscription by Carrier in Arkansas City $1.80 per month i the traveler will accept subscriptions at the of face for 3 months or More. By mail in retail trading zone Cowley Sumner Chautauqua and Elk counties in Kansas Kay and Osage counties in Oklahoma 3 months.$3.60 6 a $6 a per 1030 general delivery route 0 City 3 months .$4.64 6 months. Quot $7 73 per year. $l442 by mail elsewhere 3 months. $5 4 6 months. I a l30 per year.$18.54 sales tax included in above rates there Are 3.5 million. They Are not however just Whites. T Here Are the afrikaner Whites who constitute one half of the White population and also the Anglo Saxon descendants of English Stock who do not even patronize the same language. There Are two official languages and great divisions Between the afrikaans language and the English language Whites that represent deep emotional cleavages and extend of course into parliament. The National party holding a majority of the seats is predominantly afrikaner the opposition United party with its one third parliamentary minority is Anglo Saxon. Africa is a big order. It could cover All of the United states Europe India China and nearly to japans. It is ridiculous to generalize on this vast continent and additionally ridiculous to include South Africa in any generalization. Capetowne stable Mountain is the nations Plymouth Rock. That Symbol of a new settlement dates Back to 1652. When he looked Down from table Mountain a few years ago . Secretary general Dag Hammarskjold exclaimed a but this is not Africa. This is he was referring to its amazing development. The Republic of South dark continent of Africa and has a Mere 6 per cent of the population. But it accounts for 50 per cent of the continents Industrial production 56 per cent of All electricity generated 48 per cent of africans telephones 42 per cent of the motor vehicles and 20 per cent of the entire agricultural production. Eldridge Cleaver the . Negro nations bloc it a1, notwithstanding the question is not that South Africa has a racial problem but instead that South Africa is Able to do anything whatever about its racial problem with the mixture As it is. Copyright 1970, by United feature Syndicate inc thoughts and every one who was in distress and every one who Leas in debt and every one who was discontented gathered to him and he became Captain Over them. And there were with him about four Hundred Samuel 22 2. A restlessness and discontent Are the first necessities of a. Edison. Watchmen happily fire troublemakers coined word Henry n. Allen of new York is credited with originating the word according to Allen the a a cab a part was a natural. The a a taxi came from a French company that made meters for horse cabs called he combined the two and coined the word a taxicab a Washington a at a hush hush Pentagon personnel meeting brass hats and civilian bigwigs merrily Sang a Chi i Hee in the Field artillery and told bathroom jokes the other Day As they decided whom to fire at christmastime. The callousness of the conferees As they weighed the Fate of lower level employees is exposed in transcripts in our Possession. Top aides of Pentagon communications Czar John Broger gathered furtively in a backroom to pare the payroll. Gleefully they struck names off the rosters of the defense departments radio to stations newspapers and other publications around the world. In flagrant disregard of civil service rules Brogers hat chef men fired critics and a troublemakers a retained favourites and yes men. There was High hilarity for example at the removal of newsmen sergeant Hugh Morgan from his Saigon Post. Allegedly he had been sarcastic about vice president Spiro Agnew. A they called up and said get rid of that Guy a chortled one bigwig. Not Only had Morgan failed to show the proper respect for Agnew it developed but he sometimes wore sandals. A Broger aide laughed about How he had embarrassed Morgan in Washington morgans new Post by staring at his sandals. The firings were supposed to be based upon the new budget figures. But George Mihich administrator of the defense departments information happenings of yesteryear Iris David to years ago Larry Gish City manager said today the City Hall will be closed All Day saturday and City employees will be Given a three Day Christmas Holiday. Christmas came Early to the Home of mrs. Velma Breeden when her toy Dachun a baby of presented her with a litter of eight pups. Her a Joy overflowed several Days later when a a Princess followed suit with five More sleek Little puppies ranging in color from beige to Brownish Black. Its official now John f. Kennedy has been elected Africa is Only 5 per cent of the president. The voting on nov. 8 a or _ ,. A helped determine the outcome but Kennedy was not elected then according to the Constitution. That was done monday by the 537 members of the electoral College. 25 years ago mrs. Albert Goehring still remembers the Winter Days when she lived in Dearborn mo., and Rode to country school on horseback. When she read in the traveler about the Snow Balling up on the hollows of horses feet stopping a the Arkansas City daily traveler published by the traveler publishing company fifth Avenue and a Street Arkansas City Kansas Oscar s. Stauffer publisher Robert j. Anderson vice president amp Gen. Mgr. Brian Coyne managing editor Richard Schnackenber advertising manager second class postage paid at Arkansas City Kansas 67005wilson to give a sure fire remedy. Coating of hot grease applied to the inside of the horses hoofs. Sure enough it worked and the City a wagons Are Back on the Job. Honorable discharges from the armed forces were filed in the selective service office thursday by Leland e. Smith Lonnie Shipp Edward l. Dauphin James Steckman Edward Beck Harleth Lowe Joe e. King and Charles e. Brewer. Or. And mrs. . Johnson have received word from their son Bill that he has been promoted to the rank of Seaman first class. He is now playing in the concert and swing band at the naval base on Guam. 50 years ago . Denton will leave this evening for Wichita to attend a banquet Given by the Wichita Clearing House association at the hotel Lassen. Or. And mrs. Stauffer and daughter miss Katherine will arrive in the City thursday from St. Louis for a Holiday visit with friends and relatives they the City a Street cleaning Andt Are former residents of this City garbage collecting teams she and mrs. Stauffer is a sister of contacted sanitation officer Al Harry w. Earlougher. Network confided to the other conferees that the figures were a a garbled and they Are so messed up that or. Broger would be in jail the first month he relied on those numbers game blurted another official a i told Broger we were just playing a numbers game in any Case and he said a you re right a and walked the conferees laughed at the idea of taking away employees paychecks As part of a a numbers after a joke about where the Best a a Johns Are located around the world the conferees decided there were a too Many civilian personnel at the radio to happily they began to eliminate those who oppose Brogers censorship policies. After the most notorious had been fired the conferees were stymied Over whom to get rid of next. One official produced a list explaining jovially a somebody threw a Dart at the Wall and said that a a if you want to rejuvenate the organization a suggested a chortling old timer a get rid of All us old the idea that the conferees would eliminate themselves was so preposterous it caused renewed hilarity. An amused official whistled cheerily then broke out into song a then its Hihi Hee in the Field artillery. A but Brogers factotum at the meeting special assistant Henry Valentino did no to sing along. He began to worry that their purge list might leak out. A i suggest that All of you keep this in an inaccessible he said soberly. A i made a phone Call this morning and someone else was on the line. When i Hung up the phone the Light stayed a Well i think we have to be careful we done to leave this in our inboxes a agreed another official. A i keep my desk locked All the their fears turned out to be justified. The transcripts of their secret deliberations were slipped to us. Washington expose parking pressure the Federal aviation administration is trying to blackmail airports into providing preferential parking places for its employees who work at the crowded facilities. The a a a strategy is to make its approval of Airport improvements and Federal Grants contingent upon the parking situation. The scheme is set Forth in an internal memo from Deputy Faa administrator . Smith to regional Faa officials around the country. A no additional Airport development projects will be approved nor construction of air navigation or air traffic control facilities begun at such airports until adequate parking arrangements Are made a the memo says. So the Public will have to wait for better air safety until the bureaucrats have More convenient places to Park. Corvair aids we recently reported that Carbon monoxide leakage May have made rolling Gas Chambers of As Many As a million corsairs. Transportation Secretary John Volpe ordered the Highway safety Bureau to investigate. Meanwhile we have heard from hundreds of owners asking How to prevent the deadly Gas from leaking into their corsairs. The Carbon monoxide filters through the heating system. The Best Protection is to arrange an emission test run. Until the from the Canon Righter Institute general tendencies you Are All stirred up and want to accomplish a lot of work but you need to consider carefully what the other person has in mind if you Are to get the worthwhile results desired. Try to be More cooperative and not so wrapped up in your own Aims and ambitions. Treat any injuries quickly to prevent infections. Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 it is important to carry through with promises you have made to others so get Busy Early at that. Listen to suggestions requests of mate also follow through wherever possible. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 talk Over policy affairs with others and gain their Goodwill making it a matter of Mutual cooperation. Many situations come up through which you can Benefit greatly. Be on the Alert for them. Gemini May 21 to june 21 show that you comprehend the Best manner in which to handle your responsibilities in your own inimitable Way. Get that last minute shopping done for gifts you had forgotten. Stay within your budget. Moon children june 22 to july 21 accepting any mutations extended can bring you the Good time you have Long wanted. Postpone Dull routines for awhile. Pleasing those who like you is just a matter of doing favors for them. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 you want to please Kin by doing what you know is really Best for them their interests. Listen to their ideas first so that you will be certain you know what they really want. Take time for business interests also. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 finish your shopping and show How much you really like those you remember with some Fine gift. Get a Good Days work done. Then have fun with congenial in ways you most enjoy. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 if you have any doubts concerning the investment or giving away of Money done to do it. Show that you have Good judgment. Avoid those persons who Are trying to be altogether too helpful they May have something up their sleeve. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 its Fine to go after your Aims but take care you do not step on others toes or you could get in big trouble. Wear that famous smile if you go out socially. Get excellent results thereby. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 do some investigating if you want to rid yourself of current obligations and then you get Fine results. Try to do whatever will please your pals. Some situation that bothers you can be cleared up now. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 its Fine to be with interesting persons today but avoid arguments for they can Lead to trouble. Stay on the peaceful Side of life. Then you have greater Success. Aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 if you keep rooted to c vie and career matters much can be accomplished today. Contact higher and find out How you can get ahead. Adjust some private affair that has been bugging you. Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 if you make new contacts you can get into new and interesting As Well As profitable outlets. A changed attitude will do much to add to present Success. Find Best method for advancement and development if your child is born today. He or she will be one of those delightful Young people who likes to get at the Bottom of things and for that reason would do Well in whatever is of a research or investigative nature. Teach Early to listen to what others have to say and not to criticize it u a. A a a a we so much be or she wants to put ideas across wisely in a determined system has been tested experts Way much ability at bringing the truth to the surface. Artistic advise us that ifs safer to drive ability Here is considerable also. Sports Fine. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for Youj copy Send your and i to Carroll Righter forecast name of newspaper Box 629 Hollywood Calif. 90028. A c 1970, Mcnaught Syndicate inc Hal Boyle s column memory proves to be Best Medicine Man by Hal Boyle age one nations most new York a memory pm Puihar film stasis the greatest Medicine Man. The last men t0 give up Wear it heals and cures better than ing a Vest were scholars Bathe Ablest doctor. And like a cause served As such a won skilled surgeon it selectively Kerful backdrop to show off removes the dead tissue of the their Phi Beta Kappa keys mind so that Only the living past for every american who remains to encourage us and cleaned Bis Teeth with a tooth make us hopeful. Brush there were three who did memory helps give us Forti we to a too pick tude and keep us Brave. It Sug you found a Lump of Coal in gets that if we have endured the Bottom of your stocking on what has already happened to Christmas morning that was us we have Good reason to sex Santa a Way of warning you that pet that we can Bear to survive you had been a bad boy or girl what lies ahead. A and next year might not get a every heart is thronged with is to unless you mended your a million memories Large or ways Small. You Are Well supplied to be fat was no disgrace with them yourself if you can Many doctors thought plump look Back and remember when Ness was a sign of health and worried that an underweight a after a Long cold trip in a Bug tent was Likely to come Down by everyone rushed to the fire with tuberculosis. With the window open when the Heater is on. Many owners have told us they wrote to general motors about our disclosures. Incredibly pm has informed them that they not the manufacturer Are to blame for their Gas fume problems. A was with any machinery a Corvair requires owner maintenance to keep it in its design condition a Gmys customer service representative . Jarvis has explained blissfully to Corvair customers. Furious Fraser rep. Don Fraser the usually mild mannered Democrat from Minnesota is furious with the staff of the House District committee for vexing the members in the dark about its activities. The latest incident involves staffer Paul Little who prepared a report on Washington housing project then gave it to the press without letting members of the subcommittee even see it. Enraged Fraser called the subcommittee staff and demanded the report be brought to him by eight the next morning. By la it still had not appeared. Incidents like the one involving Fraser Are common on the committee whose chairman John Mcmillan of South Carolina is considered the most tyrannical of All the House committee Barons. Because of his arbitrary behaviour a group of House liberals will try to have him kicked out of his Job when Congress convenes. Christmas controversy some world Bank employees have urged their Boss Robert Mcnamara to forego the annual Christmas party so that $30,000 in entertainment and similar funds could be contributed to Pakistan Relief. But other employees More interested in their own Christmas cheer grumbled that they want the party anyway. Mcnamara referred the decision to the Bank a Council which voted for Pakistan Relief. Copyright 1 970, Bell Mcclure Syndicate Oon session Cleters on poultry diseases and their control and a banquet thursday evening closes the event. Place and turned his Back to it to warm his Bottom. People roasted chestnuts at Home instead of buying them from a Street peddle. Wallace Beery a onetime chorus boy with a face As homely As a potato became in Middle world almanac facts penmanship was an Art. Whether or not its contents were worthwhile a letter was often made memorable by the curl cues that adorned the writing. Before the popularity of the Christmas office party waxed and waned few fathers came Home on yuletide eve loaded but sometimes their breath did smell a bit of sen sen. No one reached for a helping until the Man who sat at the head of the table had asked with folded hands a Blessing on All who sat there from the one in whose Honor they had gathered. Those were the Days remember oldest Brick Home the Thoroughgood House probably built in 1636, located in the Norfolk va., area has the distinction of being the oldest surviving Brick House in the United states. It is now owned by the Norfolk museum of arts and sciences and is open to the Public. During the 1920s Gen. William Mitchell proved that bomb carrying planes could sink battleships and warned of Japan a air strength and the possibility that she would attack without warning the world almanac notes. After a dirigible crash Mitchell made charges of incompetence and criminal negligence against the War and Navy departments. He was court Martiale. The South 1 bidding West in has been North East a pass you South hold a is va97 kq4 aqj32 what do you do now a there is no perfect bid Here. Your Choice is Between an irregular bid of two diamonds or a jump to two no Trump which we favor. Today a question you bid two no Trump and your partner continues to three Spades. What do you do now answer tomorrow

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